iOS 14.4 Released - What's New?

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Brandon Butch

2 个月 前

iOS 14.4 Released - What's New? | iOS 14.4 Features & Changes (Review)
A little over a month after the release of iOS 14.3, Apple returns today with the release of iOS 14.4 and iPadOS 14.4. In addition to those, we also got watchOS 7.3, tvOS 14.4 and HomePod version 14.4.
In this video, we discuss what's new in the iOS 14,4 update, including new features, bug fixes, the performance, battery life and more!
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The TRUTH about iPhone XR in 2021..:
iOS 14.3 Released - What's New?:
iOS 15 - Supported Devices, Features & Release Date:
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00:00 Intro
00:34 Size, Build Number, Modem
01:15 Changes
08:13 PS5/Xbox Series X Controller Support
08:35 Bug Fixes
10:56 Performance
11:34 Battery Life
12:13 Should you update?
13:17 iPadOS 14.4
13:53 Conclusion
iOS 14.4 Release Notes -
iOS 14.4 includes the following improvements for your iPhone:
- Smaller QR codes can be recognized by Camera
- Option to classify Bluetooth device type in Settings for correct identification of headphones for audio notifications
- Notifications for when the camera on your iPhone is unable to be verified as a new, genuine Apple camera in iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max
This release also fixes the following issues:
- Image artifacts could appear in HDR photos taken with iPhone 12 Pro
- Fitness widget may not display updated Activity data
- Typing may be delayed and word suggestions may not appear in the keyboard
- The keyboard may not come up in the correct language in Messages
- Audio stories from the News app in CarPlay may not resume after being paused for spoken directions or Siri
- Enabling Switch Control in Accessibility may prevent phone calls from being answered from the Lock Screen
Did you install iOS 14.4 yet? Or are you sticking with iOS 14.3?
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Kinjal Thacker
Kinjal Thacker 2 个月 前
I was about to update and I was like “Let’s wait for Brandon’s video then I’ll do it”
Amanda Wood
Amanda Wood 2 个月 前
I love watching his videos 😍
Amanda Wood
Amanda Wood 2 个月 前
Same here
Poxhani Fam
Poxhani Fam 2 个月 前
Bro i want an iphone i do have an iphone 5 but it sucks
The-Dee VenoM
The-Dee VenoM 2 个月 前
@Hesshanth Jey want a cookie 🍪?
Pm Sanghar
Pm Sanghar 2 个月 前
How is battery life?
Mohamed Mimon Asbai
Mohamed Mimon Asbai 15 天 前
Eric Valentin
Eric Valentin 20 天 前
Hey Brandon I just got my update today iOS 14.4.2 what's new to text back to me please and let me know
daniel 个月 前
i just updated from ios 13.3 to this
Ernesto Gonzalez
Ernesto Gonzalez 个月 前
Im still on ios 14 (iphone x) Should I stay or update to 14.4?
MrSonyMicro 26 天 前
I am on ios 13.6 on iphone X. Did you update your iOS to 14.4 or 14.4.1?? How is device performance??
Noel Ablaza
Noel Ablaza 个月 前
But why does wifi disconnects when the phone is locked? It will just connect again if you open the phone.
ImHughだ 个月 前
I just updated my phone and it won’t let me use my WiFi and Bluetooth it’s has a line on them and I click on them and nun happens
David Villalobos
David Villalobos 个月 前
Why for me when I send a TikTok it sends “have u seen this video”at the same time it send the video do u know how to take it off
H & A nation
H & A nation 个月 前
can you get this on the iphone 11 ?
Mark L
Mark L 个月 前
Went to go update my TV Provider setting and noticed it is no longer an option for iPhone or Apple TV on 14.4. Any idea why this option would be removed?
