David Debryne
David Debryne 13 小时 前
Israel is a racist state just like apartheid south Africa the white supremacy alive and flourishing they want blacks as slaves but must conquer Arabs first then Africa’s Africans they’re no better than Hitler using the same tactics on the Palestinians
La ila ha EllLah Muhammadur Rasool Allah
La ila ha EllLah Muhammadur Rasool Allah 13 小时 前
Israel is the terrorist organisation they are killing innocent people shame on all world leaders who are still slint
V S 13 小时 前
God we are unable to bear our brothers and sisters are crying.. Save them ..
allan three
allan three 13 小时 前
Innocent people are being attacked & the whole world is silent 🇸🇩🇸🇩🇸🇩🇸🇩🇸🇩
Children's Cartoon Art
Children's Cartoon Art 13 小时 前
cnpost.info/down/jIqjqbRln53ctdU/sh-p-n.html Garfield-drawing
4gimmi 13 小时 前
There is no clash it’s terrorist Nazi agenda of Zionist to genocide and ethnic cleansing the rest Palestinian. After that they will get jordon Syria and Iraq . They been bombarded for 20 years to make the way of this barbaric nazism of west for towards Muslims to steal their resources and still believing that Jesus and modest will appreciate and approve it! Shane in the rest to of the west for persuading such barbaric agenda fir 100 years of killing children and women in Middle East!
Md Ujale
Md Ujale 13 小时 前
Why total Muslim country stop why you know iseral more philistine people dead you know why ignore plz help me all my philistine brother& sister
Dirty Ralph . Dance
Dirty Ralph . Dance 13 小时 前
We should make the Israelis pay for this bbc propaganda
maftei m
maftei m 13 小时 前
Justice to the Palestinian people. Understood the families to be evicted have old papers on their properties issued by Kingdom of Jordan from before the war and the occupation of East Jerusalem. The Jordanian state owned the land and built the houses for the Palestinian families whom were refugees from previous wars. Someone please explain what is their wrong doing to be evicted? Understood there was a trial and Court order in the state of Israel ? Maybe I am wrong in which case I do apologize to any party. Peace and respect from Romania.🕊
Love Live
Love Live 13 小时 前
It's not clashes. This is called terrorism. They are attacking innocent people at their homes and even at the mosque while praying. May Allah support our Palestinian brothers and save them all form those terrorists. May Almighty bless our Palestinian brothers. May shame and disgrace be on every Israeli. #savesheikhjarrah #Palestinianlivesmatter #انقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح
Emilian Bizga
Emilian Bizga 13 小时 前
We are heading faster towards the end! Good. And Wikipedia is a controlled nonsesnse.
reason logic
reason logic 13 小时 前
The real question is how many atomic bombs Israel has?.
b y
b y 13 小时 前
Build the Ram Mandir. All will be forgotten.
radyah nalsra
radyah nalsra 13 小时 前
Terröris israel
adam miller
adam miller 13 小时 前
The way the guard placed his hand upon the 17yrs shoulder, showed he had some remorse for the young adult.🤘🍄🍄🍄
William McFarlane
William McFarlane 13 小时 前
I found the BBC presenter's questions ridiculous. If this is the way she prepares for interviews she could possibly be in the wrong profession. Lighten up BBC.....this was an opportunity lost.
Optimistic 13 小时 前
It's not clashes.. but Israeli armed militias attack against innocent unarmed Muslim civilians who were praying in the holy month of Ramadan... BBC needs to hire journalists who have courage to speak for innocent and professionally report injustice...
Dharia Lurie
Dharia Lurie 13 小时 前
Dear person, genuine repentance and recitation of those words will protect you from coronavirus: "Falun Dafa is Good" and "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance is Good". Falun Dafa (or Falun Gong) is a spiritual cultivation practice for mind and body that is widely spreading in the world, it is based on the principles of the Universe: 真 Truthfulness 善 Compassion 忍 Forbearance It includes gentle exercises and meditation. It helped millions of people to regain health, peace of mind and obtain spiritual fulfilment. Since 1999 this peaceful practice has been brutally persecuted by the CCP in Mainland China. More than 100 million people around the world practice Falun Gong.
