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Neeraj Gogate
Neeraj Gogate 4 小时 前
While DC fans had to beg Warner Bros for the Snyder cut, Marvel gave us the Zemo cut with no complaints.
MoreLife King
MoreLife King 4 小时 前
This is the greatest marvel movie ever
Nyx Titanium
Nyx Titanium 4 小时 前
Zemo dancing Marvel: STONKS
The Good Boys
The Good Boys 4 小时 前
Zemociona :D
Matias Cordero
Matias Cordero 4 小时 前
Loki: i'm the most loved villian in the MCU and... Zemo: Move it...or I'll make you dance...
Musician-Park 4 小时 前
I am Korean Captain America
lisawest99 4 小时 前
Y'all making me fall in love with another villain .. bravo Marvel. 🔥❤
Sadia Air Hostess
Sadia Air Hostess 4 小时 前
سب لوگوں س اپیل ہے پلیز میرے بیٹے کے لئے دعا کر دیں اس کے دماغ کی گروتھ نہیں ہو رہی اللہ پاک جلد میرے بیٹے کو ٹھیک کر دے آ مین
Mia Rasmussen
Mia Rasmussen 4 小时 前
Zoe in that yellow jumpsuit😍
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 4 小时 前
“Hypothetically speaking, every upcoming father gets nervous” - Honey Dew Doctor 🍈 probably
crazycoleton 4 小时 前
We need all the cut footage of zemo dancing
Musician-Park 4 小时 前
I am Korean Captain America
isaac diaz
isaac diaz 4 小时 前
Podría hacer esto todo el dia
crazy sahoo
crazy sahoo 4 小时 前
Zemo Tu to bada acha Dancer he
Martin Sng
Martin Sng 4 小时 前
What a way to wake up to on a early sunday morning here in HK!!!!🤣🤣🤣
Nugg3t_SSBU 4 小时 前
Us: We want more, and better quality films and TV shows. Marvel:
이민섭 4 小时 前
byron padilla
byron padilla 4 小时 前
Gooob Zemo !!! 💯💥
Mia Zdunich
Mia Zdunich 4 小时 前
Wired one
Wired one 4 小时 前
its beautiful i have watched it 1000 times
Ida Black
Ida Black 4 小时 前
The lying pisces lovely remember because part rahilly peck behind a sturdy israel. cagey, evasive outrigger
Hùng Đặng
Hùng Đặng 4 小时 前
Dancing bruhhhhhh
Demarius Smith
Demarius Smith 4 小时 前
Was that black widow I seen sitting down that would crazy is she somewhere in that I know I wasn't tripping 😂😂.
Douglas Oliveira
Douglas Oliveira 5 小时 前
Mais aleatório que Ronaldinho Gaúcho em um lugar diferente
Siddhant Singh
Siddhant Singh 5 小时 前
Keep it up New Cap...... John is epic after Serum........ 😈😜😲
Crippled Cop
Crippled Cop 5 小时 前
Zemo: teared the avengers apart Fans: *angry noises* Zemo: *dances* Fans: yeah we love him
Brofessor H.E. Mann
Brofessor H.E. Mann 5 小时 前
This is me when the tequila takes command of my thoughts and actions.....the agave nectar tells me to hold my position on the dance floor and, it tells me to allow others to dance better than me so they feel good about themselves which makes me a benevolent and thoughtful person. Right?
Bruno Calderón
Bruno Calderón 5 小时 前
Lumbra Productions
Lumbra Productions 5 小时 前
thxtyby 5 小时 前
ngl i watched the whole hour
Vagner Melo
Vagner Melo 5 小时 前
Fantastic! Zemo ❤ 💜 ❤ ♥ ❤
Nebulosa10G7 5 小时 前
Kevin Decker
Kevin Decker 5 小时 前
They had the actor dance for a hour and he stayed in character for the whole time
Zed James Santiago
Zed James Santiago 5 小时 前
POV: You in the club post pandemic and everyone is doing Tik Tok dances.
Jeetu jaan king
Jeetu jaan king 5 小时 前
My father is very ill, pray that he gets well soon 😘😘😘😘😘
Jeetu jaan king
Jeetu jaan king 5 小时 前
My father is very ill, pray that he gets well soon 😘😘😘😘😘
Lemon Push
Lemon Push 5 小时 前
My brain kept thinking he was dancing differently every time
Chica Conducta
Chica Conducta 5 小时 前
Awww, I was about to go to the Disney platform until I saw At the end of the trailer “June”
Kal ish
Kal ish 5 小时 前
When you successfully escape down the toilet.