Renauldo Albertie
Renauldo Albertie 个月 前
I wish they would impliment the "hide sensitive content" on the lockscreen like on android. Where it says "text message" or "email" or "messenger"
Harshit Singhal
Harshit Singhal 个月 前
So I was on 14.1, I made a shortcut automation which would speak "charger connected" when i plug it in, and "charger disconnected" when removed. And one to speak out when the battery reaches 80%. It working nice last night, I plugged it in and out a couple of times, worked fine. Then come this morning, and I plug it in, but it doesn't say anything, I enable "ask before running", it shows that it wants to run an automation task. I click run, but it doesn't speak anything, I plug it in a couple of time, doesn't work, I make another automation for the same, still, doesn't work! I upgrade to 14.4, And plug it in to check if it is working or not, and guess what, it has been screaming "charger connected" "charger disconnected" again and again and again and AGAIN for the last 5 mins, It won't stop speaking even if I disable the automation + put it on silent mode + mute the volume + put on DND. FML.
Krimo Jay
Krimo Jay 个月 前
I regret updating my iOS to this version My 7plus camera doesn’t focus on objects at farther distance anymore
Kevin Raab
Kevin Raab 个月 前
What is this IUS you speak of? I thot it was IOS.
Je Yi
Je Yi 个月 前
ios big sur ios diarrhea dump! awesome! there are less bugs in an indiana jones movie than this dog vomit cash grab trash
Marioreviews123 个月 前
Can you help me I installed on an iPhone 7 128 GB version of iOS 14.4 and now it’s boot looping how can you help me
Connors Faded
Connors Faded 个月 前
this nigga listens to Young MA???😂
Jecca Ordena
Jecca Ordena 个月 前
My phon max 12 pro has this blinking logo when i power it on. What to do. Pls help
Ayzinhooo 个月 前
im still on ios 13. something
Mordekay Oddman Nxumalo
Mordekay Oddman Nxumalo 个月 前
Is it possible to track a friends iPhone when his/her find my Is deactivated? Asking for a depressed friend
Amirul Ismail
Amirul Ismail 个月 前
Why siri not working in typing whatsapp bro
Pia Tristine
Pia Tristine 个月 前
Hi! I’m I’ve updated to ios 14.4 and I’ve been using it for a week now. And I’m having trouble connecting to the wifi, I still need to go to settings so I could connect. :(( it’s so inconvenient
Hendra Lim
Hendra Lim 个月 前
How about ur battery life?
Fobby P
Fobby P 个月 前
I don’t know if this is everybody or just me but every time I go on my email and click on a link that would usually send me to the corresponding app it sends me to the website of the app on my browser
Getsy Snipes
Getsy Snipes 2 个月 前
Yes the Spotify update 😩
livii 2 个月 前
why the heck do you have so much airpods please send me one
kehl 2 个月 前
im using an iphone 8, ios14.3 had major battery drain but this update fixed it a bit
Bryan Rodriguez
Bryan Rodriguez 2 个月 前
just updated last night, i have an iphone x, everything seems to be running very smoothly and even fixed some issues i was having like missing calls and notifications from apps like whatsapp and facebook messenger :)
Bryan Rodriguez
Bryan Rodriguez 21 天 前
@Angela Mejio charging time is about 2 hours id say
Angela Mejio
Angela Mejio 个月 前
@Bryan Rodriguez how about your charging time?
Bryan Rodriguez
Bryan Rodriguez 个月 前
@Angela Mejio i’m not a heavy user so i get about 4-5 hours of full on use
Angela Mejio
Angela Mejio 个月 前
How’s the battery life? How much screen time do you get from a 100% charge to around 20%?
Jianqiao Jin
Jianqiao Jin 2 个月 前
hide your serial number concerning safety issues :-)
M&N Distribution
M&N Distribution 2 个月 前
My phone is trying to download it bad but I’m not letting it
MG11 2 个月 前
Iphone 8 just downloaded 14.4 what's new? hit me in the comments
thaej ashby
thaej ashby 2 个月 前
So can I connect my ps5 contrôler to the phone now or ?
Gino Guillermo
Gino Guillermo 2 个月 前
Does turning off the WiFi and Bluetooth actually turns it off completely or not? Can I set a custom ringtone or MP3 file downloaded on to your device without the help of either iTunes, PC or Garageband? Can you multitask and work with two apps at the same time like Android? Is there an equaliser for the music player? Tapping a link on social media (for example CNpost) launches the app or goes to Safari or Chrome? Can you customise the 1st-party app like height, swipe typing, themes, colours, etc.? How robust is the Files app i.e. compatible with most third-party apps? Are the camera settings still located in Settings or within the app itself? If iOS can do all of these I'm gonna jump ship now.
