I Can’t Beat This

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Roman Atwood Vlogs

Roman Atwood Vlogs

2 天 前

Thank you for being a part of my family.
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Harry Turner
Harry Turner 19 分钟 前
head up buddy. stay safe mate
Dan Myers
Dan Myers 20 分钟 前
Health illness anxiety is real man. One of the real markers is childhood/past illness. I had heart surgery at 7months and sometimes I just live in fear of dropping dead of some random heart issue. Constantly go to doctors, nothings wrong, maybe they missed something. It’s a spiral. I once got so whacked out I punched through my door and broke my hand. You make some damn good points.
John 2232
John 2232 21 分钟 前
Dear Roman and Fam please know that Fear is the mind killer You have always been straight up and willing to tell us what happened or what went on we will always be here for you and i know that your in a crappy situation that can effect your making a living we might not understand everything legal but we understand family your parts of ours and we are a part of yours much love to all John from Pittsburgh
Calxfornia 21 分钟 前
Watching this video just reminds me how long I've been watching roman. I started around 7th grade and currently a first year in college😭
Joey Khan
Joey Khan 22 分钟 前
we still love you and we can't wait to just see you on here again regularly
Puma_Lux 23 分钟 前
The only CNpostr I have bought merch from and still have that merch to this date, honestly him and his family and his videos have inspired me in a lot of ways.
Wesson’s Vlogs
Wesson’s Vlogs 24 分钟 前
I missed you so much
Baddest Bees
Baddest Bees 25 分钟 前
No Ads My Man👍
Aiden Brooks
Aiden Brooks 25 分钟 前
Real question is there a Christmas vlog???
Nate naterson
Nate naterson 25 分钟 前
We miss you bub an the fam, Happy Thanksgiving!!
Ali Kha
Ali Kha 25 分钟 前
I still don't understand what's the purpose of disliking a video where simply a human being is venting to his followers, telling them about his pain and feelings and sharing his moments with them whether they were terrible or beautiful. Just get a life kids.
jie li
jie li 26 分钟 前
America Financial idling financial crisis it's textbook! 2000 financial crisis 2008 financial crisis 2020 financial crisis! all the time America government just delay financial crisis not solve problem! the question is what time we have to delay financial crisis explosion? debt limits next year coming!
Harry Reeder
Harry Reeder 27 分钟 前
That intro brought back so many memories
Aiz 28 分钟 前
Me and my brother used to watch you all the time, together. Man, I miss those days.
Crystal Johannsen
Crystal Johannsen 29 分钟 前
Miss you all so much. Happy Holidays to your family.
MsSomeKT 29 分钟 前
You ARE light. I have been some type of spiritual journey and you speak to me on so many levels...the more we come together the easier this pandemic and everything else will be. EVERYONE is facing battles we know nothing about. Being kind and spreading our love and light is all we can do. Keep going. More of this. We need your infinite experiences, words and wisdom. Much love to the Atwood's from Minnesota. 🥰 Happy Thanksgiving. ❤🦃
Charlie Daniels
Charlie Daniels 30 分钟 前
I remember watching this guy never and now I'm watching, crazy shit .
Modern Warfare
Modern Warfare 30 分钟 前
Panic attacks and anxiety is the worst ever. I definitely understand were you are coming from . I'm 37 and still have that feeling x
vDraco FC
vDraco FC 30 分钟 前
”BE HONEST WHO’S BEEN A FAN FOR A LONG TIME?” “¡ᴍ ɢɪ🄵T̶ɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏöꪀᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ꒒ɪᴋᴇꇙ ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙ𝑺 ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ” 🎀
Rene Ros
Rene Ros 30 分钟 前
Love you guys everything will be fine
helpme 237
helpme 237 31 分钟 前
Still my favorite CNpostr and will always be no matter
Jenifer Peiris
Jenifer Peiris 31 分钟 前
Hearing you talk reminds me of when I was scared and just wanted to watch your videos because they made me feel better
Jessica McCoy
Jessica McCoy 31 分钟 前
What strong with ur thumbs..