Ahmed 13 小时 前
Bbc would rather upload this trash than reporting an issue in the world which would *actually* inform us of something useful
Ciderra 13 小时 前
He didn’t loose control if u see the vid in slo motion u will see that he was speeding and turned the wheel facing the Palestine’s so it was intentionally
reason logic
reason logic 13 小时 前
Arabs are capable of protecting their land there is no need to take help from usa and Israel.
Neva 13 小时 前
It started when Palestinians lynch Isralian ,who got attacked by Palestinians and he crashed into the wall in the car, than they start attacking him, news doesn't show that.It was provoked by Palestinians
Harlea Louisiana Strong
Harlea Louisiana Strong 13 小时 前
Aside from what I just watched If your reading 👀this I’m sending good vibes your way my friend💫 , wealth 💰& Fresh water 💦 for life .
Paul Gerhardt
Paul Gerhardt 13 小时 前
Is Sars-CoV-2 Biological warfare??
Tan S
Tan S 13 小时 前
Emmanuel Macron is my Hero for speaking the fact about Islam, which is a religion in crisis. Viva France.
Ahmed Fayaz
Ahmed Fayaz 13 小时 前
There is a attack on innocent civilians not a clash BBC❎❎❎
Charlotte White
Charlotte White 13 小时 前
Charlotte White
Charlotte White 13 小时 前
this women must if done alot of stuff to gave those babies.
R S Chauhan
R S Chauhan 13 小时 前
Sir mai aap ki bahut izzat kerta hu. Sir 2din purani news hai ARMY person pilibhit (Up)mai uske sath police Wale bahut galat kiya ...iska kon jimmedar hai 👍 Sir aap wo news kyu nahi flash ker rahe Ho????
Dandin Kulong
Dandin Kulong 13 小时 前
Just imagine israel soldier come to pallistineans home ans tell them there house is not there home anymore? What will you do if you are the pallistineans?
reason logic
reason logic 13 小时 前
There only one threat that is unjust Israeli gov.
Thor the Doge
Thor the Doge 13 小时 前
America: we don't just shoot rockets in the sky and hope it works, we have many preparations China: Oh yeah our rocket's gonna fall on some random place? Pfffft, not my problem.
Sim Wan
Sim Wan 13 小时 前
It’s no clash!!
Lady Quick
Lady Quick 13 小时 前
The whole world knows palastenians were there "FIRST" that is a fact.
A K J 13 小时 前
Allah ghark kre Israel ko
Neil Mulholland
Neil Mulholland 13 小时 前
🇵🇸 🇮🇪
Funny religions talking about peace when the people are scumbags.
Smee Again
Smee Again 13 小时 前
ding dong
ding dong 13 小时 前
cancel it
Patrick 13 小时 前
The price of lumber is just price gouging. They should be ashamed taking advantage of people like that.
David Wong
David Wong 13 小时 前
J G 13 小时 前
2 weeks ago they were all partying and dancing 💃 at the Hindu festival, didn’t they think about it then 🤦, when the rest of the world went through the same situation last year 🙏🏽
David Debryne
David Debryne 13 小时 前
You are a criminal lady reporter
Madhav Agrawal
Madhav Agrawal 13 小时 前
4:30 We can’t blame Churchill? He literally destroyed the crops. He deprived Bengal of its resources!!!
JB BABA 13 小时 前
Shame on BBC
Donald Trump is your President.
Donald Trump is your President. 13 小时 前
*Still No report on Iranian foreign minister on Democrat John Kerry informing Iran of hundreds of Israeli covert actions.*
Neva 13 小时 前
Over 40 bombs was shooted and keep shooting Israel from Palestine.People are in shelters in Israel
JA R 13 小时 前
Even in this short clip, Tom corrected her for reporting tht and Israeli ran over a guy... It was Palestinians who threw the rock, causing him to swerve and run over a guy... It's DISGUSTING THT SHE IMPLIED IT WAS INTENTIONAL, AND DIDNT EVEN APOLOGIZE.
gustako ka baab
gustako ka baab 13 小时 前
Israil. Terist. Terist. Terist.aatangwadi.he.
