iOS 14.5 Beta 1 Released - What's New?

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Brandon Butch

2 个月 前

iOS 14.5 Beta 1 Released - What's New? | iOS 14.5 Features & Changes
Apple just released the first developer beta of iOS 14.5 and in this video, we discuss what's new in the update. Some of these features include the highly anticipated App Tracking Transparency feature, a new way to unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask, and much more!
Along with the new features and changes, we also discuss the performance, battery life and when to expect iOS 14.5 Beta 2.
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00:00 Intro
00:39 Size, Build Number
01:30 Major Privacy Feature
03:15 Unlock iPhone w/ Mask
04:59 New Software Update Page
05:45 Redesigned Podcasts App
06:45 PS5/XSX Controller support
07:31 5G Dual SIM support
07:50 Hey Siri Emergency support
07:57 Fitness+ AirPlay support
08:39 "Made For You" in Music
08:52 Apple Card Family
09:32 Follow-up
09:46 Performance
10:50 Battery Life
11:14 iOS 14.5 Beta 2
12:09 Conclusion
What do you think of iOS 14.5 and the new features included? Will you use the new Apple Watch Unlock for Face ID while wearing a mask?
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Brandon Butch
Brandon Butch 2 个月 前
Now I might actually wear my Apple Watch more 😂
My dude loved hai own comment😂
gasolineFan 个月 前
can some one help me, i need to know if someone who hacked my phone see my photos and stuff and tracking me ??? i need help how to get rid of this 😖 ps: but the painful thing on my mind is still Can someone see my photos through my phone ?? im not joking 😔 what to do ???
best story tv
best story tv 2 个月 前
Hyy big brother so pls next account telegram . More information iPhone ,iOS , iPad or watch ok bro
Jessa Diaz
Jessa Diaz 2 个月 前
Lol. I hope we also have an apple watch. 😅
cesar alvarado
cesar alvarado 2 个月 前
Why wouldn’t you wear it if you own it?
David Foster
David Foster 15 天 前
Unlock the phone with the mask defuq
Chris_The_Potato 19 天 前
Why does it have to be an Apple Watch with a mask 😒😒😒😩😩 so annoying for us who don’t have a watch. Why can’t they just scan your face with a mask and superimpose your normal face scan
Hannes Herde
Hannes Herde 27 天 前
How you haw jou wallpaper
Quetiushka Rivera
Quetiushka Rivera 个月 前
It’s not showing up tho for me.
xektrix fx
xektrix fx 个月 前
I have iOS 14.4 it says it up to to date and I have an iPhone 12
Congour 个月 前
for the setting where you can unlock your phone with the apple watch, it says "software update required"
Jamie Aviation
Jamie Aviation 个月 前
Your watch also needs to be on watch os 7.4 beta
Micheal Nick
Micheal Nick 个月 前
Never believe I can use my phone again this dude helped me out *TRECKTOOLZ* 0n !G he's good at that
Joseph Rivera
Joseph Rivera 个月 前
When is update coming
Cris Tavarez
Cris Tavarez 个月 前
Whatabout the shorcuts
Vlăduț Adrian Cîrnu
Vlăduț Adrian Cîrnu 个月 前
You know that if i get a update on my aw2? For this unlock feature? They re no more up to date with updates, i really wish ill have this
André 个月 前
I’m on iOS 14.5 Beta 2 already and still can’t have access to the “made for you” feature on Apple Music
Aaron A
Aaron A 个月 前
Nice wallpaper got a link for us for that .
Ashraf Shahariar
Ashraf Shahariar 个月 前
I have 7 plus so when get 14.5?
Dayle Bucad
Dayle Bucad 个月 前
Those who do not know the type to siri, there is a new background UI.
zerlina converse
zerlina converse 个月 前
That’s sucks that the mask unlock only work if you have an Apple Watch ugh
gasolineFan 个月 前
when guy has Tesla on his phone 😁🥰
Aquille-FrostyGaming 个月 前
Haji Malboro
Haji Malboro 个月 前
will it fix the multitouch issue? 😭
dekockemil 个月 前
I don't want apps to track. Must the switch be enable or disable?
