BTS Performs "Blue & Grey" | MTV Unplugged Presents: BTS

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2 个月 前

BTS Performs "Blue & Grey" on MTV Unplugged Presents: BTS.
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MTV 2 个月 前
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Hana Ghadrshenas
Hana Ghadrshenas 天 前
@BTS *butter* on may 21st bts@butteronmaay21st
Hana Ghadrshenas
Hana Ghadrshenas 天 前
@BTS *butter* on may 21st @ b
Hana Ghadrshenas
Hana Ghadrshenas 天 前
Sharine Olivia
Sharine Olivia 天 前
Break the silent
Cindy Kappers
Cindy Kappers 13 天 前
I love bts #KimTeahyung
SS 2 小时 前
Why I can’t stop watching this video? So addictive 💜💜💜💜💜💜
raveena 3 小时 前
super beautiful song.
Natália Muzzi
Natália Muzzi 4 小时 前
Carolanne Hubert
Carolanne Hubert 5 小时 前
Im in love 🥰
ARMY Eats 8 小时 前
Jin's voice is so calming...
Rakan F4G
Rakan F4G 9 小时 前
بتس احبكم
잘살자꼭 11 小时 前
Jin and jk singing together part is so... great....
Anushki Perera
Anushki Perera 12 小时 前
Wow tae tae's voice beautiful. He did a great job😇🌍💜
Seema Jaiswar
Seema Jaiswar 13 小时 前
Are you sad and feel so lonely ? We same here , lets cry together !
waniee bae
waniee bae 14 小时 前
Beautiful song ever!😭🤍💜
Larissa Mpude
Larissa Mpude 14 小时 前
I couldn't understand why but I couldn't stop crying during the live broadcast of this song as if I'm getting what they're saying my heart won't stop melting. I just wanna be happier 😢😢 on this ground feels so heavier 😢😢😢. V was so passionate singing this song for a moment I felt he was expressing his feelings. Blue and Grey 💜💜💜💚💚💚💙💙💙💛💛💛🧡🧡🧡🖤🖤🖤💗💗💗
Heal 15 小时 前
Peace in Myanmar437
Peace Love
Peace Love 16 小时 前
Love yourself Relay3670
Eya Correa
Eya Correa 16 小时 前
Yuri T
Yuri T 16 小时 前
Thank you always for your beautiful songs😭💜
Kög$Ʈɜʁʑ 16 小时 前
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Fahriya Rahman Pritha
Fahriya Rahman Pritha 17 小时 前
Mood rn: listening to B&G and bawl
Anita Mullins Brown
Anita Mullins Brown 18 小时 前
If only everyone would read these lyrics and learn to honor God and humanity. This is a cry for help. God bless the writers and always BTS.
yumi min
yumi min 18 小时 前
0:30 sorry but I can hear ONCE BEAUTIFUL by tao Jajsjakkaak I'm not a hater I'm an army don't attack me I'm just saying that blue and grey is very similar to ONCE BEAUTIFUL Its a cdrama ost and it is sang by ztao Ex member of exo ಥ‿ಥ
sasuke хы
sasuke хы 23 小时 前
ничего не понятно но очень интересно и красиво😔🤚
LoveLove 天 前
Peace in Myanmar431
We 天 前
Love yourself Relay3665
Abeer Mohamed
Abeer Mohamed 天 前
Because of this song I'm now an army . i found it in my recommendation (have no idea why ) loved it deeply .then I looked through the comment section every body was taking about aguy called Kim something ( i wasn't able to read his name correctly ) at that time ..i searched his name and i felt in love with him first and with all of them later ....borahea..i purple you
Andrea Guadalupe Arenas Mendoza
Andrea Guadalupe Arenas Mendoza 天 前
I love jimin 😍😍❤️❤️💖
Andrea Guadalupe Arenas Mendoza
Andrea Guadalupe Arenas Mendoza 天 前
I love bts 😍😘
shatha hussein
shatha hussein 天 前
Kim taehyung voice so deep make you feel so comfortable
Hala Husam
Hala Husam 天 前
مُفضلتي 💕💕💕
Tide Lubi
Tide Lubi 天 前
I felt this song, like deep in my soul
Kim Maru
Kim Maru 天 前
This is such a healing song lots of love to BTS from Pakistan
Ashfia Alam
Ashfia Alam 天 前
Blue n grey is a perfect song for situation in which things r not going ur way but u r adjusting to it n making way for happier part
