Kylie Jenner: Grinch Cupcakes with Stormi

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Kylie Jenner

16 天 前

In celebration of my KYLIE X GRINCH collection launching today, Stormi and I made Grinch cupcakes!
Shop my limited edition Grinch holiday collection at today at 3pm PST

Gozal 16 分钟 前
twisterwaldo twisterwaldo
twisterwaldo twisterwaldo 29 分钟 前
Vegetable whos mommy is gonna put under knife in ten years.
Isabella Machado
Isabella Machado 32 分钟 前
Stormi is so cute, I really admire the creation that Kylie gives her ❤️❤️
Jake Spencer
Jake Spencer 35 分钟 前
She’s such a polite, cute little kid 🥰🥰🥰
Aliyah Moreland
Aliyah Moreland 37 分钟 前
omg i cant she is the cutest thing ever omg when she said your so beautiful i litterly died
Poppy Rose
Poppy Rose 37 分钟 前
Awwe omggg my heart. Stormi and kylie are so cute.
Serana Marie
Serana Marie 50 分钟 前
Jesus loves you! You are wonderfully made! God bless and stay safe
Carolin Devli
Carolin Devli 小时 前
Kilo almışsın kylieCİM
Tony Harris
Tony Harris 小时 前
actully stormi is the most poliets girl in the world she cares for her mom and her dad
Maylia Jordan
Maylia Jordan 小时 前
“Bye that camera” 🥰love Stormie
Maylia Jordan
Maylia Jordan 小时 前
Kaili Featheran
Kaili Featheran 小时 前
Stormi speaks so well😇
It's Shaunice
It's Shaunice 小时 前
Awwwww I have to make cupcakes for vlogmas thanks kylie
Barbora Kropáčová
Barbora Kropáčová 小时 前
Can you do your airplane tour?
D4RK_ Manic
D4RK_ Manic 2 小时 前
Stormy iss sooo cute
Roblox Family Drakefords
Roblox Family Drakefords 2 小时 前
The way she said you got this mommy my heart melted ❤️🥰
chloe knudtson
chloe knudtson 2 小时 前
im upsets with stormi
Heylis Oquendo
Heylis Oquendo 2 小时 前
Amigas uniplayer
Amigas uniplayer 2 小时 前
oh my god 😍 they are very cute💓
Samara Salas
Samara Salas 2 小时 前
Are you going to put stormi in privite school
KristieTheUnicorn 3 小时 前
This warms my heart ❤️ Stormi is literally so adorable and Kylie is such a great mom ✨🥰
kasey brown
kasey brown 3 小时 前
She holds stormi’s head so like a mom when she was cleaning her face. I thought that was sooo cute 🥰
Kiara Dúnarova
Kiara Dúnarova 3 小时 前
she is so sweet. LOVE YOU!!
Lucila Dougherty
Lucila Dougherty 3 小时 前
She is one of a kind her personality is perfect she’s going to go really far in life and you Kylie you are the best mom I have ever seen on CNpost she cooperates with you she is so gorgeous you do great parenting don’t mind what other people say that you’re not a good mom because you are the best mom ever I love you Kylie Travis and stormy stormy listen to your mommy she is the best mom ever and she will make you go far in life and you too love you both of you
C H L O E B A U I 3 小时 前
When could we get one that will include Travis?? 😭
__.anete. __
__.anete. __ 3 小时 前
Stormi is like the cutest ngl
Shaee 4 小时 前
I can tell stormi brung a lot of joy in Kylie’s life bc Kylie wanted kids so bad when she was young and she had stormi and stormi is so smart and cute for her age 😍
Rhea V Gaming
Rhea V Gaming 4 小时 前
Pls subscribe to my channel- Rhea V Gaming
Rhea V Gaming
Rhea V Gaming 4 小时 前
Hii kylie jenner
Dofamine Studio
Dofamine Studio 4 小时 前
Kylie: “Say bye to that camera” Stormi: Bye that camera Нааааана
Sizwe Moyo
Sizwe Moyo 4 小时 前
She can bake,she is a model ,a businesswoman , socialite and mother what can't she do
Tommy Squarzo
Tommy Squarzo 4 小时 前
They are the sweeties ♥️♥️♥️
It’s Really Reagan !
