Kingog Lopez
Kingog Lopez 10 小时 前
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂this is funny asf
Jessica Sinclair from Lihue Kauai Hawaii
Jessica Sinclair from Lihue Kauai Hawaii 10 小时 前
First he has to be democratically elected before he could deal with leaders of the world.
Mike James
Mike James 10 小时 前
Ernest Hemingway
Ernest Hemingway 10 小时 前
Really sad
BaoZiXD 10 小时 前
so ironic
L G 10 小时 前
Rest in peace brave pup :( the fact that he died makes me cry. This World would be a better place if humans would be like dogs.
Sorcha Broderick
Sorcha Broderick 10 小时 前
Dogs really are man's best friend.
Jason Adamson
Jason Adamson 10 小时 前
If you see your dog fighting a snake do not call it. You might distract the dog and it will more likely be bitten. After the fight take the dog to the vet immediately.
Mohmee Gaik
Mohmee Gaik 10 小时 前
US lose because their prices are higher, distribution costs higher,
Alexis Zaganidis
Alexis Zaganidis 10 小时 前
Nothing less nothing more than the future of humanity....
sfougarakis2001 10 小时 前
CNpostrs' pranks be like:
Winarto Ciputra
Winarto Ciputra 10 小时 前
Dog better than a cat.
XxNecromancerxX 10 小时 前
I'm wondering that there exist gangsters in a control state like china
benbo YEP
benbo YEP 10 小时 前
Everyone on twitter when they hear about about China: eww Communist always censoring and manipulating media Everyone on twitter when every western country manipulates media: let's just blame the individual news for making the mistakes, this is democracy and all the mistakes by the individual cannot be responsibility of the government
joey half
joey half 10 小时 前
And people ask do Dogs go to Heaven?? I rest my case these two legends!!!!!!fearless, indomitable,couragous, and loyal into death R.I.P 🕊️
Jeremiah Cook
Jeremiah Cook 10 小时 前
After he left he went and robbed someone else on 12 street
Wusong Liao
Wusong Liao 10 小时 前
America has gone mad, they don't know what they are doing, they are like a mad dog barking at everyone, every themselves.
Koxinga 10 小时 前
Many Chinese who went to South East Asia to work went as "bonded labour" and were encouraged to do so by the British who needed the hardworking Chinese to develop the colonies for them. Many Indians were also put to work using the same system. Then, the British did not show much scruples about "human rights" and were quite prepared to use forced labour if necessary.
Leoncio Co
Leoncio Co 10 小时 前
Where’s d parents? Rip Loyal dog.
K & M
K & M 10 小时 前
They was going to work where did you think going to a party
Mike Lawre
Mike Lawre 10 小时 前
The Bank Manager failed to transform before the meeting 🤣🤣🤣
George Washington
George Washington 10 小时 前
Biden must cancel all sanctions, pay to Iran and world for terrorist sanctions damages USA caused and denuclearize nuclear armed USA and Israel's terrorists. Long live nuclear armed and free Iran, death to nuclear armed USA and Israel's terrorism.
bisayang manok
bisayang manok 10 小时 前
I was supposed to comment on how pointless US-China diplomacy is and why each side should not waste their time and then I saw the CGTN journalist Guan Xin in the video and forgot everything else and even skipped to just the parts where she was speaking....
F SL 10 小时 前
Where's the couple? Honeymoon in police station? 🤣🤣🤣
Danniel Zhong
Danniel Zhong 10 小时 前
The hostess looked at him with contempt
etloo1971 10 小时 前
She probably a victim of hate crime in USA after the 9-11 incident.
Matteo Beatz
Matteo Beatz 10 小时 前
*not all heroes wear capes*
Sami Benyoussef
Sami Benyoussef 10 小时 前
Depressed Aatma
Depressed Aatma 10 小时 前
Nice preplanned recording
wild frontier
wild frontier 10 小时 前
Why leave a sleeping baby and dogs out where cobras can be around :(
spyro pussy face
spyro pussy face 10 小时 前
Made in India.