Joel Gembala
Joel Gembala 2 个月 前
I wish Apple would allow Library customization…their categorization is frustrating.
Saleem Abdelhai
Saleem Abdelhai 2 个月 前
1:50 does that stop the Xbox app from tracking what do i do on my iPhone?
Day in the life of a DAD
Day in the life of a DAD 2 个月 前
Let me get that blue iphone 12 😩😩😩
Amy Mepham
Amy Mepham 2 个月 前
It sucks you need an Apple Watch to be able to unlock with a face mask on not everyone can afford an Apple Watch
KHK 360
KHK 360 2 个月 前
Thanks for the video… 1. I registered myself for the beta 2. Set up my profile 3. Downloaded the update 4. Set passcode in my watch 5. Allowed iPhone to unlock my watch 6, in the phone under settings under face id I see the option of “unlock with Apple Watch” but the button is inactive and see a comment “software update required” Rechecked - my phone is running 14.5 Any idea what’s the issue?
KHK 360
KHK 360 2 个月 前
Thanks for the video… 1. I registered myself for the beta 2. Set up my profile 3. Downloaded the update 4. Set passcode in my watch 5. Allowed iPhone to unlock my watch 6, in the phone under settings under face id I see the option of “unlock with Apple Watch” but the button is inactive and see a comment “software update required” Rechecked - my phone is running 14.5 Any idea what’s the issue?
Carmela Mungcal
Carmela Mungcal 2 个月 前
what's your watch face?
Liam Stephens
Liam Stephens 2 个月 前
i’ve been on 14.0.1 since release waiting for a jailbreak, but that mask feature is looking kinda intriguing
addy 2380
addy 2380 2 个月 前
nice video and came across for the first time though but yes you are subscribed 😄
Ginger Ale
Ginger Ale 2 个月 前
Why do you have to have to have an Apple Watch for the mask Face ID to work
Adriana D’Apolito
Adriana D’Apolito 2 个月 前
OK this might be a dumb question but if I have to put the code in and unlock my watch in order to get this feature to work why don’t I just put the code in and unlock my phone?
Maja Stanlee
Maja Stanlee 2 个月 前
My iPhone 7 is showing “Mobile Update Failed” how do i go about it ? Will this 14.5 beta give me back my Data option
Randy Batista Rodriguez
Randy Batista Rodriguez 2 个月 前
Very helpful. Still Apple Music hasn’t got an update with crossfade and gapless playback.
SZAMAN TV 2 个月 前
Good episode as always 👊
Mattias Sörwing
Mattias Sörwing 2 个月 前
Have someone seen 5G working with dual sim in 14.5? It don’t work for me in Sweden.
Adam Vo
Adam Vo 2 个月 前
It’s not out
Amr Ashraf
Amr Ashraf 2 个月 前
I don’t know how but my iPhone start recognize my face with mask and I have no problem now for using Face ID
Donald 2 个月 前
I knew I noticed those wallpapers the Lg G6 ones are the best.
Tom Kearsley
Tom Kearsley 2 个月 前
SkullBomber 2 个月 前
So when does the update iOS 14.5 come out
Niklas Fahlquist
Niklas Fahlquist 2 个月 前
Nothing new in my opinion.
Mitchell Mozes
Mitchell Mozes 2 个月 前
Nice flex on the iPhone 12 Pro 😏
Mark eulysis
Mark eulysis 2 个月 前
Can i take one from philippines 🤣
Cristofer Gomez
Cristofer Gomez 2 个月 前
Does it work with Apple Watch series 2😕
Zone X
Zone X 2 个月 前
Sorry I just wanted to say you kinda got mixed up with your words with some things you said Apple Watch beta 2 and then you said it looks way better on iOS 14.4 then 14.4 and previous versions
Ayad Hamza
Ayad Hamza 2 个月 前
I just hoped they add timer ( sunrise nd sunset for always on on ⌚️ plz
Anudeep Srivastav
Anudeep Srivastav 2 个月 前
Face unlock with Mask on is a bliss .. I was thinking about the same idea just like you could share WIFI password when two iOS devices are close by and Apple just read my mind ..
