Rare Miyazaki Wagyu A5 - Teppanyaki in Japan

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11 个月 前

Pleasant Teppanyaki place in a side alley in Osaka - Miyazaki Wagyu belongs roughly to the Top5 Japanese Wagyu Beef brands (beside Kobe Beef, Matsusaka Beef, Omi Beef, ...) and namely 270g of Sirloin Steak is being prepared here - the weight of the steak is measured after the fat is cut off.

Sōsuke Aizen
Sōsuke Aizen 11 个月 前
Fun facts : yes that's actually the way you cut wagyu steak, he actually cut it perfectly No none of the excess fat and meat was thrown away, it'll actually be used in other dishes, nothing goes to waste in any professional restaurant kitchen No he wasn't short changed with the cut he got exactly what he paid for in terms of grams when it comes to the steak, excess fat is always trimmed away it's just in this case the chef chose to show the guest the procedure The chef has taken an extremely delicate touch in preparing this meal and the steak was cooked perfectly, the only thing I wish he would of done was actually used some of that fat to cook the steak with :( And FYI I am a qualified chef for all the world renowned food experts in the comments.
Chloe Bacher
Chloe Bacher 天 前
You, are the next Gordon Ramsay
Dan Pierce
Dan Pierce 9 天 前
@T T no no he isnt
Brooklyn Foodz
Brooklyn Foodz 9 天 前
@Your Mom maybe. That doesn't change my/our opinion on how to treat the living. We serve in France, a lot of cooks here "turn" their veggies because "it's the french way", we still think it's a lack of respect to the living that we use by wasting so much just for presentation's sake. Food can be well presented with a minimum amount of waste. "Lastly", their is no such thing as "a nation having the best steak chefs in the world", that is nonsensical. First of all there is no such thing as a steak chef, there's eventually a meats "chef de partie', but that's a cook not a chef, "chef" is the title of the guy creating the menu and who is responsible of the way the kitchen is driven (safety, cleanliness, etc), there is no other word with this title ; meats have been experimented with and mastered for 100's of thousands of years by the entire humanity, so there's amazing meat specialists all over the world, with their approach to taste, texture, etc, overall rendering... But no matter how good they are and what they do with it, we'll always stand against unnecessary waste.
Brooklyn Foodz
Brooklyn Foodz 9 天 前
@Dan Pierce yes
T T 10 天 前
Nusret is the best steakhouse in the world 🥩👋 saltbea is a king of master chefs
Denis Johnson
Denis Johnson 10 分钟 前
It didn’t have to sit at all???? 🤯
Kewell Wong
Kewell Wong 41 分钟 前
My heart shocked every cut he did to the stick... T_T
Péqueux d'Arleux
Péqueux d'Arleux 4 小时 前
Baaah, ça ne vaudra jamais un bon steack dans la bavette
Gordon Ramsay Said : Hurry Up Dickheaaddd, customer is waiting youuuu
Ann Hamilton
Ann Hamilton 11 小时 前
This is the closest most of us will get to having this in real life....
Arman TV
Arman TV 15 小时 前
Mantap kai bang , kapan gw kesana ya
zeguiviu 19 小时 前
he cooked it way too much
Fri Check
Fri Check 天 前
Cuanta tontería y mareo para preparar la carne, eso sí, la apariencia, textura, color, e imagino que el sabor extraordinarios!!!
Tadeo Llaguno
Tadeo Llaguno 天 前
Muy furufis todo pero la verdad me termine encabronando, mi carnívoro interior está muy frustrado vvlv
Leon Daniel
Leon Daniel 天 前
If someone has huge time to wait for a long drama... Visit this restaurants. Time killing machine.
Chloe Bacher
Chloe Bacher 天 前
I was like; don’t put a glob of Nutella, Gordon will disapprove
silversurfergw 天 前
prior do this video, I saw one that the chef bbq a side of beef on an open fire pit, served with a side of florest.
shinnidan 天 前
Wait if i spend a lot of money on that one slice...id want to eat eveything including the fat parts...what a waste🙄😏🤨
Sami Hyppia
Sami Hyppia 天 前
60$ for a 100 grams steak? Oh bug off!
4ap4erica 天 前
Столько пафоса что бы СОЖРАТЬ кусок ЖИРА!!!!!
Syed Naufal Shahabudin
Syed Naufal Shahabudin 天 前
What was the thing at 6:40?
Gama tok
Gama tok 2 天 前
Flatnya dibuang dong😭
탄탄몬 2 天 前
칼질 ㅈㄴ 못한다 ㄹㅇ
الله يكرم النعمة
scrappy notebook
scrappy notebook 2 天 前
And you call that food?!!
