DaBaby - SAD SH!T  [Audio]
Blame it on Baby
7 个月 前
Meet n Greet
年 前
Jad Kassem
Jad Kassem 9 小时 前
What usps be doing with my packages 😂
Gia The Model
Gia The Model 9 小时 前
Yall go check out my music w/ da baby 🔥🔥🔥remix
ItzAayush Official
ItzAayush Official 9 小时 前
Rest In Peace to the Dads who saw their Daughter in here
Stxtiqs 9 小时 前
Da Baby is the type of guy who would pull up on a whole gang
thatguy onxbox
thatguy onxbox 9 小时 前
1:32 the big ginger guy dancing cracked me up lmao
India LaRae
India LaRae 9 小时 前
Love seeing rich black babies. His baby so pretty 🥰
RUNWAYSLAYERZZ baltimoreMd 9 小时 前
Best song on cd 🔥
Jemma Phillipus-Hodge
Jemma Phillipus-Hodge 9 小时 前
Bro he said he smacks the shit out of niggas and there was shit
Bishopdadon UK stand tall
Bishopdadon UK stand tall 9 小时 前
Tune 🔥🔥🔥🔥 beats sick 💯💯💯
Kevin Collicutt
Kevin Collicutt 9 小时 前
PonyGamingSh0w 9 小时 前
lil wayne for president rlly quavo u almost 30 andu dababy
Moritzzz 9 小时 前
Ah Zoro where you goin?
Static Clan
Static Clan 9 小时 前
Do my little dancy dance 💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺
Florence Katesi
Florence Katesi 9 小时 前
This song is so good my grandma is vibing to it
Anty Playz
Anty Playz 9 小时 前
What up this song make me fell calm well I play Fortnite
Lil Diego Savage hip hop remix
Lil Diego Savage hip hop remix 9 小时 前
Subscribe right now
Julius Childress
Julius Childress 9 小时 前
Roddy Ricch killed that monster like it was no deal dang he good
LeSwaine Beats
LeSwaine Beats 9 小时 前
The juice wrld remix of rockstar y’all wanted ⬇️⬇️⬇️ cnpost.info/down/movJsNR2hcjInpo/sh-p-n.html
Adidas Nike
Adidas Nike 9 小时 前
Danae Quattrini
Danae Quattrini 9 小时 前
No like blood
Lorenzo Diaz
Lorenzo Diaz 9 小时 前
Live safe 🙏🙏🙏 ant nobody want u to see puc yet😕
Ton Robert
Ton Robert 9 小时 前
Jonnabies cora
Jonnabies cora 9 小时 前
Amazing i love his musics 🔥
anthony thigpen
anthony thigpen 9 小时 前
His name was
Marrone Gomes
Marrone Gomes 9 小时 前
Beautiful music
a person on the internet
a person on the internet 10 小时 前
Man you can hear in his voice he was at the verge of tears LLG🕊
Sappy - Saiyan
Sappy - Saiyan 10 小时 前
All I want is 8figures, nigga Cuz once I get 8figures, nigga My bruh n sis have 8figures, nigga. My momma gots 8figures, nigga. All I wan is 8figures nigga so my family has 8figures, nigga. 😔😔😔😔
grike ent
grike ent 10 小时 前
I like this song the beat the backup amazing
Laffey 401
Laffey 401 10 小时 前
fabio costa
fabio costa 10 小时 前
Why i cant find this in spotify? This song is 🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥💥
Laffey 401
Laffey 401 10 小时 前
Simon Nzioki
Simon Nzioki 10 小时 前
Now I understand why biden won a lot of votes through mail it was this guy all along 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣maybe Trump is write their was malpractices
Max Tosh
Max Tosh 10 小时 前
This the realest shit I've heard in a while. Your brother is proud💯
LeSwaine Beats
LeSwaine Beats 10 小时 前
The juice wrld remix of rockstar y’all wanted ⬇️⬇️⬇️ cnpost.info/down/movJsNR2hcjInpo/sh-p-n.html
Pablo Reyes
Pablo Reyes 10 小时 前
No tiktok did not sent me here snapchat did
Zachy Underground
Zachy Underground 10 小时 前
I'm white.
