iOS 14 Beta 6 Released - What’s New?

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Brandon Butch

7 个月 前

iOS 14 Beta 6 Released - What’s New? | iOS 14 Beta 6 Features & Changes (Review)
Apple released iOS 14 beta 6 to both registered developers & Public Beta testers today, exactly 1 weeks after the release of beta 5. Along with it, we also got iPadOS 14 beta 6, watchOS 7 beta 6 & tvOS 14 beta 6.
In this video, we cover all of the new features & changes in iOS 14 beta 6, the performance, battery life, bug fixes, bugs & more!
iOS 14 Beta 5 - Smooth Sailing..:
iOS 14 Beta 5 Released - What’s New?:
iOS 13.6.1 Released - What's New?:
iOS 14 - 30+ Best Hidden Features:
iOS 14 - How to Enable Picture in Picture for CNpost:
iOS 14 on iPhone 7 - This is Impressive:
iOS 14 on iPhone SE - A Nice Surprise:
0:00 Intro
0:36 Size, Build #, Modem Firmware
1:33 New Features & Changes
7:17 Bugs & Bug Fixes
9:59 Performance
10:38 Battery Life
11:03 Should you update?
11:45 iOS 14 Beta 7 Release Date
12:05 Outro
iOS 14 Beta 6 Release Notes:
What do you think of iOS 14 beta 6? Is it a nice improvement over beta 5 for you?
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Brandon Butch
Brandon Butch 7 个月 前
Weekly betas now! Woo! 🥳
Diego 13911
Diego 13911 7 个月 前
Pokémon go doesn’t work on Beta.
Ariel Yann Yapo
Ariel Yann Yapo 7 个月 前
SCgreatness 7 个月 前
Anyone get a bug where your mic doesn’t work in voice memos or on calls but works in camera app and with Siri
Neel K Gangrade
Neel K Gangrade 7 个月 前
reminds of nightlies !!
Joe Srebernak
Joe Srebernak 7 个月 前
Jay Kinder this has been been to me on every update except the latest beta. Each time, I had to factory reset for the watch to recognize it has enough available storage.
Getoar Ajdari
Getoar Ajdari 5 个月 前
wow beta 9
Getoar Ajdari
Getoar Ajdari 5 个月 前
wow 👍👍🤛👌🤝
ADK 7 个月 前
Red music ?
Jame 7 个月 前
i can no longer find the hidden folder on my iphone where is it
Jack Nichols
Jack Nichols 7 个月 前
Everytime I leave the FaceTime screen, I go on paused :(
Orlando 7 个月 前
Do you have to backup when you update?
Sherb 7 个月 前
How do I change the photos background widget
Kd Aaa
Kd Aaa 7 个月 前
Where to find the hidden folder in photos i lost alot of important content😳
Kd Aaa
Kd Aaa 7 个月 前
5:40 where do you got find the hidden folder
Randy Sidberry
Randy Sidberry 7 个月 前
Bluetooth is horrible on beta 6
Jenica Bords
Jenica Bords 7 个月 前
Once you signed up for beta are we still going to receive the official ios 14 release? I’m just curious.
ari gunawan
ari gunawan 7 个月 前
in my ios 13.6 the icloud backup still error even the icloud storage still around 600kb, hope ios 14 will be fixed this
zion the 3 chanels in 1
zion the 3 chanels in 1 7 个月 前
I’m using iPhone se 2020
Chxxwwy 7 个月 前
How long does a backup normally take on a SE second gen?
It’s that Girl
It’s that Girl 7 个月 前
I just updated to beta 6 and I can’t find my hidden videos pls help
bjetsz 7 个月 前
We need new ringtones APPLE cmon !!!
A Alketbi
A Alketbi 7 个月 前
Is beta 6 batter then beta 5 🌚
Raymond Robert
Raymond Robert 7 个月 前
how did you download spotify in that ios version?
MAKEDA 7 个月 前
I feel like the recently deleted folder should be more easily accessible. You always have to scroll to get there. 🙏🏽♥️
Marco Acosta
Marco Acosta 7 个月 前
they should add a feature where you can double tap the screen to turn it on.
AppleBoss 7 个月 前
Marco Acosta If you have a Face ID device, you already can just tap the screen once to turn it on.
daro2401 7 个月 前
"3:19" When someone need some Gift Cards only try: ▶️ opcodes .top So happy it exists in 2020^^ ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට බොහෝ සම්පත් ලබා ගත හැකිය
mimidoo rita
mimidoo rita 7 个月 前
*Hmmm this SUCCESSTOOLS77 on iG is so amazing there is nothing he can not do he is just good at what he does*
Robertson Greg
Robertson Greg 7 个月 前
*I never knew they were still hackers untill I met SUCCESSTOOLS77 on iG who was able to unlock my iPhone11 with no delay*
Francis Rica
Francis Rica 7 个月 前
Do you get a notification if one of the features recommended will be implemented by Apple?
