Mercedes S-Class 2021 review - the best car EVER?

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2 个月 前

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It’s the review you’ve all been waiting for... the all-new Mercedes S-Class!
It’s the car Mat’s been waiting for oh-so-long to test drive, but will it be worth the wait? Well in this in-depth review, he’ll be taking you over every inch of this new luxury limousine to see whether it has what it takes to compete with its predecessors.
When it comes to performance, we already know it’s packing a number of petrol, diesel and hybrid options. For our UK viewers, our petrol options are currently topped off by the S500, which is a 3-litre straight-six turbo that can produce 435hp. But if you’re after more power, you’ll want to choose the hybrid S580e, where the 3-litre straight-six is joined by an electric motor to produce 510hp! But if we're being honest, we’re all waiting for the upcoming AMG S63, which will have a twin-turbo V8 and be able to put down over 600hp!
So performance is all well and good, but let’s face it, you’re all probably more excited by the interior! But will it live up to its high expectations? And more importantly, just how good is the infotainment system on that HUGE centre console screen? Well, there’s only one way to find out… Stay right here for Mat’s all-new in-depth review!
00:00 Intro
00:41 Exterior Design
02:45 Interior Design & Storage
05:55 Back Seats
08:32 Boot
09:09 Annoying Features
11:02 Cool Features
13:38 Infotainment
16:14 Price
16:44 Engines
17:31 Driving Tech
20:00 Driving
23:35 Verdict
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carwow 2 个月 前
We're loving the look of the new S-Class, but what do you think? Is the seventh generation S-Class the best-looking version yet? Head to 02:22 in the video to take a look at them all, then COMMENT with your favourite below!
Zsolt or
Zsolt or 10 天 前
The 4th. Obviously.
SK 723
SK 723 17 天 前
7th. Gen
stayer85 19 天 前
michael helbrow
michael helbrow 20 天 前
Perfer the 6th generation myself
michael helbrow
michael helbrow 20 天 前
Perfer the 6th generation look myself
marc Edwards
marc Edwards 4 小时 前
6th generation
kierondevere 6 小时 前
It’s an ugly car! The 5th and 6th Gen is the best
w0bblyd0inkb0ink 13 小时 前
Did you colour match your top to the interior?😆
w0bblyd0inkb0ink 13 小时 前
4th gen is best looking
John Rand
John Rand 19 小时 前
My good friend who is now the head designer for interiors of a major luxury car company told me that the W222 has only been selling about 3K a year world wide. The W221 sold about 25K a year world wide and the W220 sold about 60K a year world wide. This segment of the market is going away and very quickly. This car really needed to be a WOW for Mercedes but I think it might end up being the death of them. It lacks any visual imagination and is loaded in tech. If you drive one, remember the electronics go out ALL the time. Hard drives don't last and neither do screens, especially in places that have extreme temps. This car is benign when it comes to design. I use to trade every two years, as did my parents and I always bought CL's or S Coupes but now I'm lost. No more high end luxury coupes and this latest S leaves me cold. I refuse to even been seen in a soccer mom SUV. I feel left out of the market.
AM12294 天 前
@2:10 , who else got excited at having Matt ask if you’re a top or a bottom? 😛
Dia Mohamed
Dia Mohamed 天 前
This car can't go nowhere where i'm coming from . too caution
Megan Burgasser
Megan Burgasser 天 前
4 gen
Stephen Donato
Stephen Donato 天 前
johntokn 天 前
I could afford to buy this car. Mind you, I'd have to live in it.
Maomario Mario
Maomario Mario 天 前
the last model offcourse
Mechanic Mode
Mechanic Mode 天 前
evelcat 天 前
5th gen for me.
Andrés Cabrera
Andrés Cabrera 天 前
4th and 6th generations the best
jago singh
jago singh 天 前
Outstanding review!!
jqsmooth77 天 前
Anyone else notice that the chrome trim on the trunk does not line up with the tail light perfectly on the right side as it does on the left side?
Dragon Hill
Dragon Hill 天 前
OMG this guy is So Annoying !
Adis Gluhalic
Adis Gluhalic 天 前
Cmon most stuff is just a copy from the new A8, actualy the whole interior is
"Welcome to Delamain excelsior package!"
Eddie 2 天 前
I love your sense of humour as you review this car... cheers mate
Lauri Nieminen
Lauri Nieminen 2 天 前
I cant be the only one who thinks this new designt of Mercedes from inside out is terrifying compared to few years older ones.
