iPhone 13: the END of Facebook

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3 个月 前

NEW iPhone 13 Leaks! cnpost.info/down/oHy4yNqTZ8i2l7M/sh-p-n.html
Apple vs Facebook explained!
New year, new Apple battle. This time, Apple is taking on giants like Facebook and Instagram over privacy concerns. This could result in some of your favorite apps leaving your precious iPhone 12. Let's breakdown what's happening and how this could affect the iPhone 13 and iOS 15.
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The Apple Circle
The Apple Circle 个月 前
Is Instagram in trouble too? cnpost.info/down/nWmoqcyso9nPuqc/sh-p-n.html
Peter Smith
Peter Smith 3 天 前
Apple, please also take down the evil monopolist empire Microsoft.
Bradley Spearpoint
Bradley Spearpoint 8 天 前
@Nullified apple is doing this to protect peoples data and privacy at least someone care’s about our privacy unlike google and facebook 😂😂😂
Bradley Spearpoint
Bradley Spearpoint 8 天 前
@J SL lol that aint gonna happen as apple is the most valuable company in the world and is also alot better than google 😂😂😂
Venus Reena
Venus Reena 9 天 前
@Low Waste, High Melanin .. FB is likely buying their way out of that
David R. Stone
David R. Stone 19 天 前
@Lynn Mikels - 👎🏾 Wow! It’s amazing how racist angry Democrat Maxine Waters still has an active Facebook and Twitter account after insighting violence last night.😡
Ventsislav Stefanov
Ventsislav Stefanov 3 小时 前
People act like they’re somewhat obligated to use Facebook. Last I checked no iPhone comes with pre-installed Facebook and Instagram apps. If you don’t like by all means go ahead and delete it yourself. Prohibiting it will do nothing besides starting a massive decline in sales of the phone.
Kevin Edwards
Kevin Edwards 5 小时 前
Great. It’s about time the playing field was levelled. Facebook is insidious.
Alfred Salazar
Alfred Salazar 8 小时 前
I might just switch to a apple phone
Clifford Barera
Clifford Barera 11 小时 前
I recommend @bernado_williams on instagram..He recovered my hacked account in less than 30mins.
c may
c may 12 小时 前
Great move by Apple “ Checkmate “
Vikram Thakur
Vikram Thakur 16 小时 前
It’s time to switch over to apple book from Facebook I am ready
Ion Popescu
Ion Popescu 21 小时 前
Fuck IPHONE ! I will never ever buy it again !!! They are Google number 2. Big brother. Criptic software . Fuck APPLE. I do prefer APPLE on Facebook
A Y 天 前
YESS!! Bye FB :)
Eashan Padyal
Eashan Padyal 天 前
A physical button to kill camera microphone is awesome I would love to buy it
Asyidena _
Asyidena _ 天 前
I am 100% on board with destroying Facebook
Canadian Music Pulse
Canadian Music Pulse 天 前
Narek Harutyunyan
Narek Harutyunyan 天 前
I have deleted my Instagram account for few months already, and FB i am using only on my laptop once a week, but I do believe I lot of social media business models will have to find plan b
Ron Stallings
Ron Stallings 天 前
No there not pushing to much control of your information in this day and age your privacy is all you have so I applaud 👏🍎
Ron Stallings
Ron Stallings 天 前
Good Facebook can 👏 shoveled it I'm going to go to apple 🍎😀
Grampy Campy’s Bearcreek Homestead
Grampy Campy’s Bearcreek Homestead 天 前
They should be totally secure and NO tracking at all
Stephen Leon Chase
Stephen Leon Chase 天 前
As an Android user for almost a decade, if this happens and is real i will most likely swap to an apple product to be honest
The Webmaster
The Webmaster 天 前
hats off apple! kill the old gods of www and bring back an internet with personally owned blogs, forums and social networks, with privacy. Facebook killed niche forums and spies and manipulates. Bring them back! camera cover would be great
lyndia m cutler
lyndia m cutler 天 前
About time.
chester hope
chester hope 天 前
I personally believe that apple is on the right track. No company should be allowed to spy on you, then sell that info to turn a profit it is a invasion of privacy. And is kinda like identity theft. So I’m all for apple to finally wage an error against such shady issues. Thanks for your time
f0rest[tw] 天 前
The DGT 天 前
Here in my country, Facebook is literally the king here. I use it, but I only use it for connecting with family and friends. But I'm very happy that Apple is here and stop Facebook and other apps from creeping over on my wall of privacy. And I hope other companies follow Apple's footsteps so it's Android counterparts can feel the same.
