iOS 14.5 Beta 1 Changes and Features! What's new?

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2 个月 前

A look at what's new in iOS 14.5 Beta 1.
Hands on with new iOS 14.5 beta 1 changes and features, including new unlock iPhone with Apple Watch functionality, updated Reminders and Music app features, New update splash screens, horizontal startup screen for iPadOS 14.5, News app updates, AirPlay 2 support for Apple Fitness+, redesigned Podcast app, dual DIM 5G support, and more.
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0:00 Introduction
0:15 Updated Software Update Screen
0:40 Updated Watch app Software Update Screen
0:57 Horizontal boot screen iPad
1:11 5G Standalone Cellular Switch
1:58 Worldwide Dual SIM 5G Support
2:44 'Made For You' in Apple Music Library
3:38 Release date details for Music
3:51 Scrolling Metadata on Now Playing Lock Screen view
4:10 Dedicated Search tab in News app
4:41 Reminders sorting
5:09 Reminders app AirPrint support
5:32 PS5 / Xbox Series X controller support
5:42 Apple Fitness+ Workouts AirPlay 2 support
6:23 Maps app redesigned guides
7:01 Updated Podcast app
8:47 Type to Siri interface update
10:18 Send message with Siri interface update
10:35 Unlock iPhone using Apple Watch while wearing face mask
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Mark Hartwright
Mark Hartwright 2 个月 前
I use duel SIM, personal and work. This update is HUGE! I will actually be able to access 5G!
Leon Harris II
Leon Harris II 2 个月 前
@Shane St James - most of the time Verizon, but AT&T seems to do better in side buildings and in mountain areas
Shane St James
Shane St James 2 个月 前
Which SIM wins the duel?
PTMGO 2 个月 前
David Beiler
David Beiler 2 个月 前
HUGE!!?!??!!? omg
Mark Hartwright
Mark Hartwright 2 个月 前
@Sufyan A yes.
Ken Kwong
Ken Kwong 个月 前
This video is over-exposed, and I can't see a thing on the iPhone screen I don't see any people mentioning this so is it just me...?
Anthony A
Anthony A 2 个月 前
New controller support couldn’t come soon enough! I’ve been waiting for months
Anthony A
Anthony A 2 个月 前
When you realize you could pinch the print page to get more share options this whole time: 👁👄👁
Alex Popov
Alex Popov 2 个月 前
Can you please share a link with the stars wallpaper ☺️
97AsV 2 个月 前
Disappointingly it works only over WiFi . When I went outside it shows “turn on WiFi to enable unlock with Apple Watch “
Chris Engdahl
Chris Engdahl 2 个月 前
Such bullshit that all media outlets covers the fitness+ via Airplay 2 and then not covering that it actually doesn’t work. Yes it works on the latest 200dollar Apple TV, just like it did before. But it still doesn’t work via Airplay 2 to anything else. 9to5 Mac, please cover this so Apple knows it’s an issue for everyone using it.
Halim Khan Pathan
Halim Khan Pathan 2 个月 前
Searching all over the internet for new podcasts features... And found it here... Thanks for showing it in detail...🥳
ED_ZOMBIESkiller 2 个月 前
Why my watch just 7.3 only how to update 7.4 beta,i already download 14.5 update for my phone
Lucas Fontoura Righi Fontes
Lucas Fontoura Righi Fontes 2 个月 前
I have an Apple Watch Série 1 😔😭 In my country a new cost R$ 5.300 😢
All Things Gadget Pro
All Things Gadget Pro 2 个月 前
Jeff great video. What case are you rocking please?
PTMGO 2 个月 前
Yes I use dual sim have been since introduced, I use it for work and personal lines. This update works good with the att 5G thank god.
Matt Thompson
Matt Thompson 2 个月 前
Is this video like insanely over-exposed for anyone? I can't see any of the text on the iPhone screen...
Matt Thompson
Matt Thompson 2 个月 前
Oh, wait, it's just on my laptop. Looks good on my phone. Huh.
