Marquise Gibbs
Marquise Gibbs 16 小时 前
My list Cam Young Tebow/McCarron Watson
Christopher Woodard
Christopher Woodard 17 小时 前
Only quarterback in this bunch going in the first round is Justin fields racism going to feel the shock of the hour!
Dustin Barlow
Dustin Barlow 17 小时 前
At the end of the day neither are better than Mac Jones, and thats who carolina is getting.
Chase Murphy
Chase Murphy 17 小时 前
I mean he hasn't had a near career ending injury like Teddy has so that helps.
Cordell Gilmore
Cordell Gilmore 16 小时 前
Cry about it
Famous dre
Famous dre 17 小时 前
He this year justin herbert
Famous dre
Famous dre 17 小时 前
Can't wait for his pro day
GiantsGirl inFL
GiantsGirl inFL 18 小时 前
Would love to have Waddle on my Giants!!!
Gallantry Gaming
Gallantry Gaming 18 小时 前
Why are you directly comparing him to Bridgewater?
Racheal Martin
Racheal Martin 17 小时 前
@Eric Greaux not, he will be there for us
Eric Greaux
Eric Greaux 18 小时 前
Because in the latest mock draft the panthers are trading up for fields
Allen Edwards
Allen Edwards 18 小时 前
To compare a NFL QB to a kid ?
Kaleb 8
Kaleb 8 18 小时 前
how is justin fields a kid
Gridiron International
Gridiron International 18 小时 前
Why is this even a conversation?
Chase Murphy
Chase Murphy 17 小时 前
@Gridiron International I mean the Panthers don't have much talent around him. Most QBs would struggle to win games down the stretch with the Panthers roster
Eric Greaux
Eric Greaux 18 小时 前
@Gridiron International facts
Gridiron International
Gridiron International 18 小时 前
@Brandon Couri Williams As a Panthers fan. He's average at best and only cares about his completion percentage and is not a franchise QB. The guy cannot win games down the stretch
D Scott
D Scott 18 小时 前
They always try to tear down black QBs. Teddy is a good player
Brandon Couri Williams
Brandon Couri Williams 18 小时 前
Exactly smh..teddy had his leg blown up & in my opinion being from Louisville Kentucky & seeing Teddy play his entire career at uofL .that man was a BALLER & STILL IS...Minnesota was dumb for not staying with him but thats another topic..teddy isn't the player he once was ...
ESPN College Football
ESPN College Football 18 小时 前
0:00​ Miller touches on the NFL QB carousel and describes how it will impact the draft. 2:11​ Miller explains why Justin Fields, who is projected to be drafted by the Carolina Panthers in Miller's mock draft, is better than Teddy Bridgewater. 3:42​ Miller says TE Kyle Pitts may be the best non-QB in the draft class.
Kaleb 8
Kaleb 8 18 小时 前
The Lee Smith Channel
The Lee Smith Channel 19 小时 前
Where is Watson?
Eroc S
Eroc S 19 小时 前
Cam newtom has a great offensive line and former 5 star michael dyer and nick fairley who was the best defensive player in the country but he didnt have first rd pick and 5 star recievers like the others did look it up.....
Garfield Willacey
Garfield Willacey 20 小时 前
185000 miles oh no not a 185000 miles... 1st world problems.. LOL
Alex B
Alex B 21 小时 前
Teams that don’t pick Fields are going to regret! They aren’t even mentioning him any more in the top 5
tomNasty 12
tomNasty 12 16 小时 前
Cause he had 1 good game
Mason Knabe
Mason Knabe 21 小时 前
At 4:21, 7 should’ve been ejected
Johnathan Butler
Johnathan Butler 23 小时 前
Fields is right behind Lawrence idk why people can’t see it
Andrew McAllister
Andrew McAllister 23 小时 前
As a Jets fan, Drafting Zach Wilson is the play, maybe we can a late 1st or early 2nd for Sam
LoveTheSmell OfJetFuel
LoveTheSmell OfJetFuel 天 前
Southern Illinois is no joke in the fcs
Pablo Castillo
Pablo Castillo 天 前
Wilson is the best QB in the draft. He is a superstar. People saying Lawrence si better have NOT watched film
King Bovee
King Bovee 天 前
This future 2021 GA team looks dangerous
Andrew Vasquez
Andrew Vasquez 天 前
Scott Beesley
Scott Beesley 天 前
I got to watch this on in Stillwater
Andy Colón
Andy Colón 天 前
Darnold to Da Bears for a 2nd rounder.
The mad lad
The mad lad 天 前
This list has no Mayfield
Brocc Horton
Brocc Horton 天 前
These dudes are Cap. Whole mockdraft full of wrongs stfu and let these guys play
dave m
dave m 天 前
What a dirt bag if you ask me.
HY Kung Fu
HY Kung Fu 天 前
If the Jets don't trade Darnold now, nobody will trade for him next year when they have to pay him 20 million. The only reason a team would trade for him now because it wouldn't cost much.
