14 MEGA Smartphone Fails we’ll never forget.

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7 个月 前

My Top 14 most miserable Smartphone fails of all time (Episode 4), from the Palm Phone, to MIUI Ads, to Motorola, and more.
Episode 1: cnpost.info/down/e6zMleCRoaa0rpI/sh-p-n.html
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Episode 3: cnpost.info/down/oZykppqWddKsuJo/sh-p-n.html
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Mrwhosetheboss 7 个月 前
Hope you enjoyed this episode! I've made three others in this series too, which are here 😈: Episode 1: cnpost.info/down/e6zMleCRoaa0rpI/sh-p-n.html Episode 2: cnpost.info/down/kqzTlbaUY7Snv6c/sh-p-n.html Episode 3: cnpost.info/down/oZykppqWddKsuJo/sh-p-n.html
Tonmoy Bormon
Tonmoy Bormon 29 天 前
Eddie A Smith
Eddie A Smith 29 天 前
HTC HD 1 windows based. Ewwww.
Zahid Hussain
Zahid Hussain 个月 前
Power Gaming and
Zahid Hussain
Zahid Hussain 个月 前
Fatlind TV pop
Zahid Hussain
Zahid Hussain 个月 前
614_Nanda Kishore .
Mosept Yagami
Mosept Yagami 24 分钟 前
I’d give the X-ray phone a higher rating. Imagine how many people were using it to look through others’ clothes, that’s so gross. Especially if it worked on children’s clothes. That could be border line dangerous and considered sexual harassment
Tushar Anand
Tushar Anand 4 小时 前
Here is what Xiaomi should have done - make a phone and give consumers an option to buy no ad version for a bit more or buy an ad subsidised one for cheaper Here is what I would do - buy the ad subsidised cheaper phone . And then flash lineage os on it so I get a cheaper phone without ads and move on with my life
River Styx
River Styx 4 小时 前
But, this isn't Huawei's fault that Trump(USA) banned them from the market. Therefore it can't be counted as a fail. Smh🤦🏻‍♂️
Dan1916 I
Dan1916 I 13 小时 前
Dell shrek 5
Frack 13 小时 前
HTC lost me when they sold me the Thunderbolt as my first smart phone. It's amazing that I didn't just shun smartphones and go all in on feature phones moving forward. That phone was garbage. It was a buggy mess. I sent it in to be "fixed" multiple times and kept receiving just as broken refurbished phones. I think I sent mine in 5 times with Verizon before I gave up and bought a LG G2 which was a great phone at the start. Then it started boot looping due to overheating whenever it was in a case. Then I drop the G2 at college while between classes and it's done for. I get the V10 and it's great until it's not. I buy a 1+ 6 and finally loved my phone for once in my life. It did what it was supposed to do. Then my wife took a job working in small towns. Had to switch to Verizon and got Pixel 3XLs which have been alright, but largely meh. Now my pixel just drops bluetooth cause it wants to be a dick randomly.
Bad_Script 14 小时 前
he makes it sound like *he* made them stop selling it. it was 100% all the other videos, and, yknow, other reasonable people that stopped it.
Exophosism 16 小时 前
dell "well done"
Arun Nayak
Arun Nayak 22 小时 前
I really like motorola because i already have it!!
Brodee Raney
Brodee Raney 天 前
I used a htc wildfire s. Terrible
Change Name Later
Change Name Later 天 前
@8:46 "mMm MeDiUm RaRe CiRcUiT bOaRdS"
Revtiva 天 前
So, Symbian & MeeGo failure isn't mega enough?
Max Cowling
Max Cowling 天 前
What’s the point of a palm phone when The point of a phone is to be a tablet but mobile and pocket fit
danteelite 天 前
On ads.. I literally just bought my first ever apple product because Samsung has pissed me off by putting ads in their apps! On a 1000+ dollar phone! Nope. Bullshit. Fuck them, I’ve been loyal for years, but they’ve gone too far and that was the last straw for me. Another big deal was the forced updates at random times with no way to stop it.. and SO MANY of them... I ride a motorcycle daily, so the thought of being in a ditch in pain and reaching for my phone to call 911 and my phone suddenly deciding to turn itself off is absolutely terrifying! I had to go buy a several hundred dollar emergency beacon because of it. It became clear when I was on the phone with my friend having a panic attack and my phone just hung up on her and turned off! That was ridiculous.
danteelite 天 前
The Palm is built for me. Exactly me. I only have a phone for occasional texts or odd call.. 99% of my usage is art or comics... I just bought an iPad air4 and pencil so that’s negated now. Sometimes I don’t even bring my phone with me.. it just sits around, stays in my motorcycle bag, or lays mostly dead on my bed.. that’s bullshit for a 1000$ Note. I’d rather have a cheap tiny PHONE and use my tablet for everything else it obviously does much better. When my phone inevitably breaks, I’m just buying a 50$ burner. If I could get a nice Eink display phone that lasts a month on a charge and just makes calls I’d be happy!
jed stanaland
jed stanaland 天 前
There was an older 3d phone that was made by HTC and funny enough the screen resolution was slightly better when it was in 3d mode but even so it was not that capable when it came to storage so the huge size of the file format would lock up the phone because you would be completely out of memory after a few pictures unless you had a fairly sizeable micro SD card and quite often it would be rather hard to change the SD card if you ever needed to change it quickly.