Colin Hughes
Colin Hughes 2 个月 前
Interested to hear code found in iOS 14.5 beta 1 (and watchOS 7.4 beta) suggests Apple is working on introducing new commands and capabilities for Siri. I hope they are remembering accessibility for people with physical motor disabilities. Still can’t hang up a phone call with a Siri “end call” command, or turn on/off auto-answer with a Siri command. The more Siri can do, the more baked the voice assistant‘s capabilities are, the more accessible Apple gear will be to people with physical motor disabilities
EVPaddy 2 个月 前
dual sim setup. One for the country I live in currently, one for the country I am originally from. Swill have bank accounts there and they only work with domestic numbers.
Bennett Williamson
Bennett Williamson 2 个月 前
Great coverage on the update! Thanks man.
Julio Zotelo
Julio Zotelo 2 个月 前
I've been waiting for the exact release date on Apple Music for so long! Great that they finally added it
MD D 2 个月 前
Does anybody know how difficult it is to upgrade to a new iPhone with eSim on previous iPhone enabled? What I mean is typically you just plug in your SIM card on a new phone. Do you now have to call your carrier or go to their store to setup a new iPhone or is it easy/more automatic like with a nano sim. I have two lines but I currently swap Nano Sims out on my iPhone 11, was thinking of doing the esim thing when the 13 comes out as I don't want to deal with the inconvenience of contacting the carriers. But if it's easy, then great. Also selling your old phone with esim enabled, I guess that gets undone by a complete erase of the phone.
Ondřej Kozák
Ondřej Kozák 2 个月 前
Hi, I use dual sim because of personal/work. I dont want to have two different phones, so yeah. Dual Sim is pretty good.
Kendall Schillinger
Kendall Schillinger 2 个月 前
I rely like the podcast updates! I use Spotify for music and I know Spotify has podcasts, but i like to keep my music and podcast separate from each other and I’m a huge fan of the Apple podcast app glad it’s getting some nice layout design features!
rwoods7979 2 个月 前
what watch band is that ??? i need it
anil panchal
anil panchal 2 个月 前
He's saying all the things Android already has.
Tiron Wijayarathna
Tiron Wijayarathna 2 个月 前
Peasants everywhere!
Leon Harris II
Leon Harris II 2 个月 前
Yes I use duel SIM (Verizon & AT&T) The main reason I use duel SIM is for data connection
Saúl Espinosa V.
Saúl Espinosa V. 2 个月 前
What iPhone is the one with the white case?
Marco Donjuan
Marco Donjuan 2 个月 前
So i have never used a passcode on my apple watch but... what´s the point of doing that and then unlocking the phone if i end up having to enter a passcode in the watch to unlocking anyway?
Pavandeep Singh Aneja
Pavandeep Singh Aneja 2 个月 前
I use dual SIM, hate having a separate work phone and not having anything from there appear on my Apple Watch so Dual SIM is the way forward. 5G with Dual SIM will be nice, but didn't miss 5G that much as 4G is fast enough 99% of the time even for streaming 4K content.
Jordy van Toor
Jordy van Toor 2 个月 前
I use an E-sim when traveling internationally. Keep my Verizon line active for voice only so I can receive calls and text messages, but use a local data plan to save money.
Rafael Usa
Rafael Usa 2 个月 前
I hope the dual-sim functionality of Iphone will be improved. Like, if you're going to call or text, you will be given the option on what sim to use or utilize.
altypeRR 2 个月 前
I use dual sim here in the U.K. one for personal and one for business line. Cant wait for the public beta to come out but 5G here in the U.K. is a mess. There is so little coverage even though they all use mid band signal (rather than mm wave that you have in the US.)
sean roberts
sean roberts 2 个月 前
you missed the weather widget being updated to now show the time of local rain fall, just like in dark sky, i assume it's where they are using the dark sky interface and data
VideoByEkedahl 2 个月 前
I use dual-sim for travel. Love being able to stay connected on my regular number (for emergencies and work) and have a local number to :)
mjsla 2 个月 前
Yes I use Dual Sim. 1 for work and 1 for personal line.