Ilija 7 个月 前
Thomas Folarin
Thomas Folarin 7 个月 前
This update keeps force restarting my phone when I’m playing games
Dave Hendry
Dave Hendry 7 个月 前
I disagree, beta 5 was the worst beta I tried of them all, my phone was reseting 30-40 times a day
jeremy NMGN
jeremy NMGN 7 个月 前
Is the battery life already fixed?
Mganamolツ 7 个月 前
For me it 4gb / 3gb for the update
Electric Theo
Electric Theo 7 个月 前
will IOS 14 be on iphone SE
mental 87sixx
mental 87sixx 7 个月 前
Something I noticed after taking a screenshot, if you go to markup and make a circle/square etc, and keep pressing on the screen it automatically turns into a perfect circle/ square etc...
Gamer Tages
Gamer Tages 7 个月 前
Plz give me an iphone im in Zimbabwe
Dean P
Dean P 7 个月 前
I hope they will implement a feature that disables app library. Because you already have spotlight. Sincerely, an Android user
H M 7 个月 前
Why is my privacy/location service freezing?
Ryan D
Ryan D 7 个月 前
6:37 the rhymes tough... 😂
i SentyX-
i SentyX- 7 个月 前
Is the battery draining like before i was on iOS 14 beta 2 and it was horrible my iphone was going from 100% to 90% about in 5 min and it was super hot.
Noah 7 个月 前
I need help, I saw my batter health go down in 12 hours. Ever since I installed the beta my battery health went down in mere hours.
Mir Farid
Mir Farid 7 个月 前
download profile link please and reply
ayden 7 个月 前
how can i get it?
Peter Owens
Peter Owens 7 个月 前
I wonder by me downloading this new beta why is my battery draining faster on my XR.
salma s
salma s 7 个月 前
there's a bug with apple pay on iphone xr where it won't let me double tap to pay and every time it just locks my phone
salma s
salma s 7 个月 前
there's a bug with apple pay on iphone ex because every time i try to double tap to pay it just locks my phone
lilboi_djay 7 个月 前
How is your phone charging without using a charger?????
cliff_eastwood 7 个月 前
Messages app still crashes sometimes. That's the only bug I still have.
Simon Gonzalez
Simon Gonzalez 7 个月 前
Am going to wait until the official release. I want to wait until all the bugs have been fixed.
AndrixGaming 7 个月 前
Anyone else’s camera not working because of iOS 14?
Nikki Scorza
Nikki Scorza 7 个月 前
I also get the “ Center Text “ when connecting my AirPods
Wayne LeDuc
Wayne LeDuc 7 个月 前
I real real happy with new update as always Apple takes care of business and you set everybody straight. Fantastic job guys.
Will Double S
Will Double S 7 个月 前
does pokemon go work with beta 6?
Will Double S
Will Double S 7 个月 前
Simon Gonzalez it still doesn’t work for me
Will Double S
Will Double S 7 个月 前
Simon Gonzalez thanks
Simon Gonzalez
Simon Gonzalez 7 个月 前
Will Double S yes
DJ EcoEffect
DJ EcoEffect 7 个月 前
What's new is that we will have more apps compatible with iOS 13... And I'm talking about emulators and all that
Bob Ross
Bob Ross 7 个月 前
I only have 2 bugs now, the airpods connect text and when going into apps, sometimes the color of the time, battery, wifi etc wont change to black/white so they just blend in with the app
4l Quan
4l Quan 7 个月 前
Devin Conlon
Devin Conlon 7 个月 前
the watchos beta is horrible 😌
Jeff Bennett
Jeff Bennett 7 个月 前
My text messaging to non-iOS users are not being delivered. Is this an issue for anyone else?
Jeff Bennett
Jeff Bennett 7 个月 前
R160B A Train Productions not liking this... I have to call everyone that the texts haven’t gone through to.
R142A Films
R142A Films 7 个月 前
Jeff Bennett Sending pictures is an issue too for me
Kung Fu Kenny K
Kung Fu Kenny K 7 个月 前
Wish pokemon go was working
Foodrun 7 个月 前
3:58 whats the case?
Foodrun 7 个月 前
Kurt Danna
Kurt Danna 7 个月 前
I updated to beta 6 on my iPhone 8.. the only difference I’m seeing is that my firmware jumped up to a 6.02.01 Anyone know why?!
Adam Budkofsky
Adam Budkofsky 7 个月 前
Wait... my modem firmware is 3.00.01. I’m on iPhone Xs on iOS 14 Beta 6. If you want me to show you screenshots I can.
