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In these deleted scenes from BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky, Lisa and Rosé take photos of each other around the city, Jennie and Rosé talk fashion in the recording studio, and more!
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BLACKPINK Light Up the Sky | Exclusive Deleted Scenes | Netflix
Record-shattering Korean girl band BLACKPINK tell their story - and detail the hard-fought journey of the dreams and trials behind their meteoric rise.

1080terrieh 6 小时 前
When your so rich that you buy pants for a $1000 and find out you can get something similar for $15😭. I can never understand that and even if I was rich I would never overpay for clothes I’d wear on a regular day , especially when you can get amazingly stylish clothes for cheap.
Abby Smith
Abby Smith 6 小时 前
I'm literally so obsessed with Lisa's aesthetic. Like her style and her camera's are giving me lifen
Rosela May Simon
Rosela May Simon 6 小时 前
Oh careful! -Rosie 💕
Mariam Sheikh
Mariam Sheikh 12 小时 前
Mariam Sheikh
Mariam Sheikh 12 小时 前
Mariam Sheikh
Mariam Sheikh 12 小时 前
Mariam Sheikh
Mariam Sheikh 12 小时 前
Mariam Sheikh
Mariam Sheikh 12 小时 前
Joel 14 小时 前
Plot twist: Lisa is a photographer
Eryati Yati
Eryati Yati 16 小时 前
I like their laugh
ID BOT 17 小时 前
Black Pink is the girl group that has the most fan wars. I love all four girls And I'm tired of seeing blink fighting each other. I love Lisa so much and I love the three girl, and I never came out to say who's better. Because I know four girls must feel bad.. Four girls love each other like family. Please don't compare them.
Sahil Bhaila
Sahil Bhaila 天 前
I'm a normal man, I see Lisa I click on the video
Nerdy Blox
Nerdy Blox 天 前
Aww so cuteeeee!
Roger Gol
Roger Gol 天 前
pants with a 1000$ price?? wow!! what a wealth,,
ImABlink/ YGStan
ImABlink/ YGStan 天 前
jennie and jisoo being the mom and dad of the group.... love them all
sweet potato Tracey
sweet potato Tracey 天 前
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Lovisha Arora
Lovisha Arora 天 前
Jisoo saying "oh my god! it's a pity, sounds bad" is soo cute❤️🤩🤩😻😻👀✨✨
Me& Exo
Me& Exo 天 前
Lisa's new nick name from now on is.......... Miss Like 😄
not bad but not good
not bad but not good 天 前
JENNIE SAVES $985 ahhaa poor rosé
JD7979 2 天 前
What camers model does Lisa have?
Black to the Pink
Black to the Pink 2 天 前
YG: What is the point of deleting them?
Esha Moni
Esha Moni 2 天 前
Lisa: no Rosè: norr
ShahadStansBTS 2 天 前
um why are we interrupting their date hudhnsd
MeNo S'Tev
MeNo S'Tev 2 天 前
Black pink or Bts if you fan kpop lots pls like and who well get the beautiful crown 👑✨🥺Queen go up better BLACK PINK or BTS
V Supreme
V Supreme 2 天 前
You know what? It doesn't matters how bad the film is, still we can watch it because blackpink is so cute, so you don't actually need to delete them
mini 2 天 前
I heard Rose call Jisoo Unnie. Adorable, I would give up my education to meet them even by FaceTime
Azman Hasanuddin
Azman Hasanuddin 3 天 前
i like rose voice when she talk.
Kim Jisoo
Kim Jisoo 3 天 前
Rose and Lisa’s story is so funny!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣☺️☺️☺️😂😂😂😂😂😂
The Shern
The Shern 3 天 前
I really love their personalities and voices. I do love some songs but most of them aren't that my type. But this makes me wanna recheck ♥️♥️.
Time Spirit Word :
Time Spirit Word : 3 天 前
Finally, This is how she treated 🐱 I'm mink not blink
Eugene Okoneshnikov
Eugene Okoneshnikov 3 天 前
Aisy Dewa Khenges
Aisy Dewa Khenges 3 天 前
idk, i just rewatch like 100000 times bcs i love conversation between lisa n rose
RG YT 3 天 前
UnU you MUST let the cat sniff you and then pet the HEAD
Eru Asehan
Eru Asehan 4 天 前
kalbimi bıraktım şuraya
abc abc
abc abc 4 天 前
0:43 Rose's "no" 😄🥰
orbit kayden
orbit kayden 4 天 前
I could rewatched it for eternity ♡@!
