iOS 14 Beta 5 is Out! - What's New?

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8 个月 前

iOS 14 Beta 5 was released to developers and soon to public beta testers. iOS 14 Beta 5 brings updates to widgets, control center, photos and more. In this video I go over all the new features and changes of iOS 14 beta 5 on iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 7, iPhone SE and the 2020 iPad Pro 12.9. I also go over performance, battery life, benchmarks, bugs and more. Apple also released iPad OS 14 Betas, macOS, and Apple TV betas. #ios14 #iOS14 #iPhone #Apple
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***Time Codes***
00:00 - Introduction
00:22 - Size
00:44 - Build Number
01:15 - New features
07:28 - iPad OS 14 Beta 5
07:42 - Resolved issues
08:34 - Known issues or bugs remaining
09:27 - Battery life
10:16 - Performance
10:47 - Benchmarks
11:54 - Should you install iOS 14 Beta 5?
12:37 - iOS 14 Beta 6 release date
13:21 - Conclusion
13:42 - Outro
14:02 - End
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zollotech 8 个月 前
DId you install iOS 14 Beta 5 yet and what device are you using? Thanks for watching!
Joezart 7 个月 前
Blacks out screenshots you post on Instagram & Apple Music won’t play music on my IPhone XR
alfred aganyi
alfred aganyi 7 个月 前
Mahmoud Jaber yes
alfred aganyi
alfred aganyi 7 个月 前
Still waiting for the final public release.
Erdem Yucel
Erdem Yucel 7 个月 前
Itskaylian 7 个月 前
(IOS 14 B5) Today my iphone turned black and not turning on for 1 min, then i soft reset it
Unicorn 1
Unicorn 1 5 个月 前
How does the update pop up go away?
Gavin Macanip
Gavin Macanip 7 个月 前
What is the home screen option in settings?
thanks for your opinion
how can i get this wallpaper for my iphone 7 ??????? plss
Emily Adrakta
Emily Adrakta 7 个月 前
Has anyone else have any issue with the lyrics on the apple music? I am actually importing songs from my laptop to my iphone via iTunes and usually I add the lyrics as well. Before I install ios14 public beta this was working but now I can see the lyrics from my phone only if I am connected to wifi.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 7 个月 前
I hate the new set alarm screen. Bring back the one that’s in iOS 13,
ArrozConToto ArrozConToto
ArrozConToto ArrozConToto 7 个月 前
The Picture in Picture feature doesnt have 2 sizes like you said. If you pinch to zoom in or out, it actually gives you many sizes.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 7 个月 前
I’m dude I don’t see if to update in my solfware updates
BigHomieMike 7 个月 前
I love it
BigHomieMike 6 个月 前
Ailsa Ni what u need help with
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 7 个月 前
tester version please help
Carl Naessens
Carl Naessens 7 个月 前
OH, have to say, love how you talk about the updates and treat each update as it should be. A beta update. Was getting so tired of other reviewers doing these full on reviews of early Beta like its the finished product. Found these other reviews annoying and obviously the concept of ‘beta’ is lost on them. Keep up the great reviews.
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 7 个月 前
I’m dude I don’t see if to update in my solfware updates
Carl Naessens
Carl Naessens 7 个月 前
Do you think Beta 5 is stable enough to install on main device yet?
Steven Tran
Steven Tran 7 个月 前
I kinda miss the bigger scroll wheel for the alarm
Justin David Nanista
Justin David Nanista 7 个月 前
Hey Siri doesn’t work anymore
C Gilley
C Gilley 7 个月 前
I have iOS 13 I signed up to be a beta tester but when I signed in to download the file I didn’t know for sure what to go to Testing Apple beta software? I guess I’ll have to wait till 14 comes out
sam copwatch and more
sam copwatch and more 7 个月 前
I still haven’t been getting notifications
When will the update be available in uk
Maiye Sadsad
Maiye Sadsad 7 个月 前
I updated my ios 14.5 beta, and my instagram acc. Is not working, when i capture in my camera in instagram is not working.
RoseAnne Vau
RoseAnne Vau 7 个月 前
When I updated to iOS 13.6.1 (I avoided it till last week) -but what happened was my ear bud/pod volume decreased greatly. I can’t hear well at all when I have my ear buds/pods connected. Has anyone else noticed this? I’m extremely frustrated.