MR.AJ Garcia
MR.AJ Garcia 2 天 前
Did fb forget about pc? I dont see the issue...
Dorothy Cassity
Dorothy Cassity 2 天 前
Duck Duck Go is Google, also. A browser they themselves use because they know that their main browser can’t be trusted when it comes to privacy. And now that it has gotten worse, they want to use Duck Duck Go to hide behind. FB has become so trashy when it comes to ads & privacy. They even allow scammers. The high techs need to get a dose of their own medicine. Track & put them behind bars.
Sujay Jadhao
Sujay Jadhao 2 天 前
Wow, spewing uninformed assumptions in first few seconds. Way to make an impression.
skyx20 2 天 前
Facebook is poo anyway
1220freddie 2 天 前
Facebook. The lonely and lowly weals of the world
i have never owned a apple but i think i may have to now lol go apple
Vape Medical
Vape Medical 2 天 前
Are (Vape) apps back? I couldn't even consider unless my medical inhalers that use apps work on it. Apple removed all of them years ago so apple phones could kill me.
?????? 3 天 前
I think apple should buy Cyprus and have their own country
Hudson Carmouche
Hudson Carmouche 3 天 前
Hold on. Let me go delete my Facebook account….. Ok I’m back.
Primeval Atom
Primeval Atom 3 天 前
LOL Crazy... I was thinking about going from Samsung to Apple because new reviews are praising Apple but the Apple tax... $200 more dollars for a similar android phone... ouch... But your video about security... is my privacy worth that 30% apple tax? I guess November sale will tell (The date I have selected to buy my next flagship smartphone and watch.)
Mr. Sunny
Mr. Sunny 3 天 前
Twitter asks for my Number and Email.. nothing else.. unlike Facebook, Passwords, everything! That’s why I use Twitter..
Goblingut 3 天 前
bro, what are you on about
Jesse Ω
Jesse Ω 3 天 前
11 8A Adarsh Prajeesh
11 8A Adarsh Prajeesh 3 天 前
Nooooo if duck duck go went then how will I browse safely without an iPhone
steven postlethwaite
steven postlethwaite 3 天 前
Nothing is secure, because people still need to track paedos online. Why would anyone want to design anything that could stop this apart from paedos.
Nile Rose
Nile Rose 3 天 前
beautiful news! who still use facebook at all?!
i want android phone to have this cool feature too
Golden Moment Media
Golden Moment Media 3 天 前
Personally I hate Facebook tracks you like crazy and knows too much about you. I love apples new stance on privacy and security.
Ray Zad
Ray Zad 4 天 前
Great, Koodo to Apple . This stupid Facebook is a scam & people should stay away from this sex trade & misleading children & destroy families. Only some shit heads would support this shitty Facebook. Bravo apple. Down with Facebook
rkt.smokey3 4 天 前
We are not happy with having all wireless devices, need at least one secure connection.
rkt.smokey3 4 天 前
If Apple does not secure our data we will go back to flip phone! We have stopped using Google, Twitter, and FACEBOOK! We will stop using any company that shares our data!
rkt.smokey3 4 天 前
We are upset at Facebook, Twitter, and Google!! We have stopped using them. As long as Apple keeps our information PRIVATE!! Or we will go back to a flip phone!
Big Al
Big Al 4 天 前
Facebook and social media is cancer.
maman89 4 天 前
Riightt and Apple is supposed to be the good guy that protect all of our information ? Both are for profit companies looking new ways to make money.
