Malaysia Street Food in Kuala Lumpur BBQ Lamb

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7 Street Food to try if you are at Kuala Lumpur
1. Soya Bean Milk - Kim Soya Bean @Jalan Petaling
2. Dou Hua / Soybean Pudding - Kim Soya Bean @Jalan Petaling
3. Yong Tau Foo / Tofu or Vegetables w Fish Paste - Madras Lane Yong Tau Foo @Petaling Street
4. Min Jiang Kueh / Peanut Pancake @Jalan Petaling
5. Kambing Golek / BBQ Lamb - Dina's Recipe @Jalan Alor
6. Putu Piring / Steamed Rice Cake w Gula Melaka @Jalan Alor
7. Turkish Ice Cream @Bukit Bintang Street

Serka Herfain
Serka Herfain 7 天 前
chrismaryan estenor
chrismaryan estenor 9 天 前
brown sugar soya bean pudding with small tapioca we call it "TAHO" here in Phillippines. A breakfast snack! so yummy 🤤
Hisyam 173
Hisyam 173 4 天 前
shadab Ali
shadab Ali 12 天 前
How do they eat 🐕 dog ?
Agil Ys.
Agil Ys. 14 天 前
jsnmxmk jsheielbaksotembak
jsnmxmk jsheielbaksotembak 18 天 前
Putu malaysia is scam!!!
tanyanike 22 天 前
Is the lady finger okra? Looks like it.
Linda Vero
Linda Vero 24 天 前
I'd dog
Jie Yao
Jie Yao 25 天 前
Tay Long hin
Tay Long hin 26 天 前
Thorfrun 27 天 前
I don't think she was that keen on the first 2.
Abdul Maman
Abdul Maman 个月 前
Love malaysia food from indonesia
Rabea Halim
Rabea Halim 个月 前
Ahh you know this is non-american cause they say lady finger not okra, I prefer calling them lady finger
RavenNational 个月 前
This woman makes such a dumb face when shes happy about food
mi-industries 个月 前
The ice cram guy is a god! :D
junior D.
junior D. 个月 前
that last guy would have pissed me off so much.
周宅男周宅男 个月 前
Azeem 个月 前
Malaysian Chinese is not hygenic. Careful
Pratik Parihar
Pratik Parihar 个月 前
21:07 this girl is so funny😂🤣
Nguyen Dunn
Nguyen Dunn 个月 前
Aaliya godil
Aaliya godil 个月 前
Phoenix Spoons
Phoenix Spoons 个月 前
Interesting lamb
Ann C3
Ann C3 个月 前
The oil for frying of the YoongTauFoo stall has been reused too many times, just look at the color, it’s extremely unhealthy. They should change it once the color starting to turn darker.
Adib Raykal
Adib Raykal 个月 前
TheDeboross 个月 前
Man that pudding look NASTY af like some phlegm
Carole Fearnley
Carole Fearnley 个月 前
Raw lambdripping onto cooked lamb,not good ideal conditions for food poisening
9e_32_ryza aghnia
9e_32_ryza aghnia 个月 前
9.21 sejak kpn martabak jd peanut pancake😌😌
9e_32_ryza aghnia
9e_32_ryza aghnia 个月 前
always tangannya tremor😭
Jonathan Dorantes
Jonathan Dorantes 个月 前
I ice cream guy is really cool.
stanley smith
stanley smith 个月 前
chinese street foods are alot cleaner than indians street foods
Haweeya Cali
Haweeya Cali 个月 前
Roberto Silva
Roberto Silva 个月 前
Essa mulher tem cara de bobona
Must 个月 前
You sooooo fat
Jbdeadangel 2 个月 前
Rice cakes are quite popular in Assam India. We often eat it wth black tea. It is a popular snack among govt employees here.