Blackpink Twice
Blackpink Twice 5 天 前
The cat is the exact same as the one they were trying to pet!! Even down to the mustashe
Jennie understands our civilian lives. ALWAYS check on the internet first before buying
Bae yuli
Bae yuli 5 天 前
Lisa keep saying like
Pranjali Alim
Pranjali Alim 5 天 前
When the cat is luckier than you...........
N nnn
N nnn 5 天 前
Mariami khmaladze
Mariami khmaladze 5 天 前
Lisa and cats😂❤️❤️❤️
James Williams Joseph
James Williams Joseph 6 天 前
U stay together
Little tiger Tae
Little tiger Tae 6 天 前
Lisa is so cute when she said I just want play
Shivaji Ahir
Shivaji Ahir 6 天 前
when ur more cute than animals
kth ksj
kth ksj 6 天 前
my dream V-Y
my dream V-Y 7 天 前
Esto es tan lindo
Coreen Budzynski
Coreen Budzynski 7 天 前
so now, that "I have never seen two pretty bestfriends, one must be ugly" aren't valid anymore. chaelisa did that.
Cracker Takis
Cracker Takis 6 天 前
รักเดียว นะจ้า
รักเดียว นะจ้า 7 天 前
Lilia Leyah
Lilia Leyah 7 天 前
oh she's annoying me this rosé oh my god she's so mean it can hear and see it, I love all the black pink except her I can't smell her she's hypocrite and I know she is jealous of Lisa and the fans that are supporting this crazy girl u should be ashamaed u don't see her true face u are tords like her
shaning laborte
shaning laborte 7 天 前
Lisa: NOOOO!!! Rose: it stoped when you said knorrr!! Rose accent kills me
K - Dawg
K - Dawg 天 前
cionelle art
cionelle art 7 天 前
I didn't realise that was Rosé talking in the first bit omg
Zahwa Andi
Zahwa Andi 7 天 前
1:42 me saat tahu temen dpt barang yg lbh murah. padahal bedanya cuman 5k
Angela FU
Angela FU 7 天 前
Lisa always says like whenever she's talking
DenimAndLeather 7 天 前
What camera were they using????
Carli Muller
Carli Muller 7 天 前
Guys. I NEED that camera! What is it called?!
Fátima Llanos
Fátima Llanos 7 天 前
rosé and lisa the best photographers ever
Soven Majumdar
Soven Majumdar 8 天 前
$15 vs $1000...!
오늘 하루쉴 숨이
오늘 하루쉴 숨이 8 天 前
You don't have to edit it. Because even if it takes 12 hours, I will watch it all.
faizah khan
faizah khan 8 天 前
지금 나를 봐 yung
지금 나를 봐 yung 8 天 前
4:04 okay i realized that have that mole on the same left ear too LMAOOOO
Pokemon 9
Pokemon 9 8 天 前
MY SЕХ LOVE--->> I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli,,,
isad 9 天 前
sukkar24 fd
sukkar24 fd 9 天 前
Rosé's deep voice is so sexy
Allen Trice
Allen Trice 9 天 前
❤💓❤💓❤💓 OMG! Those are BLACKPINK! Thanks for inviting me!
Aasiyath Nuzuha Mohamed
Aasiyath Nuzuha Mohamed 10 天 前
Who is Blackpink blink 👇👇👍👍
Gee El
Gee El 10 天 前
When lisa continously using the word "like", she reminded me of taylor swift.
BLACKPINK Love 9 天 前
Help me Please Like and Subscribe to my CNpost channel thank you watch here,
Multifandom STAN
Multifandom STAN 10 天 前
Where is jisoo?
DUo 11 天 前
Meet the 5th membre of the L family; Lily Leo Luca Louis Lisa - -
Zehra Naz Öztep
Zehra Naz Öztep 11 天 前
0:14 Noo ❤❤❤jwjwjwjwj
Kento Yamazaki
Kento Yamazaki 12 天 前
Jennie the 2nd richest among the 4 girls but buying a 15 bucks pants online while rose bought the same pants for 1k bucks hahahaha lol Jennie being thrifty ahaja
Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh 12 天 前
Lisa's favorite word is like
Kittycorn Gacha
Kittycorn Gacha 12 天 前
I've seen these parts in the documentary maybe they edited it? Idk
i am batman
i am batman 12 天 前
This is the amount of ' like ' lisa said 😁 👇
밀크빵 13 天 前
THESE ARE PERFECT WHY DELETE?! I need every single clip filmed... where's the vault? lol
Bianca França
Bianca França 13 天 前
Lisa e Cattt i loveeeee
Eduardo Valera
Eduardo Valera 13 天 前
Francine Gama
Francine Gama 13 天 前
I love rosé and lisa's friendship
White Wolf
White Wolf 13 天 前
0:05 How do people sit like that though? That's a very common sitting position in my country (India), but somehow I can't do it, if I try to do it I just fall back right on my behind.