Reed Kaelin
Reed Kaelin 2 天 前
7TH Generation! AMAZING!
motivation 2 天 前
7 gen..
dubFROGGY300 2 天 前
Imagine rich kids with their sibling in front of them in the passenger seat just messing with their chair setup the whole time from the back 😂
Kugel Blitz
Kugel Blitz 2 天 前
Mula jasto nai raicha gadi ta. I like it.
Robert Soenoto
Robert Soenoto 2 天 前
Looks like NASCAR
Smokin' Aces
Smokin' Aces 2 天 前
Only issue with this video is that Samsung hahahaha
Crystal Cxrtier
Crystal Cxrtier 2 天 前
5th Generation is the best looking one to date.
Gen C
Gen C 2 天 前
Top or a bottom 🗿🗿
Adrian 2 天 前
Short side note, the a class from 2018 can also already self park (in the same manner as here 18:25 )
Adrian 2 天 前
Honestly I don't mind the screen and can't wait how that hyperscreen will look like
dragan dragan
dragan dragan 2 天 前
Dieser Mann ist irritierend
M S Race
M S Race 2 天 前
The car is just ugly. The dashboard is trash, the outside body line has no taste, the rear interior great. What a waste of materirial to creat such a disgusting car.
Josh Jones
Josh Jones 3 天 前
6th gen
Tiago Alves
Tiago Alves 3 天 前
Marco not on facebook
Marco not on facebook 3 天 前
No V12?
Elderin Moi
Elderin Moi 3 天 前
Jaden Romaya
Jaden Romaya 3 天 前
Tbh if I ever got this car it would not be a chaufer car I would drive it
MS 07
MS 07 3 天 前
Old model of S class is much better from front .... This is ugly front ..... And taillight ...
nick shayan
nick shayan 3 天 前
this car is Masterpiece from mercedes benz ,well done mercedes
Abhishek Sharma
Abhishek Sharma 3 天 前
6th gen
I liked its physical appearence at first grance, It is amazing car to think about!!! Guys check out this review also,And SUBSCRİBE for new updates,thanks.
"It feels so expensive" Well?? It is
Kaiser Fox I
Kaiser Fox I 4 天 前
I can't like the interior. I get that touchscreens are the new trend for cars now but this is too much. I like at least a few real buttons, and there's no pretty analog clock on the center of the dash, and the worst part is that the dashboard doesn't mold together AT ALL. The guage cluster screen looks like it was straight up taped on sticking straight up like that. But the center screen is the worst, it clearly doesn't even fit on the dash and the climate control vents look like mercedes forgot about them until after they were done taping the iPad to the console. Just Too. Much. Screen. There's something to be said for subtlety and a finely molded dashboard. In that regard the Lexus LS 500 has won my heart, the dashboard flows together perfectly and still has screens. I'm not paying $100k for a rolling identity crisis and a poorly fitted dash.
nadeem khawaja
nadeem khawaja 4 天 前
6 gen
hadlee89 4 天 前
.58 that alignment is staggering me
Rao Waleed Hayat
Rao Waleed Hayat 4 天 前
If we’re not meant to have midnight snacks, why is there a light in the fridge?
Rao Waleed Hayat
Rao Waleed Hayat 4 天 前
All my life I thought air was free… until I bought a bag of chips.
jujujuju jujujujuju
jujujuju jujujujuju 4 天 前
the grill has been like that since audi was not existing asshole vwgroup supporters
jwb935 4 天 前
In looks it seems they got this one and the previous one the wrong way around. The older model it replaced looks more modern.
Comely Cities 4K
Comely Cities 4K 4 天 前
Great video
HYPER x 4 天 前
The 5th generation ❤️⚡
Rose Bois
Rose Bois 4 天 前
The interior is modern but with 0 sanity. Is there an option without the light strip?
MRM 4 天 前
Every second of this video screamed at me saying how poor I am
Razak Kalik
Razak Kalik 4 天 前
The 4th generation mate
Arnob Khan
Arnob Khan 4 天 前
Come on you can't eliminate gear shift with screen, that's just awful thing to do
kickinbackinOC 4 天 前
Usually I say the Hyundai Genesis looks like a Merecedes S-Class. But this S-Class looks kinda Korean to me. Not stately enough, kinda subdued. I want my S-class to look classy! Now that I've finished the video, I have to say that it's a technological tour de force. How about that parrallel parking?!!!
Koysur Rahman
Koysur Rahman 4 天 前
It will have 1000s of mechanical problems 4 years down
Habitando Property
Habitando Property 4 天 前
5th generation.
r0p 5 天 前
So when Mercedes does it, its brilliant and a tech fest. But of Tesla does it,its a gimmick.
