NVIDIA pretends to care about gamers. - CMP Announcement

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个月 前

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Nvidia thinks they can pull a fast one on gamers looking to grab an RTX 3060, but we know you're smarter than that - Let's dig deeper and see if we can figure out why they're launching cryptocurrency mining cards...
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Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips 个月 前
Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping @manscaped with code TECH at manscaped.com/TECH
Pyro King
Pyro King 7 天 前
@Ra awesome he looks like a hobo
Yellow Flash
Yellow Flash 7 天 前
@Ra awesome can you read?
Moon 8 天 前
​@Ra awesome Yes, I know what he was saying, and it's BS. You know what's actually a great way to subsidize gpus? Having a job and creating something that actually contributes to GDP and humanity. You know what's not a great way? Wasting energy that could otherwise be used for actual productive purposes, and polluting the planet with carbon emissions, which will then require more energy/resources in the future to reverse. Incredibly profitable? Yes, it's because people like Linus and yourself promote cryptomining, which perpetuates the pyramid scheme by getting more people involved, which subsequently causes more damage. It's like telling a chemical company "You know what's incredibly profitable? If you dump your toxic waste into the ocean instead of disposing of it properly!" Greed is not an excuse to pollute the planet. Not to mention the cost/demand for GPUs would be less if mining weren't a thing. Great, so he decided to give up a sponsor in exchange to keep a chunk of his viewer base. But that video is still up, and it doesn't change the fact that he has shown himself to be dishonest and have no principles.
Darpan Adhlakha
Darpan Adhlakha 8 天 前
@Ra awesome Let's just hope that crack is not something an average miner can apply... I too heard of a crack by some Chinese miner.. And if by mods you meant workaround like mining other coin and swapping it is a different story, that can happen with even a CPU based coin, but they don't stack up CPUs..
Technical Bhaijan
Technical Bhaijan 8 天 前
@Ra awesome You mean CMP gpus..well if we clean it's heatsink it will last nearly 4 years after being used for mining.
Phooey 4 小时 前
Yeah well I don’t care about nvidia
Mr. Ticklebutts
Mr. Ticklebutts 5 小时 前
0:15 Morpheus entered the chat
jey Lee
jey Lee 天 前
Hopefully Nvidia will face an environmental impact lawsuit reminding them of their responsibility, and their apparent lack of ethics. good video man, I was starting to think you lost touch.
jey Lee
jey Lee 天 前
we knew this Linus, none of the GPU companies give a fuck about gamers, it's ALL ABOUT THE $. Stop buying new, learn to buy used, and be smart about it.
Dixo Gaming
Dixo Gaming 天 前
Did I just watched an ad for a crotch scraper? Lol
Paxton Matteson
Paxton Matteson 天 前
Welcome to capitalism
Kevin Cobley
Kevin Cobley 2 天 前
Where have all the graphic cards gone, not a single card anywhere.
M L 2 天 前
Gotta give ya credit. You didn't pull any punches. Hopefully crypto will crash again because people need to learn another lesson.
CallMeAdam 2 天 前
I feel like every company these days only care about there stock price, over customers!
breaking Down
breaking Down 4 天 前
So Nvidia is like those meme were tomato, meat, lettuce, cheese and bun were all healthy but when all combine into burger it's slightly unhealthy
codaah. 4 天 前
I REALLLY hope amd gets ahead and adds more features, something like shadow play
CptEddyPrice 4 天 前
Linus doesn't care about me. Just the views :(
Tech We Love
Tech We Love 4 天 前
I want a new GPU. ❤️
Awhoo Thunder
Awhoo Thunder 5 天 前
I subscribed after this. I don't even mind your ads anymore.😄
Jonathan Garzon
Jonathan Garzon 5 天 前
Me laughing because there's gamers that think Nvidia didn't do this on purpose. Killing the secondhand resell ability in these cards means cards have to be bought new full MSRP. They aren't JUST trying to make more money now, they want the secondhand market dead 100%
YareYare 5 天 前
I really want to buy a new computer with a bomb GPU after I get a job buy hey... with no current gen GPUs available, I ain't getting one anyways
Martin Finne
Martin Finne 5 天 前
Is there any more info yet about the capabilities of the CMP-cards? I have a p-104 (mining 1070) that I bought new after the crypto crash and it have worked fine for CUDA workloads like blender and F@H without hacked drivers. If that is possible with these new cards they also have a secondary value as CUDA accelerators or have Nvidia learned and kill everything they can that don't make money
Lutor KF
Lutor KF 5 天 前
NVIDIA and INTEL, are shit, they "play" dirt, lie and manipulates his "customers", many of the "customers" become part of a blind cult, is sad...