Dhully Mhaykelly
Dhully Mhaykelly 天 前
It's Beutiful ❤️
달파란 天 前
지민아 사랑한다 💜💜💜
sam so
sam so 天 前
Crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Sall Gi
Sall Gi 天 前
I’m crying 😔💜💜💜💜
Together 天 前
Peace in Myanmar426
Mahhdir games
Mahhdir games 天 前
PERFECTION is JEON Jungkook! King of kpo** naah The ACE of pop music industry💥💥💫👏👏, king of all hearts rightly! The sexiest international man defeating biggies by people's America also grazia and Elle. World wide domination! King of social media EVIDENTLY!! Vocal God, Literally the FAV of all CREDIBLE big singers, TV hosts, artists!! Most searched celeb in CNpost, tumblr, Google. The only Person IN THE WORLD having multiple 3M likes and highest RTD (5 tweets) posts on Twitter. Left behind even president Barack Obama and Biden. The power he holds my goddd!!! The only kpop Star with longest charting solo track on billboard ,also highest streams on spotify EUPHORIA. All time EVERR!!! I mean.. that's CLASS. Rightly KING 💫✌💜💜💙💙 NOBODY is doing like the supremely talented and incomparably Amazing Jungkook!! 1st kpop Male idol in history eligible for Gold RIAA certification. Selling more than 500k units in USA!! Nobody's doing it like him!!! Ma Shaa Allah ...Jk.. Ma Shaa Allah! May god bless you!!!
Peace 天 前
Love yourself Relay3658
Placida Avila
Placida Avila 2 天 前
Sugaaaaaaaaaa! Wow..!!
ILens 2 天 前
3 :09 This always gives me goosebumps You can hear his emotions...
paratha 2 天 前
I just had a very panicking situation and this is calming me down + bts fix u cover as well I knew i needed to listen to them when I couldn't stop shaking
Geovana 2 天 前
que lindo ❤️
Emm 2 天 前
No puedo sacar esta obra maestra de mi cabeza, son tan dulces mis chicos.
Ella May Liquen
Ella May Liquen 2 天 前
not me being addicted to Taehyung's voice before my online exam lol
Jaqueline Carvalho
Jaqueline Carvalho 2 天 前
A música o BTS tá tudo perfeito 👆👏👏👏👏👏👏
Jaqueline Carvalho
Jaqueline Carvalho 2 天 前
BTS é SHOW 👆👏👏👏👏
Shreyasree Chatterjee
Shreyasree Chatterjee 2 天 前
When I lost my mother and grandfather... I used to understand the deepest meaning in this song🥺
Ananya Sharma
Ananya Sharma 2 天 前
V's voice is so peaceful!!...I can't 😭😭💜💜
s t
s t 2 天 前
I can't explain just how much BTS have brought into my life...🥰😇😍 Thank you, I'm so happy to be alive hearing these angels sing!
krystynolyv 2 天 前
This song is so sad..😭😭😭
I hate rm's rap in blue and grey
Good Luck
Good Luck 2 天 前
Peace in Myanmar421
Peace and Peace
Peace and Peace 3 天 前
Love yourself Relay3652
Snow Ice
Snow Ice 3 天 前
*Blue & Grey is Co-produced by V and some other people. Its Co-written by V, Suga, Rm & Jhope(from bts members).*
Snow Ice
Snow Ice 3 天 前
*Blue & Grey is Co-produced by V and some other people. Its Co-written by V, Suga, Rm & Jhope(from bts members).*
Tuti Mo
Tuti Mo 3 天 前
Wendy Hugo
Wendy Hugo 3 天 前
EL escenario para BLUE & GREY es hermoso, todo es tan hermoso, BANGTAN , BANGTAN!!!
Anali Jung
Anali Jung 3 天 前
هذه الموسيقى تجعلني حزينا
태형_tv 3 天 前
Taehyung i love you
태형_tv 3 天 前
The melody 😭
태형_tv 3 天 前
Taehyungaaaa you are my angel im here ok you just have to keep going and I'll be your big fan 💜👍😭
Leticia CS
Leticia CS 3 天 前
kim taehyung i love you and i love your voice so much. cant put into words.
Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher 3 天 前
Thank you for your beautiful songs in this dark era! 💜
Soleil Sude
Soleil Sude 3 天 前
İki ay olmuş...
Guadalupe P. A
Guadalupe P. A 3 天 前
Lloranding No puedo con mi vida.
