iOS 14 Beta 7 - Almost there..

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Brandon Butch

7 个月 前

iOS 14 Beta 7 - Almost there.. | iOS 14 Beta 7 Follow-Up Review
Apple released iOS 14 Beta 7 earlier this week to both registered developers & Public Beta testers and in this video, we discuss how the software has been running. We cover the additional changes, performance, battery life, bug fixes, bugs & more!
iOS 14 Beta 7 Released - What’s New?:
iOS 13.7 Released - What's New?:
iOS 14 - 30+ Best Hidden Features:
iOS 14 - How to Enable Picture in Picture for CNpost:
iOS 14 on iPhone 7 - This is Impressive:
iOS 14 on iPhone SE - A Nice Surprise:
0:00 Intro
0:47 Additional Features & Changes
2:04 Bug Fixes
6:44 Bugs
9:22 Performance
10:21 Battery Life
11:00 Community Poll
12:20 Community Comments
16:10 iOS 14 Beta 8 Release Date
17:13 iOS 14 Final Release Date
17:48 Outro
What do you think of iOS 14 beta 7 after a week? Is it a nice improvement over beta 6 for you?
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Brandon Butch
Brandon Butch 7 个月 前
How many betas do you think we'll see with iOS 14?
Sea Salt
Sea Salt 7 个月 前
I have literally been having issues with pages on safari freezing and not being able to move up or down or click on anything I have to restart the app completely for it to fix it I have no idea why it happens but it gets annoying
Gregory Albert
Gregory Albert 7 个月 前
Gary Brian I use a case and it works no problem but it’s not a thick case so maybe depends
Gregory Albert
Gregory Albert 7 个月 前
Beta 8 then gm - I wouldn’t be surprised to get a release date September 15
Richard Higgins
Richard Higgins 7 个月 前
2 more for bug squashing, 1 more for polish. - 3
Vishesh Guleria
Vishesh Guleria 7 个月 前
there's still a bug with beta 7 swipe typing crashes from time to time in some apps
Bill Johnstone
Bill Johnstone 7 个月 前
Hello I'm so glad to say that finally my iPhone 11 pro Max had successfully been unlocked by @Dave_hackz1 on Instagram I was being referred to by someone to him and he did a job well done go do yours now
Bill Johnstone
Bill Johnstone 7 个月 前
Hello I'm so glad to say that finally my iPhone 11 pro Max had successfully been unlocked by @Dave_hackz1 on Instagram I was being referred to by someone to him and he did a job well done go do yours now
Bill Johnstone
Bill Johnstone 7 个月 前
Hello I'm so glad to say that finally my iPhone 11 pro Max had successfully been unlocked by @Dave_hackz1 on Instagram I was being referred to by someone to him and he did a job well done go do yours now
the tune club
the tune club 7 个月 前
Beta 7 looks like the official ios 14 100% no bugs with much better battery
Bruh 7 个月 前
ever since I got beta 7 my phone wouldnt charge
NSDQ160th 7 个月 前
They on beta 8 now Nummmmmbbbnutzzzz
hatim lalj
hatim lalj 7 个月 前
How can I download the ios 14 beta 7 ??
Devyani Sharma
Devyani Sharma 7 个月 前
Can’t we do light mode whatsapp and dark mode on every app! It sucks to use whatsapp in dark mode!
Peyman9 7 个月 前
I can’t use my from Front Camera anymore cause of iOS 14.
512 PROJ3KTZ Static Drop.Slammed
512 PROJ3KTZ Static Drop.Slammed 7 个月 前
missing item for me copy to instagram ios 14 haven't apply on that. before ios 14 there is that icon ( copy to instagram)
꧁Tim꧂ 7 个月 前
My AirPods very frequently disconnect at random... I can be standing in one spot listening to music or watching a video and they just disconnect
Be well informed
Be well informed 7 个月 前
Ok, beta 7 is cool so far, but I've noticed a few bugs. Bug 1: when When a message is sent to me, the notification shows up properly and everything, but when I go into the messages app, it sends the same notification again. Bug 2: if If you are using voiceover with backpack studios, when playing a pad, voiceover starts freaking out randomly, and I have to get it off of the pad itself, and then it will work fine. Also with backpack, if you accidentally, or on purpose, click the home button to activate siri, the recording acts funky afterward, and the app crashed, and the recording didn't save until I came back in the app and backpack recovered the file, which I thought was really cool. To be fair though, this could just be backpack itself, and not beta 7. Bug 3: this bug was also on previous betas, but sometimes with certain websites, voiceover does not, or cannot seem to speak certain things further down the screen. So if, for instance, you are trying to get voiceover to read a table, sometimes it gets stuck on one part of it, and I have to mess with the vertical scroll bar to see all that is on the table. Luckily this is rare though.