Veyron722skyhook 5 天 前
So... switch to AMD Radeon?
KabutoRyu 5 天 前
nvidia loved by crypo miner now
razgrizraven 6 天 前
This video was brought to you buy the AMD Gang.
Michael Kuba
Michael Kuba 6 天 前
I hate NVIDIA now. Gamers want to play but NVIDIA cares that bulls**t mining.
Jessie A
Jessie A 6 天 前
Honestly, my experience using nvidia drivers has only gotten worse and worse. Especially with Gnu/Linux. I couldn't get proton and wine working very well Untill I bought a second hand AMD mining card. Which works pretty good :)
Jo 1337
Jo 1337 6 天 前
Atrioc is fuming right now
LOL MAN 6 天 前
Stormingmiku 6 天 前
I'd still rather have nvidia over intel regardless. Their parts are still really good for gaming.
Michael Martin
Michael Martin 6 天 前
Silicon is one of the most abundant elements on earth. There is no shortage of silicon.
Pilton Jones
Pilton Jones 6 天 前
L for Linudetta
Redfield Chris
Redfield Chris 7 天 前
Here is a truth, Nvidia pretends they're good for gaming at the full degree for so many years, and they made you to believe that in artificial ways.
MLDanny18 7 天 前
Probably gonna get bashed for this but I 100% believe there should be a ban on crypto mining, for now, and for many reasons. 1. Its so bad for the environment, unless its on renewable energy such as solar or turbine, the amount of energy these computers consume is ridiculous and its impacting the environment. 2. It's soaking up every GPU in the market making it near impossible for us gamers to buy a card at a reasonable price, I for one paid 150% of the initial price to get the 3070 and I was lucky when i brought it, as now its gone up even further, and even the 3060 now costs 250% of its price at 1.1k. And 3. is because its crypto, untraceable money, money you're essentially making out of nothing but fossil fuels, plus bitcoin can only be spent on such a small amount of things, majority of that being the black market and other sketchy stuff. So as of now, crypto is doing more bad than good, and I cant wait for it to inevitably crash, hard.
Eoghan Fenton
Eoghan Fenton 7 天 前
garhent 8 天 前
The CMP GPU's are prior gen GPU's, they burn more power, they have a 3 month warranty and are worse than their equivalent 2060 chip. The whole thing is a scam to unload their excess chips and to drive up the prices of the 3080 to godlike prices and make things worse, a lot worse now.
Pffbear 8 天 前
nothing in this video made sense
rocks performance ks
rocks performance ks 8 天 前
It's time to leave pc gaming for budget gamers
EXPENDABLE11010 1 10 天 前
Imagine if an influencer convinced your viewers not to watch ur videos on your channel for three years until they are obsolete, also not even watch them on your channel, but on a platform where u get no ad revenue, and then they demand you care about the platform where u earn ZERO money for your work. YOU are the selfish one!
Alexander Nielsen
Alexander Nielsen 10 天 前
I don't get it. Sure, cryptocurrency mining drives up the prices of GPUs, but it is entirely valid use of GPUs. Gaming, mining, whatever, if it is your GPU you can do what you want with it. And it is not like cryptomining is immoral or anything.
danteDVX 10 天 前
i don't give a fuck about NVIDIA, but I'll protect ATRIOC'S Company until my dying breath.
mahmood Al draidi
mahmood Al draidi 10 天 前
if nvidia cares about the gamers why would they lock the rtx 3060 and not the 3070 or 3080 or 3090 ???? i ofund by accident that the gtx 1060 is locked too in the new drivers version , so its obvious nvidia is just wanting to squeeze some more money of those who do mining , the litle money they make out of money , nvidia wants to take it from them, by forcing them buying the more expensive models , and not the cheaper ones that is known to be a better bang for the buck , nvidia wants miners to ditch the old gpu you have and buy a new one , but the expensive one
Sohan Razzak
Sohan Razzak 10 天 前
This Was The Best Video I've Seen On Internet Today ♥️
Miguel Arceo
Miguel Arceo 11 天 前
Kory 11 天 前
100% agree. I will not buy!