Adrian Alvarez
Adrian Alvarez 10 小时 前
rip LLG LOVE U BRO 💔💔💔💔
David Lockworth
David Lockworth 10 小时 前
That was good
Thank you DaBaby
Hercules Ataiki
Hercules Ataiki 10 小时 前
Why are all the nicest songs always so short.
Mikey Peters vibes
Mikey Peters vibes 10 小时 前
Def agree on it being sad for an ep.. hug ur family .. like this post if u have difference with a family member and I make it rt .. long live g
Mikey Peters vibes
Mikey Peters vibes 10 小时 前
And u make it right!! Tonight
Little mel
Little mel 10 小时 前
He's a classy rapper smooth man.....
James Myers
James Myers 10 小时 前
here listening Saturday, November 28 6:17pm EST. Let’s Go!
Yonis Abdillahi
Yonis Abdillahi 10 小时 前
The Adlibs godamn
Nass Naee
Nass Naee 10 小时 前
Damn this hurt I cant stop crying his granny his father and now his brother 🙏🏽 lord please keep them in you're hands 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 WE LOVE YOU JONATHAN, Long Live G
Daniel Strait
Daniel Strait 10 小时 前
this is the best music video of the year! and im a country music guy
Maxo 10 小时 前
ig de la re rojo ? es para un tp
Breanna Domanski
Breanna Domanski 10 小时 前
Nice work dababy
Skiih ‘
Skiih ‘ 10 小时 前
How DaBaby still look fly in nerd clothes 🕴🏽
classicsight 31
classicsight 31 10 小时 前
I died when I heard the OMG!!!
Arianny Ochoa
Arianny Ochoa 10 小时 前
I'm a goat
I'm a goat 10 小时 前
I noticed in go Mufasa the girl that was twerking is in background
Jamar Merritt
Jamar Merritt 10 小时 前
I’m my brothers keeper and it been that way forever 💯
Queen Nina Nicolas
Queen Nina Nicolas 10 小时 前
What your number
Rich Williams
Rich Williams 10 小时 前
fuck dababy...I need more Jonathan Kirk music...this ish tells a powerful story, but yet still a banger.
Queen Nina Nicolas
Queen Nina Nicolas 10 小时 前
You is ok dababy
xd SniperGod
xd SniperGod 10 小时 前
why do i like this better than tho orginal
William Laboy
William Laboy 10 小时 前
Since when da baby started working for fedex I was wondering why my package broke
Merranda Kimble
Merranda Kimble 10 小时 前
Money is the root of all evil..✌🖕✌
Primalplow 11 小时 前
Mo Money Mo Problems!!!!! FOR REAL
X mas - ynw Santa
X mas - ynw Santa 11 小时 前
Tossi be rapping on his daily life like daily daily love you voice bro ❤️
MR. Football Lite
MR. Football Lite 11 小时 前
Where is the video that was made in this music video shot
QsA_iLLuZioNz 11 小时 前
He didnt even help is brother to get everything straight. That song ain't changing shit.
christian mcdougal
christian mcdougal 11 小时 前
Ydnas Tamlad
Ydnas Tamlad 11 小时 前
Wa the fuc
Play_ Square45
Play_ Square45 11 小时 前
Play this video on playback speed x2.0 I swear you will be squirting and shitting everywhere and on the ceiling it's fuckin awesome!!!!!!!
Junker George
Junker George 11 小时 前
Elizabeth Aparecida
Elizabeth Aparecida 11 小时 前
Lil Youngan33
Lil Youngan33 11 小时 前
Rip G prayers go out to him and his family 🕊fly high
craig greene
craig greene 11 小时 前
I'm trying to sign with da baby fr long as it makes sense
Alex Camacho
Alex Camacho 11 小时 前
This is garbage!
Kymani Cash
Kymani Cash 11 小时 前
why you call us ban
Hanat Hassan
Hanat Hassan 11 小时 前
Dream duo
CeCe 11 小时 前
His daughter is his twin 🥺🥰🥰
Skye e
Skye e 11 小时 前
Epic be like: 👁👄👁
commando_on_YT 11 小时 前
R.I.P your brother
Kenneth White
Kenneth White 11 小时 前
I farted
kl3bE4 11 小时 前
que mierda de musica
i1tap u
i1tap u 11 小时 前
Fuxx you mean?
Say Ivy
Say Ivy 11 小时 前