Uncle Roger Think Cowboy Fried Rice SO WEIRD (Kent Rollins)

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个月 前

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Cowboy Kent Rollins
Cowboy Kent Rollins 个月 前
Thanks Uncle Roger, you come by the wagon and we will cook some beef
drnaz 7 天 前
im trying to get last comment
drnaz 7 天 前
im trying to get last comment
drnaz 7 天 前
im trying to get last comment
drnaz 7 天 前
im trying to get last comment
drnaz 7 天 前
im trying to get last comment
Andrew Bringas
Andrew Bringas 7 分钟 前
Bro wym don’t torture animals don’t y’all have a whole holiday based on torturing dogs 😂
Joe Velazquez
Joe Velazquez 28 分钟 前
People who like non alcoholic beers deserve a kick in the nuts
Fang Chi jack
Fang Chi jack 5 小时 前
Pai pai (bye bye)
FangABXY FangABXY 7 小时 前
“Many western countries scared of m. s. g.” *laughs in chips*
Joseph Fontenot
Joseph Fontenot 9 小时 前
Beer taste like 💩
CaptainAMAZINGGG 10 小时 前
Uncle Roger: don't torture the baby cows, so sad!! Also uncle roger: constantly makes fun of vegans. 🧐
Kush man
Kush man 13 小时 前
That blm joke was pretty fucking fire lol
Matador 2183
Matador 2183 14 小时 前
“Sorry children”
P 1
P 1 15 小时 前
drzkelvin48 16 小时 前
By the end of the video uncle Roger legs said: we old today 😂❤️. Much love uncle Roger.
sir calvin
sir calvin 18 小时 前
Erica-Elfriede Marik
Erica-Elfriede Marik 20 小时 前
Totally correct...Butter???🙈🙈🙈 All that is not Asian but neat that you made a try
Sean McEarl
Sean McEarl 21 小时 前
Absolutely savage. The bloopers, just savage and absolutely hilarious.
Noir Champs
Noir Champs 22 小时 前
Nigel is hilarious, bloopers always get me! they can't pronounce blm you right bro
Kellan Pomeroy
Kellan Pomeroy 22 小时 前
The BLM joke towards the end had me 🤣🤣
Matthew Talbot-Paine
Matthew Talbot-Paine 23 小时 前
Um I have sauce that has celery in it all the time. It's a sauce that is supposed to be like a bloody mary so it needs it.
Matthew Talbot-Paine
Matthew Talbot-Paine 23 小时 前
My stock cube had no msg :( Need to buy some I think
Matthew Talbot-Paine
Matthew Talbot-Paine 23 小时 前
If you want to have beer for lunch and you are too much of a pussy to be judged by your mates buy a Heineken 0.0 pour that shit away because it's alcohol free and therefore not really beer buy a real beer and pour it in the bottle.
Koda 天 前
cooking like a chef, I’m a five star Michelin
Dayle the MMA fiend Hurn
Dayle the MMA fiend Hurn 天 前
Love Kent
eduardo prieto
eduardo prieto 天 前
This was funny.
Iskovaj 天 前
Omyghad "Many white people cant say black lives matter" GAHAHAHAHAGAHAHGAGAGAGAGAGA
Iskovaj 天 前
Uncle Roger *Knows Felix in straykids* Me : Twice and Straykidz 👁️👄👁️
小南Konan 天 前
Mohamad faiz Rosli
Mohamad faiz Rosli 天 前
Best review from uncle roger
Mohamad faiz Rosli
Mohamad faiz Rosli 天 前
Mohamad faiz Rosli
Mohamad faiz Rosli 天 前
So best this video
Maliwey 265
Maliwey 265 天 前
i love the opening with its 90's anime styul
Evan Tran99
Evan Tran99 天 前
Love is not real confirmed
Gab Borja
Gab Borja 天 前
David Gingras
David Gingras 天 前
I have a cast iron wok. I wonder what that means.
Nightcore Bloodcore
Nightcore Bloodcore 天 前
Imagine being sponsored by Heineken 😂thats legendary
Anagram Confirmed
Anagram Confirmed 天 前
So the thing with the sauce on the rice.... We white folk reeeeaaallly like sauces and gravies.
Jade 天 前
They lasso the cows and flip them over so that they can brand them so they don't get stolen or if they escape you can check the branding to know what ranch they're from but yes it looks bad I know
嗶嗶啵啵 2 天 前
James Young
James Young 2 天 前
"When you done with your egg fried rice, you don't add anything else" MSG: Why am I still here
Retro 87
Retro 87 2 天 前
Beer without alcohol is like Egg Fried Rice without MSG. Why so weak?