Pius Ogola
Pius Ogola 13 小时 前
I support Israel on their right to have their ancestral home...
Zed Eon
Zed Eon 13 小时 前
Nothing ever happens :(
Jaseel ahmed
Jaseel ahmed 13 小时 前
They capture Palanstinians house and you call it a clash... Hypicracy is at his peak...
Daniela Torres
Daniela Torres 13 小时 前
I’m here for the jujutsu kaisen meme (satoru)
Sheriff Dauda Kamara
Sheriff Dauda Kamara 13 小时 前
Very satisfied
Jonathan 13 小时 前
Dandin Kulong
Dandin Kulong 13 小时 前
All Muslim should be unite to fight Israel they are doing to much in the month of ramadan they do this to our brothers and sisters.
Sibghatullah Mujahid
Sibghatullah Mujahid 13 小时 前
So bbc woke up 😂😂
aurora boreale
aurora boreale 13 小时 前
nazifascists both parties liberate the girls from male madness
NISAR D 13 小时 前
Isreal is a terrorist and criminal state...
Bailyn Pandita
Bailyn Pandita 13 小时 前
Hey, BBC please correct your headline. This is not Clashes rather Abusive action of ISRAELIS.
I M 13 小时 前
To summarize: some people will hate each other. I wish PEACE to everyone.
IMus4Bv 13 小时 前
CLASH? You really think you can fool us in 2021?
Shivam Sinha
Shivam Sinha 13 小时 前
BBC is the biggest racist of 'em all. According to them, all democracies are flawed but the UK!
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson 13 小时 前
Shut the fuck up BBC. Jihadist boot lickers.
Stargazer W
Stargazer W 13 小时 前
No any ice cold Taiwanese/hongkongnese coming out say anything about human rights any more? They are not showing any mercy or help to India Ohoo… because CIA/MI-6 are not interested. Even no Europe countries, like Sweden, UK, say anything about human rights anymore. They are so pathetic!!!
Mkhululi Mogale
Mkhululi Mogale 13 小时 前
Perfect operation 👍🏼👍🏼
Oy Vey Merchant.
Oy Vey Merchant. 13 小时 前
Prophet Mohammed Ascended to heasven( she was thing hasn’t ) BBC garbage agenda reporting
Donald Trump is your President.
Donald Trump is your President. 13 小时 前
*How will the BBCCCP staff ever cope.*
Le Val
Le Val 13 小时 前
Look at all the dislikes. What a sad society when life now is just based on race. If you believe in life after death, I hope one day you can look back at life and just sigh at humans stupidity. We only live for so long and all this hate will take us nowhere.
Ted Whiting
Ted Whiting 13 小时 前
What are you doing? Why the violence? Why? Please don’t let it go to this
Alia Munir
Alia Munir 13 小时 前
Finally some news about this
Tori 13 小时 前
Lol the exact same thing happened on the Simpsons - Apu's wife gave birth to octuplets and everyone gave them attention, money and presents. But then moments later a different woman had nonuplets and all that help went to that woman instead, leaving Apu and his wife penniless and abandoned.
Mizanur Rahman Mizan
Mizanur Rahman Mizan 13 小时 前
chonkycat123 13 小时 前
They're called prostitutes.
Mizanur Rahman Mizan
Mizanur Rahman Mizan 13 小时 前
Noha Saleh
Noha Saleh 13 小时 前
Disgusting! Israeli soldiers with weapons kicking out people from their own homes!!
Mizanur Rahman Mizan
Mizanur Rahman Mizan 13 小时 前
Israel is disbelieved and terrorist country
TURAN 13 小时 前