G Rodriguez
G Rodriguez 2 个月 前
If I have an angry wank will my watch count it as exercise? Asking for a friend. I’m that friend 🥴
Abhi 2 个月 前
To save removed the charger brick... to unlock the phone apple going to ship watch in the box included with the phone ?? 😂😂😂
M M 2 个月 前
You need to have your watch on the latest beta in order to unlock your phone with a mask
Soniya Robert
Soniya Robert 2 个月 前
To go *PASCAL_HACKED* on insta for help
Mike Lowrey
Mike Lowrey 2 个月 前
It's really cool that u guys record in HDR.
James Heck III
James Heck III 2 个月 前
Only 30ish Mbps on 5G? I'm currently getting 125-250 Mbps on LTE.
Gary Morrison
Gary Morrison 2 个月 前
For me, hands down the most useful is the masked iPhone unlock!
Lee 2 个月 前
5:42 - The demo you showed is how Fitness+ currently works, as long as it's an Apple TV.
MRZsiir 2 个月 前
Im happy for the Podcast, Siri, Unlocj with Apple Watch features. They are very handy.
King Dre
King Dre 2 个月 前
New to the channel but you wont spend $500 for a next gen console because its “expensive”. While having an overpriced iphone 12 in your hand😂 Thats wild
Mike F
Mike F 2 个月 前
You won’t buy a next gen console because of prices?! Have you seen Apple product prices! I bet you spent money on the airpro max. Still love the channel.
ICEBERG 2 个月 前
Yes this is awesome I used Esim fro personal and work
TJCCBR47 2 个月 前
E-SIM is more secure, using with Offline-Tracking no one can steal your iPhone and get way, they can't remove the battery, can't activate Airplane mode without your code, and now can't cut internet connection by removing the SIM, its the way to go
Howard Brazee
Howard Brazee 2 个月 前
I am not finding the Apple Watch setting on my wife's iPhone 12. Both her phone and her watch are up-to-date.
Alvin Brock
Alvin Brock 2 个月 前
Do you have to update your watch too?
Jay Del
Jay Del 2 个月 前
I have T-Mobile and use dual sim. I installed Beta and now I’ve been using 5G, it works great.
Caydn B
Caydn B 2 个月 前
Yo what is that wallpaper
Cameron Betts
Cameron Betts 2 个月 前
Great video 👏🏼 Hopefully you’ll get a kick out of my friends content too. He’s a Hondo master tech in NJ. Get on it --> #BCAutosolutions 🤟🏼🚗
Corey Walker Sr
Corey Walker Sr 2 个月 前
what case are you using
Safeer Nhandoli
Safeer Nhandoli 2 个月 前
I think it's the Apple Silicone case.
Khalil Alashy
Khalil Alashy 2 个月 前
The HDR is giving me reasons to breath and live
TheFullNEWS 2 个月 前
it’s so nice on the 12
Vilmar Ghizelini
Vilmar Ghizelini 2 个月 前
I installed iOS 14.5 beta 1 yesterday in my iPhone 12 Pro Max with 5G services. Today I went to AT&T and turned my physical SIM card into the eSIM. Although the phone shows 5G when I run SPEEDTEST the speed is compatible with LTE. With the physical SIM I used to have 180Mbs for download and now I'm getting 40Mbs in the same location. Has anybody noticed that?
Hasse Edqvist
Hasse Edqvist 2 个月 前
Om using dual SIM. One for my primary work and one for my secondarily work 😁. Was surprised this limitation even existed to begin with. Super nice they fix it in this update.
Dj🇯🇲Chrissay 2 个月 前
It official I have a love hate relationship with Apple cuz you have an Apple Watch to unlock your phone like 🤬
Admed Suru
Admed Suru 2 个月 前
Feeling excited today with what *brake_tools* did... He unlocked my series 5 successfully .This is unbelievable I really appreciate him
Admed Suru
Admed Suru 2 个月 前
Feeling excited today with what *brake_tools* did... He unlocked my series 5 successfully .This is unbelievable I really appreciate him
Daniiel Brand
Daniiel Brand 2 个月 前
Great 14.5 review, Jeff, as always. I love the unlock iPhone using Apple Watch feature, this is gonna be so convenient. Keep it up!
