My Tax Dollars at Work 🥰
Texyy 12 小时 前
Folks aim is terrible😭😭
Global Noise
Global Noise 12 小时 前
All I hear is ASIAN, what about you bring out the word BLACK in there instead..
Catherine Smith
Catherine Smith 12 小时 前
That woman is a terrible example of a typical racist trying to gaslight someone by calling him a racist when clearly she is the racist and I wouldn't be surprised if she was also one of those racists that whines about black & brown people 'race baiting' as she and those of her ilk are the actual race baiting racists! Parents at any school she teaches at needed to show this to the board of education and demand that she be booted out of any classroom! Smh😠
Ayden Ross
Ayden Ross 12 小时 前
CNN be like: loveing dad trying to save baby shot by cruel cops who later shot the baby to
Red Kitty
Red Kitty 12 小时 前
No licence on her too lmao
Diane Saldivar
Diane Saldivar 12 小时 前
I'm sure "anyone" working in jailhouse, holding area or prison knows it's not a "safe" place to work. Did she think she was working in a Nursing Home? Unfortunately, there are nurses and attendants get attacked. Stop pitting people against each other by "assuming" and spreading rumors and lies about Racism. Racisim is only in YOUR words, not in the hearts of 99.9% of the country. Shame on you news 7.
GEAUXTIGERS091 12 小时 前
That’s right. Keep up the division media. Abolish the police and watch the country, including you own business, burn with it. I don’t care. Can’t wait for it to happen actually. We need a purge!
X_Endless Nightmare_X
X_Endless Nightmare_X 12 小时 前
There should've been 2 guards there while that inmate had one hand free. JS
TIM O 12 小时 前
That's roddy pipper
John Doe
John Doe 12 小时 前
Next time,give him a leaf.
Peter Yang
Peter Yang 12 小时 前
Screwed systems, handcuffed innocent people on the streets,but not criminal while approaching them in jail. (Pure stupidity)!!!!!
Karl Yost
Karl Yost 12 小时 前
Remember the divel comes to rob and to destroy and to kill but Jesus ❣️ Christ came that you might have life 🙏 amen turn from your sin and received Jesus Christ, amen
Mike Mcdonnell
Mike Mcdonnell 12 小时 前
This is insane. This is killing people!!
Anzu 12 小时 前
dont block the road, its the parents fault the child was there. morons deserve to run over.
StriateZebra 12 小时 前
Where's Kendall Jenner with a Pepsi when you need her?!?
surgicalshooter911 12 小时 前
“Joggers are going to Jog” and ......😑
Neab iksobarg
Neab iksobarg 12 小时 前
Why is the screen black for me
Lucy Herrera
Lucy Herrera 12 小时 前
She is 💩🤢🤮
Christopher Vrioni
Christopher Vrioni 12 小时 前
jashim TV
jashim TV 12 小时 前
I still don't understand... What's the future if stay longer in jail.. Westing food
Mark Hansen
Mark Hansen 12 小时 前
That's exactly how they deal with any situation...VIOLENCE
The world comes to its Conclusion Eminently.
Asmr Asmr
Asmr Asmr 12 小时 前
that’s talented!!!
Cyrus 12 小时 前
Plot twist she wants to be Mexican but will never be because she's white
Jacob Levine
Jacob Levine 12 小时 前
What race are the attackers?
Sparrowcrow 2856
Sparrowcrow 2856 12 小时 前
Im going to go back to college for social work clearly its needed the often pay attention to the wrong cases.
Leo Ruedas
Leo Ruedas 12 小时 前
Why blur faces?
Gangle Stein Morangle Mendine
Gangle Stein Morangle Mendine 12 小时 前
I wonder what she thinks of her students.
Husckle2 12 小时 前
Dude its amazing how there's one rule in this world for everyone Don't hurt children
Максим Мойсеенко
Максим Мойсеенко 12 小时 前
Почему эта глупая хозяйка не нырнула? Ужас какой!