Paul G
Paul G 2 个月 前
Need to fix the call failed crap when I try to call someone. Says call failed then I call again and it works fine. Happens when it wants to do it not every call but annoying as f
Introvert Scaper
Introvert Scaper 2 个月 前
2020: everyone need to mask up 2021: everyone need to Apple watch
BIGBOSS 2 个月 前
Im on IOS 14.3 I can unlock my phone wit half mask on 😷 It’s not news
Da Marion Spear
Da Marion Spear 2 个月 前
I wonder if this update comes on iPhone 8 Plus with Face ID
Icy Pen
Icy Pen 2 个月 前
Does this fix yellow tint on mini
Natalie Lopez
Natalie Lopez 2 个月 前
can it be any apple watch for the face mask update?
Rohan Jamdalkar
Rohan Jamdalkar 2 个月 前
I have 11 but I didn’t get 14.5 ???
Christopher Eric Justin Uy
Christopher Eric Justin Uy 2 个月 前
What if people don't have apple watches but hoping that face ID will still recognize you wearing face masks
Chaseordieofficial 2 个月 前
Bluetooth support for controllers been out ! Nothing new
Christian Howell
Christian Howell 2 个月 前
I have build 18E5140k and the option to unlock while wearing an Apple Watch isn’t there. Hmm..
NIK 200
NIK 200 2 个月 前
How to make download iOS 14.5 beta ?
Sanjeev Murugan
Sanjeev Murugan 2 个月 前
Do we have automatic unlocking for iPad when Apple Watch nearby in the new update?
Alish nabil
Alish nabil 2 个月 前
Can i got your iphone 12 hmmm
EMBER Monty 2 个月 前
How do I get iOS 14.5
woojek23 2 个月 前
IQ @21 + muzzle on + possibility to unlock the iphone = endless happiness of sla*ves
Christopher Niceley
Christopher Niceley 2 个月 前
Too bad I don’t wear a mask so this is a useless feature for me... 🤷🏻‍♂️
Mignonne 2 个月 前
Hey, Brandon! When is this going to be available for the public? 🍎 should have done this bloody shenanigans a long time ago!
Grace 2 个月 前
I am so confused why can’t o get this update?
Grace 2 个月 前
Shadow Assassin
Shadow Assassin 2 个月 前
I did my update but it’s not working …?
Shadow Assassin
Shadow Assassin 2 个月 前
I have a k at the end not a j … why ?
Peter Griffin without face
Peter Griffin without face 2 个月 前
I don’t know if this is new or not, but if you go in the purchased/update section, then Haptic Touch on the app, you’ll see a delete button 😮
Ashley Morris
Ashley Morris 2 个月 前
Has widgets improved in 14.5? All third party widgets I use the time would get stuck so I don’t know if it’s Apple or the app itself
nyxfz 2 个月 前
Of course u deserve our like! In Brandon we trust haha btw can you tell where did you get your iphone wallpaper?
Mpumelelo Gumede
Mpumelelo Gumede 2 个月 前
Recently updated my iPhone but the unlock w/ mask feature is NOT available in my region (South Africa).
Josh Napoleon
Josh Napoleon 2 个月 前
im going to kill Facebook and Instagram with tracking 😎
Achar Pox
Achar Pox 2 个月 前
Does this update will fix the yellow hue display tho the true tone and night shift has been turned off ?
peter panning
peter panning 2 个月 前
so those without apple watch is still be useless with that feature. that sucks
Umaru Doma
Umaru Doma 2 个月 前
Soooo is there a way to unlock your phone with a mask on but without an Apple Watch?