Michael Raiwet
Michael Raiwet 2 个月 前
Thank you. You make hands down the best iOS update videos with the least amount of fluff and while also not being rushed out and missing a bunch.
Steve K
Steve K 2 个月 前
Just bring the fingerprint scanner back
dg graphics
dg graphics 2 个月 前
Is message syncing fixed yet....I mean come on already
Harrison Gomez
Harrison Gomez 2 个月 前
Why does WiFi needs to be on to unlock with Apple Watch 🤔
George Sariev
George Sariev 2 个月 前
I am actually very surprised that it took so many iOS updates to get something as simple as unlocking your iPhone with your Apple Watch. Before switching to Apple, I owned a Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and a S7 edge phone that I could unlock without having to enter my password when my watch was connected to it. I'm happy to see this feature make it's way to the iPhone instead of it being reserved for the Mac. I wonder if there will be an option to do the same with your iPad if, let's say, your watch is connected to your phone and are near your iPad (the same room, for example) that'd be nice.
Braydon Chapelas
Braydon Chapelas 2 个月 前
I use dual sim with the e-sim, and was sooo irritated when it wouldn’t allow for 5G. I use my second sim as a work line. So I got used to turning my secondary line off during weekends and basically only having 5G on the weekends.
MT 801
MT 801 2 个月 前
MT 801
MT 801 2 个月 前
@9to5Mac lmao no, sorry, I quit as soon as I saw you in the mask, I see so many weirdos wearing masks on videos, I just quit watching
9to5Mac 2 个月 前
Did you not watch, like, even a second prior to commenting? 😆
Parker Tyler
Parker Tyler 2 个月 前
I use(d) duel sims when I traveled internationally. It will be nice to have when I travel again!
Enrique Pasillas
Enrique Pasillas 2 个月 前
Yes I use both Sim one is for work and one person,
Clarence Castillo
Clarence Castillo 2 个月 前
Unlock with Apple Watch is essentially two factor authentication.
Anthony Castro
Anthony Castro 2 个月 前
Mohamed Badr
Mohamed Badr 2 个月 前
can u send me your wallpaper link?
Josh C
Josh C 2 个月 前
I run dual sims and both carriers support 5G. Unfortunately where I live 5G isn't any faster than 4G LTE. I get well over 100mb with 4G LTE or 5G.
Chris b
Chris b 2 个月 前
The Video Quality On this VID is CLUTCH/ ? Is the BETA stable enough to USE ?
Hugo R.
Hugo R. 2 个月 前
Might be a glitch but mask ID is already working for me on 14.4. Same for anyone else?
Ebs Imagination
Ebs Imagination 2 个月 前
Anyone can unlock my iPhone 11 Pro now. Thank goodness for haptic feedback on the watch whenever my iPhone unlock so I can lock it again from the watch
Sign Guy
Sign Guy 2 个月 前
Is it any Apple Watch series or just certain Apple Watches?
很好 2 个月 前
Would you recommend me to update my iPhone to iOS 14.5?
很好 2 个月 前
Fortunately,I bought an apple watch 😂
Carlos Daniel González Gómez
Carlos Daniel González Gómez 2 个月 前
Hi Jeff, great video as always! Keep up such an amazing work! Now, I have a question: In regards to the unlocking feature while wearing a face mask, does that feature not only work with those upcoming versions of both iOS and watchOS, but does that also work for all iPhones with Face ID, or does it only work with the iPhone 12 and above? And same thing with the Apple Watch btw. Does it work with certain Apple Watch models or all of them as long as they have that specific release of watchOS? Thank you and keep up that awesome work! Greetings from Colombia!