Zeimer Benzer
Zeimer Benzer 10 小时 前
The bank site was written in python..
Muhammad Arie Asnita
Muhammad Arie Asnita 10 小时 前
Yours is Mine Communist 😭
ban claudia Ban
ban claudia Ban 10 小时 前
Andy Hughes
Andy Hughes 10 小时 前
China's only 2 aircraft carriers are diesel, not nuclear like U.S. carriers. That means, their range is limited. But China is not interested in global military conquest (at least not yet) so this will suffice. In contrast, the U.S. has 11 nuclear powered carriers and over 800 military installations throughout the world. China has 4 bases outside China. Who's the conquerer?
Chuk Blak
Chuk Blak 10 小时 前
That sucks that the dog got blinded and dead
alicia 10 小时 前
He was probably thinking _i dont want to go to prison for this, not worth it_
Electrons Force Sagar
Electrons Force Sagar 10 小时 前
I thought it emerged from my PC
Robert Vines
Robert Vines 10 小时 前
Man's best friend or what?
etloo1971 10 小时 前
Turkey's first leader Kamel Attarturk rejected Sharia and the Caliphate. The CIA supported the Islamic extremists during the Cold War in Afghanistan and Indonesia.
Shah Aksha
Shah Aksha 10 小时 前
This park is like 10 mins away from my house
No. 1 BOAT
No. 1 BOAT 10 小时 前
Thats great!
Rasool ke uusool aur Fatima ke khet
Rasool ke uusool aur Fatima ke khet 10 小时 前
Sometimes robbers can feel the depth of need... 😍
Janet Mvula
Janet Mvula 10 小时 前
Infantry angels singing commitedly for God
ayina111 10 小时 前
My cat died after fighting with a snake in front of our house. He killed the snake. And died later in my arms. I couldn't stop crying for days
Albert Venter
Albert Venter 10 小时 前
We all live under Chinese sensorship
Eric Co
Eric Co 10 小时 前
Python: Time to come out. I am hungry!
#FF0000AnubisFace 10 小时 前
if you think you’re stupid, just remember a dude really tried to stop a truck with his bare hands
Singlish Republic
Singlish Republic 10 小时 前
Europe should prosper to their own feet to deal with china if thats the best for all nation in the world.. you don't want others to parenting you though. What is the meaning of independants then. 😁😁😁😁
Eduardo Villegas
Eduardo Villegas 10 小时 前
Ajit Singh is a courageous journalist at the service of truth.
Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin 11 小时 前
The dude is gone. Nobody can fix this mess. There is nothing inside that skull anymore.
Corinne Reiter
Corinne Reiter 11 小时 前
Magnifique voix d anges
Native Afro-Ευrasian
Native Afro-Ευrasian 11 小时 前
It's kinda funny how the ambulance was also there (but I guess he didn't see it)
FateAndFurie 11 小时 前
This is why all dogs go to heaven 😢 Rest in peace Miley ❤
Eugene Chin
Eugene Chin 11 小时 前
The real question should be, does USA actually believe their own human right bs..lol. Looking at the USA now, it doesnt look like its working very well at the moment especially when things arent going so well.
Riwan 11 小时 前
Maybe brush teeth firsf
bisayang manok
bisayang manok 11 小时 前
Nothing wrong with hoping for better relations. That said, currently diplomatic relations seem pointless. No matter how many scholars Chinese media interview the fact does not change that the US government is increasingly viewing China as their most powerful and dangerous enemy as well as the ultimate threat to the existence of the US and their way of life. Escaping a cold war may not be possible especially when the US has no real interest in cooperating with China except for the occasional token PR story on climate change.
Jason Henderson
Jason Henderson 11 小时 前
Very good dogs. They did their jobs well.
S197 GT
S197 GT 11 小时 前
To those that harms any dogs will go to hell.
