AJ FILMS 16 小时 前
Why 4:3 video resolution ?
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh 16 小时 前
I was shocked to see joker 🔥🔥🔥.
subrat pradhan
subrat pradhan 16 小时 前
This movie will not be impressive, the vfx is lousy
John Lee
John Lee 16 小时 前
People praising and getting excited just because the released justice league sucks. As if BvS that sucked wasn’t made by Snyder.
Krimzon Rocketz
Krimzon Rocketz 16 小时 前
BvS doesn't suck, the only reason why people think it sucks because the internet told you so
soy yo
soy yo 16 小时 前
BvS didn't suck. Your opinion=/= fact. If you are here just to troll i recommend you to leave
Mask Man
Mask Man 16 小时 前
It’s a shame Joss Whedon couldn’t work the same magic with Justice League that he did with The Avengers. Problem was Snyder had already made a mess of JL so there’s very little Whedon could have done to save it. In a perfect world Whedon would have led the DC cinematic universe.
Mask Man
Mask Man 16 小时 前
@Rambo Your a diehard Snyder fan who’ll disagree or get angry with anything I say. I don’t like MOS, BvS or any of Snyder’s films so what? I’m entitled to like what I like. Oh by he way I’m a fan of Geoff Johns so I suppose I’m bad person as well? Get a grip I’ll like what I like.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 16 小时 前
Lmao imagine defending an abuser, couldn't be me
Rambo 16 小时 前
Are you serious? The only decent movie Whedon have done is the first Avengers movie. Age of Ultron is absolute ass. Stop being delusional. DCEU movies can't have the same tone as the MCU ones.
Haljordan4life 16 小时 前
DARKSEID 16 小时 前
Can we all accept the fact that WB = Warner Butchers....😑
Alex Moreno
Alex Moreno 16 小时 前
13 days
srgttch 17 小时 前
Como que 1988 si se grabó entre hsm1 y hsm2? JAJJAJAJA
Infoting 17 小时 前
chrollo lucilfer
chrollo lucilfer 17 小时 前
how i wish joker colab with lex luthor..gonna be madness for sure!
i swear... this music bro...
Number Juan
Number Juan 17 小时 前
13 days
Matty Pamps
Matty Pamps 17 小时 前
Wow will we see it in the Uk 😭
namazzi ellie
namazzi ellie 17 小时 前
I came to see reviews of this series, and everyone is talking about a penny
طهمازتك tohmaztech
طهمازتك tohmaztech 17 小时 前
K 17 小时 前
jor-el: but out there, among the stars...he'll live. lex luthor: out in the dark, among the stars...the god is dead.
Brent Lars
Brent Lars 17 小时 前
Whoa damn this is cool
Sree Vidya
Sree Vidya 17 小时 前
Teef! 30 white horses! But we only have......... NINE!! 🤣🤣🤣
Alesso Vermudi Galán
Alesso Vermudi Galán 18 小时 前
HE'S NEVER FOUGHT US ... ... NOT US UNITED 🔥 Yeah 😎 BatFleck ⚡ DC
E max 2021
E max 2021 18 小时 前
👎😡😡Netflix vs hbo max 😇😍😍👍
quik sonik
quik sonik 18 小时 前
Studio Ghibli can experiment with CGI animation. Once.
Minara Akther
Minara Akther 18 小时 前
Love u Zack Snyder 😘😘
Abhilash Ps
Abhilash Ps 18 小时 前
You Should Include Every Second Of Aragorn's Screen time
Susan Boshaw
Susan Boshaw 18 小时 前
Where is Christopher and Peter? Not everyone loves just these 3.
CPM3 18 小时 前
The Crew are at Warpower. Soon, the enemy will fall in the Middle Mass.
CPM3 18 小时 前
This is gonna succ because it does not adapt the critically acclaimed comic: DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN. Mark my words, Hey, sorry! I had to beat an old man with a long nose to get this *[ZACK SNYDER'S DAREDEVIL]*
Saad Sheikh
Saad Sheikh 18 小时 前
Even though I did not know of Steppenwolf before DCEU movies, I have come to like him more than I've ever liked Batman or Superman. He looks more dominant than Darkseid or any other DCEU character. I want to see him fight and defeat Darkseid, then take his place. Also, I don't like the way Joker says "Batman", it seems overdone.
soy yo
soy yo 16 小时 前
Are you kidding me? Steppenwolf is Darkseid's slave
Omegaslashbuster1 18 小时 前
Soprano version of Crazy in Love.
Nitesh Kumar Sahu
Nitesh Kumar Sahu 18 小时 前
Anthony White
Anthony White 18 小时 前
I wonder whatever happened to Ryan Gossling?
AlphaReturns 18 小时 前
13 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!!
Rene-Jean Corneille
Rene-Jean Corneille 18 小时 前
Why is no one talking about the doll?
