Robinhood CEO GRILLED by Elon Musk Over Gamestop Controversy (Full ClubHouse Interview)

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3 个月 前

During a recent Clubhouse call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took the opportunity to grill Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev on his decision to halt purchases of Gamestop stock ($GME) last week.
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JustMe 2 天 前
What's super sketchy is also that google just goes and removes reviews WTf?
danterada 2 天 前
Vlad the stock impaler, lol EPIC!
MuffinMan91 4 天 前
750nut 4 天 前
MoonchildBlues 5 天 前
So who paid 700 mil to retail sellers or ??? Me so
no one
no one 5 天 前
Elon musk has successfully convinced people he's the peoples billionaire. When in fact his friends are the owners of Citadel / Robinhood etc.
Nelson Alvaro
Nelson Alvaro 6 天 前
8:31 lmao 😂
TolonusCZ 15 天 前
Ok it seems he had gun to his head I dont think he is telling the truth about Citadel. Still it wasnt nice impaling those people back in the day It must be hard for the chief Vampire to not be in charge in this age or maybe he never was the main Vampire and he is pressured by The Vampire Citadel. :O
TolonusCZ 15 天 前
Man when listening to Vlad the stock impaler as Elon put it lol ,noticed the similarity in my other comment before getting through the video, I could just feel Vlads butt clenching in the interview. It doesnt feel good right Vlad thats karma for the impaled people they couldnt clench their butts with the stic or close mouth now you get it in psychological equivalent HA !
TolonusCZ 15 天 前
Hmm CEO of Robinhood who did shitty stuff has long dark hair and musketeer mustache and looks suspiciously young and his name is Vlad Tenev. I think the rumors of Vlad Tepes' death were greatly exadurated the impaler and the blood sucker still lives but didnt get very creative with the all immortals changing name after some years to not arouse suspicion and place. Thought he would get at least as creative with the names as he did with the murders but it appears impaling someone with big stick through butt all the way into and through mouth while alive doesnt take such a creative man or night creature as I thought.
Like Father Like Son
Like Father Like Son 16 天 前
Citadel and DTCC are in bed together. and Vlad the stock impaler is a lying piece of shit. His real name is "Roaring Kitty"
Edward Lax
Edward Lax 16 天 前
when i was a young boy in Bolivia....
Victor Constantin
Victor Constantin 16 天 前
Yeah, um, I mean, around, well, I wouldn’t...
C T 19 天 前
Its likely really simple...the real owners of Robinhood directed Vlad (Their subordinate) to lie his ass off. If Vlad refused, I believe he wouldn't have been CEO of a damn thing past close of business the next day. Ray Charles could clearly see wtf happened with RH and its true owners. It was built to control retail traders, pure and simple.
diztiinct 20 天 前
He is scared of doxing the shady clearance guys
Ladders 101
Ladders 101 20 天 前
Is there anyone cooler than Elon Musk?!?
Jon Doe
Jon Doe 24 天 前
Imagine he asked Elon if he'd soften his fall in return for the true story 😂
nine ball
nine ball 24 天 前
Still slow and stammering at 1.5x speed. For fucks sake.
Hendrik Eybers
Hendrik Eybers 24 天 前
All I hear is Um...Um...Um...Um...Um. Save yourself the pain.
Sean 26 天 前
Whenever I lie I always say a flat no. When I'm being honest I get offended that I even have to answer the question.
BlubberTest 26 天 前
I can imagine something like: "Hey Vlad, it's just 700m if you stop the trading and give our guys the best execution!"
Arata_Kazsuga_T.D.L 27 天 前
a TIP From and old Trader Don't Buy High market Cap stock only sell alwase invest on somting that less peaple bet on if yo uwant to make big
Arata_Kazsuga_T.D.L 27 天 前
thats How Trade Work somone thakes somting form somone and that somone get profit form another person you dont take money form lets say binance coinbase or robinhood you literely taking the deposit that other peaple made its like Casino who ever sell it faster get more
Arata_Kazsuga_T.D.L 27 天 前
all that money is peoples money when you cant buy the stock ther is no income on that stock so the more you sell the less price becomes until it reaches 0% ther will be alwase price up if somone buy it but whe nyou dump it you actualy take others peaple money that was invested
leelorenzo 29 天 前
I think that vlad kinda looks up to Elon and that’s why he was able to “spill the beans” slightly
leelorenzo 29 天 前
Elon chuckles at the end cause he knows he’s full of shit
leelorenzo 29 天 前
I got out of Robinhood with GME
leelorenzo 29 天 前
Had a buddy that was at 100,000 when this was going on and he couldn’t sell. He got 20,000. Big fuckin difference
Tabasco Si
Tabasco Si 个月 前
This should be illegal... if it was the other way around it would be 😡
Anti Establishment
Anti Establishment 个月 前
Vlad is full of shit and everyone knows it.
