I Win $1000/Hr In Crazy Game Of Poker!! Poker Vlog Ep 148

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Brad Owen

个月 前

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Ashfaque Monir
Ashfaque Monir 6 小时 前
Love cashing out profits! And leave $3
dhruv thakkar
dhruv thakkar 4 天 前
I hope you keep winning the same way
dhruv thakkar
dhruv thakkar 4 天 前
Love your videos man
Adam Olsen
Adam Olsen 4 天 前
"Walking away from the TL" LOL
tomalba7 5 天 前
If you want to get technical in that room you had four Queens!
Dương vlog
Dương vlog 5 天 前
Tik Tok qua đây
manbearpig214 5 天 前
Brad you need to come play orange city in Florida. It’s the wildest 2/5 I’ve ever played.
big bob
big bob 6 天 前
Do you keep the tokens
QT8270 7 天 前
Brian Van Wagner
Brian Van Wagner 7 天 前
I won thousands. And I tipped the dealer 3 bucks.
Mister Banshee
Mister Banshee 8 天 前
I won ten bucks in quarters off a friend playing poker 😂
hotrodsather 9 天 前
Two Queens? Why get an extra bed?.......Oh I get it, like Pocket Queens........
james peters
james peters 10 天 前
I can't tell if I want to never hear you say pocket jiggidies again. Or if I want to buy a shirt that says pocket jiggidies on it.
Carlos Velarde
Carlos Velarde 10 天 前
Great video! I would have absolutely lost all of my shit if you had an edit of "this is my strong hand" from the guy from Scary Movie after you said you had a strong hand lmao! Gotta have that in a future video lol! Love the content, keep it up!
Broderick Hunt
Broderick Hunt 13 天 前
The trip was well worth it brother! Good work.
aaron breeds
aaron breeds 14 天 前
whats up with all the ".... just kidding that didnt happen its this..." bit unnecessary , but happy for you when the real thing is good for you
Vincent Evans
Vincent Evans 14 天 前
2 piece Mcjiggles
Ryan West
Ryan West 16 天 前
He’ll call if he has a big pair, or a big pair.
Ryan West
Ryan West 16 天 前
Maybe he’ll more closely analyze his range of starting hands...... haha
KayTooRaw 18 天 前
People lose and scared to show their losing hand lmao. Weak
Morris B.
Morris B. 19 天 前
Love your script!! So much fun to watch!!
Absei Poltinin
Absei Poltinin 22 天 前
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The Splawn
The Splawn 22 天 前
Am I the only one who gets irked at the fact that he just rakes in the chips even if they're neatly stacked just to restack the chips...like really? 😂 obnoxious lol
David H
David H 22 天 前
Watching videos like this shows me I'm not smart enough to play poker. I'll stick with the sportsbook and craps. LOL!
travis coates
travis coates 22 天 前
You should never show your cards. Unless you are playing poker in a casino located within the lower 48 states of the USA and sometimes in Alaska and Hawaii
legion 23 天 前
Nice hand, nice hand. You were thinking what a fucking donkey though 😂..
Matthew Langdale
Matthew Langdale 23 天 前
Imagine that 10-3 hand you called. You woulda been up probably 8,000! But no use thinking about that. You cannot control loose players. Fold and forget
Jerry Kellerman
Jerry Kellerman 25 天 前
Good for me to find you, you haven't lost a step as your poker commentary is both enjoyable and educational. For the moment I'm living vicariously through your winning session of good money 💰. I hope you..
XIV 25 天 前
8:13 that guy was not happy lol
Shane Koopmans
Shane Koopmans 26 天 前
My favorite part of this video was seeing him tip his dealers well on big pots. Same as the cashiers cage. A lot of players would just toss 1 or 2 bucks on those. Thank you for taking care of your dealers!
AirPod XL
AirPod XL 26 天 前
When you said the king came I was like. NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
dabsterz 27 天 前
The hushed capital univariately force because lyocell spontaneously face within a charming sturgeon. malicious, eatable soap
Sheyla1122334455 29 天 前
When you are playing in the Casino in the US, can you just stand up after every hand or do you have to stay an amount of time before you can leave the table?
Halil Gecaj
Halil Gecaj 29 天 前
Nice one
BluffaloSoldier 29 天 前
Why play so late at night?
Yolovani 个月 前
Question for you Brad, when you leave with all that cash, what do you do with it? Do you deposit it or keep it on you? Do the casinos have a way for you to deposit your big wins straight to your account?