AlphaReturns 18 小时 前
13 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sureal Gaming
Sureal Gaming 18 小时 前
Let's goooo
CPM3 19 小时 前
*Clown-Bat In Josstice* A broken character, a clown in a batsuit. Overshadowed, And his back is bleeding. *Batman In Snyder* A man who is seeking the path of redemption, is helped by the one who he loathed him the most at the time, and he is a competent leader. *Neesonwolf in Josstice* The villain who can't survive without saying "MOTHER!" Underdesigned, uncharismatic and one dimesional. *Steppenwolf in Snyder* The villain who will have a purpose, and will hack everyone he sees.
HahoYT 19 小时 前
Where is shazam
AlphaReturns 18 小时 前
This takes place before shazam.
CPM3 19 小时 前
He's not even Shazam yet
Usss Druss
Usss Druss 19 小时 前
definitly my new desktop background
20E0856 Hirangopi
20E0856 Hirangopi 19 小时 前
Please bring hbo max to india
Samuel Thompson
Samuel Thompson 19 小时 前
cries in uk
CPM3 19 小时 前
This is February 14th 2017
Sayesha Rajdutt
Sayesha Rajdutt 19 小时 前
#HenryCavillSuperman Henry is the best Superman and no one can change my mind
Omaewa Nani
Omaewa Nani 19 小时 前
Jesus is coming B- basic I- instructions B- before L- leaving E- earth ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Omaewa Nani
Omaewa Nani 16 小时 前
@Rambo Watch your mouth. God Bless you
Rambo 16 小时 前
Emma Hiers
Emma Hiers 19 小时 前
Randy is my favorite character Because he is pretty funny, and he created the pandemic special :)
John Rupesh
John Rupesh 19 小时 前
I was sure that Ben Affleck is the worst batman ever. Until Robert happened.
CPM3 19 小时 前
@Anmatrix Well, Robert gonna pull it off tho. EXCITED FOR BOTH
Anmatrix 19 小时 前
That totally makes u a joke The only guy who looks like both Bruce and Batman and has the personality also is Affleck All others are simply bad Affleck first of all his size, he's dark brooding Batman The real one from the dark Knight Returns, arkham games and comics Bale wasn't good and Pattinson umm doesn't feel like bat. He somehow looks like Robin in front of batfleck. And u lie in minority. Almost everyone consider Affleck as greatest bat ever and cavill as greater supes. Bvs was best superhero movie much better than any marvel movie
dc shazam
dc shazam 20 小时 前
Halalisani Mbanjwa
Halalisani Mbanjwa 20 小时 前
I'm so excited to Justice League It will be great to see Darkseid after Doomsday
N G 20 小时 前
#Hbomax charges a premium but really has the best original content 🔥🔥... #Wolves, flight attendant #ZsJL now this!!!
Qui-Gon Jinn
Qui-Gon Jinn 21 小时 前
This looks so good, love Billy
Sandra Maguir
Sandra Maguir 21 小时 前
This is the cutest fucking thing. They’re awesome
danny R
danny R 21 小时 前
Cavill is the best superman !!!!!!!!! #HenryCavillSuperman
pappala 2020
pappala 2020 21 小时 前
Release date plzz
Jovana Jecmenica
Jovana Jecmenica 21 小时 前
“I don’t even know you!” 🤣🤣
key's channel 78
key's channel 78 21 小时 前
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Tony G.
Tony G. 21 小时 前
Wait fire godzilla vs kong
Chandan Kr
Chandan Kr 22 小时 前
India want to see in hindi language..
ArKham KNIGHT 19 小时 前
Chandan Kr
Chandan Kr 22 小时 前
Hindi language?
CPM3 19 小时 前
dr fate DC
dr fate DC 22 小时 前
additional audit
additional audit 22 小时 前
Superman henry cavil very polite
Delanno de Lima
Delanno de Lima 22 小时 前
Is this coming to HBO Max UK on the same date? Cheers
AYzazz 21 小时 前
Streaming Service = Other Day = Same
Chrizz 22 小时 前
If only they did this the first time they could have had something like Infinity War and Endgame
loic stephan
loic stephan 22 小时 前
1:46 Imagine this was a *live* wallpaper.
Arindam Ghosh
Arindam Ghosh 22 小时 前
Well kids that's how your mother left me
Ragnar 05
Ragnar 05 23 小时 前
Now that's Bruce Wayne , big AF and with the swagga to match Ben was perfect.
Mighty 23 小时 前
Hindi trailer want
Dad 23 小时 前
Zack Snyder is the real villain in the movie, Because "Snyder cut justice league"😂
al MM
al MM 23 小时 前
What's with so many dislike?
Rose Q
Rose Q 21 小时 前
Just people telling to us to move on from the snyder cut when they should be the one to move on
Anmatrix 22 小时 前
Marvel turds who don't want jl to succeed Avengers as they know Avengers is a copy of jl
t k
t k 23 小时 前
First guy: I'm Billy, this Hiro Samantha : Hello or I now you
tieaoontwftw 23 小时 前
They're so GAY!!!😭😭😍
blurry king
blurry king 天 前
Please please dub in hindi also. For indian....
Radha krishna
Radha krishna 天 前
What about Indian audiences
MokaTraitors 天 前
Henry Cavill is our Superman. The one and only #ZackSyndersCut #HenryCavillSuperman