Denver Lee Harris
Denver Lee Harris 2 个月 前
The so-called “ feature” of telling you that it wasn’t repaired by Apple, is to screw over Apple customers and authorized repair centers. Tim Cook is a horrible money crazed psycho that is squeezing every dime out of customers. Even if the part is an authorized Apple product, The cameras and batteries now or serialized so that only Apple can install them. What a horrible terrible awful ridiculous thing to do to customers. And without a competition with an amazing ecosystem as Apple, we’re stuck with Tim Cook doing whatever he wants to us.
Azra Kaya
Azra Kaya 2 个月 前
Will the battery life be better
Azra Kaya
Azra Kaya 2 个月 前
I didnt watch the video sooo should I install it
Sammy Fuentes
Sammy Fuentes 2 个月 前
See this is what happens wen people update there phones just beacuse someone tells you to . Hey this is Apple ways of making money paid a 1199. For a. New iPhone 12 Pro Max and then in the first update the phone got mess . And wen you call theme . They don’t know nothing. Apple only wants you’re money . Open you’re 👀👀
Booze Baron
Booze Baron 2 个月 前
Just discovered that in “Settings” it looks for your Face ID I guess as added security? I hate it with a COVID mask on. Samsung has a finger sensor under the front glass and wired headphones still 👍🏻 If it can’t ID you it after 3 try’s it’ll finally switch to your numerical lock code. My next phone will be a used Samsung S20+ 5G Ultra (new/used typically half the price) and SSD card goes to 1TB plus 512GB =1.5TBytes total plus 5G where Apple XS max /11 do not. Tired of being 3-5 years behind Samsung/Android !!! Appl user since my iPhone 3GS /. 4SE / 5c / 6plus skipped 7&8 then jumped to an X and XS max. Just paid both off after 2 years ($2800) no way I’m selling those for maybe $700 pair and dumping another $2800 on a 12 max one for work - one for personal. Which model Apple has dual SIM card trays? Surely not a USA vendor?
Chandra Sekhar
Chandra Sekhar 2 个月 前
Really my iPhone 8 battery is draining while using spotify in iOS 14.4 and sometimes it stops and lagging in playing music
Eliana Chan
Eliana Chan 2 个月 前
Me just seeing all his iPhone 12s: 👁👄👁
Anoc55 2 个月 前
Great more stupid iPhone feature that are useless. I feel so sorry for people who use anything apple. Its like they are still trying to catch up with Android. It is so pathetic
Callum Hill
Callum Hill 2 个月 前
the only reason i downloaded it was bc my mate sent me an emoji that my ios didn’t recognise so it popped up as a question mark in a box so i asked him and he said to download new ios update lmao
Jessa Christy Hedocil
Jessa Christy Hedocil 2 个月 前
I just updated into ios 14.4 and my vibration and haptics aren't working. what should I do? I have an iPhone 7plus. help meeeeeeeee. :(
Drae White
Drae White 2 个月 前
For some reason on my iphone 12 the display brightness adjust itself randomly without the automatic toggle on
david G
david G 2 个月 前
Wow I noticed I can see the videos on 2160p on my iPhone is that new update or something
Abbie Garcia
Abbie Garcia 2 个月 前
i updated my phone and it stopped working. 10/10 would recommend✨
Mok tan
Mok tan 2 个月 前
sir you have so many iphone can you give me some one ☝️
Elver Gudo
Elver Gudo 2 个月 前
Long story short, the phone is the same
T00LF00L 2 个月 前
✅ iOS ❌ iUS
Asmir Emrovic
Asmir Emrovic 2 个月 前
After updating my Iphone X, my battery dies at 10-15% all the time. It has never happened before. I do not recommend updating. Appeal needs to be punished for this conscious as they do.
