iOS 14.5 Beta 2 is Out! - What's New?

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个月 前

iOS 14.5 Beta 2 released for developers and public beta testers. Also, iPadOS 14.5 Beta 2, watchOS 7.4 beta 2, and tvOS 14.5 Beta 2 are out as well. This update brings changes to privacy, adds new Emoji, changes to Shortcuts and more. In this video I go over all the features, updates and changes in iOS 14.5 using iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. #iOS14 #iPadOS14 #iPhone #apple
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***Time Codes***
00:00 - Introduction
00:15 - Size
00:27 - Apple Also released
00:42 - Build number
01:01 - Modem update
01:10 - New Features
06:18 - iPadOS 14.5 Beta 2
06:41 - Resolved issues and bugs
08:39 - Remaining issues
09:24 - Battery Life
10:41 - Performance
11:40 - Benchmarks
12:58 - iOS 14.4.1
13:33 - iOS 14.5 Beta 2
14:07 - Conclusion
14:29 - Outro
14:49 - End
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zollotech 个月 前
iOS 14.5 Beta 2 is finally out. Did you install it yet? I hope you enjoy the video and have a great day or evening wherever you are. Thanks so much for watching, it's always appreciated.
Tyren Yazzie
Tyren Yazzie 个月 前
Where do I download as a public beta?
Would Class official
Would Class official 个月 前
@Jeanette Omar same problem sir
Daniel Lungele
Daniel Lungele 个月 前
Beards for different genders😭😂
Jasmine Matthews
Jasmine Matthews 个月 前
Since I heard that iOS 14.5 beta 2 was out to developers, I patiently waited until I could download the public update. So happy that my Bluetooth keyboards are fixed, I can finally exhale lol. Thanks for pointing out my issue on your channel! This is the first time I'd really had a problem so significant.
Sosa Bob
Sosa Bob 个月 前
@Jeanette Omar how you get the updates
rebelgod777 6 天 前
By the way I found a bug not spoken of let me try to explain…..when trying to swipe up to get from your notifications screen to get to the Home Screen it doesn’t leave the notifications screen now on 14.5 beta 7 I guess it is. I have to click a notification then exit the app the notification came from to get to my Home Screen
E D 个月 前
Is anyone having issues with their screen randomly dimming ? My low battery modes off and so is my auto brightness.
Hoschie2001 个月 前
Since when are Powerbeats Pro being shown in the FindMy app?
Billy Bobertjoe
Billy Bobertjoe 个月 前
A MAJOR bug tha I am getting is my iPhone 11 randomly showing a pop up saying “sim card not installed” and disabling cellular data. I have to shut it off completely and turn it back on to fix it temporarily
joel frazer
joel frazer 个月 前
zakoon 个月 前
ios 14.5 beta 2 well!I think the best ios !
M. K
M. K 个月 前
Anyone has the same issue because my iPad Pro 12.9 inch reboots every time I swipe for the search bar
RefleX 个月 前
Robinhood simp
Ivan Rodriguez
Ivan Rodriguez 个月 前
I have to say: quite impressed with battery life 🤔
Would Class official
Would Class official 个月 前
Love your reviews. I am having a few problems w IOS 14.5 beta 2. *1- when I’m on my phone and a notification comes in it’s weirdly loud and the noise it’s self isn’t consistent. It’ll be extremely loud and the soften to a lower tone by itself. *2-whenever I receive new voice notes via WhatsApp some I am able to play w no problem but some won’t play at all and the sender would usually have to resend the note in order for me to be able to hear it. *3- the keyboard while typing also get extremely loud for no apparent reason and then it softens down to its normal tone. *4- Instagram has been acting a little laggy when I want to switch between posting a story, or create, or reel, switching between those choices is super delayed and slow. **I don’t know if these issues are cause by the update itself but they did start happening when I updated to the beta 🤷🏽‍♂️. Thanks for your review and your help always so informative, keep it up 👍🏼
Giorgi Khokhonishvili
Giorgi Khokhonishvili 个月 前
Still no numbers row on keyboard 👏
PJ 个月 前
I just found a new glitch, where in the app library it shows that there are notifications badges yet when you click on the button that shows all your apps, it says that there are no notifications
Endri Trisnawati
Endri Trisnawati 个月 前
After the iOS 14.4 update, the camera and flashlight didn't work. Will it return to normal after the iOS 14.5 update? Please answer 😭
Luís Felipe De Paula
Luís Felipe De Paula 个月 前
Is the beta worth installing on the 11 pro max?
