[2020 MAMA] BTS_ON | Mnet 201206 방송

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5 个月 前

ON by BTS in 2020 MAMA
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Verunka Bartosova
Verunka Bartosova 46 分钟 前
I love Jungkook ❤️
MURTHY GSN 48 分钟 前
BTS are killing in white isn't it????
Mohd Noor Wafi
Mohd Noor Wafi 小时 前
Yo jungkook got the hairstyle tho the hair is handsome tho and V is HYPE idk what to say right now oh man tank you BTS
_민구름 3 小时 前
전정국 너는 진짜 그러지 마라 너 자꾸 그러면 내 심장 갈기갈기 찢는 것 밖에 못해 숨겨 내 작은 아기토끼...
Mey Afkar
Mey Afkar 4 小时 前
Tulisan inggris semua :,)
k a r m a
k a r m a 5 小时 前
Btwices ‘
Btwices ‘ 7 小时 前
6:01 the last guy on the right fell while doing the flip and ran away LMFAOO 😭
Marilou 591
Marilou 591 9 小时 前
The fact that they alway leave an eampty spot for Yoongi.😻💜😻!!!!love and respect to those beautiful boys!!!!!💜
Baby Leine Gutierrez
Baby Leine Gutierrez 10 小时 前
BTS and Bighit made Armys shock and surprised
bts army girl
bts army girl 11 小时 前
im_a_legendary_turtle 11 小时 前
Seokjin is soo handsome here, WWH foreverrrr
shaheen dawood
shaheen dawood 12 小时 前
Jungkooks hair is everything
Nilanka Himasini
Nilanka Himasini 14 小时 前
I'm new army 😊 can anybody tell me where is yoongi ?? I didn't saw him 😑
Indira Jaen
Indira Jaen 15 小时 前
Leyenda son los reyes de la musica
Indira Jaen
Indira Jaen 15 小时 前
Los reyes de la industria
Peace 15 小时 前
Love yourself Relay3687
jhenefer Toledo
jhenefer Toledo 15 小时 前
this should be the opening of the 2022 world cup
bim hot
bim hot 18 小时 前
I don't see like this show ....amazigh💖💖💖💖💖💖👍👍👍😍😍
B Lalruatsangi
B Lalruatsangi 19 小时 前
Peek_A _Boo
Peek_A _Boo 21 小时 前
Jin you are my heart beat 💜💜💜💜💜
Love 22 小时 前
Peace in Myanmar446
Together 23 小时 前
Love yourself Relay3682
Shahnaz Qadir
Shahnaz Qadir 天 前
Missing suga in this
jay prakash sharma
jay prakash sharma 天 前
Band wale ki vajah se
jay prakash sharma
jay prakash sharma 天 前
jay prakash sharma
jay prakash sharma 天 前
6 minut 17 second per system thoda gadbada Gaya
Andrew 天 前
why yoongi? this isn't complete without u Edit: not to hate on other members, obviously, who did a great job and put in hours, days, years of hard work to get this far
Paloma Army Kpopper
Paloma Army Kpopper 天 前
1:41 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
- Dollie Ugh
- Dollie Ugh 天 前
Omg! Yoongi 😭😭😭 u.u
Doctor Fatima
Doctor Fatima 天 前
I didn't know that foreheads can be this dangerous 🌚🌚
Maricar Ignacio
Maricar Ignacio 天 前
I only at 0:45 and I'm already loosing my mind lol
BTS_ edits
BTS_ edits 天 前
who is yoongi? :((
The way they left a space for suga thats awesome
Manon 天 前
Manu Sharma
Manu Sharma 天 前
The BTS is always slaying in every performance they are rocking
kenia 天 前
내가 가장 아름다운 것은 외출 💓
JY L 天 前
이 시대 종합예술의 끝판왕 BTS
Konika kabir
Konika kabir 天 前
Jungkook singing part is super brilliant 🥰
Başak 天 前
I wish it was Jungkook, Jimin and the other four instead of BTS.
Sadat Rafi
Sadat Rafi 天 前
Tricksie26 天 前
I'm just wondering!! 😰
Tricksie26 天 前
Why is Suga not there??? Why is our king that spits fire to haters not there??? What's wrong with him?? Is he tired?? Is he sick?? 😧😧😧
willow 天 前
he had shoulder surgery and was resting that time around! He's fine now!
Hana Gurská
Hana Gurská 天 前
Am i the only one who was singing: Michael told me in the closet they got some chicken I’m so sad My everything My brother’s tears got no fierce I’m sick I’m unwell....... ?? 😂
Tamanna Singh
Tamanna Singh 13 小时 前
No you're not the only one ..... Me too 🤚🤚 you know
찐아미유 天 前
3:11 총총 뛰어가는 거 왜케 귀엽냐
찐아미유 天 前
애기들 얼굴 참 재밌다 재밌어
SGI Global
SGI Global 天 前
Where suga?
willow 天 前
he had shoulder surgery and was resting that time around! He's fine now!
maranam gaming yt
maranam gaming yt 天 前
Mind blowing performance. BTS forever.
SGI Global
SGI Global 天 前
Why have 6 BTS?