Steven Washington
Steven Washington 个月 前
Lamelo Crusade Refractors are on fire right now...just look at what his Leaf cards did over the last couple of years!!! Anybody else thinking Ferrari by Summertime?
Unsinkable Sam
Unsinkable Sam 个月 前
When will we see Desert Diamond? That would be exciting
Mike Churchill
Mike Churchill 个月 前
Dam wish I knew that you were coming to talking stick I would have come down and watched or played in the game!!! I usually play 2-3 spread or 8/16 limit hold em. Hope you win this session
Todd Schowengerdt
Todd Schowengerdt 个月 前
Hello Brad and thanks for the entertaining Vlog. Glad you won some $ in my backyard. If you don't mind, ping me before you come out next time and I will throw a few cards with you. Talking Stick is about 5 mins from pad in Scottsdale.
Tommy Ohlsson
Tommy Ohlsson 个月 前
Hi Brad, do you invest your winnings or does all into the bankrole?
이재원 个月 前
3 10ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Scott Glassner
Scott Glassner 个月 前
Little late to the posting. But 5 hours to and from. (10 hours) now if you fly its different. Do you calculate time to travel into your overall win/loss rate?
steve crazy
steve crazy 个月 前
You explain the game very good and what you're doing. I understand the game and play ok, but I don't understand the lingo. Thanks for sharing, I'll sign up to follow you. I think I could do this. I know it's a young man's game and I'm older. MUCH older. Again thanks for sharing. Got to learn the poker language. Since covid, I've played nearly 100 sessions of poker online. YES, I know it's not the same with real money.
David Heinig
David Heinig 个月 前
I just spent 3 hours in a tournament and I'm minus 20 cents major lukkkkboxxxx
vi ng
vi ng 个月 前
Folding is boring
swishes2000 个月 前
Run better.
Javier Felix
Javier Felix 个月 前
Do you have to claim the winning as income earn, and pay taxes. Does the casino report how much in chips you cash in vs cash out?
Brendan Cook
Brendan Cook 个月 前
For all those people who say “never show your cards” I say - Absolutely!!!! don’t ever show your cards. And I say to those of US who do - keep on enjoying the wins playa’s. The true art of this game remains in the hearts of the hustlers and grinders. I know you really know Brad, and I know you love that a new sucker is born every minute. ;) Keep up the Grind, yo game is strong playa.
Tom Chan
Tom Chan 个月 前
you won literally every hand.
eMJay GeeZee
eMJay GeeZee 个月 前
How do you keep track of players starting stacks before a new hand being played?
Sven De Vos
Sven De Vos 个月 前
Awesome session dude congrats
vortex 1232
vortex 1232 个月 前
in our hotel room we got 2 queens under the gun
A W 个月 前
No clue whats happening but... interesting.
Nishant Jain
Nishant Jain 个月 前
At @4:50 you said you would have checked if it was Vegas. Can you explain what that implies in terms of poker players or strategy difference between the cities?
YaRu 个月 前
Damn Brad, saw one of your videos randomly pop up on my recommendations one day and I've been binge watching since! Never thought I'd see the day youtube algorithm does its job right but thanks for always putting out this great content. Keep it up dude, hoping to see some more wins!
Muhammad Curtis
Muhammad Curtis 个月 前
You ran hot at this Arizona poker table. You had some pretty big hands here. It also seems like nobody knew what the word “fold” meant. The players went hard which of course makes the poker hands much more fun to watch. I’m glad that you do show your cards after folds. I can see why certain poker players don’t do such. They may just want to keep the mystery going, but I think players should show their cards occasionally especially if they’re growing an online following. Keep up the good work
Roman Rotinov
Roman Rotinov 个月 前
What does Tthe 'T' stands for?
JayKristen McC
JayKristen McC 个月 前
I actually did the jump
darren 个月 前
man first hand was sick, opponent flopped straights. but guess that's poker
paul couto
paul couto 个月 前
yur annoying
Pacman Seven
Pacman Seven 个月 前
Brad why did you remove part 2 to this video an hour after you uploaded it? It popped up on my feed and I was looking forward to watching it on my break at work
John Johnson
John Johnson 个月 前
Hey Brad. You should post your play schedule somewhere. Even if it's the day of. I'm headed to Vegas next month and would love to get me some Bradley Dollars.
