Cathie Wood: This Stock Will 50X And Outperform Tesla Stock (BIG INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY)

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Hey everybody today we are gonna understand the genomics and look at the best genomic stocks that we should buy right now which could go up 20-50x in the next 5 years. And I know 50x seems a lot but tesla just went up almost 10 times in just one year. And the main reason why we should understand genomics before investing in them is it is important to understand the purpose of a company. With tesla I knew that tesla was bringing about a massive change in the world a shift to electric cars, which is why it was very easy for me to bet on tesla. I bought tesla at $400 a share and today though the stock is very volatile my position has more than doubled and I’m not looking to sell because I know the purpose of tesla and I believe in it and when I understood genomics I knew this could bring a lot of changes to the world and help to treat a lot of diseases so when you believe in something its easy to bet on it. So lets understand genomics.
So genomics is the study of the genomes inside of us. Let's understand human genomics. Everybody on the planet has a genome that has governed their development and governs a lot of their biology, and as you can see by looking at any crowd of people, we all look really different. However we've discovered in recent years that we're actually 99.9% identical or even more than that. So it's really remarkable how much diversity you can create from a very small number of changes in your genome. But of course, now that we know that we're 99.9% identical, we still want to know, what is it that's driving all these differences?

Why is one person tall and another person short? Why does one person live to be 100 an another person lives to be not 100? Why does one person get cancer and another person not? Many of these things we suspect are driven by our genomes, and we want to understand that. So, another thing, one of the most basic things that our genome determines is how our bodies develop. We start off, as you all know, we start off as a single cell which divides into a few apparently identical cells, but that quickly divides into an embryo, and eventually grows into a whole person.

Another big area of research in genomics is cancer. So cancer is essentially a genetic disease, we know now. Cancer cells are simply, again, cells in your body that have the same genetic code, the same genome in them, but somehow they've gone haywire, and they've started replicating without control. That's what makes something cancerous. Basically it's cells that are dividing without any check on their division. And, in fact, we define cancers by the type of cell that started the cancer. So there's skin cancer, where a skin cell starts dividing without control
Crispr Therapeutics (NASDAQ: CRSP) is the second-largest holding in ARKG and the third-largest holding in ARKK, representing one of the biggest bets Wood has placed on genomics. The company is one of several gene-editing companies.
Editas Medicine (NASDAQ: EDIT), a genome editing company, is another stock Wood owns in both these ETFs.
Invitae Corporation (NYSE: NVTA), a genetics testing company, is a top five holding in both ARKG and ARKK.
Twist Bioscience (NASDAQ: TWST) is the fourth-largest holding in ARKG and a top 15 holding in ARKK. The company makes synthetic DNA and could see strong growth in the market.

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ARK: The five platforms of disruptive innovation
Ark's Wood Still Likes Tesla But Loves DNA Stocks More

It’s in the genomics 🧬 but I’ll say this, you have to pick a few companies you like. The more you diversify on these stories, the less of a return you get. If you invest into Tesla and a few other companies, don’t go all out to sell just because this has a “potential higher return” Tesla is a proven business already. But sure, get your feet in the water and do your own research. Thank you
dan hug hes
dan hug hes 3 个月 前
Yes needs a thematic ETF for this.
JeremysRants 3 个月 前
ARKG if you're unsure.
Star 3 个月 前
yeah, I agree. It's important to choose the one right company to maximize returns. I'm gonna decide on that soon and invest $10,000 in that. You can't really compare these with tesla anyway as it's a proven commodity but I believe that the genomic stocks have a decent potential
Amanda Fletcher
Amanda Fletcher 17 天 前
This was an amazing video and I’ve really learned a lot but I’m new at this and I’ve been having a hard time trading, what platform should I use? Robinhood hasn’t been really helpful
Allan Fils-Aime
Allan Fils-Aime 2 个月 前
cwgyf that is all
Renegade Ace
Renegade Ace 2 个月 前
Cathie Woods is sexy in so many ways.
S Haq
S Haq 2 个月 前
Idex will hit $50 in a year or 2. It’s like buying Amazon in 1993
Followed Cathie's lead. $30K+ in ARKG @ ~ $104. $70K total in each ARK (combined). $15K in TSLA @ $595. $1K in Space stocks. $13K in Crypto - mostly BTC.
"STOP SMILING AT ME, CREEPO!!!" -Cathie to interviewer.
james Gurney
james Gurney 2 个月 前
TYVM for the explanation. Not only will i invest in a Genomic company, i can feel good doing so! But id like to point out of course Cathie is gonna hit she can buy thousands of shares of every genomic company out there haha
Rob KMS 2 个月 前
Genomics to increase Salmon 🍣 production $AQB and crops $EVGN. 🌱. Food is the basics of Maslow pyramid.
akeough35 2 个月 前
What do you think about bionano genomics? I think it’s just a matter of time before ARK grabs it.