Aryan2285 天 前
T Dot
T Dot 天 前
0:19 then what’s the point of your real phone-
Lasergun 天 前
Speaking of “hero to zero”, Nokia was head to head with Motorola. IMHO It would have deserved at least an honorable mention.
Bader gamer#video games
Bader gamer#video games 天 前
I am using a hawawei but luckily my phone is late enough for it not to be banned and stuff
Rip Adobe flash
Raidz 天 前
14:17 i quit my job to play with smartphones lol
Boy Dolomite
Boy Dolomite 天 前
mkbd is as bland as a 2mp camera. the dude is definitely a noob.
Cloud 1
Cloud 1 2 天 前
Gonna have some mash with that dell steak 5 mmmmm
siddharth 2 天 前
lots of people lost thier careers and lots of people lost a lot of money, i am giving this a 6 out of 10
Shiroi Watashinomori
Shiroi Watashinomori 2 天 前
3:58 as I have a Xiaomi... I kinda already get used to it, but it was a shock at first. They are not intrusive and don't spoil the use of the phone, so I really don't care.
siddharth 2 天 前
when the camera that was appreciated very well in 2010s end up on his list
Caleb Rivet
Caleb Rivet 2 天 前
Motorola still make good and adorable phone's I'm watching this one the moto e
King Makro
King Makro 2 天 前
DELL STAEK? TYPO! Edit: it’s at 8:48
Arko Gaming
Arko Gaming 2 天 前
I have a honour Tab with Huawei and it is still working as a normal tablet
Tom Jerry
Tom Jerry 2 天 前
Bru bru brrrrru
Akira 2 天 前
14:17 flashing lights
ERRORcode 12
ERRORcode 12 2 天 前
I use my 2mp macro sometimes
i watch his vids becaz i dont have phone sed
13:51 is it me or dose that like a scene from a movie
xolqoɹƃuᴉʎɐldǝʌol ̅ᴉᴉ
xolqoɹƃuᴉʎɐldǝʌol ̅ᴉᴉ 3 天 前
Having baked in ads for a cheaper note 20 ultra? Put those ads in right now and give me the note 20 ultra
Xerneuss300 Official
Xerneuss300 Official 3 天 前
dell STEAK 5
Capt Chris
Capt Chris 3 天 前
I've had a motorola g power for about a month now and I'm loving it tbh
Balázs Gégény
Balázs Gégény 3 天 前
Yep, I have a phone with MIUI (redmi 9AT), but its not so irritating.
Gaming place
Gaming place 4 天 前
The fact that there is no intro and I don't have to skip i just love it
Pawan Munaganuri
Pawan Munaganuri 4 天 前
List of failed phones Jio phone 12,3 Freedom mobile
Some of the fails that can be included in your list, Jio phone 1,2,3 Freedom mobile scam
Deepak Mohapatra
Deepak Mohapatra 4 天 前
palm phone is like conceptual flying car. does not solve any issue and just makes a bold claim to something that does not make sense (mostly).
