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MoonSaiyan 7 小时 前
Why is James so quiet here?
MonsterSound 20 小时 前
CNpost play buttons are getting cheaper and cheaper. Google saving a few bucks is quite telling. Next year CNpost will be sending play buttons as a .pdf. 😮🐟
atif khan
atif khan 17 天 前
At this moment Linuses ad poped up And i thought thath the ad was the video and watched it. Then i figured out that it was a add. Reply: LOL
jvaara 23 天 前
All I want is to see the cringe folder that Dennis could gather from bloopers.
ZeroTwo 28 天 前
2m let's goo
Keith Knows
Keith Knows 29 天 前
I love you guys, but c'mon. You're a tech show. Did you just _forget_ to turn on James' mic?
Sami Bouls
Sami Bouls 个月 前
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Aleksandar Petkovski
Aleksandar Petkovski 个月 前
Dennis meme material at 18:22
.,|by010|,. 个月 前
next year 2M Q&A. And if you dare not keep promise....
abe gaudiel
abe gaudiel 个月 前
1:18 .... and thats how madisson was hired.
Stubat 个月 前
So they found a way to use Rileys "Short Circuit" name in the end anyway :D I really like patch notes but TechLinked works so well.
James Deyton
James Deyton 2 个月 前
I love seeing how uncomfortable they are on these subjects. Linus never stops moving.
Lau Da
Lau Da 2 个月 前
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Raul Dias
Raul Dias 2 个月 前
Thats not what balancing act means linus
Bob Grau
Bob Grau 2 个月 前
It's not that I enjoy watching people fight, but if I had to I'd love to see Anthony simply crush Linus with his eyes. Am I a terrible person, internet? Or is it perhaps YOU that is the bloodthirsty monster? Ok, it's me.
Richard M.
Richard M. 2 个月 前
Still waiting for the Linus v. Austin boxing match. Or did I miss it?
John the gamer
John the gamer 2 个月 前
I like how Linus, Riley, and James are all married except Dennis.
Martin Tovar
Martin Tovar 2 个月 前
Linus now that you and your team have become the world standard in how to create a channel, great content created by Nerds for Nerds, and success; do you plan to continue ridding the internet horse. Linus Media Group is big; huge right now; will it out grow the internet or will Linus Media Group evolve in to some thing else. will Linus Sebastian become the next Ted Turner.
Erwin Estrada-jr
Erwin Estrada-jr 2 个月 前
linus vs austin when??
PJ Muhn
PJ Muhn 2 个月 前
A whole year later they finally hired someone just to be annoying onscreen
Bob Grau
Bob Grau 2 个月 前
Annoying plus weird crush is a potent combo.
James Muirhead
James Muirhead 2 个月 前
Man CNpost's algorythum sucks... This is the third time this has played for me!!! Gonna have to start down thumbing things to prevent repeated play!
Hasan El-Hasan
Hasan El-Hasan 2 个月 前
1:17 i mean they did hire madison
Ahmad Assad
Ahmad Assad 2 个月 前
why is lines sitting like that my sister asked me
7 Dashti
7 Dashti 2 个月 前
great video guys
Nao Kimaji
Nao Kimaji 2 个月 前
make him do a video in mandarin
The Tree Overlord
The Tree Overlord 2 个月 前
Is this what carpool critics is like?
Ruka's Step-bro
Ruka's Step-bro 2 个月 前
1:18 1 year later: Madison enter the chat
renamix 2 个月 前
Aka. If you do not work in a non public facing officer. Bank holidays do not exist. Aka Bank holidays are B.s.
Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano 2 个月 前
James seems to be manspreading to save his life for the majority of this video.
Chuy Madrigal
Chuy Madrigal 2 个月 前
Where is berkle?
William Helbing
William Helbing 2 个月 前
I miss watching people sitting face to face without nazi covers
Nikolas Shull
Nikolas Shull 2 个月 前
All of them are packing 🧳 heavy meat
Nikolas Shull
Nikolas Shull 2 个月 前
He's packing
Roosevelt Honaker
Roosevelt Honaker 2 个月 前
how old is dennis??!!
DougKirt. 2 个月 前
why did linus say hard big flow rigid and bc all in the same thought? Hmmmm......
DougKirt. 2 个月 前
Stuff is probably getting cheaper since every and their brother has a yt channel now.
tamarin 2 个月 前
why isnt the fat guy here?
tamarin 2 个月 前
i havent seen the asian guy? why isnt he in other vids?
Ruşen Ali Yılmaz
Ruşen Ali Yılmaz 2 个月 前
That cut at 17.44 broooo
TempestuousD 3 个月 前
'Byte Size Tech'
YeeticusAurelius 3 个月 前
Linus diligently folding his sweater was wholesome. Looked like he was helping his mom. Good Linus, you can’t drop that and break it.
Oliver Mobey
Oliver Mobey 3 个月 前
I could hit Austin. Hit me up.
BritishTeaLover 3 个月 前
Get Madison to host an episode :D
smorange7 3 个月 前
“The gold play button just starts melting”
Hanging With Void
Hanging With Void 3 个月 前
Riley exploiting youtube without even knowing it! Haha
Charlie Abrams
Charlie Abrams 3 个月 前
Wtf no quickbits IM ANGRY
Jarbas Coqueiro
Jarbas Coqueiro 3 个月 前
8 months without talklinked
Sheng Yap
Sheng Yap 3 个月 前
Lmaoo yeahh Dennis's English is similar to his chinese now
Aniket Chowdhury
Aniket Chowdhury 3 个月 前
This logo is so much better than LTT crap they have.