Sabrina Haskett
Sabrina Haskett 2 个月 前
Ever since iOS 14.3 & 14.4 my iPhone battery drains faster! Moreover, my iPhone has stopped integrating with CarPlay! I have to use a cord (apple certified) then normally the CarPlay engages/starts up. Issues started with 14.3 then I thought 14.4 update would fix this bug but it doesn’t. Spotify keeps opening over whatever app I’m running, for example gps. The audio still runs through my car speakers via Bluetooth but I have use my phone for apps. Another big issue my phone battery not only drains faster even in low power mode, none of the many cords I’ve tried won’t charge my iPhone. Has anyone else had this issue? Any assistance you can lend would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
Mateo Navarro
Mateo Navarro 2 个月 前
I wonder if this update really does have improved battery life hmm🤔 like how does that work
Adriana cx
Adriana cx 2 个月 前
Dont be shy, break your camera
Neelesh B.Singh
Neelesh B.Singh 2 个月 前
this how many people dont even have iphone
Brandon Hooker
Brandon Hooker 2 个月 前
The keyboard lag was annoying, but after 14.3 it was gone initially, returned for a week or two, then went away again. However, the main issue that annoyed me most was anytime I went to share a picture in messages, I’d select the picture, hit send and as soon as the picture menu dropped down it would pop right back up, sometimes a second time after I swiped it down. That was very irritating. Seems to be fixed for now, but I’ve only had 14.4 for like 4 hours haha
BIG SMOKE 2 个月 前
Aaaooooww my dog! Whassup? Ha ha ha ha!
Eric Gonzalez
Eric Gonzalez 2 个月 前
Wallpaper ?
Skully Crossbone
Skully Crossbone 2 个月 前
The spotify fix didn't happen for me. :C
Yadierelle 2 个月 前
My iPhone 7 bootlooped and I tried to restore my iPhone 7 with my MacBook. IF I HAVE ONE!
Kim Concepcion
Kim Concepcion 2 个月 前
Is somebody here experiencing error activating their imessage? I updated my ios to the previous 14.3 but it didn’t fix it. Hopefully I can now activate my imessage with this new update! Btw I am using 7 Plus. Thanks!
Emmanuel Mark
Emmanuel Mark 2 个月 前
Thanks to gray_huntt his a genius in breaking iCloud He has the mastermind spyware tools to deliver fast and reliable
Elena Owen
Elena Owen 2 个月 前
Thanks to gray_huntt his a genius in breaking iCloud He has the mastermind spyware tools to deliver fast and reliable
Samuel Steven
Samuel Steven 2 个月 前
Thanks to gray_huntt his a genius in breaking iCloud He has the mastermind spyware tools to deliver fast and reliable
Samuel Steven
Samuel Steven 2 个月 前
Thanks to gray_huntt his a genius in breaking iCloud He has the mastermind spyware tools to deliver fast and reliable
Samuel Steven
Samuel Steven 2 个月 前
Thanks to gray_huntt his a genius in breaking iCloud He has the mastermind spyware tools to deliver fast and reliable
Samuel Steven
Samuel Steven 2 个月 前
Thanks to gray_huntt his a genius in breaking iCloud He has the mastermind spyware tools to deliver fast and reliable
Bobby jason
Bobby jason 2 个月 前
I recommend gray_huntt via IG He verified my girlfriend’s Snapchat account only him has the mastermind spyware tools to deliver fast and his services covers a wide range services
Michael Ugha
Michael Ugha 2 个月 前
Thanks a lot gray_huntt via ℹG
Michael Ugha
Michael Ugha 2 个月 前
Thanks to gray_huntt via ℹG for unlocking my iCloud in 30 minutes his a genius
Jeff Guillaume
Jeff Guillaume 2 个月 前
Playlist 🔥🔥🤗
Galaxy_Vibess 2 个月 前
This Video is Very Good! quick question What’s that Wall paper on your iPhone 12 it Looks Amazing!
JiLLz babu
JiLLz babu 2 个月 前
The issue with Idle Battery drain on my iphone 12 on 14.3 is totally solved with 14.4, now i have zero idle battery drain (surprised) now i get like stand by time of over 2 days if needed. Cheers to that.
Michael Ugha
Michael Ugha 2 个月 前
Thanks to gray_huntt via !G for unlocking my iCloud
Michael Ugha
Michael Ugha 2 个月 前
Thanks to gray_huntt via !G for unlocking my iCloud
Ian Japril
Ian Japril 2 个月 前
I am using iphone 11 still at 14.0.1 and I dont have any issue. Should I upgrade?