Ej Vega
Ej Vega 2 个月 前
I use dual sim for work and personal. I was expecting this back in December.
Gaspard Lalmand
Gaspard Lalmand 2 个月 前
What is your wallpaper? Thanks Jeff!
Felipe Castillo
Felipe Castillo 2 个月 前
I am really excited about the mask unlock! Great vid!
Ayanda Mkize
Ayanda Mkize 2 个月 前
I like the new type to Siri function that’s dope
Krzysztof Przybylski
Krzysztof Przybylski 2 个月 前
I like how iOS groves up due entire year cycle, not only when new big number release.
SPEXIAR 2 个月 前
So sad horizontal boot screen doesn't work with any other keyboard like folio even when docked
Picasso Pablo
Picasso Pablo 2 个月 前
Wow that mask unlock is big deal! Thanks Apple! Great review as always!
Young Ceazer
Young Ceazer 2 个月 前
I like how the Face ID will work to unlock your iPhone now awesome 😎 😎💯💯
KeMet 2 个月 前
Jeff you're the Greatest !!
Sumit Singh
Sumit Singh 2 个月 前
I can't see anything in the video. it's too bright. HDR Issue ?
Arthur 2 个月 前
i had the same issue with chrome since 2 month agao, cant believe they dont fix it yet
FORGIVEMAN MacMola 2 个月 前
If only apple could remove (Lock Screen swipe to the left camera access) that would be a dealbreaker for me at least on the faceID devices, everytime I try to use the seekbar playing music on the lock screen it’s a mess 90% of the time I accidentally open my camera app🤦🏽‍♂️
josip tezak
josip tezak 2 个月 前
I use dual sim because I have unlimited data on the e sim and I don't want to change my number.
AME TV 2 个月 前
I already appreciate thé HDR because CNposts iOS app has horrible dark mode support I can turn the screen backlight brightness to 5 and the video still shows in full color
Allen Watson
Allen Watson 2 个月 前
Thanks for the info Jeff good job 👏🏻
Youssef Hegazy
Youssef Hegazy 2 个月 前
63 emails ? I would never.
Ya Hu
Ya Hu 2 个月 前
Why do you need a watch to unlock your phone with a mask on
Talia al Ghul
Talia al Ghul 2 个月 前
Yeah, they need to be able to unlock a phone with a mask without an Apple Watch because not all of us has those watches. -.-
Steve Hendrickson
Steve Hendrickson 2 个月 前
I just want the old alarm clock back
Steve Hendrickson
Steve Hendrickson 2 个月 前
@Lee Yes, the scrolling wheel is what I'm referring to. It's not any harder to type, I just prefer the scroll wheel. Just personal preference.
Lee 2 个月 前
Pretty sure the app never changed. If you meant the scrolling wheel, then that's not the "old alarm." And also, is typing harder than scrolling through numbers now?
William Melendez
William Melendez 2 个月 前
Wallpaper ?
Ya Hu
Ya Hu 2 个月 前
The guides animation is fine Apple must do all ios and ipad os like this organic rounded alive and refined modern More like watchos Even with the rounded letters and cyphers
Joe Quiroz
Joe Quiroz 2 个月 前
that would be so cute
Rozz3r 2 个月 前
iOS 14.5-fly ui update
Isaac T
Isaac T 2 个月 前
Anyone here knows if the older Apple watches like the Series 2 will receive the update to unlock phones? Or only for watches that supports the latest WatchOS?
Isaac T
Isaac T 2 个月 前
Yea but once in awhile, Apple will still release small updates for the older watches. Not too sure if they will do the same for this feature. Hopefully they will, but I doubt so.
Lewis Ma #restorethesnyderverse
Lewis Ma #restorethesnyderverse 2 个月 前
Probably need watchOS 7 so it will have the feature
Rozz3r 2 个月 前
Not too sure but I don’t think so
LUKAS 2 个月 前
Finally an iOS 14 "dot" update that I am excited about !
TheFullNEWS 2 个月 前
i know right ? usually just annoying bug fixes
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