100%natural blue family channel natural.C family TV
100%natural blue family channel natural.C family TV 12 小时 前
People so stupid
Karol Kołodziejczyk
Karol Kołodziejczyk 12 小时 前
Homem Tóxico: autista, ultra-vegano e palhaço
Homem Tóxico: autista, ultra-vegano e palhaço 12 小时 前
That happens in front of a Synagogue... Guess what happens in Israel. But everyone are jocking around the victim gender.
Tony Keop
Tony Keop 12 小时 前
Cops didnt calm anybody down. Cops were Embarass cus the receipt was show. Cops took the employee see before thr receipt and after the receipt. 4 cops were waiting to put a beat down on that black man.
Garza Family
Garza Family 12 小时 前
So if you married and together made 54,000 u don’t qualify?
Hank Williams
Hank Williams 12 小时 前
How is it hard when inmates are unarmed. Come on.
The Karina Channel
The Karina Channel 12 小时 前
Please mr. Cop please press charges🙏
Robert Reyes
Robert Reyes 12 小时 前
I don’t see any Black Lives Matter saying nothing
Rooster Garcia
Rooster Garcia 12 小时 前
War, please
Brown Man
Brown Man 12 小时 前
Her dumb voice annoys me
pepper salt
pepper salt 12 小时 前
I don't understand why people are attacking Asians what is the reason behind these attacks I hope it's not because of that covid virus it's not the people's fault
Hank Williams
Hank Williams 12 小时 前
Sheriff's are well liked as always. Criminals in uniform.
Brown Man
Brown Man 13 小时 前
She is just a ignorant person
Rebelloraptor 13 小时 前
Father and son 15 years
Really because she was Asian, I just passed a couple of Asian and I didn't feel like attacking them what's really going on? or Is it because they are communist
Derek Jackson
Derek Jackson 13 小时 前
It looks fake. If this wasn't on the news I'd call BS
RD AB 13 小时 前
That really isn't the best time to pretend that you're in the matrix or Matrix movie as if you're playing a video game. I think that he did not pull over for clout, for attention, for ABC 7 to interview him. He said that he was looking at other cars wondering why they were driving by...IGNORING HIM....this was his biggest concern. Got it? 🤡 Clowns like clowns I guess....love to see each other clowning around even if lives are at risk.
Rick rick
Rick rick 13 小时 前
Why did it run away?
effonefiddy 13 小时 前
Is she the 1st woman to give birth on Mother's Day? No. With all the other serious problems going on in the world, why is this news?
Cat Man
Cat Man 13 小时 前
Good lol 😂
A rose is a rose
A rose is a rose 13 小时 前
For those that want to know what the song means here are the lyrics translated: You are the sadness in my eyes Tú eres la tristeza de mis ojos That cry silently for your love Que lloran en silencio por tu amor I look in the mirror and I see in my face Me miro en el espejo y veo en mi rostro The time that I have suffered for your goodbye El tiempo que he sufrido por tu adiós I force you to forget the thought Obligo a que te olvide el pensamiento Well I'm always thinking about yesterday Pues siempre estoy pensando en el ayer I'd rather be asleep than awake Prefiero estar dormida que despierta How much it hurts me that you are not De tanto que me duele que no estés How I want you to live Como quisiera que tú vivieras That your little eyes had never Que tus ojitos jamás se hubieran Never closed and be looking at them Cerrado nunca y estar mirándolos Eternal and unforgettable love Amor eterno e inolvidable Sooner or later I'll be with you Tarde o temprano estaré contigo To keep loving us Para seguir amándonos I have suffered so much for your absence Yo he sufrido tanto por tu ausencia From that day until today I am not happy Desde ese día hasta hoy no soy feliz And although my conscience is clear Y aunque tengo tranquila mi conciencia I know that I could have done more for you Sé que pude haber yo hecho más por ti Dark loneliness I'm living Oscura soledad estoy viviendo The same loneliness of your grave La misma soledad de tu sepulcro You are the love of which I have Tú eres el amor del cual yo tengo The saddest memory of Acapulco El más triste recuerdo de Acapulco How I want you to live Como quisiera que tú vivieras That your little eyes had never Que tus ojitos jamás se hubieran Never closed and be looking at them Cerrado nunca y estar mirándolos Eternal and unforgettable love Amor eterno e inolvidable Sooner or later I'll be with you Tarde o temprano estaré contigo To keep loving us Para seguir amándonos Eternal, eternal love Amor eterno, eterno Eternal, eternal love Amor eterno, eterno
Ashish Pandey
Ashish Pandey 13 小时 前
Need to face it, reply with stones, cat family members ran away if faced properly...
