The Next Chapter...
Bennett Shadburn
Bennett Shadburn 6 小时 前
You should do spending 24 hours in prison
Mr. Scarman
Mr. Scarman 6 小时 前
this vid is funny and cool
Tino 239
Tino 239 6 小时 前
Who else craving sum spread iykyk
ykoppk 6 小时 前
i claim no negative energy✝️
The Squad
The Squad 6 小时 前
DEB Henriques
DEB Henriques 6 小时 前
30 out of 10
What he mean regret most was good food
Nicco Pezzetta
Nicco Pezzetta 6 小时 前
I love sour stuff
jao 6 小时 前
get this man to 20 mil sub😂
I love stromedy
I love stromedy 6 小时 前
I get 1000 dollers a day
Tyler Talks
Tyler Talks 6 小时 前
I am in the army and we don’t eat them a lot of the time at least for me
Night Wolf Gaming YT CFM
Night Wolf Gaming YT CFM 6 小时 前
lary lawton?
Twin Baldies
Twin Baldies 6 小时 前
When I was was in school I was a skinny loser but then you started posting and you had a lot of inspirational speeches and I felt I could become successful, so now I go to the gym a lot and life is a lot easier.
DJ Cat XD 6 小时 前
Play it please !
Khendra 6 小时 前
And i want donuts :c
Random crap on the internet Funny
Random crap on the internet Funny 6 小时 前
Faze rug is way nicer
shawn johnson
shawn johnson 6 小时 前
burritos were the best, you know the chili w/ beans in a bag? Those... those go very well in the burritos
Shanna 6 小时 前
No cap faze rug text me
Brooklyn Kelly Music
Brooklyn Kelly Music 6 小时 前
Brian there’s a 666 on your outfit 😭😭🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Vianca Sablan
Vianca Sablan 6 小时 前
do you like soccer⚽️
Khali Star
Khali Star 6 小时 前
bro t dharmann I'm s big fan
Yesenia Saldana
Yesenia Saldana 6 小时 前
I just realized the numbers on his shirt 😶
Nancy Fernandez
Nancy Fernandez 6 小时 前
Why don't you post any gaming videos
Khendra 6 小时 前
I dont have dollars im indonesia
Brian Matzke
Brian Matzke 6 小时 前
Cool video
Vianca Sablan
Vianca Sablan 6 小时 前
👍🏼💪 don’t ever give up when you’re playing video games
Kisty and BillsMafia
Kisty and BillsMafia 6 小时 前
bull[bobux} prison food s better
Commander G
Commander G 6 小时 前
I will take you seriously in that outfit
Noah donathan
Noah donathan 6 小时 前
Wtf is wrong with y'all noah is the best
Nevaeh Morton
Nevaeh Morton 6 小时 前
Noah’s 1-10 and faze 10-10
Chiller Exploits
Chiller Exploits 6 小时 前
whos been here since 300k subs
Nathan Heath
Nathan Heath 6 小时 前
24hrs btw
Krista Lewis
Krista Lewis 6 小时 前
I dare you to get a dog
Codey Ford
Codey Ford 6 小时 前
The pizza look tasty
Vianca Sablan
Vianca Sablan 6 小时 前
My son said he likes your videos.
Renzo gaming Alexnader
Renzo gaming Alexnader 6 小时 前
Wait has he been to presion the cousin
Baylee Hammond
Baylee Hammond 6 小时 前
Pizza sauce and salsa r going to make a huge difference if u use the wrong thing
SAI Boi 6 小时 前
Haylie Dixon
Haylie Dixon 6 小时 前
You should put milk
Donald Blunt
Donald Blunt 6 小时 前
Put Jessica in every vid bro I love her
JimmyTalksMovies 6 小时 前
Can you give me a shout out
Joshua Gallimore
Joshua Gallimore 6 小时 前
Vianney Alejandre
Vianney Alejandre 6 小时 前
Why does he look good in that prison outfit 😂
iAmEmman 6 小时 前
I’ve been thinking about all the videos Brian has been pushing out- which shows alllll the work Noah has to be doing
_Nate22_ 6 小时 前
You don’t make your own food in prison.
Pure Packers
Pure Packers 6 小时 前
Rug you have to we’re a orange one
Kaden Abbott
Kaden Abbott 6 小时 前
My favorite memory is that 2hype video
Josiah Sistek
Josiah Sistek 6 小时 前
Mythic 6 小时 前
Kaelyn should have a CNpost channel
Isaac Zimmerman
Isaac Zimmerman 6 小时 前
Go rug
PobJeeMobile 6 小时 前
POV : the boy in the striped pajamas teleported to 2021
Jazmin Esqueda
Jazmin Esqueda 6 小时 前
Jelly if I now
Isaac Zimmerman
Isaac Zimmerman 6 小时 前
Faze gonna win
krishna veni
krishna veni 6 小时 前
The fact that J is calling cafeteria as prison
Can we have a little respect to Noah for holding the camera backwards in a Rollercoaster
Toys and Fun
Toys and Fun 6 小时 前
Toys and Fun
Toys and Fun 6 小时 前
Sorry sploosh
Shashank Vlogs
Shashank Vlogs 6 小时 前
No one Rug: it tastes like grill cheese (2:16)
Alijah Dice
Alijah Dice 6 小时 前
The girl that you ate last with is the cutest