Ganerzz Pp0
Ganerzz Pp0 11 天 前
It was the miners all along! :(
Barry Urry
Barry Urry 11 天 前
I've been saying this for years! and old phone on an old os ran as good as a new phone on a new os. people replace their 500$ phone every year and thats being conservative. I once heard a quote that said "if every person on earth lived like the average American it would take 6 earths to sustain us..." take it for what it is, an unknown quote, but it is but it feels accurate to me. We have a huge waste problem... And everyone is to blame... people against fossil fuels? what byproducts create the makeup women put on their face, pave our roads and encase almost every electronic device we own? It goes a lot further than driving an electric car and having solar panels If we really want to make a change! The go green movement is a joke and doesn't even understand the scope of the problem. They just want power and money like everyone else in the world... Speaking of thats kind of the problem, everyone has an ego issue and has to have the coolest new thing to feel relevant. I have felt that way myself but something happened one day. I grew up! Remember Bondage to Spiritual Faith --> Spiritual Faith to Great Courage --> Courage to Liberty --> Liberty to Abundance --> Abundance to Complacency --> Complacency to Apathy --> Apathy to Dependence --> and Dependence back into Bondage.” We are at apathy right now...
JordanPhoneHome 11 天 前
Time to go play Michael Jackson they dont care about us....
Anggit Prathama
Anggit Prathama 11 天 前
Cryptominers : Laughs Gamers : Cries and Screams . . AI Builder : Drown in Tears left unheard
Steven Segal Oet de Melderse
Steven Segal Oet de Melderse 11 天 前
YES LINUS! You say it as it is. They are literally ripping us off and only care about their pockets. This whole thing has them benefitting from other people's misery and it's sickening. Yes, AMD may not have the best GPUs, but at least they don't pull shit like this.
No Namer No Brainer
No Namer No Brainer 11 天 前
Congratulations, Linus, you've just now realized how every for-profit organization that's ever existed works.
Sahabat Laptop
Sahabat Laptop 11 天 前
What! What!
What! What! 11 天 前
You talk too much.... How can i block your channel?
Gaming N.I
Gaming N.I 12 天 前
Stupid Nvidia.Why don't everybody's buys AMD cardsssss
Dr. Benjamin Bird
Dr. Benjamin Bird 12 天 前
This coming from a man with more graphics cards sat on a shelf (not doing anything) than most industrial miners...
CAN-UC 12 天 前
Spreading the word, telling the people. Respect.
CAN-UC 12 天 前
A worldwide shortage - What are these people smoking, this is market manipulation - plain & simple ... and people think cryptocurrency was invented by a mythical Satoshi Nakamoto ! All these things are to manipulate us. They hold the prices artificially high, create demand from nowhere; how blind are people? This is a con game and they want us to use our credit cards to buy in. A worldwide pandemic, job losses in the millions and everything selling out - Anybody smell a rat? Can UC?
Fᴀɴɢᴏᴅ 12 天 前
Nvidia suck
86Corvus 13 天 前
nvidia isnt my friend, i dont befriend corporations. That said i dont care, i have a 1070 and im fkin set for the next 10 years.
86Corvus 13 天 前
slowing down graphics development will improve quality of the games.
Insert super unique name.
Insert super unique name. 13 天 前
I thought the title was "Linus pretends to care about gamers." for a minute.
KrshyGamer 14 天 前
linus during the intro: monotone expression during the sponsor: "OUR SPONSOR PRIVATE INTERNET ACCESS"
Hunty49 14 天 前
Isn't there a manufacturer who can make a crypto specific cpu core? If there is a demand, why doesn't AMD or intel make a CPU whose purpose is hashes?
anonymations 14 天 前
ive got a 550 ti the one that everyone made fun of
Jack a devil
Jack a devil 14 天 前
Silicon is the most second most common element in earths crust how the hell are we running out
Heka Kain
Heka Kain 14 天 前
Good work Linus and the gang.
Anthony Tran
Anthony Tran 14 天 前
Your candor led me to sub. Right on.
Project Konstantine
Project Konstantine 14 天 前
Radeon sitting here like y’all are still using the rx580 for crypto right okay have a nice day
Zavala 15 天 前
This is actually repulsive business practice. Sadge
Tamir Jahoor
Tamir Jahoor 15 天 前
How. To cansardine
Jesse Anderson
Jesse Anderson 15 天 前
Benoit Boucher
Benoit Boucher 15 天 前
Excellent analysis. Thank you very much !
Rainer Ressmann
Rainer Ressmann 15 天 前
Meanwhile AMD: Doing completely NOTHING.
CarlVercetti 15 天 前
"unlock 3060 driver" Nvidia unlocks 3060 drivers. To be honest, after this video, i don't believe that they did a mistake releasing the driver that bypass their block. They did it on purpose to cover their ass and still be a "good company".
Kennechi Sy
Kennechi Sy 16 天 前
yes, instead of wasting already scarce silicon on unreusable mining GPUS, should just make them into gaming GPUS. but in the end, it's all about money by nvidia. Nvidia never cared for gamers since the beginning, let's stop kidding ourselves.