Always Dreamin
Always Dreamin 13 天 前
2:43 “Oh Rosé can you jjxcxksks stop 😡”
Epsybriant 14 天 前
Lisa and Rose tallk to each other half in english, half in korean xD
i got scard beacese lisa love cats LISA BE CARE FULL!!!!!!!!
AMS cartoon videos
AMS cartoon videos 14 天 前
Okay so I took a screenshot everytime lisa says 'like' now my gallery doesn't have enough storage😑.
idiotbox mel
idiotbox mel 14 天 前
Jisoo has mastered, "It's a pity" 😍
Kim jisoo
Kim jisoo 14 天 前
In the Philippines there's Taglish (which is Tagalog and English) and now Blackpink be inventing Korlish (Korean and English)
Revengestar 14 天 前
Rampant anorexia and I say this being an anorexic in recovery. Korea actively promotes eating disorders so sad. They would be very beautiful in a healthy weight, no need to be skeletons. Not healthy by my standards, healthy based on what a doctor would tell them, not a sleazy manager.
Sasa Laqueen
Sasa Laqueen 天 前
Don’t forgot that some people are just born skinny
Kangsora N
Kangsora N 15 天 前
Why Lisa is so rude to my rosè it’s not fair that scene got deleted cuz Lisa didn’t want people to hate on her or something I use to like Lisa I was like obsessed with her now I heard of Lisa being mean I don’t have interest on her anymore she should let people watch that deleted scene where she said rose is annoying people she just doesn’t want hate from people
@jenlisanator sorry I'm not wasting my time from immature kid like you
jenlisanator 14 天 前
@stan g-dragon king of kpop Lisa is terrible and can’t even rap sorry to break it to you
Kangsora N
Kangsora N 14 天 前
@BLINKS LOVE YOU BLACKPINK you’re just real blinks thinking we aren’t we are ok brats
jenlisanator 14 天 前
@stan g-dragon king of kpop we can hate Lisa if we want to it’s not ur choice
Kangsora N
Kangsora N 14 天 前
@stan g-dragon king of kpop I am a blink idiot
Dude Bruh
Dude Bruh 15 天 前
That lisa and rose story about them fighting at first reminds me of Hyunjin and Han story too. But look at them now.
Jasonz W
Jasonz W 15 天 前
Love this😍😍😍😍
Viz aNyTiMe
Viz aNyTiMe 15 天 前
Баходир Турсунов
Баходир Турсунов 16 天 前
What means "it's a pity" . I just not english-speaker. But i undestand many words. Just tell me please
Bart la Bard
Bart la Bard 16 天 前
How I wish I was the cat. 🐈
Sad Lonely Tramp
Sad Lonely Tramp 16 天 前
When Rose speaks English, her voice is deeper than when she speaks Korean, she sounds like a baby.
Sad Lonely Tramp
Sad Lonely Tramp 天 前
I don’t mean to do this but pls follow my ig @food_always_and_forever!
BLM_Liyah 10 天 前
@Sad Lonely Tramp oh no, you can say it however you want. I was just saying my opinion. Your choice words weren't wrong at all, lots of people use that term.
Sad Lonely Tramp
Sad Lonely Tramp 10 天 前
@BLM_Liyah Thanks for the correction. Sorry for the poor choice of words.
BLM_Liyah 10 天 前
Why use the term deeper. I would say more toned and softer than deep since her voice sound like magority if other girls who learn how to speak a different language.
Sad Lonely Tramp
Sad Lonely Tramp 13 天 前
@Adriana S. Indeed
jenlisanator 16 天 前
😢 why yg doesn’t approve of my Chaennie it’s not fair that scene got deleted
Isabel Loyaga chavez
Isabel Loyaga chavez 17 天 前
La pelicula estuvo uuufff increiblel!! Gracias netflix por hacer un docu de Blackpink. Las amo xd son geniales
Charisma Monteiro
Charisma Monteiro 17 天 前
Lisa is so cute she’s more cuter than the cat!
When Lisa speaking English she always say in all sentence [like]....for e.g:- i was like ...... Look how many like she is saying?
seira Ihsan
seira Ihsan 17 天 前
Lisa always say "like like I was like like"
Thanos is Right
Thanos is Right 17 天 前
lisa looks like angelina jolie
D. Marks
D. Marks 18 天 前
I wanna be apart of Lisa and Rosé’s friendship so badly! 😭😭😭
LALISA (A Documentary Film)
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