LoveLove 天 前
Peace in Myanmar440
Bidisha Das
Bidisha Das 天 前
Simply awesome ❤️
Army Indonesian
Army Indonesian 天 前
I'm missing suga, where is suga, i'm very very miss you suga😭😭.
We 天 前
Love yourself Relay3673
ava max
ava max 2 天 前
so WHY is no one talking about jimins skills with the staff at 5:40?!
elizabeth gonzalez
elizabeth gonzalez 2 天 前
Perdón la pregunta, pero donde esta yoongi??? Q le paso?
Silvia Bernal
Silvia Bernal 2 天 前
SERÍAN UNA BOMBA SI LOS INVITAN AL SUPERBOWL 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Abby Swanson
Abby Swanson 2 天 前
i swear my house leaks now cus of all my tears when yoongis rap came on but he wasnt there
Anne roxette De ocampo
Anne roxette De ocampo 2 天 前
Im i only notice it where's suga?
willow 天 前
he had shoulder surgery and was resting that time around! He's fine now!
Sabrina Cangussu
Sabrina Cangussu 2 天 前
brabo d mais
Emy Ñ
Emy Ñ 2 天 前
Suga no esta 😭
어깨넓진 2 天 前
0:04 이 부분은 여전히 소름돋네 진짜 연출 너무 잘했다
Joseph_is_c00l 2 天 前
I dont feel complete seeing suga not there
Ohh our little meow meow is looking scary 🤣
Marium Khan
Marium Khan 2 天 前
My babiessss look so good Definitely ethereal princes 🤴
Poojang 2 天 前
J-Hope,Yoongi and NJ i love you guys all of you BTS!
Sunee CAM
Sunee CAM 2 天 前
Yo mirando esto 😍😯💜
Clowy Tiglao
Clowy Tiglao 2 天 前
Jimin's "on and on and on" i think i- its soo beautiful 😭😭😭
saraswathi pai
saraswathi pai 2 天 前
Am addicted to this dance 😍
sahar benfrej
sahar benfrej 2 天 前
where is sugaaaaa
Peace Love
Peace Love 2 天 前
Peace in Myanmar435
Paty MG
Paty MG 2 天 前
Por qué no está Suga????
Connect 2 天 前
Love yourself Relay3667
Jetka Mae Javier
Jetka Mae Javier 2 天 前
Why no one is talking about JK's hair. He's effin fine
soph 2 天 前
anggi batubara
anggi batubara 2 天 前
mukul meena
mukul meena 2 天 前
where is suga
willow 天 前
he had shoulder surgery and was resting that time around! He's fine now!
keisya nahwa anjani
keisya nahwa anjani 2 天 前
kok suga engak ada
Devanshi Desai
Devanshi Desai 3 天 前
I missed min yoongi damn much in this
We 3 天 前
Peace in Myanmar428
Natha Loaiza
Natha Loaiza 3 天 前
Maravilloso 💜✌️💜✌️💜✌️✌️💜💜
Heal 3 天 前
Love yourself Relay3662
Brenda Ventura
Brenda Ventura 3 天 前
Amo que dejaron el espacio de Suga 💜
김아영 3 天 前
아이구야 내심장아 몇번을 봐도 아주 전율이 겁내 멋있어
me me me !
me me me ! 3 天 前
BUTTER on 21 may 2021
me me me !
me me me ! 3 天 前
they could dance on grass?...dang they are pro in another level
liazzhr 3 天 前
taehyung , so pretty !!
Karla Sucel
Karla Sucel 3 天 前
Samira Vitoria
Samira Vitoria 3 天 前
BTS lindos é maravilhosos como sempre 🇧🇷👉👈🌃💜
buttercup :-D
buttercup :-D 3 天 前
5:29 *the way jk said "you should know that " Is so different this time or is it just me... He should sing more often like that* 🤯😐😆
buttercup :-D
buttercup :-D 3 天 前
His vocals... I cannnnnn'ttt
lea.tch6 btini
lea.tch6 btini 3 天 前
Why suga is not here?
Carla 3 天 前
They’ve changed a lot.
Nazia Rahman
Nazia Rahman 3 天 前
This a whole damn performance
Mia Espinosa Martinez
Mia Espinosa Martinez 3 天 前
why is nobody talking about namjoon,jin and jhope they fucking rocked this,jk,tae,jimin did amazing too!
Millie Bookheart
Millie Bookheart 3 天 前
I don't understand why they had to use so much autotune. If you ask me, their natural un-autotuned voice are already perfect just the way it is🤷🏻‍♀️
SAMIJO Official
SAMIJO Official 3 天 前
SUGA kemana?????......... kok ber6
NO.3최저임금 3 天 前
의상팀 좀 아쉬웠습니다.
Ayotola Fasua
Ayotola Fasua 3 天 前
I love this music especially boy with love
ft lol
ft lol 3 天 前
jaekoo 3 天 前
look how iconic this performance are✨✨
Zeynep Ada Tavukçu
Zeynep Ada Tavukçu 3 天 前
why suga isnt there :(
Peace 3 天 前
Peace in Myanmar424
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