Ashwini kumar mahli
Ashwini kumar mahli 5 小时 前
Even though people are hating new captain america... But that man acting is awesome........ John walker is doing justice to his role......brilliant anti hero....
Jordan Stevens
Jordan Stevens 5 小时 前
the hype behind a movie, and the experience it was to see this in the theater will never happen again
Alex Arcentales
Alex Arcentales 5 小时 前
Eriberto González Maciel
Eriberto González Maciel 5 小时 前
El tío Disney si le sabe
Terry Szeto
Terry Szeto 5 小时 前
I'm watching the full hour and 8 seconds of this
InsaneZylex 5 小时 前
No One: Zemo when bucky, cap and Tony were fighting:
New Jersey Devils Superfan
New Jersey Devils Superfan 5 小时 前
544,911th like!
Darrick 5 小时 前
What song is this
Javi deQuintas
Javi deQuintas 5 小时 前
The Dancing Zemo and Agatha all along are my best of my 2021😂😂
Ob1_Wan _K3nob1
Ob1_Wan _K3nob1 5 小时 前
Noo way they did it!!!!!!!!!!!! OOmOINFooCKING-gUSH
azhar abdul
azhar abdul 5 小时 前
Young Lweezy
Young Lweezy 5 小时 前
Tobey McGuire has been challenged
tamapajamas yamas
tamapajamas yamas 5 小时 前
Well this is bizarre.
Victor LG
Victor LG 5 小时 前
Quick, someone tell me the name of the track. 🥺
SansTheSkelly2018 5 小时 前
*”Dude....Back...The Hell.....OFF!”*
Maan Binod
Maan Binod 5 小时 前
Wow... Finally
烨龙朱 5 小时 前
Are you serious?take off trousers,you show me this 😂
Crapppy 5 小时 前
Why is this one hour dancing Zemo loop a thing
Jeferson Pereira costa santos
Jeferson Pereira costa santos 5 小时 前
Darkstar Darin
Darkstar Darin 5 小时 前
3:19 Now I'm reminded that we *still* haven't gotten an X-Men Legends remastered bundle.
Where is the ba ba black sheep ?
Bruno Borges
Bruno Borges 5 小时 前
Urazz 5 小时 前
Lol, love how Marvel feeds the memes and makes them more powerful. XD
Lenard Regencia
Lenard Regencia 5 小时 前
The Amplified Swagger of an Adult Sokovian Royalty.
muhammad agil arasil
muhammad agil arasil 5 小时 前
Nice move Marvel, nice move
John Importuna
John Importuna 5 小时 前
I know who taskmaster is can't say
Anarion99 5 小时 前
I can't believe Marvel did this! Lol
Carl Francis Halili
Carl Francis Halili 5 小时 前
What storyline is the one mentioned where they flight tracksuit villains?
hsbi96 5 小时 前
please, capt kill man 1 hours
GOD OF TV 5 小时 前
5555 Funny by zemo
Ember Skelly
Ember Skelly 5 小时 前
Now, I wish they could bring her back and give her a show like they did with sam and bucky on disney+...
Hans Neuenfeldt
Hans Neuenfeldt 5 小时 前
Marvel, I love you. You got the pulse of the peeps!
Jacob Aldridge
Jacob Aldridge 5 小时 前
so is this just extra B'roll they picked up while they were in the club?
Maddox Brandt
Maddox Brandt 5 小时 前
Any one else here After Spider-Man remastered hoping peters next game looks like this
Pretty_ Boy
Pretty_ Boy 5 小时 前
reminds me of the spiderman 3 dance
Jhon sebastian Morales
Jhon sebastian Morales 5 小时 前
10 de minutos de clase:zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 1 hora de ver este video: nice
Remy Buegos
Remy Buegos 5 小时 前
My boy just wanna jam after being locked up.
ThunderAbi 5 小时 前
Für das deutsche Vaterland!!!
Zoro Roronoa
Zoro Roronoa 5 小时 前
I realized that make 10 minutes i looking this.. just perfect
CatGirlAlena 5 小时 前
I love Loki.
Edho Zell
Edho Zell 5 小时 前
Marvel lagi gabut 🤣🤣
M.rashya Danovan
M.rashya Danovan 5 小时 前
Wih Abang
Captain Scmandagh
Captain Scmandagh 5 小时 前
Iya bang wkwkwk