Xxshoot PlayerxX
Xxshoot PlayerxX 7 个月 前
When is Pokémon go going be updated for iOS 14
De4DShott 7 个月 前
is it just me or at 6:57 did the apple watch app change to geekbench 5
FirstTBull 7 个月 前
Came from beta 3, beta 7 kills my battery pretty hard. Gained extra battery %s by turning off background app refresh for maps in b3, and now in b7 again it drains battery even though i still have it turned off. Same applies to mail, but cant turn off for that one. 5hrs on screen for a full charge is a bit cringy. Xs btw.
Justin C
Justin C 7 个月 前
what case is that on your 11?
Julio Beio
Julio Beio 7 个月 前
Should I update my main device to this Beta? I currently have iOS 13
Manuel Garcia
Manuel Garcia 7 个月 前
I am in iOS 13.41 and i am waiting for iOS 14
Lisa Sheridan
Lisa Sheridan 7 个月 前
iOS 14 and 13 fb messenger has messing up really bad. Not sure if it’s just me but it’s happening on both of my devices
Vlădulescu Denis
Vlădulescu Denis 7 个月 前
am I the only one that saw that Watch app change to Geekbecnh 5 ?
Pay Back
Pay Back 7 个月 前
Apple as lost the technology as main man as gone not know any other mobile phone or iPad to have that many updates in a year 13.5 13.6 13. 7 now 14.0 beta more bugs never get that on Samsung or Nokia maybe once a year updates or new security updates but apple as loads of bugs next it be 14.5 to sort out bugs never improve they have lost the technical team and the technology
KB BAMA OG 7 个月 前
Yooo what case is that on your main phone 📱 i need to asap !!!
L L 7 个月 前
Using it too, experiencing some of the bugs you have as well.
Meir Cohen
Meir Cohen 7 个月 前
That’s what you’re doing with your life Brandon???
Raymond Abboud
Raymond Abboud 7 个月 前
hello brandon i still have connectivity issues with my beta , i tried going back to IOS 13 the issue was gone when i reinstalled the ios 14 beta the connectivity issue was back on with WIFI tho
Erika Lopez
Erika Lopez 7 个月 前
When is iOS 14 supposed to come out?
John paul ssemakula
John paul ssemakula 7 个月 前
My battery is draining so fast ....iPhone 7
MadDog 7 个月 前
Because after iOS 13 beta 7 the iOS 14 gonna so I will like when
MadDog 7 个月 前
When iOS 14 officially coming out
MadDog 7 个月 前
Ok thx for telling me Jessenia Hernandez
Jessenia Hernandez
Jessenia Hernandez 7 个月 前
iOS 14 will be available to the public between the 14 and 18 September 2020.
Dave Pearce
Dave Pearce 7 个月 前
AirPod switching is rubbish for me. Even if I’m out with just my iPhone my AirPod Pro’s don’t automatically connect if the phone wasnt the last device used with them.
Run Shoot Tech
Run Shoot Tech 7 个月 前
I had tons of screenshots because of back tap, I turned it off, think I’ll try it again.
Joshua Spaar
Joshua Spaar 7 个月 前
anyone know where i can get the wallpaper on his iphone? even if i have to pay!
JR Rida
JR Rida 7 个月 前
When I download new apps they don’t show up I have to go to the App Library and search them just to find them. Can this be changed in settings or is it a bug???
Lihao Yeong
Lihao Yeong 7 个月 前
Actually you DO have the small icon bug. Check your TV and Podcasts icons they are slightly smaller @ 10:20
Nicolas Michaud
Nicolas Michaud 7 个月 前
What is that wallpaper?
reda nadir
reda nadir 7 个月 前
When does the public official one come out (not beta)
Race Car
Race Car 7 个月 前
Does Picture in Picture still work for other users? I have the xr and I updated to beta 7 and my Picture in Picture doesn’t work.
DMV SOSSA 7 个月 前
My friend updated to beta 7 and now his camera is glitched and vibrates trust me don’t update and wait for the apple update
asma mohammed
asma mohammed 7 个月 前
Thanks for sharing i love to know all about the new updates
DJ-_-Gamin’ 7 个月 前
How he sets up his vids: 1. Open a drawer 2. Take out the iPad, iPhones 3. Presicely place them on the table 4. Make sure they are in the camera shot 5. Record
Scripted Pixels
Scripted Pixels 7 个月 前
iMessage bug: Open iMessage via home screen or when replying to a message notification Type a message and sometimes the keyboard doesn’t look like it’s typing for a few seconds and then all the keys press and your message appears in the message input field 😞
Madalin Stoean
Madalin Stoean 7 个月 前
I can't watch the video, it's very frustrating, on my iphone with beta 7 battery drops like hell, different screens are overlapping, siri doesn't work properly, I have to restart the iphone often to use it again as it should work, it's just terrible
Rohan Büchner
Rohan Büchner 7 个月 前
The biggest bug across all the beta updates for me has been that Wi-Fi is so ungodly unstable. As of beta 7, my phones wifi no longer works... Regular mobile data works luckily but no wifi is totally crap :/ hope they fix it soon.