Hala Ashkar
Hala Ashkar 2 个月 前
- Star Dreamer -
- Star Dreamer - 2 个月 前
Just updated my iPhone and iPad to 14.4. Now I’m rlly exited for 14.5 But why, why do you need to have a controller connected to your phone, just play on ur iPad!
Barry Jowers
Barry Jowers 2 个月 前
Anyone else having issues with Netflix not working on this firmware?
Mohamad Azizi
Mohamad Azizi 2 个月 前
While me still on ios 13 💀
Emiljan Xheta
Emiljan Xheta 2 个月 前
So to unlock the phone with a mask on you need an Apple watch?
Savage_ Life
Savage_ Life 2 个月 前
Can you sponsor me one of those phone 🙂
Brendan Dolan
Brendan Dolan 2 个月 前
Does Face mask feature work with iPhone SE?
Omar T
Omar T 2 个月 前
I was on 14.4 and my update to 14.5b1 was only 350+ mb!
Emerson Julius
Emerson Julius 2 个月 前
only having an apple watch can unlock your phone while wearing a mask, hurmmm sad for people didn't have any apple watch like me :'( who want to give me gift 🥺
Phantom 2 个月 前
And if i dont have apple watch? does it work ?
misslilac08 2 个月 前
This is all good when they realease everything together. All of my Apple devices are on beta, however while I just got the 14.5 beta today it is not yet available for the watch
Tae B
Tae B 2 个月 前
is it just me or f does the each update take forever?
Jason Green
Jason Green 2 个月 前
Clearly Apple want to sell more Apple watches. My iPhone X would unlock when I had a mask on. It’s all about money. They can unlock without needing the watch.
Michael Ugha
Michael Ugha 2 个月 前
Thanks to gray_huntt via !G for unlocking my iCloud best iCloud breaker
Michael Ugha
Michael Ugha 2 个月 前
Thanks to gray_huntt via !G for unlocking my iCloud best iCloud breaker
Lonigan L.
Lonigan L. 2 个月 前
DualSense!!! Finally.
Oliver Cowan
Oliver Cowan 2 个月 前
The stutter has not been fixed in the IOS 14.5 beta
juan gutierrez
juan gutierrez 2 个月 前
My iphone already unlocks wearing a mask lol
Papa Doc
Papa Doc 2 个月 前
Finally they added back when you on the lock screen listening to music the title scrolls across the screen lol
Gabriel Miller
Gabriel Miller 2 个月 前
I practically never wear a mask since I avoid going to enclosed places considering I cannot tolerate having my face covered and the few times I wear it it's for less than 20 min and don't exactly need to use my phone besides I'm using the 8 plus right now so I don't even have face-id there even though I have a XS... Also I'm still on Ios 13 on both phones due to a couple of reasons.... 1 I don't like the way ios 14 looks 2 I hate with all passion the "Exposure" setting and it's like a sore on your face in the main settings page... If I really cared about virus tracking I would have downloaded the individual app
Dorian H
Dorian H 2 个月 前
Can you see if it supports the Dualsense controller?
Dorian H
Dorian H 2 个月 前
Ayyyy nevermind, didn't know you covered this
stray k
stray k 2 个月 前
Hello!! I have a question... My phone is iPhone 7 and I've never updated my phone before. So it's still iOS 12. Now i wanna update it to iOS 14 but also i'm too scared what if my phone dies... Phone battery life etc?? Is it okay? Should i update my phone or not? Can you share your recommendations for me pls
Nick Štíbr
Nick Štíbr 2 个月 前
Will I need to update my AppleWatch, or just the iPhone to use that face mask unlock?
CK Khoo
CK Khoo 2 个月 前
Both. iPhone to 14.5 and Watch to 7.4
Nicolas O'Brien
Nicolas O'Brien 2 个月 前
What’s happened to Safari?? All my bookmarks are gone…
João Sousa
João Sousa 2 个月 前
are you actually telling me that i need to buy an apple watch so i can unlock my own iphone?
John Ghazzagh
John Ghazzagh 2 个月 前
SE 2nd Gen didn't get the beta?
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