Are Linux laptops the FUTURE??? - System76 Darter Pro

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3 个月 前

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Would you be willing to switch from a Mac or Windows laptop to a Linux one? System76 is one of the top brands that make Linux based laptops and Anthony is checking out the Darter Pro!
Check out the System76 Darter Pro laptops at
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docen67 7 小时 前
It is not the future but it is good to use
digital subliminal messages
digital subliminal messages 13 小时 前
S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S You never know / ..../ Id imagine / is it a good box /// y'all were freshmen/ when #stopbullying , happened/
Marc G
Marc G 17 小时 前
Linux is amazing 😍
Laura Dee
Laura Dee 天 前
They always sacrifice the speakers. I've had a gig as a coder before and I've never needed the number pad like ever. It's precious space wasted where good top speakers could go.
Shahzaib Khan
Shahzaib Khan 天 前
Superrrrrrr key...
How2Code Group LTD.
How2Code Group LTD. 天 前
7:46 you could of said "I need to stop, to turn, and get killed by a bot" and not "I need to stop, to turn, and I got killed by a bot", would of sounded better
Ashish 天 前
He's cute.
Caloy 2 天 前
any content with Anthony is Diamond Level of quality.
Jackson Chen
Jackson Chen 2 天 前
misread "Are" as "Arch"
Eugene Elkin
Eugene Elkin 2 天 前
NICE AWES0ME THE_BEST___-🍨🍨🍨🍚🍔🍔🍟🍟🍟🍟🏁 💨 🍮 🥧 🍡 🍧 🍨 🍦 🍰 ❗ 🐬 🌹 🌷 🍁 💐🍂 🐡🐄 🐅 🐆 🐯 🍣 🍣 🍣 🥘 🍨🍨🍨
Frank Frank
Frank Frank 2 天 前
I have a System76 laptop. Its a nice laptop but I didn't like the Gnome desktop.I did see on the internet instructions for changing it and I switched to Mate and now its great. I think System76 should drop their annoying gnome desktop and send out their computers with Mate. But after spending a grand on a computer I should not have had to fiddle with it like that!
Lua 3 天 前
Sounds nice ish, though you say it's intended as workstation and didn't even benchmark blender.
StarS 4 天 前
How was I not subscribed here? I like Anthony
vladstarr27 4 天 前
There's a developer edition of the dell xps 13 every year. That thing is also always cheaper than the other models.
Gleb B
Gleb B 4 天 前
Awesome video, thanks! Liked & subscribed to support my Canadian fella! Wanted to get one of these for myself but unfortunately they are all out of stock !
Bohdan M
Bohdan M 4 天 前
Display is awful
Eupolemos 4 天 前
3:52 - d'fq? :D
Geert Schuring
Geert Schuring 5 天 前
3:54: I thought he was going to say "the keyboard flexing is horrible!"
ryankm48 6 天 前
obviously not for gaiming... you need a gpu for gaming
Yibo Wei
Yibo Wei 6 天 前
Me: is this my next laptop?? Anthony: $1550 Me: Okay so no.
naab007 6 天 前
Great fishing in Quebec!
DW Booker
DW Booker 7 天 前
I'd rather see Linux laptops become the new thing instead of Google-drenched Chromebooks! Always good to see Anthony reviewing Linux machines. I bailed from Windows over to Linux Mint back when Microsloft decided they didn't want to support Windows 7 anymore (and stuffed Windows 10 full of spyware)...haven't looked back since! There's only a small handful of programs that I can't run ("Trackerbox" author sales tracking software). Love my Mint desktop!
Jack Yuen
Jack Yuen 7 天 前
Sorry, not a good machine - especially with Linux OS.
Somnia 5 天 前
what is linux os?😂
Akarapong Boonrat
Akarapong Boonrat 7 天 前
Nope... There are tons of people s whom cant even fucking open wifi
Dhruvin Deshpande
Dhruvin Deshpande 8 天 前
why go buy windows laptop and install pop os
gilkesisking 8 天 前
Because that laptop will have Windows firmware installed...... then you'll start bitching like a baby when something doesn't work or you have crap battery life and blame Linux for your mistake.
gedeyom gıyamete hamıneya
gedeyom gıyamete hamıneya 8 天 前
dude you need to install the drivers first.
gilkesisking 5 天 前
@gedeyom gıyamete hamıneya Bio's firmware are not "drivers". "AMD GPU drivers and all other drivers are built directly in the Linux Kernel, plug and play." "Apart from NVIDIA". That seems pretty simple to me. I'm sorry if you can't follow that I was only trying to help. If you're actually looking for an argument you best go elsewhere.