Aaron Don
Aaron Don 2 天 前
Oh my god he throws that amazing fat away
Richard Bryan
Richard Bryan 2 天 前
Wow...amazing Delicious.. now I want to eat it right now..
Hansen Sentot
Hansen Sentot 2 天 前
Mubazir daging dibuang²
Shakhboz Mirzaev
Shakhboz Mirzaev 3 天 前
The cook is very patiently
PakPol99 3 天 前
Saya kira yt nya mas Aden opicel:v
brian van der westhuizen
brian van der westhuizen 3 天 前
yuk, overpriced fatty beef. clearly not free range grass fed prime beef. people who think that is good meat clearly have not eaten grass fed free range beef
kynnetön 3 天 前
He almost cut himself in 3:54
xX sus Xx
xX sus Xx 3 天 前
Mending di jadiin rendang
Tanaka Poetra
Tanaka Poetra 3 天 前
Bad cutting
Rizky Saputra
Rizky Saputra 4 天 前
Wahyu A5
Josh Williams
Josh Williams 4 天 前
I'd hurt that dude if he cut all that goodness off my Wagyu. Wait... that was a dude with fake nails????
luis Eduardo
luis Eduardo 4 天 前
I wouldn’t even throw out the fat , I could use it for searing
duwang 4 天 前
The Promised Neverland Special grade
AJIEKC 4 天 前
Сука слюни......
쪼아티비Vlog 4 天 前
다음에 일본 가면 먹어봐야겠어요! i will try to eat next time.
Elton Domingo
Elton Domingo 5 天 前
Did he just chuck away the fat? I would yell NOOOOOO
Rickey Wible
Rickey Wible 5 天 前
B R 5 天 前
Katsunori Shimomaebara
Katsunori Shimomaebara 5 天 前
ここブラジルでブラジル人がたまに口にする、paciência japonesa 日本的根気、が今わかった。
Marlus Wesley
Marlus Wesley 5 天 前
O cara arrancou tudo quase!
Bntg h3he
Bntg h3he 5 天 前
Dh la mahal ngasi segitu anjim mending gw beli rendang di warteg ngenUH
Юрий Жданов
Юрий Жданов 5 天 前
Сырое мясо и пару листиков и травинок...где еда то?
Rafa Yk
Rafa Yk 5 天 前
gue yang puasa
mar Har
mar Har 6 天 前
They are so slow cooking and turning and grating so slow
Poe 5 天 前
That is the point if you are going to spend hundreds of dollars.
Wibu Gamer's
Wibu Gamer's 6 天 前
Matt Miller
Matt Miller 6 天 前
A5 wagyu is delicious. I’ve only had true A5 once, and it still didn’t look quite as beautiful as this cut. The marbling is incredible in this video! Props to the cow, the farmer, the butcher, the chef, and the CNpostr for sharing this. My quest for a perfect piece of steak continues now.
backyardboogiewoogie 6 天 前
The number of times Google plays the Covid vax ad is of no consequence. Sensible healthy people will thankfully never take it.
Susana Bosques
Susana Bosques 6 天 前
Tanto biri biri para hacer un churrasco!! .Jajajaja
Susana Bosques
Susana Bosques 6 天 前
Yo viendo al chef rayar el wasabi...daleeeeeee!!!!!!!!
Hugh Jaass
Hugh Jaass 6 天 前
Damn Wagu is SO, SO, SO, SO......GOOD. 😍
Ank AJ
Ank AJ 6 天 前
That's my rent for a month. Cool.
ASMR 먹어조
ASMR 먹어조 6 天 前
와~~~ 진짜 맛있겠다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Dhimers GAMING
Dhimers GAMING 6 天 前
Gk kenyang kalo makan segitu di Indonesia
Marlon Arienza
Marlon Arienza 6 天 前
X PH 6 天 前
i enjoyed watching this food. yum yum!
Super John
Super John 6 天 前
Looking at how the Chef cut the wagyu is really satisfying, it’s as soft as butter
IND_wir 6 天 前
Marion Dufour
Marion Dufour 6 天 前
C'est tellement bien réaliser avec précision et finesse que l'on ose pas deguster felicitations
Veronica Morales
Veronica Morales 7 天 前
It cut like butter super satisfying
Mauricio Sanchez
Mauricio Sanchez 7 天 前
Un corte muy mantecoso
Simon Russell
Simon Russell 7 天 前
That looks like fatty shit .......
Enver Erdem
Enver Erdem 7 天 前
O kadar yavaşsın ki, 10 yıl sürdü 10 dakikalık iş.
Retardinho 7 天 前
The only thing I didn’t like, was that lady’s glittery long nails. Only clean short fingernails should be near a kitchen.