Reese C.
Reese C. 7 个月 前
who else face ID isn’t working ...
Francis Rica
Francis Rica 7 个月 前
Picture on Picture feature for me(beta 5) I can change the size of the video by pinching in or out the video. Can anyone try that please and let me know if it works for them?
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 7 个月 前
I updated it instantly because beta 4 was good but 3 days later kept giving birth to bugs upon bugs hopefully this is okay and already feeling smooth 😀
XXXC0d_G0dXXX 7 个月 前
I hate the new set alarm screen. Bring back the one that’s in iOS 13,
E mem
E mem 7 个月 前
Is it safe
Tim Keith
Tim Keith 7 个月 前
I have a I phone 11 pro max with IOS 14 I believe beta 3?? But I cannot see if my phone has been updated to IOS 4 or 5 please help I would like make sure I’m up to IOD 5 public tester version please help
Stormy_ ios
Stormy_ ios 7 个月 前
I’m dude I don’t see if to update in my solfware updates
Stormy_ ios
Stormy_ ios 7 个月 前
I’m dude I don’t see if to update in my solfware updates
Janell Anderson
Janell Anderson 7 个月 前
A few of my apps don’t even load or just crash when opened after this update
Vanessa Calvello
Vanessa Calvello 7 个月 前
did this update cause weird things to happen with snapchat filters and youtube ?
Sam Reach
Sam Reach 7 个月 前
My news does only have 3 options 😒
Shevanity Williams
Shevanity Williams 7 个月 前
My phone is still saying 13.6???
DH Production {Mintu}
DH Production {Mintu} 7 个月 前
Now iPhone supported 4K video on CNpost wow
Cesar Lopes
Cesar Lopes 7 个月 前
Honestly, since the 1st Beta I didn't have any battery issues, it's working just as it was back on iOS 13 - iPhone SE2
jose cruz
jose cruz 7 个月 前
My ig is acting up cant upload pic , and is freezing
Broccoli_32 7 个月 前
6:30 there are actually more sizes now, you just pinch to zoom.
Nick Lauretani
Nick Lauretani 7 个月 前
Instagram isn’t working on beta 5 of iOS 14
HANG DARA 7 个月 前
Hello 👋 lovely fun! I needs helps iOS 14 Software updates & makes battery 🔋 thanks 🙏 So much! Love ❤️ you welcome 🙏 helps me!
junoxi Tv
junoxi Tv 7 个月 前
Thanks very detailed
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 7 个月 前
I updated it instantly because beta 4 was good but 3 days later kept giving birth to bugs upon bugs hopefully this is okay and already feeling smooth 😀
moodztv 7 个月 前
will they add pokemon go support on the beta i really want it
Ado Swapnil
Ado Swapnil 7 个月 前
I’d like to say, never should install the beta version guys! Just eagerly wait until it officially release. So many bugs😖
AppleBoss 7 个月 前
Ailsa Ni CNpost 4K is only available on devices with an OLED display.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 7 个月 前
I m using iOS 14 public beta 5 in iPad 7th gen CNpost 4K video not available 1080p only available
Sam nelson
Sam nelson 7 个月 前
But does Pokémon go work?
JPT 7 个月 前
iOS 14 gonna eat my Xs Max’ battery for sure. Time to replace battery so it can last 2-3 years more.
Nishaj Km
Nishaj Km 7 个月 前
Not workig HDMI connecting to projector
Justine Capili
Justine Capili 7 个月 前
I hope they add battery percentage for iPhone on the apple watch.
Logan Lawson
Logan Lawson 7 个月 前
Great video. I did notice before though, if you manually change the size of the screen with your fingers when you're using the screen in screen feature, you can change it to the middle size. I don't know why you can't just put it to that size using the tap feature though, little annoying. Just FYI :)
Prince RS
Prince RS 7 个月 前
Does anyone have problem with Netflix using on iPhone 11 Pro Max ios 14 beta 5 ???
Ruby Squids
Ruby Squids 7 个月 前
@zollotech and everyone, have you guys realized that it takes quite some trials before you can swipe right to return to previous screen in an app... specifically whatsapp and safari... I’m using iPhone 7...