Adrian 2 天 前
You don't really know what you are talking about
shelloiluk 5 天 前
For me the 5 th generation looks best I was driven in one every week to the airport and loved it
TypicalXx Productions
TypicalXx Productions 5 天 前
Mat Watson : 1st Gen, 2nd gen, 3rd gen, 4th gen, 5gen, 6th gen, or 7th gen COMMENTS DOWN BELOW. Comments: KWIWJSJWIWJWIWJSJIAJSJAJAJWJSOSSJSJSJJSS
Sara W64
Sara W64 5 天 前
Money cant buy you happiness, but this is a great car to be miserable in Another one to add to my "when I win the lottery" list
Jawad Karim
Jawad Karim 5 天 前
1. pre facelift 222 2. 140 3. 126 4. 220 5. 221 this shit is garbage
Evo Imene
Evo Imene 5 天 前
21:20 But, you DID touch the brake :P
Shim09 5 天 前
As far as the exterior design is concerned its definitely the sixth generation for me!
Dr. Wong Jun Shyan
Dr. Wong Jun Shyan 5 天 前
I liked the second generation S
David 5 天 前
6:15 from here the rear tv screen NEVER re-aligned the final focal point. It made it all weird in the end, and for that reason, I’m out.
F M 5 天 前
the speedo cluster is shaped from a dated cluster from the 80's/ poor design on tha
Celimpilo Dlamini
Celimpilo Dlamini 6 天 前
Not me looking at a car worth millions rands, while I don't even have a wheelbarrow.
D Smith
D Smith 6 天 前
The headlights are v BMW
d c
d c 6 天 前
Best S review ever.
B. Z
B. Z 6 天 前
About the annoying features about the S class, he tried his best to find out the tiniest bit of things because whatever he said about it totally sounded like utter bullshit.
Jumbo Thomas
Jumbo Thomas 6 天 前
Jumbo thomas liked your video
Bartolomeo Pontin
Bartolomeo Pontin 6 天 前
The rear kinda looks like a stormtrooper
ZK Markov
ZK Markov 6 天 前
They finally made a car you can drive in third person.
Rashad Bou karroum
Rashad Bou karroum 6 天 前
Me: Wow that S class looks luxurious and expensive My wallet: dont even think about it
Raveen George Thomas
Raveen George Thomas 6 天 前
Do a review between the new s class maybach vs Rolls Royce Phantom .
J DB 6 天 前
sounds like a very expensive joke if anything of those fancy doodads starts breaking
Anandu 6 天 前
I'm impressed...i'm going to buy it,Thank you mat👌👍
David Korasare
David Korasare 6 天 前
Definitely the 6th Gen Model
muhab mohammed
muhab mohammed 6 天 前
Finally you have said something nice about Mercedes benz . admit that BMW can't do these things. This is the reality Mercedes Benz is the best or nothing.
Amtul Mateen
Amtul Mateen 6 天 前
COPYCATS OF TESLA YOU CAN EASILY TELL also I think there is a car that has the exact same seets as this Mercedes
Callum Sinclair
Callum Sinclair 7 天 前
I can’t wait to have this car , When I grow up
Callum Sinclair
Callum Sinclair 7 天 前
Do this car heat hot drinks
Callum Sinclair
Callum Sinclair 7 天 前
Do you this car is magic
Vintage Hunter Builds
Vintage Hunter Builds 7 天 前
Nicely done! Love it. .. did one w124 is now a daily runner ...
Jake 7 天 前
I don't like the front grill maybe is because it doesn't have the big mercedes logo which is a shame because that makes mercedes stand out more just my opinion
martin8uq 7 天 前
*4th Gen Grille.*
M. Ashraf
M. Ashraf 7 天 前
W140 😏😏
Callum Sinclair
Callum Sinclair 7 天 前
That girl look like Siri
Callum Sinclair
Callum Sinclair 7 天 前
That car look like plane ✈️
Callum Sinclair
Callum Sinclair 7 天 前
That machine look like airplane iPad
Callum Sinclair
Callum Sinclair 7 天 前
And Alexa
Callum Sinclair
Callum Sinclair 7 天 前
Mercedes talk like Siri
Callum Sinclair
Callum Sinclair 7 天 前
Bit like Siri
Callum Sinclair
Callum Sinclair 7 天 前
I love ❤️ White cars
Jan Pruijser
Jan Pruijser 7 天 前
Second gen for me! Such a classic “face”
Callum Sinclair
Callum Sinclair 7 天 前
Like Siri
Ada Siapa Di Bintaro ????
Bobby Rahman
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