Michelle Mae Simplicio
Michelle Mae Simplicio 个月 前
Elon: I didnt ask for your company's history because I already know.. lets cut the BS
Luke Jones
Luke Jones 个月 前
idk why i'm even listening to this he's not gonna reveal shit
jjstratford 个月 前
Vlad the Stock Impaler 🤣🤣🤣 Kids, learn your history and this becomes funny
Maricela Lugo
Maricela Lugo 个月 前
This looks like some kind of mafia kind of "do this or else"
Chris P
Chris P 个月 前
Hilarious how many robinhood ads have ran on this vid 😂
Eboliferu Muscarian
Eboliferu Muscarian 个月 前
This guy sounds like Mark of Cryptobook
Monmon Mikhail
Monmon Mikhail 个月 前
As usual he won't give us straight answers
appfel kecks
appfel kecks 个月 前
You deposited money to their account and told them to buy something you could afford with that money. But suddenly they don't have enough money to do so. Restricting buying on margin is fine and understandable. But for cash accounts it's disgusting and shady.
appfel kecks
appfel kecks 个月 前
This is crazy. If someone comes to my house and tells me I owe them more money than I have and can possibly ever find in a reasonable amount of time I have to sell my house and everything else that I have. I guess vlad is still sitting in his house or at least having an intact liquid company.
Mr. //M
Mr. //M 个月 前
Elon didn't sound to happy about it!
Genny Trickett
Genny Trickett 个月 前
Elon asked who was holding the gun to your head demanding 3 billion dollars, Vlad the Impaler side steps that question. Who told you to shut the operations down at 3 am in the morning??? Citadel???? Did that ever come out?? Oh yep it does @19 minutes. Citadel pops up!!!
pigpizza101 个月 前
"vlad the stock impaler" lmaoooo
wk 1
wk 1 个月 前
No he lied did you hear him chuckle..
HoldDa Door
HoldDa Door 个月 前
Gimme that Clubhouse invite!!
Soukaina Elidrissi
Soukaina Elidrissi 个月 前
What's the name of the application and the point for
Joshua Young
Joshua Young 个月 前
I love when owners of companies start using the "oh I don't know the details of that." He's talking to Elon Musk who, like him or not, knows his companies inside and out. It's a weak excuse normally. But with Elon Musk, you look like a risky company owner if you don't know it all.
Hi johnzo
Hi johnzo 个月 前
Story of a hedge-fund caught with their shorts down!
Boom Boom
Boom Boom 个月 前
god I love Elon
aisaku 个月 前
Robinhood was about to go bankrupt and cause a systemic failure if they didn't stop buying. It would make its way down the chain wiping out Melvin Capital and Citadel until eventually reaching the DTCC. If there is illegal naked short selling going on its being enabled by the DTCC and this will get them caught. Putting a gun to brokers heads by raising collateral by crazy amounts FORCED the halting of buying eliminating the risk of systemic failure due to the negligence and or corruption of the DTCC and SEC. It's so fuckin obvious.
TOMMY Cruise
TOMMY Cruise 个月 前
Starting early is the best way of getting ahead to build wealth, investing remains a priority.
Miguel Therapy
Miguel Therapy 个月 前
The stock market has plenty of opportunities to earn a decent payouts, with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market works
Benjamin Dover
Benjamin Dover 个月 前
So in other words he chose to let all the hedge funds dump their shares/close short positions by only allowing those who really need the shares to get out of a short to buy. And i think many brokers are guilty of not properly managing risk
Richard Skywalker
Richard Skywalker 个月 前
The clearing house is a consortium of either paid off gov people or hedge billionaires. LIKELY.
that seems shady as hell. id bet that the guys demanding 3B were also demanding the whole time that RH lock those stocks from being bought knowing it would crash the stocks and protect the hedge funds who shorted.
Jeditronix Inc
Jeditronix Inc 个月 前
It’s to cover the shorts. Goldman Sachs
L Y 个月 前
If Robinhood users aren't cutting and running from that company after this scandal, then they deserve to be called idiots. There are much better ways to trade in the stock market.
Jude Lo
Jude Lo 个月 前
So the clearing house could be run by a cartel? He doesn’t know? Wtf!! As a CEO he should know all the details of whose holding him hostage for the money.
Jude Lo
Jude Lo 个月 前
Sounds like 3 billion was the number they gave in order to have the hedge funds cover while Robinhood scrambled to get the money.......then it goes to 700millions!!!!💰💰💰💰
Jude Lo
Jude Lo 个月 前
As the ceo of a company of that was me! I would be in meetings and conference calls finding out exactly how that was formulated and who has that formula. It should be 100% transparent!!! Elon caught him and he knows it.
Jude Lo
Jude Lo 个月 前
Elon musk is one of my favorite humans!!!! He truly amazes me.....