Aiden Brooks
Aiden Brooks 33 分钟 前
Wow it actually hurt when you heard the hurt in his voice
Elitecvj 33 分钟 前
I got the roman Atwood gfuel yessir
freestyle 33 分钟 前
please be back roman
jrow96 34 分钟 前
I’m here at 10:22 roman
Lorin WIlliams
Lorin WIlliams 34 分钟 前
You are amazing Roman and your family is! My son and I love you, I hope we see more of you soon. It has been a rough year for your family, at least going by the rumors I heard, but remember to smile more!!!
Flow Optic
Flow Optic 35 分钟 前
Gabriel Rider
Gabriel Rider 35 分钟 前
Hey Roman I see you since I don't remember, my anxiety start (panic attacks) like 5 days ago and still going if you understand, the sensacion of some thing is bad in the body, like pain etc, I start to know this I know what you ate talking about, men I as felling like I'm gonna pass out, but is not real you know... Mine start now, glade that you are my side since 4 ever... I love you men from Portugal
Jason Shapiro
Jason Shapiro 37 分钟 前
Panic attacks stole 6 years of my life. CBD oil changed EVERYTHING. Don’t give up. It WILL get better. It’s ultimately up to you to keep searching for your own remedy 👍
Marcello Pegram
Marcello Pegram 37 分钟 前
Thank you for saying that it mite change how I go out side now thank so much
Blake Passino
Blake Passino 39 分钟 前
I had the same thing as you, I thought I was dying all the time. I thought I was the only one that struggled with it. I'm glad to hear I'm not alone.
Jason Shapiro
Jason Shapiro 40 分钟 前
Does anyone have any clue what’s the issue for him moving forward? I feel like all these videos are just trolling/teasing his viewers. 🤷‍♂️
Kyle Brubaker
Kyle Brubaker 40 分钟 前
We love you Roman- Anxiety is very traumatic, I don't mind physical pain and still function when sick, but anxiety can tear me down. For you- stemming from such a traumatic event must me hard and lingering. Just know, even tough very cliche, many go through this clinically, and that you only get better at coping. Fight hard Roman, I am here as you were during some of my moments. :)
Joseph 002
Joseph 002 41 分钟 前
We know life is evolving and is changing when he isnt uploading consistently
Dre Pearson
Dre Pearson 43 分钟 前
still the best intro on youtube
it's roberto
it's roberto 44 分钟 前
If people dislike his videos there obviously idiots he's not here for money and he has no adds that's the only way you are able to make money on youtube and he's trying to tell us how we should be and to be more nice when you have a chance to be social.
Hadi Imran
Hadi Imran 46 分钟 前
What happens in ur personal life matters more I’ve been watching u since I was 8 u made me the person I am today so thanks
Ivan Duran
Ivan Duran 46 分钟 前
Who remembers when they had fun with the shaytardw
Glory o
Glory o 47 分钟 前
I love this man
J Berry
J Berry 47 分钟 前
Do pranks again u were a legend
Dinah Fisher
Dinah Fisher 48 分钟 前
I was looking at you first until you mentioned the fish tank lol
Nick Hamm
Nick Hamm 49 分钟 前
Omg hi
Dax Perrier
Dax Perrier 49 分钟 前
Roman. If you want to change your life forever go check out Garrett J. White and do his 30 day wake up warrior challenge. You’re welcome.
Sharon Gerry
Sharon Gerry 49 分钟 前
Waiting for you to come back. Yes anxiety and depression is a battle. daily refocus.
Amy Coloma
Amy Coloma 49 分钟 前
This year I’m struggling hardly and thanks for explaning it
Kim Kille
Kim Kille 50 分钟 前
So for me to understand it’s all on hold right ?? And you will one day come back a little more then 5 videos a year ???you made me the person I am now u made me smile so much more then you think Edit: I do stress and have anxiety sometimes it bad I will get so excited and think of things that could go wrong do I need to talk to somebody do I need to ... just little things like that and get so sick 🤮 that I couldn’t go anymore or if people in my class that have 🔪 and pretend to slash people next to me or try to burn the class or laugh at me and I will think so much before getting up it could be that am shy but I don’t like it when people look at me ... it’s weird and hard to explain
Raphael Holthaus
Raphael Holthaus 50 分钟 前
It’s called paranoia
Raphael Holthaus
Raphael Holthaus 50 分钟 前
Ms18killergirl 51 分钟 前
Time has passed too quick 🥺❤️
iMidnightzz 51 分钟 前
We love you bro❤️
jacerr. 51 分钟 前
Hey man I know where going threw times but CNpost Comes First Not CNpost Ok....