B B 天 前
Should be the first pick in thr draft next Peyton manning
Hunter Pickard
Hunter Pickard 天 前
Joe Burrow at 6 is laughable.
King Tay
King Tay 天 前
Lamar Jackson 9046 69 tds passing 4132 50 tds rushing may not be best but def most dominate who better and only in three true years
Mack Jones is Trent Dilfer: he’ll win you a Super Bowl if you hand him a GOAT defense.
Rufus Mainwaring
Rufus Mainwaring 天 前
He put Jameis ahead ahead of Marcus Mariota???
Prophet The Producer
Prophet The Producer 天 前
Jamies had a better college career then Mariota.
Midnight Blaze
Midnight Blaze 天 前
Where is Matt leinart? Heisman & 2 nattys
Krisis 天 前
If you have the number one pick how do you pass on Smith? He is probably the most complete reciever Ive seen in a long time.
Devin Glen
Devin Glen 天 前
Winston over Tim Tebow? Bahahaha. At least he gave Matt Leinhart the crown
Blake Horning
Blake Horning 天 前
If Seahawks trade russ this the only qb I would want to come to seattle
Joe Campione
Joe Campione 天 前
Yes a disaster since they have a competent QB in the worst situation in QB history. They need to trade down and add talent so they can evaluate Sam.
DatBoiBizzle 天 前
I agree I think Sam has a lot of great football ahead of him if they draft another qb and trade Sam that new qb is going to be in same position and watch if Sam goes to a decent team watch how well he will play mark my words
Ryan A
Ryan A 天 前
This was only a month ago? Wow feels a lot longer
William Stanley
William Stanley 天 前
Imagine putting Baker Mayfield over Vince Young, Cam Newton and Joe Burrow
Mel Cardonell
Mel Cardonell 天 前
Roll Tide Roll
Mel Cardonell
Mel Cardonell 天 前
My prayers are for the young man and his family 🙏. U of Alabama and Saban, players and staff are truly a special group off the field
Mel Cardonell
Mel Cardonell 天 前
This video is something. Brought tears to my eyes. Spirit of Alabama lived in that young man. I'm a Bama-fan most of my life. Bama is class personified. I'm so overwhelmed with this video. Roll Tide Roll
Adyn Moehring
Adyn Moehring 天 前
might off got crushed by Alabama, it’s all good, we beat clemson
Robert Mosley
Robert Mosley 天 前
We straight up crushed Kentucky this game!!!! 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🐘🔥 ROLL TIDE!! 🏈🔥
william bratcher
william bratcher 天 前
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Vibz shop
Vibz shop 天 前
You take Justin Fields
william bratcher
william bratcher 天 前
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Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas 天 前
I’m a UGA fan and even I have to admit Tebow should be on this list ahead of most of all his qb’s
william bratcher
william bratcher 天 前
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Christian J. Russel
Christian J. Russel 天 前
biased commentary
duffydier 天 前
Sam Darnold has had some success? Seriously? Darnold sucks! He sucked in college! He sucks in the NFL. Reset the QB clock and move on.
Richie MacDonald
Richie MacDonald 天 前
..he's 6'3 210 and is 5lbs lighter than Elway , also 4 inches taller and 6lbs heavier than Russell Wilson .. He's going to be worth it at #2 . He's passes the eye tests with talent, IQ and precision. And played against better competition than "Josh Allen ,Weis and Trey Lance " 💯🍻
Alienkingdubs 19 小时 前
@Bob Bobby tennessee ranked? how well did he play against usc? 60% throwing? they won cause kedon slovis had 3 int, how well did he play against utah? Utah vs BYU he had 2 interceptions Trevor lawrence plays against good teams and still plays well. see what he did to bama as a true freshman?
Bob Bobby
Bob Bobby 天 前
@Alienkingdubs really? USC, Tennessee
Alienkingdubs 天 前
how come he never played any ranked power 5 teams? and when he did he lost? better competition?
Knuckles 天 前
it's funny that this guy never gets the draft right each year but yet they keep having him on. Bring Todd McShay back on after the draft and tell him how many he gets correct. I bet it's less than %5
Marcos Zavala
Marcos Zavala 天 前
It's gonna be a touchdown Jackson state university and on the carry for Jackson state is... number 10... Warren Newman. You can tell the commentators don't know their names lmao
william reid
william reid 天 前
Marcus Mariota should be in top 6
Multiyapples 天 前
Gridiron International
Gridiron International 天 前
Boy this shows they need Trey Lance bad
Lofi Gaming
Lofi Gaming 天 前
Mac jones
ned haleem
ned haleem 天 前
I think Keyshawn forgot about a guy named Tim Tebow lol
khloe minchenko
khloe minchenko 天 前
He was depressed an of the cops would of saw him they would of tackled him !!
Egerton Bullock
Egerton Bullock 天 前
Take Zach Wilson if you can get him in the 2nd round.
Egerton Bullock
Egerton Bullock 天 前
@The Sessh he’ll go in the first round, but in 3 years, he will be 2nd string and a backup.