Me 2 个月 前
The problem with today’s market is that stocks are already priced at a level where they shoukd be at 5-10 years later. I admire CW but her publicized success drove the price of her funds at very high levels based on just potential.
Miguelito 2 个月 前
NantKwest is the next big thing! After merger with ImmunityBio, it'll be the leading cancer research company!
10XInvest 2 个月 前
Just buy ARKG!
lm Snarkk
lm Snarkk 2 个月 前
Next warren buffet!
Katie Greene
Katie Greene 2 个月 前
I screwed up my order and didn't buy nio when it was @$1.75 and then forgot about it for like 4 months. Now over $50 😢😭😭😭
Timetunnel 2 个月 前
Guys Bionano is the future. Do some research and invest before it goes to the moon.
AgentStormRage 2 个月 前
Buy ACIC (EV air mobility), thank me later.
Double_Joseph 2 个月 前
been in this stock since $1.04 might be smarter then CAthy :D
t m
t m 2 个月 前
They are all 50 percent too high.a correction is comming
Nikky N
Nikky N 2 个月 前
Thank you. I have subscribed
Sung Jin
Sung Jin 2 个月 前
I bought Crisper and Editas 3-4 years ago after reading Siddhartha Mukherjee's amazing book 'the gene: an intimate history'. Both at at their highest then but at $20s and $10s. Never imagined the price will hit where they are. Still they are a very long shot investment to me. I hate aging but can't wait to see how much science will advance in the coming decades. Some fields are studying aging genes so who knows.
BossmanHGuru 2 个月 前
Makes alot of sense
Investfoxy - Crypto and Stocks
Investfoxy - Crypto and Stocks 2 个月 前
Next short squeeze: Genomics stocks
Alvin Cwk
Alvin Cwk 2 个月 前
Just buy arkg if you are too lazy to analyze all these
SINIL KIM 2 个月 前
#panhf ark bought recently
J. Wang
J. Wang 2 个月 前
what 3 companies did cathie mean?
James Hizon
James Hizon 2 个月 前
I'd invest into DOGE and think about genomics in the future.
神推しあしゅりん 2 个月 前
Certainly, I agree with Cathie that ARKG (Genomics) is the next big thing. Also I'm patiently waiting for ARKX (Space exploration) to go IPO.
Ryan Gordon
Ryan Gordon 2 个月 前
I have an unhealthy crush on Cathie Wood. She is simply amazing. Next time somebody talks about powerful women, if they don’t mention Cathie’s name, then they aren’t credible
Keaton Morgan
Keaton Morgan 2 个月 前
A very informative video, I enjoyed watching these and learnt a lot. Investing in the market is a good way to earn passive income.
CoìnaryTV 2 个月 前
Don't know who necessarily needs to hear this, it's high time you start saving and investing instead of saving to save lol
M1 Investor
M1 Investor 2 个月 前
If you can pick just one ARK investment what would you pick?
Christopher Clayton
Christopher Clayton 2 个月 前
Great video! Thanks for this information
tsab thoj
tsab thoj 2 个月 前
major pump in BNGO, they got in early, go on a interview and slip out hat genomics is where they're investing, and just watch the retail feeding frenzy boost up their position The US is way too married with religion, going to have to get over the "ethics" laws that the US has put in place against science before human genome modding can happen
Joseph Deorum
Joseph Deorum 2 个月 前
Cathie looked good! Yumm
KingOfMadCows 2 个月 前
Invest in genomics now and be on the right side of the Eugenics Wars.
J toyz
J toyz 2 个月 前
The bigger heads have the cure for many chronic diseases but because company cancer society bring in billions a year so why would they release the cure? They rather to continue treat the symptoms and feed you with medication. Every sickness in the body start from the mouth so watch what you ingest
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous 2 个月 前
Genome research sounds highly promising. But the risk for us not well educated in microbiology research, is that we are anxious to invest in something about which we have little of no understanding. Lack of knowledge in this field combined with inherent market risks is daunting. I want to be wealthy too. But, this is scary stuff for investing. Gamblers call it a long shot.
ViiCiiOUZ Z 2 个月 前
My concern with this bet is the big Pharma crooks. If they begin to cure diseases they are going to loose their year over year record profits. I wonder if they will allow this to happen. Its in their interest to keep people sick and in medication.
TheDWZemke 2 个月 前
God bless Kathie Woods..