Democratic Detox
Democratic Detox 16 天 前
What's wrong with these businesses doing evil business stuff... Like trying to be profitable. So evil. 🤣🤣🤣
JorDef 16 天 前
Only a fool believes, that cryptomining will come to an end. Have fun buying cards from scalpers for 3x prices :-D
Azurefanger 16 天 前
rtx now can full mine cripto currency thanks nvidia
Forefather Of Mankind
Forefather Of Mankind 16 天 前
童緯強 17 天 前
If u guys dont want such things to happen again, get a few hacker friends to make a new virus that goes around deleting Crypto wallets and hacking down Cypto currency banks, punished those bastards will solve the problems at its core, which is the entire idea of Crypto Currency
Jorge Molina
Jorge Molina 17 天 前
Fuck nvidia xd
Joey Cepeda
Joey Cepeda 17 天 前
It's been years since I have seen a video about 1 subject involving many subjects. Ever since I found out nvidia makes it really hard for there gpus to work on linux, I hated nvidia.
Sasha Maddah
Sasha Maddah 17 天 前
I mean, anyone remembers the disaster with Hardware Unboxed? This is really not surprising
Morning Glory
Morning Glory 17 天 前
A really simple solution is is to just have a custom pc built through Ibuy power or Cyberpower
G V 17 天 前
I have a question, does this crypto limitation only applied to the RTX 3060? I just purchased a RTX 3070 and I would like it to mine when I'm not gaming.
david burnett
david burnett 18 天 前
When the mining crashes and it will, landfills filled with useless mining GPU's. My future grandkids will say FU NVIDIA.
Jay 18 天 前
I'm still sitting here on my rx 480 8 gb, all because I couldn't get the 1080 or the 2080, I couldn't the 2080 ti, I couldn't get the 3060, or the 3070, or the 3080. I'm not even going to mention the latest one. It's just a never ending cycle of out of stock. I wish a new company would make cards :(.
The Watcher
The Watcher 18 天 前
I had 2 x GTX780's fail within a week of each other and now I think that is really suspect were they killed in a nvidia update who knows, whats the odds of two failing in one week and now i need a video card and they are way too expensive for me to get one so I'm on the onboard video on a MB that linus know's with a graphics card which has no 3D the ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS. I think my next graphics card might be a AMD one.
Lachlain 18 天 前
I really do not understand everything here but the gist at the beginning is that half my card is not even usable by me so people can mine shit?
wzero07 18 天 前
There’s no silicon shortage this reaks of the oil shortage back in the day and they had tankers in my harbor filled they just wanted to artificially inflate the price
Marcin D
Marcin D 18 天 前
Nvidia is a company and gaming is just one part of things they are doing. Missing the close to two trillions $ crypto market would be the dumbest thing they could ever do.
Alexander Brockman
Alexander Brockman 18 天 前
What is the AMD equivalent to RTX 3060?
Ultimate Powa
Ultimate Powa 18 天 前
8:41 Dude, you totally can pull the gold from any old electronic. Just use mercury.
Ultimate Powa
Ultimate Powa 18 天 前
Despite having millions of subs, you seem to have kept your dignity. Much respect.
sunofabeach 18 天 前
them care your wallet
Smyshock 18 天 前
I am an investor myself. I can promise literally every single person here. We rarely care about the end products or the people who buy them. To us a company is an investment. Now I can say that for the most part I find myself an exception to the rule in the way that I will invest in new upcoming businesses and look into what these businesses do and vote at meetings. But the vast majority of us investors only invest with personal bias and overall greed. Otherwise we would have more lifetime investors than day traders.
Harold Elledge
Harold Elledge 18 天 前
Buying a crypto card for gaming after a couple of years is a horrible way to scam yourself.
Searge12 19 天 前
Hey Linus please can you give us your advice as to which card to buy as of April 2021
James Christopher Hill
James Christopher Hill 19 天 前
nihonkokusai 19 天 前
and the 3060 is now unlocked
tinn 19 天 前
Should I get GeForce gpu
Blinix Cathian.
Blinix Cathian. 19 天 前
They dont care, I mean, I just adquired a nvidia GPU, imagine my surprise when i discovered that I was requiered to create an account to use shadowplay, update drivers, etc. All that is done freely by AMD adrenalin software, no account required. WTF? NVIDIA.
Matias Lopez
Matias Lopez 19 天 前
and.... they just release a driver that unlocks the mining hashrate of the 30 series good job nvidia
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