gedeyom gıyamete hamıneya
gedeyom gıyamete hamıneya 5 天 前
@gilkesisking read what you wrote please, does any of your words means that they include the drivers ? no. so you have to install them.
gilkesisking 5 天 前
@gedeyom gıyamete hamıneya fwupd looks at your hardware and informs you IF there are firmware updates available for your device. If you didn't get a notification then there are no updates available. Supported hardware is listed on the website. No guarantee of availability on machines designed for Windows or Apple.
gedeyom gıyamete hamıneya
gedeyom gıyamete hamıneya 5 天 前
@gilkesisking imm no. i am wring from ubuntu, i would have known if they included firmware.
gilkesisking 5 天 前
@gedeyom gıyamete hamıneya Firmware is provided by the manufacturer. Check the "fwupd - Linux Vendor Firmware Service" website. fwupd is included as a package in distro's that ship on Linux hardware... PopOS, Ubuntu and Fedora. It makes no sense to include firmware updates in an OS and regardless of OS you have to install them manually. Linux makes it incredibly easy with a simple single click. AMD and Intel cpu microcode and their updates are shipped as default with Linux distros or can be installed manually on something like Arch. AMD GPU drivers and all other drivers are built directly in the Linux Kernel, plug and play. If your hardware isn't automatically detected and working then you simply have unsupported ( Windows or Apple ) hardware.... sell it. NVIDIA drivers are a simple install directly from a distro's GUI software centre, driver manager or CLI. ( never install from the website ). PopOS has NVIDIA drivers built into their NVIDIA ISO, install the system, update and go. CUPS, Common UNIX Printing Service is included as a default package on just about every Linux distro. Again plug and play, your printer is supported or isn't. Apart from NVIDIA Linux is plug and play ( on supported hardware ).
Arianna B Otaku
Arianna B Otaku 9 天 前
I love mine. Got it 1 month ago. I am not a fan of Gnome3 or KDE so I installed Linux Mint Cinnamon then added the PopOS kernel and firmware from their repo. Mine is a i7 16GB Dual 500GB NVME hoked up to a OWC Thunderbolt 3 13 port dock and a dell 32" curved display. The only thing I ran into was the charging over the Thunderbolt 4 port was a little picky. Linux admin and programmer for 21 years so pretty at home. Have a Thelio as my desktop at work.
Anthony Peters
Anthony Peters 9 天 前
Really....... Style is the new.. and Nonpower users spend too much not to but!,........ The LACK OF PORTS IS MAKING ME CRY! I mean sure everything real is going ethernet but they could have at least added 2 ethernet ports!
Me : that face Must watch, I am sorry if it is racist or something, just my reaction
Mustafa yazılımcı
Mustafa yazılımcı 10 天 前
I will not take your file dont worry
z3 10 天 前
I like this guy. But I don't know the polite way of asking why he's so unhealthily massive. Is it some medical condition or he's just keeping it that way?
Phthalo Blue
Phthalo Blue 10 天 前
They could've at least changed the windows logo on the super key.
Tristan Cunha
Tristan Cunha 11 天 前
Petition for a new linux channel called linux tech tips and it’s hosted by anthony
Mark Stevens
Mark Stevens 9 天 前
A C 11 天 前
im fucking dead 3:51
Root Code E.M
Root Code E.M 12 天 前
Okay discord mod
Staubify _
Staubify _ 12 天 前
G 12 天 前
Classic Linux...driver problems! Damn shame. There are so many things to love about Linux but Windows is still the lesser of all evils.
G 12 天 前
Diggin this laptop, particularly the keyboard with the dedicated number keys.
Sean Rathbone
Sean Rathbone 13 天 前
everytime i see something about Linux products im less inclined to try it, everything seems to be basic and unfinished, I'm probably wrong but the videos speak for themselves
Sean Rathbone
Sean Rathbone 5 天 前
@Somnia couldnt say for sure , it seems to be massive amounts of coding and work arounds. i'd like to give it a whirl but i need to know what to actually begin to work on, im not a coding god like anthony im just a regular joe looking to learn something new to tinker with.
Somnia 5 天 前
do you mean the DE? maybe you just dont like gnome :D
Rachid Boudjelida
Rachid Boudjelida 13 天 前
This laptop sucks but we love Anthony 🥺
Leandro Cavalcante
Leandro Cavalcante 13 天 前
The legend is back!
Black blue Black blue ios
Black blue Black blue ios 14 天 前
I'm in indonesia
BSR Kay 14 天 前
Sorry dude.... but the hair has to go...
George Henry Moore
George Henry Moore 14 天 前
First thing I noticed was a smudge on the screen.