Sihirbaz_Khan_55 2 天 前
You can not make pizza in a wok
BigMini - BS
BigMini - BS 2 天 前
Cecelia Utom
Cecelia Utom 2 天 前
Melody Christy
Melody Christy 2 天 前
Review Indonesian Fried Rice please Uncle!
sachin mishra
sachin mishra 2 天 前
What does uncle Roger say after drinking Heineken Heiyyyyyyyenaaaaaa
Doc Desastro
Doc Desastro 3 天 前
I had Celery in sauce, when I ate Spaghetti Bolognese...it is one of the ingredients of this meaty stew. Also, Celery is quite common as roasted vegetable in sauce stocks in Europe. You roast stuff like carrots, onions, celery in oil and then quench with wine and have a dark sauce basis
Alexander Webb
Alexander Webb 3 天 前
...needs some chilly jam🤣
easy 3 天 前
No to "vegetable" oil"!
Music isamazing
Music isamazing 3 天 前
This is making me hungry merp @-@ at least his food seems better than Jamie Oliver 😂 But wow... Even Kent replied to uncle Roger... When jamie gonna reply?? 😂
Faizal Bin Ibrahim
Faizal Bin Ibrahim 3 天 前
"His reaction is more genuine than Jamie Oliver , Yeaya ! " ; that knocks me down . Lol !!!
Faizal Bin Ibrahim
Faizal Bin Ibrahim 3 天 前
That fried rice looks good and very saliving .
Gonspreath goldwin
Gonspreath goldwin 3 天 前
I can hear uncle rogers's voice from reading the "SO WEIRD" from the title
uncle kent is so cute when he eats his own made fried rice it's so genuine ;--;
Skulls N Bones Creations
Skulls N Bones Creations 3 天 前
Not that many FUYOH in this vidio !!
Gemilang Bayu Ragil Saputra
Gemilang Bayu Ragil Saputra 3 天 前
This video is sponsored by heineken. Insert ajinomoto anyway in opening because MSG is a must.
Hiro in the Franx
Hiro in the Franx 3 天 前
They were branding the cow to make sure no one steals the cattle .
Hiro in the Franx
Hiro in the Franx 3 天 前
Also southern/western food may look gross but it’s hella good
Nicole Limbrick
Nicole Limbrick 3 天 前
Could you review Smokin & Grillin with AB? He made chicken fried rice :)
Buxtonnes 3 天 前
Uncle roger can shove rice up his arse and let people eat what they fucking want. I eat my rice with fucking chocolate.
Allegra Lee
Allegra Lee 3 天 前
Good try though maybe just skip th sauce
nikonosekai 4 天 前
I agree. this fried rice still much better than chilli jam fried rice with tofu. Seriously who mix fried rice with tofu XD. The ingredients are okay , just little bit too much on saucem
Water bottle
Water bottle 4 天 前
What the cao?
Jído 4 天 前
If the beer is 0.0% alcoholic. Can kids drink it.
erix100100 4 天 前
As a dutch person I disapprove of the Heineken ad. It simply tastes awful.
Jonathan Jaquez
Jonathan Jaquez 4 天 前
You haya tooo much but I love you uncle roger
SherGill M
SherGill M 4 天 前
Uncle Roger moaning about the sauce. But dogs???? Really??
Dubuya Jay
Dubuya Jay 4 天 前
10:02. No, it's hard work. Ranch work ain't Club Med, Uncle.
gewgleplus whyigottachangemyname
gewgleplus whyigottachangemyname 4 天 前
The way this cowboy was able to make a more flavourful and authentic fried rice than Jamie Oliver, a celebrity chef, is something else.
Yien nie
Yien nie 5 天 前
Uncle Roger knows felix from stray kids?! FUIYOHHHH!!! First twice, now stray kids... I'm starting to feel that uncle Roger is a J why pee stan
DenmarkCallingEarth 5 天 前
No. That was just disgusting, and had nothing to do with fine dining or Michelin star food. That disgusting mix of Soy, Sesam oil and raw onion he calls a sauce..BWADR!
Bricks and Dirt
Bricks and Dirt 5 天 前
Didn't know the accent was an act
Mike Damon
Mike Damon 5 天 前
The Black Lives Matter joke at the end was, without a doubt, the funniest fucking thing I've heard in a while. I legit had to rewind the video I was laughing so hard... P.S. As someone who's lived in the South my whole life, you aren't wrong.