Liv3 your B3st lif3
Liv3 your B3st lif3 7 个月 前
Last update and this one I’m still having issues with the mail app. Keeps saying I have new mail but there is none.
rob cuisinier
rob cuisinier 7 个月 前
hello i use the iphone 11 i am verry happy white IOS 14 beta 5 batty live is verry good battery health 100 procent telefone is 4 maands old use also the apple watch 5 nike beta 5 work good also mvg rob.
vinous RL
vinous RL 7 个月 前
Aussie David
Aussie David 7 个月 前
How is your Battery life percentage holding up? What percentage you at? @zollotech
M aeaeiaeoaio
M aeaeiaeoaio 7 个月 前
Paid lots of money for a cellphone and having all these issues. SMH
Draconic Youtube
Draconic Youtube 7 个月 前
I am moving my iPad to the iPadOS 14 stable
obeng peter
obeng peter 7 个月 前
Please is the 7plus having the back tap too?
AppleBoss 7 个月 前
obeng peter No
Vikas sudhakar
Vikas sudhakar 7 个月 前
I m using iOS 14 public beta 5 in iPad 7th gen CNpost 4K video not available 1080p only available
Jomar Pineda
Jomar Pineda 7 个月 前
Having issues with messenger keeps on crashing. I can't upload photos on instragram story and you'll only get a blank screen. Tsk tsk.
Obada Adnan
Obada Adnan 7 个月 前
@zollotech , when do you think IOS 14 public will release?
Shawn Escamilla
Shawn Escamilla 7 个月 前
Ever since the update I haven’t been able to find my hidden photos it doesn’t show up in my others in my picture app anymore
Romeo Netili
Romeo Netili 7 个月 前
Is the public beta out yet?
Schalk Krieg
Schalk Krieg 7 个月 前
Can someone help me out with exposure not - Don't know if it is available in South Africa??? And what App(s) can I use?
TechGamerBoy 7 个月 前
Hi zollo tech, I’ve been using beta 5 for about 2 days now and I’ve some bugs with Instagram.. not sure is that due to Instagram itself or the beta 5 that’s causing it .. cause beta 4 I didn’t had this issue
Bryan Martinez
Bryan Martinez 7 个月 前
My iPhone 11 shuts off at random times is this an issue with anybody else?
Jabari adams
Jabari adams 7 个月 前
yes mines shuts off like 20 times a day
Levaniko Robakidze
Levaniko Robakidze 7 个月 前
Where i can find this wallpaper please tell me
Федор Сетков
Федор Сетков 7 个月 前
is your personal hotspot button disabled?
motorolas 7 个月 前
Have iPhone SE 2016 and wife's iPhone XR, we have the Apple HDMI lightning adapter and there is no video output. Tested on iPhone 6s on 13.5, and verified the adapter works.
Ghost Ghost
Ghost Ghost 7 个月 前
Does Instagram pictures turn black?
AppleBoss 7 个月 前
Ghost Ghost They do for me
シ genesisCruzシ
シ genesisCruzシ 7 个月 前
*Whats a iOS?Ohhhhhh so it’s Apple? Because mine isn’t like that
Aussie David
Aussie David 7 个月 前
i hate how apple force you to adapt to their changes whether you like it or not. It should be an option for users to change the theme of the IOS update while everything running as it should be. It should not be mandatory.
Slay Slowed
Slay Slowed 7 个月 前
I can’t get to my hidden pictures now
AppleBoss 7 个月 前
Toxic_ Ghost You have to go into Settings>Photos, and you’ll see a Hidden Albums toggle. Just turn it on.
Sheron Daniel Steve
Sheron Daniel Steve 7 个月 前
Instagram is not working properly after Yesterday’s update
S S 7 个月 前
Great video Aaron as always. I have issues in beta 5 and I had the same thing in 4, face ID does not unlock notes for me so I have to punch in my passcode every time if I want to access the locked notes
Fish #1
Fish #1 7 个月 前
My phone is still getting really warm from playing games rip
črybaby 7 个月 前
I had the beta 5 nd I accidentally deleted the profile cause I had 2 and it deleted the whole iOS beta 5
Ngon1420 7 个月 前
Are you guys encountering overheating issues? First 2 hours of normal use, I got the prompt - iPhone XS
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 7 个月 前
My iPhone 11 Pro Max keeps freezing up to where I have to reboot.