Cap Glo
Cap Glo 7 个月 前
I wonder if some of the bugs has to do with the iPhone model someone has 🤔 I have an 11 and some things that people are saying that happened to them with the upgrade, is working fine on my phone.
Temporary Peace
Temporary Peace 7 个月 前
Anyone else not getting the cast button in the netflix app? Also I can’t find my chromecast when trying to cast from CNpost app. WTH?
Collin22 Cowell
Collin22 Cowell 7 个月 前
Can you use backtap with a case?
Sola Ojo
Sola Ojo 7 个月 前
Pls can you tell me why there isn't a pic in pic function for Whatsapp
Just Josh
Just Josh 7 个月 前
I don’t know if it’s a new feature but then I plug in my headphones and go to app switcher a little notification saying “Often used when headphones connected” pops up on the bottom of the screen
Just Josh
Just Josh 7 个月 前
I still get voice over lag but it’s not like I use it so I don’t really care
savan ladani
savan ladani 7 个月 前
Does anyone facing wifi issues with ios 14 beta 7? It’s really buggy in my case
Sonny Aina
Sonny Aina 7 个月 前
Beta 7 bug where newly downloaded apps don’t show up in the “recents” folder or anywhere in the App Library unless you search for it.
Arka Bose
Arka Bose 7 个月 前
how is hinge going on brandon?
Stuti Pandey
Stuti Pandey 7 个月 前
My CNpost is seriously bugged since beta 6. Beta 7 didn’t fix it either
S/V Lusca
S/V Lusca 7 个月 前
Been running iPad OS 14 beta for a while, after a week, Im ready for iPad OS 15, nothing really special for the iPad. Seem more changes are for the iPhone
Tyler Grant
Tyler Grant 7 个月 前
I’m having a bug where the touch screen will stop working for a few minutes and then come back idk if anyone else is having this problem
Jacob Thompson
Jacob Thompson 7 个月 前
Anyone else have their news widgets missing? As in its not even an option to have them?
Nathan Price
Nathan Price 7 个月 前
Does this one support online banking bc beta 6 does so might just stay on it ? (Santander specifically)
Muhammed Anas P
Muhammed Anas P 7 个月 前
We should be able to customize personal hotspot settings One must be able to view view and sort list of devices One must be able to assign specific data and time limits either both or one at a time according to preference
Peter Holguin
Peter Holguin 7 个月 前
I love your "What's up guys, my name is Brandon"
Rick Summitt
Rick Summitt 7 个月 前
Some apps don’t open🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Dylan Merrick
Dylan Merrick 7 个月 前
please tell me where i can find the iphone wallpaper in this video
Sk31 7 个月 前
When is it releasing (iOS 14)?
Jessenia Hernandez
Jessenia Hernandez 7 个月 前
iOS 14 will be available to the public between the 14 and 18 September 2020.
Da Baby
Da Baby 7 个月 前
Marshall Boyce
Marshall Boyce 7 个月 前
how do you get an early copy of ios 14?
MineCones Fortress
MineCones Fortress 7 个月 前
I’m actually excited when he uploads cuz it makes me excited for ios 14 also why do people say iOS with a capital O and S but The i isn’t capital
Kristina Veirum
Kristina Veirum 7 个月 前
I think there’s about 2 betas left. My iPhone is sooo much more stable here on beta 7. I haven’t had a single bug so far, so I’m not complaining at all! Great video Brandon 👌🏼
Ben Burt
Ben Burt 7 个月 前
Has anyone seen PIP for the native CNpost app?
Kevin 7 个月 前
I downloaded the beta but animal crossing pocket camp didn’t open :/
Alan X
Alan X 7 个月 前
and brandons got fortnite ahaha
ORIOLESFan02 7 个月 前
4:53 I really wish that the back tap worked while your phone was locked. I would’ve used it for a flashlight toggle so all I would have to do is get up and get my phone and touch the back twice while the phone is locked to turn it on
FinnishArmy 7 个月 前
Beta 6 was better for me. Beta 7 has Apple Maps issues.. if you click a address that's underlined, it will take you to the Apple Maps and sometimes it crashes, doesn't respond to the link or doesn't pop up with the "go" button. In Beta 6, this wasn't an issue ever. This is critical to me as an independent contractor who uses maps always. (I hate GoogleMaps).
Andrew Swartz
Andrew Swartz 7 个月 前
I am currently doing beta 7 on an old iPhone 7 Plus. I am debating putting the beta on my primary device based on this video. Is it a good idea to do that?