ExplodingPrisoner 11 小时 前
The worst song in the history of music
WeMe 11 小时 前
Why the interviewer afraid of showing his face? Looks like a staged news to me.
V K 11 小时 前
For whatever reason I am glad they all stood 3 foot apart from each other and the snake fell exactly in the gap.
English Grammar in Urdu
English Grammar in Urdu 11 小时 前
Thanks Admin
CEN TEX 11 小时 前
When the poverty is so brutal that even the robbers feel for their victims...
Troy McCully
Troy McCully 11 小时 前
All these vaxxes are experimental warpspeed , emergency approved for a deadly disease that has a 99% chance of surviving it
English Grammar in Urdu
English Grammar in Urdu 11 小时 前
Fara Nasha
Fara Nasha 11 小时 前
Best GTA scene when i see.
John Dow
John Dow 11 小时 前
( all sanctions ) which part, don't you understand ?
Mr. Davenport
Mr. Davenport 11 小时 前
The snake is from Beijing you can tell from the way it slithers away from working people.
Bob Kim
Bob Kim 11 小时 前
Well come To China Beautiful Civilization Xi Jiang ! Xi Jiang Well Come Every Body ,thank you !
107. Abdul Awal
107. Abdul Awal 11 小时 前
This is so nice. China knows how to ensure accountability
Jennifer Conrad
Jennifer Conrad 11 小时 前
Asians are being attacked randomly along other people because we have allowed the forces of Satan to enter our world And take over the weak-minded and the spirit is trying to divide us as a species. Plain and simple. This video is full of lies. Awake instead of Woke. Veritas vos liberabit
Mlt B
Mlt B 11 小时 前
Here is the truth, Sudan & Egypt’s corrupted Leaders are more problematic to its people than the illusions of Nile GERD dam damage to downstream countries; those leaders use this story to cover up their lost trust by their people! ---------🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹-------- Beside, God created Nile for Ethiopia and then give authority to give or not to their neighbor as Ethiopia wishes! Same as God give Egypt red sea or camel or whatever!
Shan Liu
Shan Liu 11 小时 前
White people in Georgia, if not in all of America is definitely above the law, case search Cherokee V. Georgia. It didn't happen over night, but breaking the law is how some white people ended up in Georgia in the first place, so I guess the circle is complete.
R3c O
R3c O 11 小时 前
Does Osama's son have Osama's birth certificate,or is that with pakistani agencies too.
ThatOneNigeriansFomulaOneSon 11 小时 前
yeaaaahh thats a dog
Edward & Joanne H.
Edward & Joanne H. 11 小时 前
What amazing young people. If many young people from British Universities were asked to embark upon such a project, the first question I can hear them ask is, "What's in it for me??. I'm not working all those hours for nothing." Of course there will be those who have have genuine hearts of compassion, and delight their hearts and souls by seeing the fruits of their labour bring immense reward. The joy of assisting those who desperately need it, is a feeling that rewards far more than any financial gain. Missionary is exactly how this can be described. Young people bringing a message and practical assistance from the leader of their nation. With a nation so full of that spirit of community, compassion and love for your fellow man, China can only move in one direction, forward. No matter what the world outside her borders may think or say, China IS VICTORIOUS and leads the entire world in every conceivable way. In the words of the song: "THINGS CAN ONLY GET BETTER."
Dulcinea Del Toboso
Dulcinea Del Toboso 11 小时 前
I hope this dog gets rewarded big time in his next life .
Chris Hannis
Chris Hannis 11 小时 前
That'll teach Jack Ma for speaking out.
snicker Url
snicker Url 11 小时 前
I literally started to carry a pepper spray and a small knife every time I go out now.Scary world we live in .If someone will attack me, I will make sure to fight back until my last breath.If you discriminate Asian people because of this virus, that means you are very uneducated and haven’t been to Asia.
Abram Jhon
Abram Jhon 11 小时 前
He 1v5 them???