ERROR_404_Music 7 个月 前
I can’t search for updates on my IPhone SE 2016 someone can help me?
Stefan Ciganovic
Stefan Ciganovic 7 个月 前
Holly S%it how much more is Android advance system :O
JHinko H
JHinko H 7 个月 前
You da man. Please ask apple to bring back email default to show UNREAD instead of ALL.
MJK 7 个月 前
My Airpods Pro have not worked since IOS 14 Beta 1. I hope that is fixed soon!
Bharath Shindhe
Bharath Shindhe 7 个月 前
Now iPhone 11 but i was using pixel 2xl since it was launched when ever i get an update, i always remember u. Always i think if the companies can link ur videos link instead of telling what’s being changed. I really appreciate the work and message you share.
Bharath Shindhe
Bharath Shindhe 7 个月 前
Is the final beta? I’m waiting for official update.
zollotech 7 个月 前
no, we are a few away most likely
Uzair Hussain
Uzair Hussain 7 个月 前
Did it solve COD mobile crash 😥
SM solutions
SM solutions 7 个月 前
Is there a feature added as usb tethering in ios 14
Freddy Gamer&technology
Freddy Gamer&technology 7 个月 前
You can change the Picture in Picture to ANY size you want all you to is pinch to zoom in or out and it will stay where you leave it
Kenneth John
Kenneth John 7 个月 前
Hey did you notice the green dot on top on the signal bar when camera is open in all apps that can use front or rear camera? IOS14 B5
Kenneth John
Kenneth John 7 个月 前
Snap must have missed it. Thanks
AppleBoss 7 个月 前
That was a new feature since the first beta of iOS 14
Don't Rage Kid
Don't Rage Kid 7 个月 前
Working fine on public beta only thing I’ve noticed for me is posting a story on Instagram in this case a picture being taken from camera roll or real time it gets blacked out and won’t show what I took
Anton Thaqi
Anton Thaqi 7 个月 前
Hey zollotech - Airpods don't work when using Whatsapp.....only gripe on iPhone XS
V3GA-O 7 个月 前
You late
Craig Jackson
Craig Jackson 7 个月 前
Aaron, my Face ID requires my code a couple of times then Face ID works. Then quits and I repeat code entry.
joenissan 7 个月 前
My iPhone 11 Pro Max keeps freezing up to where I have to reboot.
King a1ive
King a1ive 7 个月 前
Can someone help every time i click agree nothing happens it stays there
Dip In Accounting Grp 1 UPSA
Dip In Accounting Grp 1 UPSA 7 个月 前
Modem firmware didn’t change for me
Eagle Boi
Eagle Boi 7 个月 前
Hi zollotech, can you assist me please. I have a Iphone 8+ and since the last software update before 13.6.1, my phone was dropping data and network connection now since 13.6.1 its just saying no service. I don't see a modem firmware on my 8+. Do you have any idea what can be wrong?
Anthony Roberts
Anthony Roberts 7 个月 前
Rose Flowers
Rose Flowers 7 个月 前
I have an iPhone X and using the Public Beta iOS 14 Beta 5, my modem firmware is 6.02.00 which isn't the same as yours.
Macdonald Sibara
Macdonald Sibara 7 个月 前
Just checking to see if anyone else is having an issue with the power button on iOS 14 beta 5. When I triple press it to reveal my accessibility shortcuts, it refreshes the phone.
Anthony Vallejo
Anthony Vallejo 7 个月 前
I hope beta 5 is a lot better than beta 4. Beta 4 was so buggy
Michael Gannon
Michael Gannon 7 个月 前
Aaron how is your battery going so far on Beta 5? I'm keen to update
Rams TV
Rams TV 7 个月 前
Giveaway plsss I really need a new phone for my online class
Drones Ahead
Drones Ahead 7 个月 前
Cheers man
Modou Sanyang
Modou Sanyang 7 个月 前
This has been the best beta so far for IOS 14...the UI is just awesome aron
martin 7 个月 前
I can confirm the clock widget time still doesn’t work 100%. I’m writing this at 14:24 (my phone time) but widget says it’s 13:37. Anyone else got probs with the clock?
Jeremy DeBose
Jeremy DeBose 7 个月 前
No Exposure Notification love for us in the middle of nowhere.
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