It’s Really Reagan ! 5 小时 前
( you got this mommy ) ❤️❤️❤️❤️ That is the cutest thing on earth I wanna cry ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Dawn? Şafak
Dawn? Şafak 6 小时 前
How is this.
Krizzia Ann Dublin
Krizzia Ann Dublin 6 小时 前
I'm watching this and it makes my heart so warm and makes me wanna wish I have a Mom like her lol ❤
Jessieca Masa
Jessieca Masa 7 小时 前
loveyou both!!! ❤
Anica Dela Torre
Anica Dela Torre 7 小时 前
When Kylie sang “don’t worry mommy’s gonna SAVE THE DAY.” at 1:20 i just figured she was born to be a singer. welp rise and shine.
Ich bin Unbekannt
Ich bin Unbekannt 7 小时 前
Really heartwarming mom💯👌
Shaik Shakira
Shaik Shakira 8 小时 前
I think this one vedio is enough to subscribe u r channel 💖
ines pueche
ines pueche 8 小时 前
The cutest baby I have ever seen💕kylie is such a good mum isn’t she
ms burongit
ms burongit 8 小时 前
Watching her grow is the best thing :)
radja radja
radja radja 9 小时 前
She is so cute ur daughter
blaze gamer
blaze gamer 9 小时 前
Kylie:say bye to that camera Stormi:bye that camera 😂💔
Rita 10 小时 前
Красотульки, мэшэллахь, очень красиво.😍😍😍💐
Luna’s Life
Luna’s Life 10 小时 前
I’m pretty sure most 2 year olds, can’t speak full sentences. Storming is literally the smartest, most mature toddler.
Olivia Prasiel
Olivia Prasiel 10 小时 前
You are the best and I love watching you🤗🥰
Маришка Банана
Маришка Банана 11 小时 前
Что за хрень)) что прикольного??
Your Local Simper Biancaツ
Your Local Simper Biancaツ 11 小时 前
The person under me is not lying
Lindsey Mayes
Lindsey Mayes 12 小时 前
I’m literally tearing up. How precious & sweet!!! 💚💚💚
Shery Moon
Shery Moon 12 小时 前
My goddaughter have the exact same age of stormi but she can break eggs by herself.
Basheer Riyas
Basheer Riyas 12 小时 前
Awwww your daughter is sooo cute even more cute when she talks 🥺🥺🥺❤
Evelyn Audrey
Evelyn Audrey 12 小时 前
i wnat to change my life to Stormi's life just for a day soooooo badly 😫
LaLoLi •
LaLoLi • 12 小时 前
I see a rival 👀 👄
Regina Chibeti
Regina Chibeti 13 小时 前
Stormi is Kylie's one and only best friend ❤️ I love u guys
Linta Hassan
Linta Hassan 13 小时 前
Lol look at her nails looking very creepy.
aileen sophie
aileen sophie 13 小时 前
Hey beautiful people. I just released my first Christmas Song and would be so freaking happy if more people would listen to it: Have a blessed day and enjoy this Grinch Cupcake-Baking!
anessa mazleen
anessa mazleen 14 小时 前
Im so afraid that her nails hit stormie’s hahaha
kayla milena silva nascimento
kayla milena silva nascimento 14 小时 前
Stormi is soooooo cute, I'm in love with this video 🤍
Chanel Bridges
Chanel Bridges 15 小时 前
You can start a beautiful thing in the whole entire world that was so nice to see me when she says you're so beautiful
Jem M
Jem M 15 小时 前
Vanity and Pride and Sensuality will take you to hell. There are 2 places eternally after this pit stop. Heaven or hell. First time in history people shown hell its real. For every 30 in heaven 30000 go to hell. Wake up and get your priorities straight. The world is evil. Jesus loves you. Repent
Damiel Amador
Damiel Amador 15 小时 前
She is cute
Jules Leblanc
Jules Leblanc 16 小时 前
OMG 😱 you are so incredible with your job and your career I just want to say thanks so much for being you and being so generous
Funny Insta videos
Funny Insta videos 17 小时 前
Cuteness overloaded
أسلوب حياة /yahua
أسلوب حياة /yahua 17 小时 前
Isabelle Bernard
Isabelle Bernard 17 小时 前
I’m currently struggling with financial debts and I’m desperately in need of help 😪 I’d appreciate anything $IBer79 Thank you if you can 🙏🏽
Azuki Nagahashi
Azuki Nagahashi 17 小时 前
Stormi is so cute :D
Sadie Lavos
Sadie Lavos 17 小时 前
i love how she lists the ingredients so you can learn along with them ❤️
vegancraft 18 小时 前
I love this video!