Oliver peters
Oliver peters 2 个月 前
Kalani Felix
Kalani Felix 2 个月 前
Got 3.5k shares of BNGO at .75. holding long
Ann Marie
Ann Marie 2 个月 前
I’m reading a lot of bullishness in the comments and some complaints of high turnover in the ARKG fund. Keep in mind that the biomedical space is highly volatile given dependency on research outcomes and FDA approval. While you could win massively if you get a single stock pick right, you can also lose big time. I personally would set my risk-reward ratio in favor of an ETF than try to be a single stock picker. If you’re gonna be a stock-picker, it’s wise to invest (not gamble) in a company in which you have conviction (i.e. their technology is excellent and so it their balance sheet).
Prem Gandhi
Prem Gandhi 2 个月 前
underrated comment. This is a really good tip. Thanks
Graubereich 2 个月 前
After Corona we will see all time highes in the Market.
Sirom J
Sirom J 2 个月 前
I already invested. No brainer. Called BioNtech.. Maybe you knwo them. These guys saving the world.
Russ Leach
Russ Leach 2 个月 前
C CARRGO 2 个月 前
ACRX is also a great 50 bagger!
Meet Kevin
Meet Kevin 2 个月 前
Great video. Thanks!
ssjj005 3 个月 前
ARK has been selling CRSP, but they have been buying EXAS, CDNA.
Stefon Baas
Stefon Baas 3 个月 前
She also has been buying FSLY like crazy.
Justin Yocom
Justin Yocom 3 个月 前
This woman is a genius. Move aside Warren Buffet
Dee Andrews
Dee Andrews 3 个月 前
Will young people buy these stocks. They think they are invincible.
tyrone bell
tyrone bell 3 个月 前
I’m 22 and I’m buying so I can be immortal 😂
Jadd Mustafa
Jadd Mustafa 3 个月 前
Her glass is more than half full, its straight up full.
Retiarybadge910 3 个月 前
adas525 3 个月 前
Chris Davis
Chris Davis 3 个月 前
Look at ABML!
Reggie Brown
Reggie Brown 3 个月 前
Jeremy Chia
Jeremy Chia 3 个月 前
Tony To
Tony To 3 个月 前
putting BNGO in monitoring list
Christian Mone
Christian Mone 3 个月 前
glad BNGO is not on any of Ark portfolio yet (otherwise price will jump huge) and even this youtuber is way2 behind on them.. I still managed to scoop big time 🤣
Derek Macdonald
Derek Macdonald 3 个月 前
i got tesla between 780-960 before the split. wish i bought way more. i thought world was going to hell and thought it would be level or go down and wait for a dip that never happened. oh well im still up 300& on 27 shares. not bad i guess.
Mellowout Vlogs It Out
Mellowout Vlogs It Out 3 个月 前
hey please do one on BNGO! THANKS MAN!!!!
bert imusZ
bert imusZ 3 个月 前
Artificial intelligience will be your biggest disappointment
Mohini Gunesekera
Mohini Gunesekera 3 个月 前
I have bought tesla @less than $400. Thank you for your observations and recommendations. I would SPCE and NVS to explore and watch.
ILC 1234
ILC 1234 3 个月 前
I bought 200 BNGO shares of BNGO at about $4 a share. I'll probably hang on to them.
Bernardo Gutierrez
Bernardo Gutierrez 3 个月 前
A lot of stocks will do well this year, investors still need to hold stocks with strong organic growth rates as well as cyclical names that will do better in a recovery. The right stocks can make you rich over the next 12 months
Thompson Wills
Thompson Wills 3 个月 前
Invest as much money as possible. Nobody knows the future and right now it does not look bright.
Matt 3 个月 前
GameStonk lol
Leonard Zemlinsky
Leonard Zemlinsky 3 个月 前
Group is growing. I like Beam Therapeutics and Precision Biosciences. I don’t see them to have clear competitors even within larger genetics group, as products are somewhat different. Crisper remains very good investment in my view as Ark Investments states. Beam appears to be the only doing direct prime editing without breaking DNA, which seems remarkable advance. Precision is low cost so I saw it attractive also from growth standpoint. I would agree that genomic stocks should be viewed as early Tesla or Apple. Hold it forever. If it doubles or triples and you sell for quick gain, you will likely regret it.
Alok Kher
Alok Kher 3 个月 前
Normal life is not for you & me.
Avinash Bowers
Avinash Bowers 3 个月 前
Everyone keep your heads High there's a great year coming for Investors!
Mike lopez
Mike lopez 3 个月 前
Buy Nokia!!!! Buy Nokia buy Nokia buy Nokia !!!!!