R. Patrick OBrien
R. Patrick OBrien 13 小时 前
ban idiots like this for life
Victor Magdaleno
Victor Magdaleno 13 小时 前
I like that that's what the cops get because they innocent people anyways
Bru Corrêa
Bru Corrêa 13 小时 前
2 hearts
2 hearts 13 小时 前
Wow gun too the head
Maxx 13 小时 前
Go to jail because you don't want to wear a mask, idiot.
Jrodr 916
Jrodr 916 13 小时 前
So 300,000 other moms
Paul Martinez
Paul Martinez 13 小时 前
I used to run the Boathouse in the late 80's ,90's,was a beautiful place. At the same time Garcetti and gentrification. After the fact,just saying. People are allowed to break the law.
Melvin Johnson
Melvin Johnson 13 小时 前
Just another loser who got what he fuking deserved.
Paul Martinez
Paul Martinez 13 小时 前
Start enforcing the law,stupid. Duh,give them help or enforce the law.
Lakia Mcdonald
Lakia Mcdonald 13 小时 前
He would punched her of she was black or white too
Yolanda Ana
Yolanda Ana 13 小时 前
So sad why can people not see we all people..how would they like it if it was there dad or mom they did that to them hey Stupid People We All The Same People.God made us all alike white,black,Chinese, Latinos, Mexicans, everything now there in this days are all mixs baby so I dont know why this world dont get along it's so stupid people how they dont understand that this is bs wake up people are people to it's so sad
Dang mom looks great! Congrats
Robyn Corwin
Robyn Corwin 13 小时 前
How the f is this news
55giantsfan22 13 小时 前
Melody Sar
Melody Sar 13 小时 前
Karen gotta love them
Katie M
Katie M 13 小时 前
Wonder what made the panther turn around suddenly? Good for the hiker!
Ramon Sundquist
Ramon Sundquist 13 小时 前
What?! That's incredible
Lemon_ Juice
Lemon_ Juice 13 小时 前
Bruh... How was he stuck to his seat for so long
Stephanie Burrell
Stephanie Burrell 13 小时 前
Cycle of Life
Cycle of Life 13 小时 前
Why wasn’t she ticketed for driving without her driver’s license?
Menthes Thornburner
Menthes Thornburner 13 小时 前
I was so mad when a Autistic Teen was shot in Salt Lake City, Utah 8 months ago. I am a 25 Year Old, Autistic Man from Michigan. It's injustice, and it's not right. Utterly Ridiculous.
PatricianOf ThePlebs
PatricianOf ThePlebs 13 小时 前
We need public executions. Bring back public hangings.
Chicago KJV
Chicago KJV 12 小时 前
Bring back lashings also. Timeouts don't work.
The Neon zone
The Neon zone 13 小时 前
This is peak Karen performance, very impressive
Melanie McCauley
Melanie McCauley 13 小时 前
I liked the video because they are publically covering/revealing this story.
Aubrey 13 小时 前
Why isn't he building affordable housing? LOL. I'm still evicting him from office when the recall comes around.