Behind-The-Scene: LISA's Dance Tutorial Helps Liang Sen A Lot | Youth With You S3 | 青春有你3

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26 天 前

【Youth With You S3】is streaming EVERY THUR. AND SAT. from FEB 18th! Watch more for FREE & ONLY on iQiyi App or Website! Download iQiyi APP to vote for trainees!
【Introduction】A sequel to the Youth With You series, produced by iQiyi’s original team, a Tier-S show to be released in Q1 2021. Youth With You S3 is completely upgraded. With the help of Youth PD CHRIS LEE, Vocal Mentor Ronghao Li, Dance Mentor LISA and Rap Mentor WILL PAN, over a hundred of the young trainees will redefine competition to express “This is my way”.
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Maha Zoldyck
Maha Zoldyck 天 前
Itu ngapa palanya botak 1?
Irms M.
Irms M. 7 天 前
The bounce is the Move that started what we call hip-hop in the dance industry. The core of hip-hop dance is the bounce. Thats how lisa already knew what was wrong she said "its because of your style" his style means his main/orginal genre his main style or what he originaly dance that he was applying when doing hiphop.
Mishhyy 8 天 前
He’s my favorite~ he looks sweet~
Angel Nicole_ D.
Angel Nicole_ D. 8 天 前
The 'SECRETE' of 'YG SWAG' is the 'BOUNCE' guys
Muskaan Aggarwal
Muskaan Aggarwal 8 天 前
Shhh thats a secret🤫🤫
leklek phakpai
leklek phakpai 11 天 前
Liang sen 😘
Sammie Barredo
Sammie Barredo 11 天 前
it would be reaally good if liang sen is part of domesticator team huhu
Kim Dela Cruz
Kim Dela Cruz 12 天 前
Dun ako sa kalbo ❤
Francesca Solarino
Francesca Solarino 12 天 前
Liang sen is Lisa favorite guy cit.
kim wesow
kim wesow 13 天 前
2:51 hahahahaha 😂😂😂
l h e s l i e
l h e s l i e 13 天 前
Es monje o que?
Mature Blink
Mature Blink 13 天 前
Lisa is such a sweetie. Trying to be critical of trainees yet being sweet and constructive about it.
Mature Blink
Mature Blink 13 天 前
Mentor Lisa looking like a fairy.
Yun'er 13 天 前
Liang Sen is the graceful type
Lily Jay
Lily Jay 13 天 前
omg lisas hair tho
Edita Mondalo
Edita Mondalo 14 天 前
jungkook castro gomez
jungkook castro gomez 15 天 前
Roshely Ortiz
Roshely Ortiz 18 天 前
He is really funny haha
Eli Gyo
Eli Gyo 18 天 前
I'm fine thank you.. hahahaha
Peek _a_ Boo
Peek _a_ Boo 18 天 前
Is this taiwanese?? Where's this show taking place?
nuve nieve
nuve nieve 19 天 前
😀😀😀👍👍👍 lisa es increible
Mohd Binti
Mohd Binti 19 天 前
Lisa is so cute with curly short hair
Bernal Kisaragi uwu
Bernal Kisaragi uwu 20 天 前
Quién diría que un pelón sería mi tipo ideal 😳👉👈✨ AKxkms xD
Rosie's dry hair needs avocado
Rosie's dry hair needs avocado 20 天 前
0:44 bettah Aussie accent🤭😂
TWICE& BTS 20 天 前
Rain Maker
Rain Maker 20 天 前
Def not easy to change dancing style. Liang Sen so lucky Lisa helped him out plus his friends are so eager to support him too.
Jefferson Bañares
Jefferson Bañares 20 天 前
lisa hair is insane😂😍😍😍😍
Chavez Rodriguez Ninive Raquel 3 A
Chavez Rodriguez Ninive Raquel 3 A 21 天 前
Lisa tan cute
Durdana Farzin
Durdana Farzin 21 天 前
My eyes👈👉👀
taekook7lisa 21 天 前
Lisa is our queen
Mekylla Razen Quizon
Mekylla Razen Quizon 21 天 前
He's cute and funny
Judy lalruatfeli
Judy lalruatfeli 21 天 前
How she imitates them is the funniest part
Katia Kheder
Katia Kheder 21 天 前
What is name this song
m23 ly
m23 ly 21 天 前
Lisa best mentor
m23 ly
m23 ly 21 天 前
Best mentor ✨
BTS 4EVAH 21 天 前
What's the name of the song?
blackpink paved the way for all
blackpink paved the way for all 22 天 前
جمال لسلس عالم ثاني 😿😿👑👑
Nolnol SWL
Nolnol SWL 22 天 前
Love lisa
Elizabeth Wotherspon
Elizabeth Wotherspon 22 天 前
0:43 she said ‘better’ with an Australian accent 😂
j j
j j 22 天 前
Why one of the guy is wearing mask all time ?
김윤수 22 天 前
머머리 뭔가 삐걱삐걱거리네 약간의 몸치끼가 있다랄까
김윤수 22 天 前
머머리 뭔데 ㅋ 반짝반짝하네
Tu Papi
Tu Papi 22 天 前
Zeynep Karlı
Zeynep Karlı 22 天 前
Zeynep Karlı
Zeynep Karlı 天 前
@h3llochl0 ohhww thank you so much 😂😍
h3llochl0 天 前
*domesticator not investigator lmao sorry
Zeynep Karlı
Zeynep Karlı 天 前
@h3llochl0 Noooo 😭😭😭😭😭
h3llochl0 天 前
Do you know the song name please?
ppyung 22 天 前
LISA really knows what to point out in any dance problems. And to think it’s just an online class 🤧
Aiin Widya
Aiin Widya 22 天 前
liang sen is so cute
pickle potato chip
pickle potato chip 22 天 前
all of the trainees helping him 🥺
Lola Khon
Lola Khon 22 天 前
Liang Sen you are killing me. You are so funny!