Amyachan 2 个月 前
Awe she didn't like the soya bean milk
Lacey Craig
Lacey Craig 2 个月 前
The body shape and everything is the same as my 89 lb pitty 😭😭😭 just saying
Lacey Craig
Lacey Craig 2 个月 前
I'm sorry it does not look any lamb ive ever seen looks like a Dog, ive seen some crazy as hell if ya ask me
affu usuf
affu usuf 2 个月 前
This is not a maleshiya
Greg Weatherford
Greg Weatherford 2 个月 前
Her beautiful smiles tells it all
Lisa Simpson
Lisa Simpson 2 个月 前
I hate you
badger305 2 个月 前
At 38 to 40 seconds, I had the sudden urge to go out and buy 2 gallons of milk.
Fast Cars
Fast Cars 2 个月 前
I like how he points and she gets his food.
JSJ Goat Farm
JSJ Goat Farm 2 个月 前
Looks very delicious BBQ Lamb...
juh costa
juh costa 2 个月 前
Acho isso horrível matar os cachorros para comer povo sem coração doa em quem doer😡😡😡😡😡🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨e por isso que a natureza ta aí cobrando e o que a maiorias fazem com os animais ninguém acha que Deus pesa a mão em cima não fica aí quando o castigo de deus vem.ele vem pesado..minha opinião o que eu penso quem quiser fala alguma coisa achando ruim não tô nem aí e se fala e por que também não tem coração e nem sentimentos pelos os animais 😒🤨
Rio Yhoo
Rio Yhoo 3 个月 前
Kue putu eat tradisional INDONESIA NO MALAYSIA HMM:(
Erebe Olorunsan
Erebe Olorunsan 3 个月 前
🇧🇷 Quarentena 😷
Doggo 2 个月 前
It one year ago
Saem Dean
Saem Dean 3 个月 前
The lamb bbq and the steamed white coconut brown sugar look delicious. I’m down for those two.
Yash Porwal
Yash Porwal 3 个月 前
Isko muskurane ke paise do.... har jagah ek hi expression
Karti Thangamani
Karti Thangamani 3 个月 前
0:35 I like that huge..... bottle of a drink 😊
rusan 3 个月 前
I’ve been binge watching everything on your channel for about 3 days now. Love your content, DB! Greetings from 🇵🇭
Q HT 3 个月 前
quite boring ...
asyifa chairani
asyifa chairani 3 个月 前
Kok makan kucing itu tidak iya? Ayana makan iya??
Carays AKS
Carays AKS 3 个月 前
9:25 martabak 😂
SexyMrNibbles 3 个月 前
S B 3 个月 前
The ice cream game is a form of sadism.
Ertanto Ridi
Ertanto Ridi 3 个月 前
That man who sale kue putu need to do traveling or observing. That kue putu available in other asian country....
Buhay Canada
Buhay Canada 3 个月 前
I wanna eat lamb,too!
Stanley Stepien
Stanley Stepien 3 个月 前
Food is nice, gym is better...
mavis kwakye
mavis kwakye 3 个月 前
That Lady Taster stole my heart ♥ 😂
Vannes Fan
Vannes Fan 3 个月 前
Min Jiang Kueh is very yummy. The old couple are cute and funny some times. Another stall at the junction sell the Min Jiang Kueh from morning till 11am morning section. Uncle and auntie is continue the afternoon section. Both of the stall sell Kueh more than 50years already.
Radvip Master
Radvip Master 3 个月 前
jantes plus chaise égale four
fernando cabrera
fernando cabrera 3 个月 前
Ahora tienen q husar barvijo por el corona virus
алекс милошев
алекс милошев 3 个月 前
почему девочка не кивает когда улыбается?
Keith Matts
Keith Matts 3 个月 前
Zaina Biah
Zaina Biah 3 个月 前
I like your smile after u eat it 😊
Nelson Hu
Nelson Hu 4 个月 前
The sunglasses worn by the Chef isn't to make them look cool as The Chef may have a cataract operation and their eyes are sensitive to light. In Australia our healthcare system pays for the operation but not sure about the rest of the world.
Nelson Hu
Nelson Hu 4 个月 前
On the downside Australia has the harshest income taxes but it pays it forward through our Medicare Health system and making medications more affordable
Ardin Ardin
Ardin Ardin 4 个月 前
Indonesia mana
Breen Duffy
Breen Duffy 4 个月 前
Your girlfriend is so pretty!