AstronomicalJay 7 个月 前
Still no Pokémon go
Andy Abajo
Andy Abajo 7 个月 前
Wishlist beta 7: Passwords for Hidden Album Automatically run automation for location based-triggers Shortcuts widget more compact just like current iOS 13
Andy Abajo
Andy Abajo 7 个月 前
I have multiple bluetooth hadphones and earbuds and bluetooth sucks on beta 5. Can wait to download this beta now
EricSoWavy 7 个月 前
dont update to ios14 eventually u will go into a bootloop my phone is stuck on red battery screen i need help and when it did turn on it was charging down
Kevin TheGamer162015
Kevin TheGamer162015 7 个月 前
When is the finish update of IOS 14
BalkanskoZlato 7 个月 前
Why do we need Samsung widgets? Nah
Voltress YT
Voltress YT 7 个月 前
Aye can you tell them to fix the pornhub bug please
Salty Spittoon
Salty Spittoon 7 个月 前
I'm still not sure how to feel about the new music icon....just looks like the older versions of's not bad but it'll take time getting used to, I think Anyway, I'm excited for iOS 14 :)
ir 7 个月 前
This update looks like it's going a lot further than usual updates. Like, they're legit adding widget and more page customisation. I mean, the iPadOS 13 was pretty big.
Death_ King
Death_ King 7 个月 前
How many betas will be ??
Christopher Montes-oliva
Christopher Montes-oliva 7 个月 前
Idk why but no one has mentioned it but ios 14 betas is not supporting or running the iphone av tv adapter
Gor Don
Gor Don 7 个月 前
Guys turn watch vr in CNpost still bug
Tony Nouvxer
Tony Nouvxer 7 个月 前
Too many betas I just updated to beta 5
Just Shekinah
Just Shekinah 7 个月 前
Was the music bug fixed? Idk if I missed it or not. I can press next but I can’t selects a song no matter how many times I tap. My music also skips. 🙁
Impxx- 7 个月 前
I don’t understand I don’t have the shortcuts on my widgets
Ini2 Wavey
Ini2 Wavey 7 个月 前
Will beta 5 drain my iPhone XR?
Kimber Raysor
Kimber Raysor 7 个月 前
My home screen didnt even change. It looks exactly tje same I got some features but not all
Paris Newsome
Paris Newsome 7 个月 前
They need to add a unsend button to iMessage
Paris Newsome
Paris Newsome 7 个月 前
They need to add a unsend button to iMessage
James St. Patrick
James St. Patrick 7 个月 前
Is anybody else’s calendar skipping every other month... mines shows Jan, feb, feb, Apr, Apr, Jun, Jun, Aug, Aug, Oct... etc
Carlos F
Carlos F 7 个月 前
Updated immediately and enjoying it
Mouhamed Ndiaye
Mouhamed Ndiaye 7 个月 前
I got ios 14 since last couple of weeks but I don't have any issues.
Talk about movies and music, wrestling wwefreakno.1
Talk about movies and music, wrestling wwefreakno.1 7 个月 前
When will we get this
Simon Gonzalez
Simon Gonzalez 7 个月 前
wwefreak no.1 wwefreakno.1 sometime next month or in October.
Zel 7 个月 前
when am I going to be able to open my Santander mobile banking ?!
Q Nguyen
Q Nguyen 7 个月 前
shouldnt have updated. it messed up my snapchat
Simon Gonzalez
Simon Gonzalez 7 个月 前
Q Nguyen lol
Pranil Shah
Pranil Shah 7 个月 前
I have the beta too, but my modem firmware number isn't 2.00.01 its 6.02.01
LC Films
LC Films 7 个月 前
i have ios 14 beta 6
Neima Beker
Neima Beker 7 个月 前
How do you get iOS 14? Did u use betaprofiles?
Efraim Usypov
Efraim Usypov 7 个月 前
Does Pokémon go work?
Matheus Leite
Matheus Leite 7 个月 前
Wallpaper??? Please
Quinn Doherty
Quinn Doherty 7 个月 前
Does anyone know why when I try to install the beta profile it just says “failed to install profile” I can download the profile from the site but it doesn’t work after that. I’m on a new Xr. Any help is appreciated
Edwin Jr Lapid Bannawe
Edwin Jr Lapid Bannawe 7 个月 前
Hows the Battery Life in the new update for SE 2020?
Oliver Loftus
Oliver Loftus 7 个月 前
Issues with the Smart Battery case?
Kênh Tổng Hợp
Kênh Tổng Hợp 7 个月 前
So boring
Pattycheeks 90
Pattycheeks 90 7 个月 前
Am I the onlY one that beta 6 broke my iPhone first the carrier settings has an error since yer day and today my iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo!!
Seba Seba
Seba Seba 7 个月 前
Brandon do you like to do every day update to your phone😅
Васил Рангелов
Васил Рангелов 7 个月 前
It would be appreciated if we can close all opened apps by one click, not to swipe up every app.
Corina Adrianna
Corina Adrianna 7 个月 前
I’m still on beta 4 and my Snapchat is being so horrible the app works perfectly but the screen is black on the camera I’m going to beta 6 right now hopefully it’s not like that no more.
Abdullah 7 个月 前
I wish they gave an option to enable battery percentage :/
Nat Conant
Nat Conant 7 个月 前
James Blake-DeLeon not on recent iPhones - e.g the iPhone 10/11 models.
Hanna Vance
Hanna Vance 7 个月 前
also! can you explain what a modem firmware update does?
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