BonnieBoi 9743
BonnieBoi 9743 4 天 前
We can't forget about the failure of the Galaxy Note 7
Rick Tillery
Rick Tillery 4 天 前
I worked on the LG 3D phone (at Texas Instruments, who made the CPU). I think 3/10 ignores the fact that 3D is a special kind of difficult. It was at least 5/10 😆. Humans see 3D by viewing 2 different images with each eye. There are a limited way of reproducing this: 1. Goggles that have 2 tiny screens (with special lenses to let you focus closer than you normally can) showing different images for each eye. 2. Two images combined on the same screen, separated into your eyes by special glasses. These can be passive (i.e. without power) like the 50's movies that used color filters, or the 80's that used polarized light, or they can be active (i.e. needs power), like the LCD shutter goggles that synchronized with the screen to hide every other interleaved image from alternating eyes. 3. Show 2 images in the same apparent space, but mask them so each is visible on opposite sides of your nose. 4. Holograms (not the 2D projections they claim are holograms) - not yet invented for multiple, very difficult technical challenges. Note that the 1st & 2nd require you to wear headgear. Should LG have chosen 1 of those? The 3rd option requires there to be a plane showing the images based on angle of view. Unless 2 or more people want to place their faces above or below each other, so all their noses align, option 3 means only 1 viewer at a time. But there are no glasses required. That's why method 3 was never used by any TVs (or movie theaters). But with a phone, which is typically used by one person at a time, this is not a limitation. You can see 3D yourself, then hand the display to another person & no headgear has to be passed on. But the methods of creating option 3 are limited by physics, as well as cost, size, power consumption, frailty, data magnitude, & mass producibility. The parallax barrier was truly simple (honestly, simpler than the fancy name suggests). But yes, it reduced the horizontal resolution by half, & the brightness as well. That's because the 2 images are displayed by interleaving columns of pixels from each, then using the barrier to block even pixels from being seen by one eye & odd pixels from the other. No, this isn't perfect. But it looked very good. And it could be turned off to use the screen normally. But you could make your own pictures & videos in 3D! However, the 3D is not what sunk the phone. It may have seemed to be a gimmick, but it was a great feature on a mediocre to poor phone, even though it was superior to the contemporary competitor from HTC (EVO). The phone cost about the same as its peers. But as the recent decision to discontinue Android development finally admits, LG had no idea what they were doing. The use of a wide VGA resolution screen was a poor choice. This was still a reasonable choice for low-end phones, but the 3D image was effectively 400x480. At the time, higher resolution screens were available, but the cost was significantly higher. I suspect LG didn't think the price increase would help sales. But I'd love to see the same technique used with today's 4k screens. After all, half the horizontal pixels would still give FHD video. Moreover, LG screwed up a lot of other things about the actual phone. It used a version of Android that was 2 generations behind the day it shipped. And LG's modifications to Android were garbage. As a customer, I hated it. The Optimus had a competitive CPU (😎), but the camera was subpar. Of course, this was likely due to trading off cost for the 2 cameras used for the 3D. But the result was low resolution & poor low-light response, even for 2D pictures & videos. I dug out my LG Optimus to film one of my daughter's high school musical shows the year before last. But the dancers are a (3D!) blur, because the shutter speed had to be so slow. There were a lot of other issues [the only LG phone that wasn't crappy was the Google Nexus 5, which used (Google spec'd) LG hardware, with no LG, but only Google software], but generally these were the main ones that sank it at launch. I've always believed that if the phone had been competitive as an actual phone, the 3D would have taken off as a bonus feature.
Smarty Smarty
Smarty Smarty 4 天 前
Dell "Steak" five
FunnyGamePlayZ 3 天 前
ThePandoricaOfFandoms 4 天 前
Yeah... I have a xiaomi phone... I can relate to the add thingy
PorPoz 4 天 前
0:45 anti samsung a series
T M D 4 天 前
I'm a victim of Xiomi ads thing. It so overwhelmed. Thanks someone finally talk about it.
Itanno 5 天 前
I would never buy a phone with built-in ads. I know I can pick up a new phone on amazon for $60 that does everything I need and want, without ads.
NathanDS 5 天 前
Ah yes, the key of minimalism. *To buy more*
xxxoxxx 5 天 前
Who knows another 20 years samsung and iPhone will be on this list
Wilma Barnes
Wilma Barnes 5 天 前
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LiL RUNTI3 6 天 前
FireNerf21 6 天 前
8:49 S T E A K
Smiley P
Smiley P 6 天 前
Lmao wow capitalism is eating itself again huh? Imagine the technology we could have if we made things because they are good or we can, rather than just to make money? Also don't get me wrong I'm not a command economy fan either, China is terrible. The solution is democracy and cooperation, not competition and politics. Actual socialism, not Chinese "communism" that doesn't resemble anything democratic or free
ali baneshi
ali baneshi 6 天 前
very cool
coala tedioso
coala tedioso 6 天 前
The Huawei one was fuckin sad wthell USA so fuckin stupid, and why no ones talking about it
TangoTheSlayer_YT 6 天 前
3d display is just fireeeeee
Gr1ff1n -_-
Gr1ff1n -_- 6 天 前
Well ads are fine. My parents bought both of my siblings the cheap Amazon fire tablets. At least Amazon announced they will have ads on this tablet because of the price.
Hilarious _TV
Hilarious _TV 6 天 前
Me right now, watching this video with a Huawei phone: Aight imma head out
SmokeyOwOs 6 天 前
Wait how did xiaomi let porn and scam ads to appear on their phones lmaooo
Luci Kaye
Luci Kaye 6 天 前
The fact that his intros are so short make me sooo happy 😊
Zawa Rudo
Zawa Rudo 6 天 前
tiktok is cancer...
Asmaa El Kork
Asmaa El Kork 6 天 前
My brother actually had samsung beam as his first smartphone
Stephen B. Thompson. dadalightsmith
Stephen B. Thompson. dadalightsmith 6 天 前
Thank you, for using inches.