Carolane Babin
Carolane Babin 4 个月 前
They cut the RAW meat with the same knives and on the same cutting board that they uses for the cooked meat 😶
Aleksei Petrov
Aleksei Petrov 4 个月 前
Rene Mejias
Rene Mejias 4 个月 前
The guy selling the traditional steamed pastries is a badass. Very passionate about their food.
Alex Ooi
Alex Ooi 4 个月 前
The lamb guy cutting his plastic glove into the lamb pieces 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Budi Prasetyo Official [ ON Mistery ]
Budi Prasetyo Official [ ON Mistery ] 4 个月 前
Kitty2Karen LongJacket
Kitty2Karen LongJacket 4 个月 前
How she stay skinny, how????
Shaz Wan
Shaz Wan 4 个月 前
Lama nye tak kena kambing 🐐 golek-golek
Cristina Buenafe
Cristina Buenafe 4 个月 前
dirty streefood
陳永平 4 个月 前
TudOil Varieties
TudOil Varieties 4 个月 前
for last one, if you not give it to me .. I'm just not pay... bye lol
Sidó Viktória
Sidó Viktória 4 个月 前
Oh well,it could very much hurt if one of those knives would accidentally land,your fingers,that could be horrendous.
Nita Wijoyo
Nita Wijoyo 5 个月 前
Tried the lamb. The seller was quite rude. They didn’t put the price so we asked the minimum weight to buy. We wanted to try other things on the alor street so we only bought small amount of everything. But they were being pretty asshole about it. We bought it anyway because you know, pride. It’s honestly not that good. Have tested cheaper and tastier lamb before
.... ETERNITY Jinyi Wei....
.... ETERNITY Jinyi Wei.... 5 个月 前
Pas d'higiene, comme partout, la crème est la depuis quand ? Combien. D'heures ? Non pas pour moi tout ça, bon appétit à tous !
Md Sazzad Hossain Md Sazzad Hossain
Md Sazzad Hossain Md Sazzad Hossain 5 个月 前
Itu kedai mana
Jr Kinantan
Jr Kinantan 5 个月 前
Come on, try Indonesian street food please
Батыржан Олжабек
Батыржан Олжабек 5 个月 前
Gela Aldon
Gela Aldon 5 个月 前
The brown sugar pudding thing we call that “taho” here in PH. But the diff is we put small pearls (like the one u put in milktea). Must try filipinos go crazy when they hear “taho”
Real Camera
Real Camera 5 个月 前
Real Camera
Real Camera 5 个月 前
Djdndcj Fnfjfnnf
Djdndcj Fnfjfnnf 5 个月 前
Assalamu'alaikum wr wb Good job today's Evening News York city Police officers in Indonesia GOOD JOB And TNI OFFICERS IN MALAYSIA & I LOVE YOU ALLAH FINE IS ONE & NABI MUHAMMAD ☝☝☝👍👍👍❤❤❤💚💚💚💘💘💘✋✋✋✋💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👋👋
ARUP PAL 5 个月 前
what a b**b
Random Sad Cat
Random Sad Cat 5 个月 前
Idk why people dislike this video
Evan ferdinansa
Evan ferdinansa 5 个月 前
tridos championship
tridos championship 5 个月 前
9:21 we call it apam balik
VR Entertainment production
VR Entertainment production 5 个月 前
i like your smile
Francisco Landrau
Francisco Landrau 5 个月 前
She did not like the soy milk. Good to know.
Виктор Анатольевич
Виктор Анатольевич 5 个月 前
Ну и бесячая же рожа у неё
Maria's_tarot journey_with_me
Maria's_tarot journey_with_me 5 个月 前
She did not like the soybeans huh
Preet Is Here
Preet Is Here 5 个月 前
6:36 someone playing pubg..... Listen carefully
Art Studio By Susmi
Art Studio By Susmi 5 个月 前
Expression less women
Justine David
Justine David 6 个月 前
Ugly girl
Carolina Pichardo
Carolina Pichardo 6 个月 前
I love lamb😋
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