Snehasis Nandi
Snehasis Nandi 14 天 前
I have used Linux For a Long Time and Now Am saying Linux is dumb for desktop os
Somnia 5 天 前
its the best option for me
IronWolf 369
IronWolf 369 15 天 前
I wan't to buy a new laptop without a OS, but still be priced well, So I can choose the OS I want to install on it.
Vktorino Jordaninodipo
Vktorino Jordaninodipo 15 天 前
i love just listening to anthony talking about linux!
Mark Stevens
Mark Stevens 9 天 前
@Peyton stfu
Aditya Bhattacharya
Aditya Bhattacharya 10 天 前
@Peyton stfu
Peyton 10 天 前
@Aditya Bhattacharya stfu
Aditya Bhattacharya
Aditya Bhattacharya 10 天 前
@Peyton stfu
Peyton 15 天 前
Anthony Schluter
Anthony Schluter 16 天 前
Oh look another shitty alternative. I hate these video. It’s a waste of your time and everyone else’s too.
Semira Uthsala
Semira Uthsala 16 天 前
I normally watch all youtube videos 2x except if Anthony or music
Arjun Dahal
Arjun Dahal 16 天 前
It's super !!!!!!!!!!!!!! We hate windows
Alex Kroezendijk
Alex Kroezendijk 17 天 前
Really disappointing that these guys are behind the curve on the power with NO PD port. Ridiculous 1990's style power brick.
crazieeez 17 天 前
Did Linux solve resume from suspend and resume from sleep ?
Bilal Mujeeb
Bilal Mujeeb 17 天 前
I run CSGO on 3700x with GTX 1070 on Ubuntu 20.04 and get a frame rate of 350 but my monitor does not go beyond 75hz :)
J Cerban
J Cerban 17 天 前 still on the way, I hate windows!
hamberq 17 天 前
I would like to see more videos with Anthony! Linus is very entertaining but Anthony complements it very well with technical expertise
Nobo Jerry
Nobo Jerry 19 天 前
never heard of system76 before
Pulkit Sharma
Pulkit Sharma 19 天 前
Its time to review Zorin OS 16 ultimate with windows software support, I can count on you
ZALEEM XT 20 天 前
Nothing can beat x86
Matej Stojanov
Matej Stojanov 21 天 前
I read the title as "Linus drops the FUTURE of laptops"
Dev Sorrell
Dev Sorrell 21 天 前
If they could just get the price down to an even $1000, it would be worth it to me. at $1500-ish though, I'd rather spend a little bit more and get a more powerful laptop with windows and a discrete graphics card, and just dual boot linux.
Slam Lander
Slam Lander 21 天 前
Cannot get any system 76 products here. (Suisse Romande, CH)
morpheox 21 天 前
That smile at 1:46 gives it all away. There's love in the air (:
kragor420 22 天 前
I learned about system76 from Louis Rossman. I am very very very interested in their products.
Artur Gomes
Artur Gomes 22 天 前
Is that a Daemon Tools sticker in the bottom?
Keyur Patel
Keyur Patel 22 天 前
What a fat guy ????
alexeiz 23 天 前
3:52 Chewbacca
Roeboe89 23 天 前
I think the real future lies in a healthy diet and regular exercise.
alexgv 23 天 前
Let me save you a couple of minutes: The computer is absolute shit for this price
Karl Koch
Karl Koch 24 天 前
you buye a linux laptop to use the windows hello function in linux looool yeaaah thats a key-argument for this device :D
Daniel Tai Song
Daniel Tai Song 24 天 前
Linux is not just the future, it's been "the future" since the 70-80s (GNU and Unix), and will always be the future. Fast forward 3 decades later, we have Linux running the internet (majority of the servers are running a Linux distro), has THE biggest overall OS market share (Android), is the reason why we even have a shot at privacy/anonymity/liberty, and even resurrects old systems that would be considered useless if running Windows or Mac OS. I mean the list goes on and on, SpaceX uses Linux in their 2 main rockets. Tesla uses Linux for their OS in the cars. Now that more users are getting into Linux, it starts to make sense to port over gaming capability.
Billie Matteo
Billie Matteo 24 天 前
NO, Linux sucks in every way. Not everyone wants to learn to code just to do the most simple tasks. They just want to turn it on and go like in Windows. And Linux does not have one application to make it worth having. Just a bunch of marginal programs with a huge learning curve. The only reason Linux is still around is for web servers, that's it! I warn you, do not get conned into buying a Linux computer, you will regret it!
Somnia 5 天 前
wdym? why would you have to learn to code? pop os is easier then windows
Tom Travis
Tom Travis 19 天 前
@Diego Estrada I am a previous Windows user, I have probably used windows for over 8 years and Linux for about 2. I exclusively use Linux as it's my preferred operating system. The vast majority of Linux users don't use it to look cool, it straight up better for pretty much everything I use a computer for.