Reece Burke
Reece Burke 52 分钟 前
King always 👑👑
Kina Bina
Kina Bina 53 分钟 前
I think that Roman Atwood should consider motivational speaking, he has such wisdom.
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson 53 分钟 前
Please make a longer one it would help even more 😅
LxCa9138 54 分钟 前
He sounds so nervous
zander88990 55 分钟 前
Great to see you again Roman, Hope everything works out too Take care of yourselves before You Tube. Keep Strong.
biscuit the gamer girl
biscuit the gamer girl 55 分钟 前
i love you
Ken Criddle
Ken Criddle 55 分钟 前
My dogs die
JMatt_ Studios
JMatt_ Studios 56 分钟 前
Happy thanksgiving Atwood family!!
Kate x
Kate x 56 分钟 前
I don’t want to hate but what can be so big you can say a single thing about it, or even be on CNpost ...?
DMT_Playmaker 57 分钟 前
I been watching you for years
Choobaka Savage
Choobaka Savage 57 分钟 前
Smile more
Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson 57 分钟 前
LOVE YOU MAN. Have had panic attacks my entire life since I was 6. When they hit me, I say to myself - "I am in control. I am ok. There is no danger". God bless you man.
Richard Kinge
Richard Kinge 58 分钟 前
Miss ur family dude ur a legend
Sam Hoffer
Sam Hoffer 58 分钟 前
Hey man just wanna remind you that we love you to death brother and keep fight I struggle with my own mental problems, and so many of us do.
Coolkid1763 1763
Coolkid1763 1763 59 分钟 前
We love you
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 小时 前
You're so irrelevant
Happiness Bunny
Happiness Bunny 小时 前
The rich youtuber in his mansion is faking anxiety to be relatable to viewers?
BEV!N 58 分钟 前
I don't think that is the case, if you look at those CNpostrs and you look at him they often time talk about it alot. They will milk and milk and milk it for views, now Roman doesn't make every video of him crying and complaining about his life. This video is to show other people they are not alone and he knows how they feel. He built his brand on the fact of being happy more, not being sad. Also if you have a mansion and money, that doesn't make you happy all the time. They are just as troubled as anyone else, they still have the same emotional and mental issues. They are still human, still have hearts and can hurt just as much as me and you can.
God 小时 前
2020 Make it Stop
2020 Make it Stop 小时 前
Me and my twin brother, we were about 12 or 13, were living in a new place my mom and stepdad had rented. It was great because we had a basement where we hung and had our pool table, tv, etc. Over the course of the first year, unbeknownst to us, everyone was getting sick. My mom had these rashes on the back of her neck, i was dealing with migraines from before our move but intensifying. One day, our gas furnace gave out and the utility company shows up. He told us that carbon monoxide levels were off the charts and until it got fixed, we couldn't stay there. The landlord was a good guy and it wasn't anything long to repair. But the scary part is what our parents didn't tell us. Because my mom knowing the worrying kid I was.....the guy had told her he was surprised we weren't killed in our sleep. And had the furnace not broke, it would've kept leaking and it was so bad within a week tops, we'd all went to sleep and never woke up.
2020 Make it Stop
2020 Make it Stop 56 分钟 前
Just to add, about five years later, I had my first panic attack right after high school. Graduated high school with a senior suplerative of "Most Outgoing". I luckily made it through college but sometimes I would think if people could see me, going from most outgoing to most likely to never leave my bed or bedroom. I literally had to start avoiding situations I knew would set me off. Walked out of classes more than once thinking my heart would explode before I hit the door. So if you struggle with anxiety, know there's hope. I've been 5+ yrs panic attack free. I had to do it on my own, a lot of soul searching, a lot of wanting to give up. Always remember you're not alone!
ryan taylor
ryan taylor 小时 前
Dude My story would be 2 hours long
Christina Gonzales
Christina Gonzales 小时 前
You are one of the most Genuine person on CNpost! I have been watching you since your very 1st video on CNpost and you dont act better than anyone else and you always remember where you came from and the amount of respect you have for everyone is beyond words. I will always stand by you and your family.