An Old Flame
An Old Flame 4 天 前
I feel like I don't really care. Its not like im a criminal, and im going to die one dsy so its not like it matters. The idea of privacy seems cool tho. Y'know. Just to have it.
Keith Carrillo
Keith Carrillo 4 天 前
The start of Apple making choices for people.. wait they've already started that. This is just next lvl.
Goblingut 3 天 前
Its clearly for profit CLEARLY
Nelson Rico
Nelson Rico 4 天 前
FaceB. Sucks
Joshua Nolan
Joshua Nolan 4 天 前
Hope so. Facebook is garbage
Antimaus 2000
Antimaus 2000 5 天 前
I would love an apple search engine
Antimaus 2000
Antimaus 2000 5 天 前
Minecraft is the scp foundation in real life and we are the scp's😂😂
José Eduardo
José Eduardo 5 天 前
Facebook for what?
joe bama
joe bama 5 天 前
Later losers
jlich10 5 天 前
Omg 62k followers. How does someone who knows nothing about the digital world acquire such a following? So anyways as long as iOS is closed source you have zero privacy. You have no idea what your OS is doing. All you can do is speculate. Removing the USB port doesn't increase your privacy, it's quite the opposite, you're now at the mercy of Apple software to remove your data from their ecosystem. They're "keeping you safe" by locking you in. Data mining has become the most profitable business in the world. So why would Apple want to share "your data" which is their data with Google and Facebook? Why not collect and monetize all of that data yourself?
Da Mirage
Da Mirage 5 天 前
Party time or sad?
novemberzz Da 1st
novemberzz Da 1st 5 天 前
whelp too bad baby face zukerbug
novemberzz Da 1st
novemberzz Da 1st 5 天 前
but why do company wanna know what im doing on the hub?
Da First Lady
Da First Lady 5 天 前
when you say apple vpn, what about an apple blockchain?
Dazie Fernandes
Dazie Fernandes 5 天 前
Apple forever
Juicy Brick
Juicy Brick 5 天 前
But I want to get good ads
Whereis Yourfather
Whereis Yourfather 5 天 前
Who voted these people in to determine our 1st amendment rights? This is seriously wrong. Fight for your right to speak freely. 1776 🇺🇸🇺🇸 Revoke Section 230!!
Sharath Premnath
Sharath Premnath 5 天 前
They can buy or tie up with duckduckgo
Stand Up
Stand Up 5 天 前
Good job Apple!! Get rid of “Shitbook”..
Antriksh 6 天 前
Apple taking a stand for privacy and environment is great, wish they cared a bit for right to repair too.
Elyce Duerr
Elyce Duerr 6 天 前
I love the idea that Apple is going strong on privacy...Thank you
Luminosity OGz
Luminosity OGz 6 天 前
They real deal want everyone to believe that?
Joy Dorsett
Joy Dorsett 6 天 前
I keep wondering when is the time that Instagram is no longer going to be a part of Facebook and be it’s own again
lord aditya
lord aditya 7 天 前
Definitely Supporting Apple
sanabam max
sanabam max 7 天 前
Alas! Happy news
Ultimate Loser
Ultimate Loser 7 天 前
Basically an F U to FB
_ also_ _also_
_ also_ _also_ 7 天 前
Reminder JESUS CHRIST loves you
Gator 7 天 前
I’d love to be in full control
Lil Igloo
Lil Igloo 7 天 前
Can’t wait
A Troubled Little Mouse
A Troubled Little Mouse 8 天 前
Apple owns you. You're in denial. Let it go....
Missy Moth
Missy Moth 8 天 前
Facebook gets away with too much. I am glad Apple is doing this.
Talent Management
Talent Management 8 天 前
So apple that locks you into their ecosystem and logs more information about you than any other company is actually interested in your privacy?????????????????