The Sessh
The Sessh 天 前
@Egerton Bullock he is not a 2nd round qb where are you getting your info from Trevor, Wilson,Lance and Fields will all go in the 1st maybe mac Jones in the late 1st
Egerton Bullock
Egerton Bullock 天 前
@The Sessh he is a 2nd round talent.
The Sessh
The Sessh 天 前
Lol u are not getting him in the 2nd round
Kameron Jones
Kameron Jones 天 前
I just don’t see it with Zach wilson honestly
Houston Wynn
Houston Wynn 天 前
Some of the people on their list had some STACKED teams.. a lot of great QBs got left out due to the fact they had no talent around them. Here’s the real top 5! 1. Cam Newton (no talent around him) 2. Vince Young 3. Joe Burrow (no defense, and played one of the toughest schedules in history) 4. Lamar Jackson (ZERO talent around him, and his WRs led the nation in drops) 5. Johnny Manziel (Bama fan... so yeah) 6. Robert Griffin/Baker Mayfield Give any of these guys the 2009 Florida Gators Roster... lol
micro fox
micro fox 天 前
Trade down acquire picks and take Lance, package the 23rd pick with Sam Darnold and pick again inside the top 15 picks, there should still be elite talent there, perhaps take an elite corner or wide receiver
L T 天 前
Bad comparison to Manziel. Zach Wilson is not a party animal like Manziel. Zach Wilson studies the game more than Manziel ever did.
L T 天 前
Sam Darnold is a low key quiet dude from California and he survived the in NY media just fine. Zach Wilson will be fine in NY. These Kids coming out of college nowadays are more media savvy than in the past
Palitine Boors
Palitine Boors 天 前
Yeah he won’t survive the team. And he doesn’t like the cold or NY. He’s really big on going to San Francisco, or Carolina and even Falcons. He’s a true winner and a lifestyle dude NYC just doesn’t have it. This is a California Guy with Joe Namath charisma. He loves women he love winning NYC doesn’t have any of those qualities. Cali and Miami are where the wms at. Lol and Jets are definitely not where you go to have an OL or win. Because the media will criticize him for the organization faults. And Wilson is not a quiet kid.
Emmanuela Douglin
Emmanuela Douglin 天 前
Mr Bell
Mr Bell 天 前
How can Matt Leinart be number 1? If we’re using Keyshawn’s logic, then you put Greg McElroy or any Bama QB on that list. Which would be utterly ridiculous. No Key Nooo
The Cats Meow
The Cats Meow 天 前
Jets should keep Darnold and draft a wide receiver, running back and two offensive lineman with their first four picks in the draft.
tommyboy 天 前
Standing ovation, nuff said
Will Cozine
Will Cozine 天 前
If I’m the Jets, there is no way I don’t take Zach Wilson at #2
Lee da Hitman
Lee da Hitman 22 小时 前
@akivaa Yeah Ok what ever
Joe Campione
Joe Campione 天 前
@Will Cozine they are trading down when did Douglas say he loved Wilson ,he never said that. They hired Lafleur for Sam.
Will Cozine
Will Cozine 天 前
@Joe Campione luckily Joe is making the decision because sam is on the trading block and he loves Zach Wilson lol
Joe Campione
Joe Campione 天 前
Luckily you aren't making the decision because they are keeping Sam.
AlexH 天 前
@Will Cozine Fair point, I don't disagree with you that Wilson is special, I think Lawrence, Fields and Wilson are all special and in a league of their own in this QB class. I definitely disagree with you about Fields being overrated, all I've seen these last few months is analysts and guys like you putting him behind Lance or Jones, which is frankly ridiculous. I personally think Fields is more talented than Wilson, which is why I would take him at 2 if I was the Jets. I've also seen more from Fields these last 2 seasons than I have from Wilson. But I can see why you think he's more pro-ready, Fields definitely has to work on his release compared to Wilson! Whoever gets Lawrence, Fields or Wilson is gonna be a happy team, I just wish my cowboys had a shot at getting one of them, but we had to fail at sucking too lol!
in his next mock he will have justin drafted in the 7th round
Dalton Van Avery
Dalton Van Avery 天 前
The year after I leave we beat them 🤣😅 ok that's my dogs great game boys and Coach Hill why to show them how to win
Marist Old Boys
Marist Old Boys 天 前
Too much hyperbole and waffling from these fools.
Wayne A. W.
Wayne A. W. 2 天 前
VY10 was the best of the 2000s, Key. All y'all know it. Give the man his props and stop hating. VY10 and Mack Brown ignited The Texas Thang. Dude (Vince) literally jogged into the End Zone and won Texas the BCS Championship. C'mon, man.
Prone Rider 562
Prone Rider 562 2 天 前
Semen...Err, I mean Sermon tried to do that Najee hurdle. Nope. Doesn't work son, Your timing was WAY off and you just DON'T have the vertical to do it. Don't try it anymore.
Lindles J
Lindles J 2 天 前
I think he’s very talented but can he survive in NY life is not perfect in Ny media is he mentally tough enough
Ganggreen 317
Ganggreen 317 天 前
Exactly that's a good question