Aaliyah Abrams
Aaliyah Abrams 18 小时 前
Stormi is the cutest little girl EVER!!!!
Tanya 18 小时 前
The kid is absolutely adorable and well mannered!
Tania Pamurdya Safitri
Tania Pamurdya Safitri 18 小时 前
Omg, Stormi is Cute and adorable❤
Katelyn Perkins
Katelyn Perkins 18 小时 前
Omg so adorable 🎄
Miss Castillo
Miss Castillo 18 小时 前
Merry Christmas 🎁🎄
Aesha 19 小时 前
Stormi is such a beautiful and polite child. She did such a good job and I’m obsessed with their relationship 🥺
Lyza Malupeng
Lyza Malupeng 20 小时 前
love u both
Hannah Beckler
Hannah Beckler 20 小时 前
She’s the cutest kid on the planet oh my
hen ko
hen ko 18 小时 前
LMAOOO I accidentally played the beginning at 2x speed and it’s so funny!!
Antonio Junior
Antonio Junior 21 小时 前
Stormi respirando : A Eu: AAAAAAAA q coisa fofaaaaaaa
hen ko
hen ko 18 小时 前
4:16 Le tenia puesto el ojo un buen rato y no se ha resistido jajajaja xd :3
Neo Luvhimbi
Neo Luvhimbi 21 小时 前
This is probably the only celebrity child with such manners without being told "now what do we say"
CACTUS 21 小时 前
luz mercede sanchez
luz mercede sanchez 22 小时 前
love you kylie and estormi
Ashley Alakans
Ashley Alakans 22 小时 前
Awwwwww she is adorable 😍 I hope she has an amazing life and childhood
Fany Medina
Fany Medina 22 小时 前
We love stormi she’s so cute
WOW Stormi has the same birthday as me. I love your channel.
carriepriestly 23 小时 前
I love it
carriepriestly 23 小时 前
Mother and daughter baking day
Mika FFッ
Mika FFッ 23 小时 前
Que bonitinha🥰🥺
Koki Girmay
Koki Girmay 23 小时 前
Mumu &soon beautiful good bless you today and always 🥰🥰🥰💋
Rosa Carranza
Rosa Carranza 天 前
Karlita grasias
Naile Bati
Naile Bati 天 前
I love you
xbx_lla 天 前
i cant believe that poor camera survived being in kylie jenners bowl
Pandinha 30
Pandinha 30 天 前
yaamiilaa 天 前
4:16 Le tenia puesto el ojo un buen rato y no se ha resistido jajajaja xd :3
Kayla B
Kayla B 天 前
LMAOOO I accidentally played the beginning at 2x speed and it’s so funny!!
Lyrics Lyrics
Lyrics Lyrics 天 前
Bye that camera 👋🏽
Rebecca Mwose
Rebecca Mwose 天 前
You are such a caring Mom Kylie, love your videos with Stormi, she's such a sweetheart 💖
Niala Smith dances
Niala Smith dances 天 前
She ate a cupcake with a fork
Niala Smith dances
Niala Smith dances 天 前
She is a good cook and mom
Soo Jin
Soo Jin 天 前
Stormi so cute 🥰😍😍❤❤
sergio postegillo
sergio postegillo 天 前
Stormi is very cute
Jenelyn Amidao
Jenelyn Amidao 天 前
stormi’s so cute🥺🥺🥺🥺
Pretty._. Zariah
Pretty._. Zariah 天 前
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