Craig Brauckmiller
Craig Brauckmiller 7 个月 前
Anyone have issues doing AirPlay from CNpost to an AppleTV? If I start a stream and then hit the power button on my iPhone, the stream stops. If i open the phone back up and click play, the stream starts over
Armaghan Ali
Armaghan Ali 7 个月 前
Battery wise, is it worth upgrading from iOS 13.7 to the beta? - iPhone 11
MatrixRoland 7 个月 前
You want to see an issue that hasn’t been fixed? Try deleting your News app and reinstalling it. Then try to add the News widget to your Home Screen. It will no longer be there.
MatrixRoland 7 个月 前
heqkler I’m going to try and force a full download on the next beta by switching from developer to public beta. Hopefully it does do a full download install and fixes this. The feedback app from apple still shows no other recent reports on this issue ever since I submitted it.
heqkler 7 个月 前
I got that to
curse Wick
curse Wick 7 个月 前
Am I the only one that seems to have a camera bug? Running on iphone 8
Ayush Gupta
Ayush Gupta 7 个月 前
Can you please share the wallpaper of your iPhone and iPad please
Myles Tech
Myles Tech 7 个月 前
i had downgrade my battery life was really bad on my XR battery now amazing on 13.7
Tyler Grant
Tyler Grant 7 个月 前
How do you downgrade
Klaas Kingma
Klaas Kingma 7 个月 前
I get a corrupted database error for shortcuts, which has been working fine on previous versions of iOS14. I’ve reset it because my automations are mostly from the library but it keeps saying the same thing
Jochem 7 个月 前
Do you think 3th party widgets like twitch, instagram, twitter, spotify and shazam widgets, are coming in ios 14?
Bejan Mostafapur
Bejan Mostafapur 7 个月 前
I havent got iOS 14 :(
Bejan Mostafapur
Bejan Mostafapur 7 个月 前
Jessenia Hernandez thank you
Jessenia Hernandez
Jessenia Hernandez 7 个月 前
iOS 14 will be available to the public between the 14 and 18 September 2020.
Peter.Fields 7 个月 前
to be honest, I'm running IOS 14, and I find it cool but I'm not using "widget", I have nothing against it, but like Android, I found it "too much", and not practical. The old way is still great for me. Yes it perform great but not for the "big thing" (I'm happy with what was there already)
Kaaytax 7 个月 前
Would beta 8 be safe to use on my main device?
Ashik Ahmed
Ashik Ahmed 7 个月 前
imagine the clock widget with apple watch faces.. that'd be so dope!
Sakariye Adam Farah
Sakariye Adam Farah 7 个月 前
I have xs max the battery drain fast while playnig games even my phone become heat while playnig games. when I am charging my phone it takes 3 hours plus to reach 100% I dont know whats wrong and it is my first time to use Iphone.
Belgium Made
Belgium Made 7 个月 前
iMacintosh 22
iMacintosh 22 7 个月 前
so when’s the public release? Im so excited
Jessenia Hernandez
Jessenia Hernandez 7 个月 前
iOS 14 will be available to the public between the 14 and 18 September 2020.
Roi Marco Toriano
Roi Marco Toriano 7 个月 前
Haven't experienced any of the stated bugs on my 6s. This is a great Beta update I hope it stays this way and just optimize more
crashfellow82 7 个月 前
I find these been general freezes on iPhone Pro Max.. maybe it’s just me
Clutch 7 个月 前
What’s ur wallpaper
源真 Genshin - Jim Kemlo
源真 Genshin - Jim Kemlo 7 个月 前
Why do you say IUS instead of IOS?
Justtry1 7 个月 前
I wish they add drsktop cursot to ipad (even when optional)
Bleszaira L. Dela Cruz
Bleszaira L. Dela Cruz 7 个月 前
im using 6splus, should I updated ios 14 beta 7, is this safe for my iphone 6splus?
Space Man
Space Man 7 个月 前
6:57 The Watch app becomes suddenly Geekbench 5 :)
Sam Sabu
Sam Sabu 7 个月 前
Appstore not working !!! Showing “Cannot connect to Appstore ” message 😑. Please help to solve this !!!!!
Kai Yasuhara
Kai Yasuhara 7 个月 前
Should I update from 6 to 7??
em 7 个月 前
love the beta videos! I always check before I do an update! Will you be doing anymore Big Sur videos?
Genzo 7 个月 前
The Chinese Pin Yin keyboard also have some bugs... when the pin yin haven't typing finish... it automatically type into english words...
Ahmed Tariq
Ahmed Tariq 7 个月 前
There is a bug in FaceTime, when you take a picture during a video call the phone doesn't always save it to Photos, it acts like it took the picture but nothing really happens. that never happened in Beta 6. from the 8 pictures i took it saved one.
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