Fayth Ang
Fayth Ang 7 天 前
WHERE IS THE NOTE 7??????????
Largen Studios
Largen Studios 7 天 前
Sounds like the 3Ds😂
FuZion_ SPECALEST 7 天 前
14:18 Thats a tasty mic
Umanand Upadhyay
Umanand Upadhyay 7 天 前
Arun can you still speak Hindi? Or having some problem
nobody ukw
nobody ukw 7 天 前
Aww i used to love htc phones until 2 of them just crashed on me and i remember getting a pink razor Hello Moto
Alexandru Danciu
Alexandru Danciu 7 天 前
Huawei is NOT a fail... I'm using a pretty 2 years old phone... Huawei P30 Pro and I don't have plans to change it soon. Is a pretty high quality phone and is always upgrading itself to the last android and ultimate security features. Well, is not a flagship anymore but it was a high quality phone at his time and I still use it. Huawei 40 pro is a failure indeed, that's why I didn't bought it😊
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 7 天 前
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lance volpato
lance volpato 7 天 前
omg we have a 3D tv that's 55" and cost almost the same as our new Samsung 75" tv😂
stevae wei
stevae wei 7 天 前
That's easy. The iphone 3-17... Done!
floofMyMoo 7 天 前
My mom has the Xiaomi Phone. She allways gets ads. I told her this and she was......well....relived. She thought she was hacked 😂😂
Alia DeVous
Alia DeVous 8 天 前
i don't wanna split my stuff in between 2 phones me with a school account I go on a lot and a "main" account I do go on but less because I'm working on edit and gacha club stuff on the device that I use to go on my main account and I like watching videos when doing work but I'm using a Chromebook for school and a tablet for main (apk for gacha club): uhhhhhhhhhhh i can explain
Cell Man
Cell Man 8 天 前
You forgot Gigantic Blackberry ...
Beverly Beverly
Beverly Beverly 8 天 前
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Jeeban Gurung
Jeeban Gurung 8 天 前
All fones are small in the history. apple,samsung,nokia,moto etc. Chinese non brand fones are big enough in the history. then multinational smart phone companies are inspired from chinene non brand phones. Chinese non brand phones has low qualiry lcd display and low quality chips.apple and samsung has made better quality phones then popular their phones in the world.
Speed surya
Speed surya 8 天 前
C4etech ❤️
JAC gaming
JAC gaming 8 天 前
Lel there is an asia market
JAC gaming
JAC gaming 8 天 前
Reddit :vv
Andrew Kimberlin
Andrew Kimberlin 8 天 前
The cool north proportionally tremble because chicory statistically float despite a neat permission. well-groomed, merciful business
Sohan Mandal
Sohan Mandal 8 天 前
What is your favorite smartphone brand??😇😇
Kade Haslam
Kade Haslam 8 天 前
He wrote dell steak instead of dell streak at 8:50
Ricardo Suvea
Ricardo Suvea 8 天 前
Oh man, I'm watching on my Red Hydrogen One, as soon as I heard 3D phone i started sweating, but I'm 100% sure it's in one of the other episodes 😢😢😢
Immanuel Müller
Immanuel Müller 8 天 前
Haha this 3D phone reminds me at the 3D mode at the Nintendo 3ds 😂
Aminul Islam Jahid
Aminul Islam Jahid 8 天 前
You forgot NOKIAAA
Gábor Králik
Gábor Králik 8 天 前
5:26 Small nitpick: a better word would be 'counter-productive'.
Hybrid 225
Hybrid 225 9 天 前
Android devices in a nutcase Samsung makes a phone with 12gb ram Everyone: 🤯 Everyone makes a phone with 13gb ram Everyone 🤯
Save the Earth
Save the Earth 9 天 前
Where to buy the Palm smartphone
Milenier 9 天 前
unless that phone was free nope... no ads into software that comes with the phone. like buying a microwave that sometimes you must watch add to use.
Arnav Roy
Arnav Roy 9 天 前
Mr. 2cents.
Mr. 2cents. 9 天 前
Ambsad about HTC. I still Have the Touch and the nicely designed Amaze. Still using the U11+. Has a great camera. And the HTC One with front facing stereo speakers. Since that one I don't want to be with out. That's whyvi got the Alcatel 4S. Now I have the ROG 3.
Emile Berge
Emile Berge 9 天 前
Bruh I'm watching on a 4inch phone
Hernando Ramon
Hernando Ramon 9 天 前
The Dell Steak 5...hahahaha
The Ræl Dingø
The Ræl Dingø 9 天 前
The htc one was one of the best phones I’ve ever had.
Rotty T
Rotty T 9 天 前
I forgot them
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