TheAdamBloxBoy 个月 前
Will the update be on iPhone X ? I really want the new emojis
Cheryll Appelmann
Cheryll Appelmann 个月 前
When does it come out for non beta iPhones? I’m still at 14.4 and no update for iOS 14.5 yet
nasty 个月 前
my iphone 12 has ios 14.3 & my old iphone 7 has ios 13.7 haha
Tyler C.
Tyler C. 个月 前
Does iPhone 6s Plus still support landscape home screen rotation with iOS 14?
Robbie Parr
Robbie Parr 个月 前
Always great update vids. You always cover (and demonstrate-very important) the important features and bugs that most others don’t even bother with. Please keep up the great work!
Dejan Aleksić
Dejan Aleksić 个月 前
Does anyone here has problem with “noService” issues on iPhone 7? And do you think this update will solve this problem? Thanks
Alessandro Regina
Alessandro Regina 个月 前
7:21 your iPhone has green screen too. It's clearly visible when you show us the pictures of the green tint outside of the picture.
Boddhi Bo
Boddhi Bo 个月 前
NICE BUT - I requested a smao logical cange for years to Apple and neither Android have it - When We have headphones on listening to music and receive a notification or a call WHY IS RINGING ON THE PHONE TOO AND NOT ONLY ON HEADPHONES ?? Because if you have the volume at max for the music so guess what the notifications will be lauder too.
강소어 个月 前
I’m still on 14.5😭😭
Gina Bermas
Gina Bermas 个月 前
the apple store said ios 14.5 Beta 2 should not be update they had to put my iPhone 11 back to ios 14.4 to fix it ? the apple store said they didn't release that one yot because the BUDS
Benedict 个月 前
Does this 14.5 fix the Apple logo flashing at startup? Anybody can confirm?
Lv 个月 前
I’ve noticed sometimes bluetooth becomes a little glitchy with this new update
Andy Blaha
Andy Blaha 个月 前
Is iOS 14.5 developer beta 2 stable to install on my iPhone 12 or stay on iOS 14.4
hamda ashfaq
hamda ashfaq 个月 前
mardig hagop
mardig hagop 个月 前
And unfortunately CarPlay is still not working
xmdslipkfanx 个月 前
My Apple Music EQ don’t work:/
Taylen Mongiovi
Taylen Mongiovi 个月 前
I sure hope to gosh that this resolved the green tint and pixels not turning off issue. Hallelujah!
Christopher Conkright
Christopher Conkright 个月 前
If you are under 50% battery it won't update over the air could that be why its hit or miss?
Kevin Mayhew
Kevin Mayhew 个月 前
Any update on the flashing logo when rebooting? My iPhone 12 Pro Max is having this issue on iOS 14.4
Stephen Watkins
Stephen Watkins 个月 前
Hey Arron, Quick note on downloading the update over cellular… you can only download the update over 5G, if you’re on LTE the update will not download.
Tomi 个月 前
Apple concentrating on changing little animations that nobody but CNpostrs notice is sad. There’s so many things that need attention instead. Apple Music is lacking so many features that it drives me crazy.
Afnan Abbas
Afnan Abbas 个月 前
Informative 👌❤️
Dennis Galuppo
Dennis Galuppo 个月 前
@zollotech Hi! i recently bought an iPhone 12 but i noticed that the screen looks washed out in comparison with my previous mid range samsung phone, would you say this is normal? unfortunately i can't compare my iPhone screen with others, i know that sometimes samsung screens are known to be too saturated, maybe im just used to saturated colors? or would you say it's a problem with my iPhone? Thanks!
Penetration Nation
Penetration Nation 个月 前
I downloaded that watchOS 7.3 and it killed my battery life. From 100% to 25% in 7 hours. Never seen it that bad. Luckily I was able to update to this beta and my battery life was restored. Possibly improved.