Rock8 Fuel
Rock8 Fuel 8 天 前
An apple everyday keeps FB away!! Yey
Benjamin Cook
Benjamin Cook 8 天 前
You can already use DuckDuckGo as your default search engine on iOS. Just change your Safari settings 😁
Brown Terese
Brown Terese 8 天 前
Hackerwestover on ig just help me now 🔥
Brown Terese
Brown Terese 8 天 前
Hackerwestover on ig just help me now 🔥
Brown Terese
Brown Terese 8 天 前
Hackerwestover on ig just help me now 🔥
Mighty Moto
Mighty Moto 8 天 前
Years ago when Facebook started, I was signed up for about 2 weeks. When I found out what could be done to my account, I terminated the account. Do not ’Friend’, ‘Tweet’, ‘Twit’ (I know what a TWIT is) or ever signed up for any of this the social media accounts. My social life is in person, phone conversations, a few emails and text messages (and very little of that). I have been clicking on the “Don’t Track “ option every time I see it. Sorry (But not very.) Suckerburg, but I’d like to keep as much of my personal info personal, sort of like you did when you removed your Facebook account.
Maxiephly 8 天 前
Finally a way to stop my parents using facebook. I mean sreiously wich person under 40 even uses this platform on a daily baisis. And I myself do not care a single bit about any of the "Endangered" Platforms. They do more harm then good anyways.
Sintia Chibás
Sintia Chibás 8 天 前
but... don't most people use android phones?
GR3Y 8 天 前
Go apple go. I hope they do not get canceled
Rahul Goyal
Rahul Goyal 8 天 前
I gave chance to duck duck go for at least a month and it is no way near to google search. I came back to google again 😂
Piotr D.
Piotr D. 9 天 前
1. How would all these goodies benefit and earn money for Apple? .... yeah, I thought so ;) 2. the more user relies on Apple protection, the more Apple itself can LOCK in users. How? Try to EXPORT your data on contacts from iCloud :D
Zachary Amnell
Zachary Amnell 9 天 前
Imagine using Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp or Google in 2021.
EnlightInLove 9 天 前
Plot twist: It's all just a marketing gimmick and only an illusion of privacy.
Venus Reena
Venus Reena 9 天 前
Bout time.....
Brynden Rivers
Brynden Rivers 9 天 前
Im not on facebook, twitter, instagram etc... if apple made theyre own version of these id join it as id trust they werent selling or sharing my data. Its mine not anyones elses. Hence why its reffered to as "my data" not "facebooks" data
Be-autie-fully Me
Be-autie-fully Me 9 天 前
You can already add duck duck go to Safari on the iPhone by the way. And you can use it separately as an app too.
Lee Robinson
Lee Robinson 22 小时 前
Use it and Brave
Pavel Malý
Pavel Malý 9 天 前
Didn’t google say they were gonna work with Apple at this against Facebook?
Be-autie-fully Me
Be-autie-fully Me 9 天 前
If asking for consent and a refusal to give consent is something that bothers Mark Zuckerberg that much, it says more about him than it does about Apple.
Solomon 9 天 前
But tracking and ads is how the internet is free smh
Solomon 9 天 前
And the iPhone enforcing privacy doesn’t kill these services Apple devices aren’t the only way to access them
Joshua Campodonico
Joshua Campodonico 9 天 前
I think it would backfire. You would be peddling backwards on modern technology which is used by many In today’s world. Personally I liked Blackberry remember them now they’re pretty much obsolete and gone.
ツ HELP WANTED ツ 9 天 前
A mormiral for ʞooqǝɔɐɟ
People blast 556677
People blast 556677 10 天 前
Apple: we are trying to protect our users privacy so the app now has to ask to track you Facebook: NO NO NO NO NO NO I WANT PEOPLES DATA THIS IS UNFAIR
Sean Oakley
Sean Oakley 10 天 前
DuckDuckGo uses Google for their searches, So I doubt Apple would use google when they are trying to not use a Google search product.
Adam Ammar
Adam Ammar 10 天 前
I really don't understand you guys that says media social is corrupt. In my country, social media is use for tution, al-quran class(islam), game streaming, and many more. And some teacher also use tiktok as an online education platform..........
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