Diego Estrada
Diego Estrada 19 天 前
I agree, linux is still alive becouse it has an intense echo Chamber
Tom Travis
Tom Travis 23 天 前
Mate, have you used Linux? You definitely don't need to learn to code.
Ali Tolga Özbaş
Ali Tolga Özbaş 25 天 前
Fun fact: You can close that "palm rejection" from mouse settings.
AJ Worthing
AJ Worthing 25 天 前
Can it edit video without crashing? Really don't even care about how long it takes
Oke Ihenacho
Oke Ihenacho 25 天 前
Anthony is just a likeable guy, relaxed, knowledgeable and with a smooth and easy presentation style. Probably my favourite in the field.
Vanda Leme
Vanda Leme 26 天 前
anti-helper en instagram y él te ayudará y te devolverá tu cuenta y tus archivos encriptados.
Jussi Ahonen
Jussi Ahonen 26 天 前
That seems really expensive for what you get spec vise. What warrants the price?
oneplus estrada
oneplus estrada 27 天 前
again again.
Andrew Neal
Andrew Neal 27 天 前
For Linux, I just got a Lenovo Thinkpad P50 for $700 with i7 6830HQ, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, and Nvidia Quadro M200M. It came with Windows, but naturally, I installed Arch on it the day it arrived. Also tiling window managers are the best. I use i3.
Patrick Wingert
Patrick Wingert 27 天 前
Do not employ sharp object. OK. I will hire Dull tools to work for me.
Zwei Wing
Zwei Wing 28 天 前
It's only that model type offer???
River Tam
River Tam 29 天 前
Yes but can it run Kali?
onanidaily 29 天 前
8:15 - "Gaming isn't this things forte" - F*** it, just install Windows !
Aquarian Dawn
Aquarian Dawn 29 天 前
That is quite a fetching unit. Thats what she said.
Tim Soethe
Tim Soethe 个月 前
Anthony TechTips
Amy's Awesomesauce!
Amy's Awesomesauce! 个月 前
I need more coffee. I thought linux said linus. And was confused and excited thinking Linus was getting into selling computers, lol
Animating Studio
Animating Studio 个月 前
This guy:Only complaint i have about this box it is huge Me:maybe like you?
BASIL!!!!! The musical and pumpin' Seagull
BASIL!!!!! The musical and pumpin' Seagull 个月 前
If this thing had an RGB keyboard, I'd buy one tomorrow.
Dustin Capehart
Dustin Capehart 个月 前
its not the Windows key for linux users its the META key
Crimson Blade
Crimson Blade 个月 前
Meh device
Bobby Hinner
Bobby Hinner 个月 前
If you’re running Ubuntu, the tilling effect can be installed! I did it last night and it’s something I really like on my laptop when I’m away from my second monitor
Ernest Mazurek
Ernest Mazurek 个月 前
I feel like Gnome 40 could actually make Linux worth a try, I belive that System76 could benefit the most from it.
Ernest Mazurek
Ernest Mazurek 25 天 前
@Aditya Bhattacharya yeah I know, a bit sad
Aditya Bhattacharya
Aditya Bhattacharya 25 天 前
Not until November or 21.10 update
Tóth Márkó
Tóth Márkó 个月 前
Did Anthony rickroll us??????
Nazareno Fornari
Nazareno Fornari 个月 前
The yielding storm holly bless because biology postnatally murder on a right activity. barbarous, wacky radish
Thomas Schliffke
Thomas Schliffke 个月 前
Anthony i freakin love you! 🤗
Nicolae Florin Pașca
Nicolae Florin Pașca 个月 前
can it run windows / mac
gnargnarhead 个月 前
wow that's not a bad price
costafilh0 个月 前
No! You should only buy with Linux to save some money pirating windows!
Dyson 个月 前
Anthony, can a USB type cable connect a Linus OS with Windows 10 for file sharing?
gilkesisking 个月 前
Linux can read Windows NTFS drives providing Windows isn't in hibernation mode or the dive is encrypted. Windows *cannot* read Linux ext4, zfs or Btrfs etc. A portable USB drive formatted to NTFS can be used between the two systems, however NTFS does not respect Linux permissions ( so forget using it as a games drive but mp3 mp4 mkv jpg png etc etc will work just fine )
Dan Kupka
Dan Kupka 个月 前
Before the timestamp below: Neat presentation! 3:52 - wut (I might be missing a reference to something.)
Pepe 个月 前
This guy sound is better than linus duck
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