Ollie Ludlam
Ollie Ludlam 个月 前
this is why you need post notifications on, got to watch the whole thing before it went ;)
David Moore
David Moore 个月 前
Did Talking Stick make him take down today’s vlog??
Cory Conley
Cory Conley 个月 前
Why did you remove your latest video?
Tyriek Wiley
Tyriek Wiley 个月 前
It pays to be early. I got to watch the other video before he removed it
Ollie Ludlam
Ollie Ludlam 个月 前
Same mate, we getting that juicy content that no one else does
TeamMadolcheOTK 个月 前
I was just watching the new vlog you posted today and mid way through it got taken down, what happened? it was a really good one too
Andrew Gabel
Andrew Gabel 个月 前
Same here I backed out of the video to do something and came back to my history and it was gone
Renjo Tolentino
Renjo Tolentino 个月 前
Hope I can play like you man... nice run!
Urban Outdoorsman
Urban Outdoorsman 个月 前
How do you get away with filming?
What poker app do you use to keep track of your sessions. Not like mine to much
Donald Cedar
Donald Cedar 个月 前
You tip a lot on those big pots.
zarinth 个月 前
Great stuff, I need this right now, you are doing better than my stocks.
Connie Chung
Connie Chung 个月 前
The dealer: “RAISE, ALL IN” sounded loud in the video
stroggwars 个月 前
HI Brad u now ok from covid 19 tha's cool
Max Morgan
Max Morgan 个月 前
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Jason Hammerly
Jason Hammerly 个月 前
Gotta be careful with those guys named Jason, they're crazy hahahaha
Marty Szudera
Marty Szudera 个月 前
Nice win!!
Kevin M. E.
Kevin M. E. 个月 前
$4 tip?
Hyrain 个月 前
Bro wtf is this.. I jumped on the like button and now my screen is all black.. tf did you do?
bjkjoseph 个月 前
That last hand would make me crap in my pants.
Joe Peters
Joe Peters 个月 前
I wanna learn poker I play blackjack I love the element of me versus you but man this shit is super confusing
hawaiidispenser 个月 前
Best poker tutorial I've ever seen. Looking forward to more. :-D
CashCache 个月 前
After watching this, I can see I play way too loose. Brad pretty much only plays premium hands in position - I wish I had that discipline.
Edward Keenan
Edward Keenan 个月 前
I’m a grown ass man and I literally just jumped on the like button. Was thrilled it worked and we bagged pocket rockets
Carmine Sepe
Carmine Sepe 个月 前
Please highlights videos!
Nick Nguyen
Nick Nguyen 个月 前
4k on a pocket pair kings fuck outta here
Interesting People
Interesting People 个月 前
Man that was sweeet 😁♣️
Allison Bachman
Allison Bachman 个月 前
Hey dude I like your videos! Have a question. What percentage would you say you are folding? You show your good (and bad) hands, but as for the others, do you have a specific range - or are you a gut player?
EscapeTheRace 个月 前
when he said he had 2 kings and the river wasn't dealt yet I felt massive anxiety, then that 3 came out. So lucky, would've been funny if an ace came out just to nail the coffin
Brian Potter
Brian Potter 个月 前
Man....Kings vs ACes is a gut wrencher. Glad you were on the better end this time
Nick Eberhardt
Nick Eberhardt 个月 前
Wondering what the best Poker books are to up my knowledge and game..? Anyone know?
Dennis Moreno
Dennis Moreno 个月 前
Good stuff
그라이딩 하면서 방송 잘보고있어요 저는 1000방 2000방 그라인딩 합니다
vivek soni
vivek soni 个月 前
try luck on tournament
Scott Uzarowski
Scott Uzarowski 个月 前
Hey Bro if you happen to see this hit me up at Scott.vps@gmail.com I think you've played at my home room before which is Arundel mills Live in Maryland. Anyway there's a game running in the Baltimore area right now thats so unbelievable I can't even explain it on here! Let's just say that just one of the donkeys in this game is the stay at home dad husband of #3 at Under Amor who donks off thousands almost every session!! I'm not exaggerating!! If you plan you hitting the east coast this year hit me up!!!
Darren Carter
Darren Carter 个月 前
Hey Brad, do you have any poker guide that you learned from?
Brandon McGillis
Brandon McGillis 个月 前
It’s called a second hand gambling high.
Jaden Ricco
Jaden Ricco 个月 前
Appreciate watchin ya videos mates peace and love from Australia! Goodluck with it tho we aint need need luck ;)