TheGreat519 3 个月 前
this was cool af
Majid Jackson
Majid Jackson 4 个月 前
One thing I've learned watching the different LMG channels is that Linus really loves to talk about himself. I couldn't hear shit the whole video, up until Linus starts talking. His mic volume is much higher than the others. P.S. give riley more opportunities to shine. He and James are my two favorite people to watch probably on the entire internet.
dogo 4 个月 前
Yay it broke one year now
365 movie
365 movie 4 个月 前
1.4 m now
Juliandro Vasconcelos
Juliandro Vasconcelos 4 个月 前
Alex is way better without the glasses.
EtherealBlue 5 个月 前
Universal serial buzz
pastathehoagie 5 个月 前
What happened to that asian female host from ncix?
Cameron Fox
Cameron Fox 5 个月 前
Please do Austin & Linus boxing.
Jimmy M
Jimmy M 5 个月 前
”Kickstarter” by dennis 🤣
Dudeomfgstfux 5 个月 前
2020 And and Reliy's short Circuit is better then some of LTT's Vidoes
Gender Alex
Gender Alex 5 个月 前
Dennis at the end realizing he has to edit this nonsense: "Oh God!"
Aurelio Tomas Turbao
Aurelio Tomas Turbao 5 个月 前
Linus: do a kick Riley: don't put him on the spot James: starts moving table
Dan Chrome
Dan Chrome 5 个月 前
Woah These guys know a lot about tech, they should make a channel about tech tips!
Benji Raven
Benji Raven 5 个月 前
The Futurama reference ❤️
Jian Bang Ow
Jian Bang Ow 5 个月 前
great job guys at LTT and techlinked, and Shortcircuit =)
Dan Chrome
Dan Chrome 5 个月 前
Channel Super Fun too, man
Klay Music
Klay Music 5 个月 前
I’m glad I’m not alone depending on a hat to press my hair, super efficient lol
zdrijne 5 个月 前
I think the channel has 1.38 BILLION subs a the moment and there's no celebration video
Kévin Kirst
Kévin Kirst 5 个月 前
DENIS, THE GATEKEEPER! wait...no?? :(
Lukas Rasytinis
Lukas Rasytinis 5 个月 前
linus beard tips?
Harraz Masri
Harraz Masri 5 个月 前
i missed this linus, not papa linus
Will Leary
Will Leary 5 个月 前
I like when Dennis gets a chance to shine a bit, good shit
Zach Smith
Zach Smith 5 个月 前
Can we get an interview style video with the old ncix ceo?
bwedges 5 个月 前
I feel like Dennis gets interrupted every time he has something to say
Cecil Denison
Cecil Denison 5 个月 前
anthony needs his own channel
Mat Max
Mat Max 5 个月 前
PatchNotes was such a good name
Tommy Hills
Tommy Hills 5 个月 前
dennis at the end lol
LegendaryOutcast 5 个月 前
I love the format of this channel you guys And props to Dennis and whoever else does the editing
Roland Lawrence
Roland Lawrence 5 个月 前
so how did you get a name for the show? linus: well i used to work on a show called "Net Linked"...
Tazer XI
Tazer XI 5 个月 前
Linus: i like cheap stuff Me: means it don't cost so much when you drop it
Darko Bonovil
Darko Bonovil 5 个月 前
Why does linus klickediklack so much . Its annnnnoying .
SubArc 5 个月 前
"It doesn't matter."
YeahIt'sYieh 6 个月 前
We're still waiting for the Linus vs Austin fight
Mike Rupe
Mike Rupe 6 个月 前
I like patch notes as like a game review like old games to new AAA and indie game. Play it for however long it captivates you're interests. Once a week for 1 hour a person picks a game to try and play. Like a book club for games, banter about things you do (game) anyway.
Arty Fox
Arty Fox 6 个月 前
Was nice to go back and see TechLinked BC (before COVID) =P
Tristan Reeder
Tristan Reeder 6 个月 前
Tech linked kind of reminds me of sourcefed back in the day
__Peaceful__ 6 个月 前
I really love this channel for getting my tech news from. Another plus is every episode is uploaded every time I wake up, giving me a morning boost in the long run. Great job :)
saint_vit 6 个月 前
lol linus radiates the anxiety, i can feel it through my screen im glad you are feeling better today linus!
Margaret Elkins
Margaret Elkins 6 个月 前
Dennis isn't burned out by Riley's jokes.....he just doesn't get them.
Chicken dog
Chicken dog 6 个月 前
they went to go start a new company with blackjack and hooker but no blackjack.
Patrick Wilson
Patrick Wilson 6 个月 前
Why is Linus so socially arkward. Its like that dude at a party who blurts out something super rude and disrespectful and everyone like " ooooookayyyyyy cool man " " I'm just laid back its tertiary channel, who gives a shit " Riley and Dennis looked so crushed
Denis Nikolaev
Denis Nikolaev 6 个月 前
I get all my tach new from this youtube channel its amazing
Weili Lim
Weili Lim 6 个月 前
dennis is byelingual
lostblur 6 个月 前
is it my speakers is this video all over the place audio volume wise?
Hardik Meel
Hardik Meel 6 个月 前
Is Linus high on something?
hwhizmw2 6 个月 前
Some of the best personalities at LMG
Mr T
Mr T 6 个月 前
I love your story and everything you have done so far. I will buy from LTT Store
Salman paracha
Salman paracha 6 个月 前
Hire me! i live in Coquitlam , lol!
Gordon Child
Gordon Child 6 个月 前
Concerning Dennis editing all the videos... Immigrants. They get the job done.
swirliness 6 个月 前
I love Riley, I love Linus, I love Anthony, and I love everyone else at Linus Tech Tips.
WonderWayfarer 6 个月 前
I wanna see Linus backflips
Izaskun Galicia
Izaskun Galicia 7 个月 前
Riley stuffing his face cnpost.info/down/mKSX26-lqKjMzNU/sh-p-n.html
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