Ostblock Latina
Ostblock Latina 5 天 前
So the new Heineken not only still tastes like water you washed your rice with, now it also doesn't make you have good time. Great, totally would buy! NOT.
Alan Wat
Alan Wat 6 天 前
Just everytime he says "Sorry children" always gets me 😩
Peter Sutcliffe
Peter Sutcliffe 6 天 前
Michelin only have a 3-star maximum anyway :D
Sheree Hi
Sheree Hi 6 天 前
Lol welcome to woods folk. We dgaf about germs and work on building such an immunity COVID won’t even look our way lmfao
Jeff B
Jeff B 6 天 前
Love your wejos!
drnaz 7 天 前
Psyrecx 7 天 前
I've been told I use too much garlic... F**king vampires.
Uncle Roger, I like you so much. But I have to point this out. You hated the baby cow being tortured (I did too. It's disgusting. They're hideous people for doing that to a child.). But then why do you look down upon vegans. Veganism is bad for taste, but very good for the animals. So... what do you think?
David Mock
David Mock 7 天 前
I guarantee if Uncle Roger tried anything Kent Rollins cooked, it would change his life. Kent Rollins is the the master chef.
vampire847 7 天 前
I never notice in cooking videos when people don't add garlic becuase it is jusy assumed if you are cooking garlic goes in it.
Desparaged Asparagus
Desparaged Asparagus 7 天 前
I trust Kent more than Roger
Conner Matteson
Conner Matteson 7 天 前
Squidward’s House
Squidward’s House 8 天 前
Never understood celery. There's more probably more nutritional value in water and pepper seasoning - which is basically what celery tastes like.
Allegra Chiang
Allegra Chiang 8 天 前
Functionalities I have to do it for you and you have to go back and get it to you do you want me in a couple of hours or do you want me in a couple of minutes or do you want me in a little girl I just want you know that I’m going through a couple things
ukelele_kid 8 天 前
wait is heineken beer 0.0 even halal
Blunt 8 天 前
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Tram Nguyen
Tram Nguyen 8 天 前
The sauce actually looks good (as it's just a premix of all the sauces we gonna put into fried rice), until he put celery into it.
The Djentleman
The Djentleman 8 天 前
i 100% understand Uncle Roger's english more than cowboy Kent's english
Taehyung's Saxophone
Taehyung's Saxophone 8 天 前
“No, no, no only 5-star Michelin Uncle Roger know is Felix from Stray Kids” 12:15 I’ve been waiting for that 👏
Andrew Kasper
Andrew Kasper 8 天 前
3:21 you know you know that sound....
Daniel GUO
Daniel GUO 9 天 前
I thought “0.0” is a emote.
Rob Hunt
Rob Hunt 9 天 前
this shit is hilarious. a stereotypical asian guy commenting on a stereotypical cowboy lmao. came for Kent Rollins, leaving as subscriber.
Keith Hallahan
Keith Hallahan 9 天 前
Roger is racist. Roger is fake. Never met an Asian man called Rodger lol
RBW AKA the beast
RBW AKA the beast 9 天 前
He did better than Jamie Oliver
Fastestchuk 9 天 前
The intro always feels like a intro in a cartoon :3
Just a Punk Fangirl
Just a Punk Fangirl 10 天 前
As someone from the south, I'm dying here watching Uncle Roger being so confused at the southern slang.
Travis Adams
Travis Adams 3 天 前
@Watermelons are nice I'm from Texas and I understand everything he said.
Watermelons are nice
Watermelons are nice 8 天 前
I’m from Texas and I have absolutely no idea what he’s saying
Webbs Kruiser
Webbs Kruiser 10 天 前
The sauce sorta resemble char siu sauce minus the five spice And char siu sauce is one of the best sauce on fried rice.
XZXiaoBao1005 10 天 前
I knew it when he mentioned the only 5* Michelin he knows 🤣 Yeeeee ma boiiii Felixxx
Element Singularity
Element Singularity 10 天 前
The sauce looks like Diarrhea and when he adds more it looks like a shit stain
Dave the Pear
Dave the Pear 10 天 前
"just cook shit in ground!", dude, you amuse the hell out of me
trapio 10 天 前
Forgot the muslim
Jamie Oliver ALMOST Made Ramen...
Sunny Jafry
意见 331K
Rich Sister vs Poor Sister!
Troom Troom WOW
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