Angela Landa Valdez
Angela Landa Valdez 3 天 前
Escuchar Blue & Grey en altavoz y cantarla es como decirle al mundo como me siento, el peso se aligera y respiro tranquila por un tiempo. Gracias por esta cancion.
g_dragon vip forever
g_dragon vip forever 3 天 前
This song has the most fair line distribution and the thing is about the song is the lyrics its well written and taehyung's voice is chief's kiss
ShepardCommander 天 前
Who tf cares about line distribution?? As far as i know only solo's do
Evee 3 天 前
Leila Fujitani
Leila Fujitani 3 天 前
a letra dessa música acerta em cheio os meus sentimentos :~ impossível não chorar
You and Me
You and Me 3 天 前
Peace in Myanmar415
Apeksha Joshi
Apeksha Joshi 4 天 前
V has such angelic voice and so soothing.. I recently bacame army just because of v.. even though I'm perfectly fine but hearing his voice it feels so comforting and at the same time it's as if i can feel his emotions through his songs inner child, winter bear, blue and grey which makes me want to cry abd give him a big hug, telling him how much we all love them and everything's gonna be fine 🥺.. Aah i so wish that bts reads our comments and know how much they have impacted our lives and how much we all love them unconditionally 💜💜💜 and yeah I'm not crying only my eyes are sweating..
ARMY Princess jennie
ARMY Princess jennie 4 天 前
It's fell like haven
ロンデプラナリ 4 天 前
The way V looks at the camera while singing "Please don't leave me, it hurts" I....I just can't..
Peace Love
Peace Love 4 天 前
Love yourself Relay3645
Dori 7625
Dori 7625 4 天 前
Cada vez que la escucho me rompe el corazón porque se que hay tantas personas que se sienten así día tras día.
Sarah Ashraf khan
Sarah Ashraf khan 4 天 前
Jin n jungkook go well with eachother as well as tae and jimin♪~(´ε` )
novitha nila
novitha nila 4 天 前
I need official MV
Dana Argetz Zande
Dana Argetz Zande 4 天 前
Tae te amo por creae Blue and Grey
Dana Argetz Zande
Dana Argetz Zande 4 天 前
Tae te amo por crear Sweet Night
Dana Argetz Zande
Dana Argetz Zande 4 天 前
Estoy aqui despues de los 100 M
4 天 前
Blue & Grey is BTS 10th Fastest song to hit 100M streams on Spotify! #BlueAndGrey100M CONGRATS PRODUCER V 💜
army V
army V 4 天 前
Agnė Just Army
Agnė Just Army 4 天 前
Ana Coelho
Ana Coelho 4 天 前
Jennisa Brown
Jennisa Brown 4 天 前
Let's appreciate how Tae's Deep and Majestic voice vibrates and echoes through our ear and touches our heart and soul💖
LoveLove 4 天 前
Peace in Myanmar409
Heal 4 天 前
Love yourself Relay3639
Suseema Priyadarshanie
Suseema Priyadarshanie 4 天 前
💜💜💜 BTS 💜💜💜
AG 207
AG 207 5 天 前
Amy Montiel
Amy Montiel 5 天 前
I use this song every night when I am gonna go to sleep and I put it on and I relax and I sleep quickly this song is so so beautiful I love it thank you BTS for making this incredible song saranghae 😘💜
Emily Gee
Emily Gee 5 天 前
*Guys, I just wanted to ask if there's anyone who wants some prayer. Even if you don't have faith, as someone who does I really want to.* 💜 I'm just thinking about this wonderful family that BTS and ARMY are and I know we all have struggles in our individual lives, and I pray for us all everyday. But I want to pray for you beautiful people more specifically. It can be as deep or simple of a request as you feel comfortable with, and I'll pray for you alright! And just know that I, and more importantly Jesus, love you ok!! 💜💜💜
Celeste Blancas
Celeste Blancas 5 天 前
Beautiful song and video
P 5 天 前
Listening to this on a rainy day just hits different.🍃🌧
I'm staying.
I'm staying. 5 天 前
People don't get it... It's not just a song it's the meaning the voices the expressions the feeling and the tears that flow.
Ween Mg
Ween Mg 5 天 前
I can't stop crying, ART.
M 5 天 前
3:10 his voice is so soft and beautiful, i got goosebumps.
Janie Thiam
Janie Thiam 5 天 前
This song keeps me in my feelings. Oh my goodness, I feel blessed t be here to witness BTS. This performance has me blinded with love and admiration for these guys. Thank You BTS for bringing real music back.
Mahi 5 天 前
The only bad thing about this video: IT ENDS :(
Leah Berjawi
Leah Berjawi 5 天 前
BTS Performs 'Make It Right'
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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