Mica Davis
Mica Davis 2 个月 前
Updated and having more problems than before 🤦🏾‍♀️
Christine Stocker-Rhodes
Christine Stocker-Rhodes 2 个月 前
Hi thank you for always having helpful videos, I learn alot! Do you know why there isnt a close all button when all the apps are open? I used to have a Samsung 3 years ago and that is the one thing I miss.
Nava 2 个月 前
My 14.4 update was 3gb and i had 14.3 before..?
Eric Steele
Eric Steele 2 个月 前
iPhone 7
dayneee 2 个月 前
still waiting for the day that we can edit bluetooth devices so I know which is which 😂
Kurt • Plays
Kurt • Plays 2 个月 前
Ios 14.3 allows me to use my iphone 14-15 hours! 100% at 5am 30% at 4pm! Based on the comments 14.4 battery is bad
Will 2 个月 前
Did they fix the notification problem when someone sends you a message you would not get the notification
Edgar Martins
Edgar Martins 2 个月 前
"Scanning small QR code is good because QR codes are getting bigger and bigger!" 6:57
kpopster 2 个月 前
I was like, "wait what!?"
Exquisite Transitions By Rae
Exquisite Transitions By Rae 2 个月 前
I like how he has Young M.A on screen ❤️❤️❤️
Moneygamercool 2 个月 前
I’m so
All Gods
All Gods 2 个月 前
The only news we need of the updates rn are if they made the ps5 controller compatible
Lexi C
Lexi C 2 个月 前
I'm still having problems with my keyboard in imessages lagging I hope this fixes it.
Gmoney 2 个月 前
Shout out to Young M.A 🙌🏾
tristan lefebvre
tristan lefebvre 2 个月 前
I did the update and they remove my emoji can you help me
Tiggy 2 个月 前
I am deaf and wear hearing aids.. it tells me all day my " headphone " level is too loud.. I am like umm no
Faruk 个月 前
@C H L O E. M A E damn the audacity to tell someone they are lying about theire life struggles
C H L O E. M A E
C H L O E. M A E 个月 前
@It’s Sara sure buddy sure
It’s Sara
It’s Sara 个月 前
@C H L O E. M A E captions
C H L O E. M A E
C H L O E. M A E 个月 前
Than how did u hear the vid??????🤔🤨
It’s Sara
It’s Sara 2 个月 前
Aww sorry may god reward you
Awudu Musah
Awudu Musah 2 个月 前
14.3 seem to have a battery draining issues on older devices like the 6s Plus. How is the battery life on 6S Plus for with this update?
Mary Laville
Mary Laville 2 个月 前
What us home pad you talking about is an app you have download
U.E 2 个月 前
No more timestamps?
Zen Joker
Zen Joker 2 个月 前
Anyone else having issue with macro shots on the iPhone 12 Pro Max
Bridget Malachy
Bridget Malachy 2 个月 前
I bought this iPhone 11 pro max of eBay some days ago, never knew it was on activation lock until I tried using it, I had to come on CNpost to find way to unlock my device but nothing seemed possible so I almost gave up untill someone here referred me to a genius hacker *FÓBHACK* 0n |nsta. Dude unlocked my device in less than 30 minutes 🇱🇷
Bridget Malachy
Bridget Malachy 2 个月 前
I bought this iPhone 11 pro max of eBay some days ago, never knew it was on activation lock until I tried using it, I had to come on CNpost to find way to unlock my device but nothing seemed possible so I almost gave up untill someone here referred me to a genius hacker *FÓBHACK* 0n |nsta. Dude unlocked my device in less than 30 minutes 🇱🇷
The-Dee VenoM
The-Dee VenoM 2 个月 前
Claudio Vilchis
Claudio Vilchis 2 个月 前
Why don’t you send me one of those iPhone 12 Pro Max’s since you have like 5 👍(I’ll sub)
MrGoOg 2 个月 前
I have iphone 7 plus and its on 13 ios ,, should i update it or not?
Peerapat Sunsavek
Peerapat Sunsavek 2 个月 前
anyone here having wifi connective issues?
MR.Arviram 2 个月 前
My phone is in silent mode but when someone calls the sound plays. @Brandon Butch (12 pro max)
Mayah 2 个月 前
You might have them as a bypass by accident check your contacts or go to settings and turn ringer off
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