Ivan Jimenez
Ivan Jimenez 3 个月 前
Wonder how many people were hypnotized into buying / investing in Tesla (TSLA) stick...
mitchell Coopersmith
mitchell Coopersmith 3 个月 前
Hi, what's the difference between buying Cathy Woods ETF on a brokerage and buying from her company? Besides ARK invest would take a fee for managing the portfolio?
capeighteleven 3 个月 前
You left out NTLA. Ark owns them as well. The company founder is Dr. Jennifer Doudna. She won the Nobel Prize for inventing the crisper technology. It’s going for a discount at 64 dollars
Henry mason
Henry mason 3 个月 前
Spencer 3 个月 前
She's hot af in a cougar kinda way
S Bender
S Bender 3 个月 前
I bought into PACB at 3.62 it was up 989% last time I checked it a couple weeks ago. I'm mostly invested in TSLA and first bought in at 314. before the split. 👍
Angelo 3 个月 前
Thanks Caitlyn Jenn... I mean Cathie Wood
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 3 个月 前
EDIT just had a 3.5mil share public offering @ 66 per share........time to buy
2010gorrillazJW 3 个月 前
If you are searching for a disruptive genomics company, go for Biontech (BNTX). This is not only the company that has invented the Covid 19 vaccine, but also has amazing cancer treatment products in the pipeline using just these genetic modification technologies.
Lourdemilla Dorsainvil
Lourdemilla Dorsainvil 3 个月 前
Starting buying crisp since 60
CWorksDesign 3 个月 前
The stock is Churchill capital “CCIV” Your welcome now go buy it and be rich in the future. Thank me later
Ronnie Paul
Ronnie Paul 3 个月 前
CRISPR is gonna implode!
Rime 3 个月 前
BNGO CFO is former Tesla employee.
Ex- Cheeseburger
Ex- Cheeseburger 3 个月 前
BMIX up almost 500%. A deal at just $.05
Elizabeth King
Elizabeth King 3 个月 前
I don't think people still keep huge amount of money. Investing your money increases your wealth. I think it's wise to invest your money
J mac
J mac 3 个月 前
Genomic companies in ARKG: CRSP, PACB, ARCT UQ, TWST, NVTA
Stephen Johnson
Stephen Johnson 3 个月 前
Ilumina and Editas........? Two of the bigger names.
Jojo Toto
Jojo Toto 3 个月 前
He has dollar signs in his eyes when he stares at Cathie Wood
losthighway66 3 个月 前
Star, don't worry, TSLA is probably also a genomics stock. We just don't know it yet.
The Wall Street Guy
The Wall Street Guy 3 个月 前
Thank you, going to buy Arkg so I own little bit of every company, if anything goes wrong with individual stock I don't need to worry coz other 6 or 7 doing pretty well.
Lance Teodecki
Lance Teodecki 3 个月 前
Amazon...Blackberry...? 🌋
Giant Hamburger
Giant Hamburger 3 个月 前
So many stocks I wanna invest in... I’m in with Fulgent Genetics and they’ve done very well. This is overwhelming
Kevin Johnstone
Kevin Johnstone 3 个月 前
We need that $2,000 stimulus checks. Joe Biden 2021
Maxwell bank
Maxwell bank 3 个月 前
Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, business and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval Office.
Hayk Dilanyan
Hayk Dilanyan 3 个月 前
BNGO gang all say!!! Got in late at 2.20, but been the best run for myself so far. I’m a beginner in investing/trading. Saphyr will and is saving lives already. Hopefully are will invest soon, would be nice. Although BNGO is good without em, ( again, would be great if they did buy). Big Catalysts. Coming, Jan 26th World Genomics Festical, BNGO is an agenda partner( along with many others, although its positive nonetheless)
sosua b
sosua b 3 个月 前
sosua b
sosua b 3 个月 前
Tonny Milfiger
Tonny Milfiger 3 个月 前
I don’t to be rude or something but he look at her in weird way ...
Serge Fog
Serge Fog 3 个月 前
Yes in the long run but if you ask me, the next few years will be all about EVs and renewables. Yes, you can buy in to genomics early and it won't be a bad decision, far from it. But, it is possible that one would be financially better off riding the bubble of energy and transportation first. ARK Invest can afford placing a billion in something that will start moving withing this generation.
dlwatib 3 个月 前
Doesn't have to be an either/or proposition. I'm invested in TSLA to the point that I don't want to add any further to my position so I've also started investing in ARKG.
HermannTheGreat 3 个月 前
There is only money in companies that produce treatments, cures, or vaccines that will be repeatedly used and widely used. Also researchers and scientists are full of liars bias and data skewing to get grants and publish. Science is very gray area and it's not like Tesla where you say you produce a car and you do it or you fail. Theranos led people on for years based upon supposed research, treatment, and psuedo innovative technology that didn't really exist in the way they said it did. Curing something isn't necessarily profitable although it's very important, which is why a company may get bought out but would never 5x or 10x. There's a reason Pfizer became so successful with just a blue pill, the profitability and widespread and repeated use. While ArkG has gone up alot, I think it's mostly FOMO, and the real profitability will be in the other ARK funds that are innovative technology that will be repeatedly used and improved upon for years while at the same time disrupting market sectors such as manufacturing and finance.
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