Landon Nungester 2026
Landon Nungester 2026 小时 前
we miss you dude love u man i still watch your old vlogs
ssteven azp
ssteven azp 小时 前
the god is back
SuhDru 小时 前
this was the video i needed Roman, I been really struggling with anxiety about my health lately, random pains would scare me like theres something wrong with me. Thank you for this video.
BUGS 1068
BUGS 1068 小时 前
Happy Thanksgiving 🦃💜✝️💜 I will hang on for you and your beautiful family!! I ALWAYS watch until the very end. GOD BLESS!!
Sins 小时 前
ily Roman
_____Zach _____
_____Zach _____ 小时 前
This man hasn’t posted in 6 months and comes on and post a video of him talking about carbon dioxide poisoning 😭
LeBron James
LeBron James 小时 前
Damn after 5 years I came across this guy again, been such a long time 😢 I miss u Roman & ur family
Boris Bogaers
Boris Bogaers 小时 前
I miss 2016 when you posted every day :(
Dave Segers
Dave Segers 小时 前
If its 5 vids in 2020 or just one, it doesnt matter, i keep being subbed for one reason! You just said in your vid that on the news there is only negative stuff. Well this is why im such a big loyal fan of you and your family, you bring joy and love to this world, its amazing how you lift ppl up. For me your were and are still my positive news channel.
KRICgLine Prod.
KRICgLine Prod. 小时 前
I crashed my bike and had anxiety but i get over it by just not giving a shit for if i live or if i die
Ernest Chan
Ernest Chan 小时 前
We miss you man!
B W 小时 前
kolby Lopez
kolby Lopez 小时 前
Your a king man stay strong
hector martinez
hector martinez 小时 前
TCPixel 小时 前
I see mocha clown fish(or maroon?), a pajama spotted cardinal fish and... is that a six line wrasse? Love the tank! Got some beautiful corals too some of those like sps are really hard to keep. Used to work as a salt water specialist, gives you a natural love for the ocean 🌊
Joe Bennett
Joe Bennett 小时 前
i'm 52, it's real, and you made me feel better
omar khodr
omar khodr 小时 前
Roman you have enriched our minds and souls with the meaning of love which is why we understand and why you have our support that goes without saying. Do what you gotta do for you and your family. It’s our turn to tell you: you’re beautiful and you’re one of a kind; smile more :) ❤️
Fenland Nerfworks
Fenland Nerfworks 小时 前
Anyone else twig that the fishtank is green-screened behind him.....
Dino Petonio
Dino Petonio 小时 前
We beleive that you won't leave us hangin
Kaleb Zeunik
Kaleb Zeunik 小时 前
We are here for you and your family. We all love you❤️
Daniel Whitlatch
Daniel Whitlatch 小时 前
We love you and your family we will always be here.we will wait until you come back.we will support you guys to the end. Remember what you tell us this is to you YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE ONE OF A KIND SMILE MORE.😁
Pursuing MyDreams
Pursuing MyDreams 小时 前
“Worrying won’t change the out come,” - Roman Atwood ❤️ “Die if you worry, Die if you don’t,” - My Granda ❤️ Hope everything’s okay, Roman, thank you for sharing your story and everything you’ve helped me with I hope your family and smile more are okay
Weston.Freedom Kong
Weston.Freedom Kong 小时 前
U r back, Roman Waiting for your video so so much
Khemitha Moonesinghe
Khemitha Moonesinghe 小时 前
Just remember Roman when you pick up that camera you are picking up millions of people and helping them get through there rough patches. Love you Atwood’s
Finn Byron
Finn Byron 小时 前
What's happened ? Does anybody know ?
Sam Hoffer
Sam Hoffer 小时 前
I’m freaking out and I haven’t watch it yet!!!!
Pray and God will deliver 🙏
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