Danii 个月 前
I never doubted Robinhood. Even from the beginning. It’s not rocket science.
David Hickey
David Hickey 个月 前
Are you sure this guy is CEO. It’s seems incredulous that he holds such a position, sounds way out of his depth.
Jeremy Wright
Jeremy Wright 个月 前
Elon Musk is my favourite Troll billionaire. ps. Hurry up and build my Cybertruck, k thx
BlueFM 个月 前
I cannot see how Elon can talk with any government agency given their dishonest, negligent, lazy approach to serving the citizens.
Qin Shi
Qin Shi 个月 前
And they don’t even has a telephone number to cancel (WTF)
Furlock Furli
Furlock Furli 个月 前
So, the hedge funds gangsters were about loosing all their puts and this guy saved them by fucking over The People? Isn't it that plain simple? Or do I miss sth?
fleischwolf82 个月 前
Very interesting... the organization is owned by DTCC, which in turn is owned by banks and brokers. Citadel is a major customer of DTCC. There is also various media reports on close collaboration so I think it's possible Citadel asked their friends for some help to stop them from losing billions in the short squeeze.
Graham Hart
Graham Hart 个月 前
Awesome having this clip!
Evans Legend
Evans Legend 个月 前
Vlad and Robin Hood is related OMG!!!
Daniel G.
Daniel G. 个月 前
blink twice...legendary.
Vlad Tenev's is son of a prostitute
Vlad Tenev's is son of a prostitute 个月 前
Karimson Safehold
Karimson Safehold 个月 前
The fix was in so hard, many brokers got "margin called". Robinhood is small fry compared to freezing a lot of the topline brokers. The CLEARING HOUSE was leaned on, not the brokers necessarily. Why would Citadel lean on a small fry like Robinhood? Come on man, think like a trader. Vlad doesn't even know the truth. Don't worry about it.
John Locke
John Locke 个月 前
Elon: Vlad the Stock Impeller!! Hahaha!! I just love how crazy this was!!
Heart Popescu
Heart Popescu 个月 前
Adrian Frost
Adrian Frost 个月 前
RH didn't have the capital to support the leverage of their clients. It's just not complicated.
S P 个月 前
Vald better look for a new job...
Dan Flood
Dan Flood 个月 前
Vlad is a witch!
Friki Grom
Friki Grom 个月 前
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Marcin Olszewski
Marcin Olszewski 个月 前
You look like Joshua Homme's twin brother
Manny 个月 前
Vlad lied. Citadel has him by the balls and he can’t say anything about it!
Jamie Cameron
Jamie Cameron 个月 前
Elon for Mars mark ll 😉
Jamie Cameron
Jamie Cameron 个月 前
Cya... nuff said
Jamie Cameron
Jamie Cameron 个月 前
By which time hiphop hooray!! Saved the hedgehog lol...
Jamie Cameron
Jamie Cameron 个月 前
Jamie Cameron
Jamie Cameron 个月 前
Spit it out n wtf do u mean u dont understand the formula
Jamie Cameron
Jamie Cameron 个月 前
Marina Watzlawick
Marina Watzlawick 个月 前
Wow...he could be politician...he s talking without saying anything...
Roy Benavides
Roy Benavides 个月 前
Here goes my Tesla buy. Robinhood IPO is looking bad!!!
Graham Alexander
Graham Alexander 个月 前
Elon = EGOD 🚀🚀🚀
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson 2 个月 前
15 mins of pure blabla
Inkeshaf Ali
Inkeshaf Ali 2 个月 前
andrew jackson
andrew jackson 2 个月 前
That’s not the CEO of Robin Hood! Sounds like a stoner trying to explain where he’s dropped his car keys🤦‍♂️
Kyle Hamilton
Kyle Hamilton 2 个月 前
So they saved all the big hedge funds. SMH. Screw the customers.
Maureen Parisi
Maureen Parisi 2 个月 前
Could tell by class breathing and dryness he was very nervous
MotoDruid 2 个月 前
Something shady is afoot. I wouldn't put a penny in Robinhood. It looks like they are bending to the will of the big players in the market.
Gabriel Jew
Gabriel Jew 2 个月 前
"im basically gonna shut up" *proceeds to interrupt the interview every 5min and make this video twice as long as it had to be.
Ham jacobson
Ham jacobson 2 个月 前
can this guy give a straight answer to literally anything?
Richard J
Richard J 2 个月 前
they halted it because robinhood would bancrupt if all people cashed out at 400$/share
Joe Z
Joe Z 2 个月 前
Vlad is a smooth snake oil salesman. Dodges most direct question.
Aleksandar Hristov
Aleksandar Hristov 2 个月 前
Words that you should know when you want to be succesfull.... umm you know them...
Adele K
Adele K 2 个月 前
He's like the mark zuckerberg of Robinhood.
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