〽ŦÉŇÀ〽 UwU 22 天 前
يَحظ ذول العيال على ليسا 👁️👄👁️
Snxw Whxte
Snxw Whxte 22 天 前
Awwww ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Younicey 22 天 前
Lisa: You get better and beta. Is that Rosé accent?
Bts Armeee بي تي اس
Bts Armeee بي تي اس 22 天 前
They are not good at training trainees because she makes difficult moves, she is not good at all😒
Pongpipat N
Pongpipat N 20 天 前
Hey your teacher call you back to waltz dance room. You not even pass waltz step.
Rosé Park
Rosé Park 20 天 前
Lmao wtf?
Jisoo's Thigh
Jisoo's Thigh 22 天 前
Toxic army?
MAO Mao 23 天 前
这开头像一首歌 :说唱听我的:剃刀
Um Tevy
Um Tevy 23 天 前
ツZacharielle 23 天 前
Barthz Studio
Barthz Studio 23 天 前
Is Lisa has a translator when she speaks thai to the trainee? maybe yes
Be Red
Be Red 23 天 前
1:10 which styles does Liang Sen have? Other than latin?
Be Red
Be Red 23 天 前
0:05 what does domesticator mean
Zeyn 23 天 前
Ugh! Mentor Lisa is getting prettier day by day❤️
Li li
Li li 23 天 前
Awwww ❤️❤️❤️
CHITNAI Channel 23 天 前
f i o n a e s t h e t i c
f i o n a e s t h e t i c 23 天 前
Why is he funny like oh my gosh
ARSH Malik
ARSH Malik 23 天 前
vitória lima
vitória lima 23 天 前
is lisa speaking in thai and english? what a multilingual queen
Blinku Cutie
Blinku Cutie 23 天 前
just wish that she could have tought them face to face
Indradeep Agnihotri
Indradeep Agnihotri 23 天 前
The simplest way she teach them...Is...Just uuuufffff🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ita Wahyuni
Ita Wahyuni 23 天 前
Great friends, great team.
Jessi Kenny
Jessi Kenny 23 天 前
Liang Sen and Lisa are so cute ❤❤
Mia Seir
Mia Seir 23 天 前
Aaaa Liang Sen and Lisa are so cute ❤❤
Ronilo Estrada
Ronilo Estrada 23 天 前
Best Mentor ever Lisa
Ronilo Estrada
Ronilo Estrada 23 天 前
Liang Sen is so funny ...
cla Santiago
cla Santiago 23 天 前
Lisa's eye is something 😍
Rhoma Bang
Rhoma Bang 23 天 前
Liang Sen are you try to get attention? Your act unnatural 😂
Bea Samaniego
Bea Samaniego 24 天 前
Mimi 24 天 前
Her teaching method is so nice and esay and she is actually looking so cute and pretty here
Shujinko 24 天 前
The way that Lisa has the same upper body issue as Sen is quite ironic 💀✋
April Noja
April Noja 24 天 前
AZLIA 24 天 前
Popular opinion: Lisa is the best dance mentor
ohlalachae 24 天 前
How does no one talk about Lisa’s hairstyle? She looks so gorgeous❤️
yuMmY mOChI!!
yuMmY mOChI!! 24 天 前
Thelastboy TV
Thelastboy TV 24 天 前
Chinese Music Channel
Chinese Music Channel 24 天 前
Geórgia Manfroi
Geórgia Manfroi 24 天 前
Liang sen must win!!!!
K B 24 天 前
Liang Sen thank to Lisa by victory pose, so cute and
Xaris 24 天 前
I'll get really emotional the day that the FINAL 9 get to see Lisa in real life. They're all pretty comfortable with her now (and she with them).
Jameah Ordoña
Jameah Ordoña 20 天 前
How would they meet each other?
Minzhe Kim
Minzhe Kim 24 天 前
She's fond with Liang Sen a lot...
Non jing jing
Non jing jing 24 天 前
Trixie anne Garcia
Trixie anne Garcia 24 天 前
Liang Sen is super cool
kaoutar ru
kaoutar ru 24 天 前
What song they are performing?? Please need an answer
Shiri B
Shiri B 24 天 前
Please also support Lisa on her upcoming solo. Thank you 💋
Anniko Smile
Anniko Smile 24 天 前
WoW​ 😍 Lisa​ Teacher​ Teach hip-hop style dance
amelia _m
amelia _m 24 天 前
Lisa amazed me every time! The best mentor indeed! 🤯 💯
Anniko Smile
Anniko Smile 24 天 前
Please, Vote​ Liang​ Sen​, too Thank​ you​ 🙏🙏
lisa confusing hairstyle
CHIA 24 天 前
Ishh... She just do the casual bounce. But why its looks so cool 🥺😩
Julyza Dizon
Julyza Dizon 24 天 前
Lisa best mentor💛
Jhes_ Quiza
Jhes_ Quiza 24 天 前
L T B M I I H E E L S E S N I T T O R BLINK'S who's agree? 👇👇
Jovial ka
Jovial ka 24 天 前
yes yes lisa🥰😍
LMM Steam
LMM Steam 24 天 前
Anis Dzakirah
Anis Dzakirah 24 天 前
lol that textbook answer
Takan Yang
Takan Yang 24 天 前
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