Felipe Yure
Felipe Yure 7 天 前
o cara saco a gordurinha do contra hahahahahha
Bradley Seewalt-Boman
Bradley Seewalt-Boman 7 天 前
john chapman
john chapman 7 天 前
It just looks like Spam , yummy with Egg n Chips
Хохол Справжнiй
Хохол Справжнiй 7 天 前
А где ж там мясо? Жир сплошной
Dale Winston
Dale Winston 7 天 前
He cut so much of it off smh
Thomas Langvann
Thomas Langvann 7 天 前
People pretending eating this is impossible while commenting from the newest smart phone 😂🤦‍♂️ get a job, save a little. Travel and eat. Its not impossible at all children 😂 i eaten this, did not bankrupt me, cause most people can save upp for the things we want.
Leon Mita
Leon Mita 7 天 前
Just cook the bloody thing..
Lungs McGee
Lungs McGee 7 天 前
By the time the chef had presented the dish, I thought I was there. I was In. I could taste it. I was about to dig in. You can imagine my disappointment when I looked up from my screen and it was egg and chips for tea 🥚🍟
term 2 天 前
Mine was even more disappointing a salad :( I mean salads great but nothing like an A5 wagyu steak
Bulat 7 天 前
Я блядь дошиком подавился.
Alex Маданович
Alex Маданович 6 天 前
@Pes это мясо. Оно испещероено жировыми жилками, при жарке которые растворяются сразу в мясе. Свининку любишь? Вот тоже самое ток говядина, которая просто тает во рту. Не забудешь ни вкус ни цену, цена того точно стоит. Жаль тлько у нас тебе подадут не так целый кусман, а блэт кусочек с бочка...
@Pes мраморное мясо поди,я у Друже такое видел
Pes 6 天 前
Это не мясо,хуета какая-то белая
William Sheppard
William Sheppard 8 天 前
He didn't even really cook it he only Brown it
Wira 01
Wira 01 8 天 前
Solat bro
Jesus cc
Jesus cc 8 天 前
Achinga apoco eso cuesta ese pinche pedazo de vaca....no Mamen..aca con eso hacemos una mega carne asada para los albaniles...solo con un guayugyito de ésos y hasta con las cervesas caguamas familiar
Jim B
Jim B 8 天 前
too much time with all the other stuff.
Shane Wimer
Shane Wimer 8 天 前
Did he throw that fat away?
Miller Ferreira
Miller Ferreira 8 天 前
Frescura da porra pra fazer uma carne.
18aprile 1921
18aprile 1921 8 天 前
ma che carne è?
nobody likesme
nobody likesme 8 天 前
This is not right no no no no no no no
nobody likesme
nobody likesme 8 天 前
This is raw
Eddie Edwards
Eddie Edwards 8 天 前
Stop trimming! If I don't want to eat the fat ill leave it lol
Spooky 31
Spooky 31 8 天 前
I bet they went out for Chinese afterward...
Def Focus
Def Focus 8 天 前
PewnedBywat s
PewnedBywat s 8 天 前
hmmmm, eggprant
Errol Nicholson
Errol Nicholson 8 天 前
I like it with the fat on...
TheDukeisHere! 8 天 前
i like the beef, but the way he cooks the veggies, its a yuck
Sharon Egger
Sharon Egger 9 天 前
So yummy looking. I don’t suppose I’ll ever get to try it. But it looks great!
T_ C
T_ C 9 天 前
i liked the part where he cut off like 10 good bites with the fat
Vegan Between Meals
Vegan Between Meals 9 天 前
guy asked for rare. that's medium to mid rare.
yshd hshs
yshd hshs 9 天 前
Looks all fat. I'll take a t bone from a new York chop house.
Jerome Duffy
Jerome Duffy 9 天 前
If fat is flavor. And they love the marbling. Waste to see it carved up like that
Dega Master
Dega Master 9 天 前
Pelo preço que custou essa carne, eu duvido que deixaria ele jogar fora qualquer pedacinho,. Pode preparar tudo que vou comer tudo que paguei. 😅
Михаил Евгеньевич
Михаил Евгеньевич 9 天 前
Frank Castle
Frank Castle 9 天 前
Dip it in rocks and Boogers it’ll be better
Frank Castle
Frank Castle 9 天 前
Trim till theirs nothing left
Jan Chia-Hsiang
Jan Chia-Hsiang 9 天 前
louis defunes
louis defunes 9 天 前
Nice tasty videos! But i think it's not good for the chef's knife to cut through plastic; better use a jigsaw or circular saw...
Sakthivel Gounder
Sakthivel Gounder 9 天 前
Chinese can cut cook and eat 10 times in the time taken by the Japanese..
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