Ley The best
Ley The best 个月 前
When I click on something a be slow as hell
Black Baron
Black Baron 个月 前
☠️BLACK BARON☠️ For Security Reasons, I need the App background Refresh "application list" on iPad as it is on iPhone.
Abubakari Mtambo Achitepete
Abubakari Mtambo Achitepete 个月 前
Face ID not working on this update
Francis Andrew Alincastre
Francis Andrew Alincastre 个月 前
I think the annoying app switching bug is finally fixed.
CDart950 个月 前
I’m having FaceID issues on iPhone 12 Pro
How can I download it?
Mac V
Mac V 个月 前
okay but where can i install it?
lanceanz 个月 前
Beta 1 broke the "NZ COVID Tracer" app on my iPhone XS Max, so I was very pleased that beta 2 unbroke it. The symptom was that tha app would display the splash-screen for 1-2 seconds, then close. iOS Settings > Exposure Notifications no longer listed the app as present. Reinstalls, and fiddling with iOS location and bluetooth settings didn't help. Beta 2 resolved all issues.
29kalel 个月 前
14.5 beta 1 battery is too good on 11 pro max don’t know if I want this update
PJ 个月 前
Oh nooooo !! Pic in pic with CNpost in Safari is “ broken “. Soooo sad :(
Jahn Hernandez
Jahn Hernandez 个月 前
Does anybody has the passcode expired bug?
BD TuBe 个月 前
I want your videos in HDR option
Prentiss King
Prentiss King 个月 前
Can you talk bout moloko app still redirecting
X plorations
X plorations 个月 前
So the lyrics are not showing up for any of the songs I have so that’s a bug
Jørgen Andersen
Jørgen Andersen 个月 前
Anyone else having issues with Face ID after upgrading to 14.5 beta?
Anthony Banuelos
Anthony Banuelos 个月 前
I couldn’t see you video because the power went out my phone was dead the power went out in Athens Tx 75148
Mentor Zariqi
Mentor Zariqi 个月 前
7:21 i think you have the same problem bro
Anthony Banuelos
Anthony Banuelos 个月 前
I appreciate what you Aaron
Josiah 个月 前
I've been experiencing a shake when taking pictures with the camera app on the iPhone 12 Pro Max and wondering if any one else has experienced this problem when trying to take up close pictures with the auto focus not working
Mr_V3NOM 个月 前
when will they fix yellow tint problem on iphone 12??????
zollotech 个月 前
that is not an issue, but rather the display being more color accurate. You can change it some by turning off true tone
STIZZ 个月 前
How do you use Face ID with a mask on do you have a video showing how to do so? I’m in the beta.
STIZZ 个月 前
@zollotech ahhh that’s wack. Okay thanks.
zollotech 个月 前
You have to have an apple watch with watchOS 7.4 beta on it for that to work
Jake Mask5
Jake Mask5 个月 前
🗞 is this emoji new?
Master Computers
Master Computers 个月 前
Guys i have a question, will iPhone 11 screen protector work on iPhone 12?
Dr. Mortal
Dr. Mortal 个月 前
@zollotech did u know: watch os 7.3.1 it here
Gina Bermas
Gina Bermas 个月 前
the apple store said ios 14.5 is't ready for iPhone yet even my iPhone 11 we had to restore it back to ios 14.4
Gary Stone
Gary Stone 个月 前
I did like the new verbiage regarding the updated software… it included the last time you checked… more pleasing to the eyes.
Xavier 个月 前
Is it safe to download on my main device
Aditya waghmode
Aditya waghmode 个月 前
I feel a bit delay in haptic feedbacks in this beta on my iphone 7.. Has anyone experienced it yet?
KingSypher98 个月 前
Anyone having trouble installing iPados 14.5 beta 2? I keep getting "Unable to verify".
Septien Patterson
Septien Patterson 个月 前
Oooooo...swipe options in Apple Music! Appreciate the updates, Aaron!
Septien Patterson
Septien Patterson 个月 前
Apple is pumping out these betas after during a pandemic
David M
David M 个月 前
The only issue I’m having with 14.4 is my camera comes on randomly, I could be watching a CNpost video in landscape mode and it’ll switch to my camera randomly.
Carlo Ciccone
Carlo Ciccone 个月 前
I like the green checkmark on the software update better. As far as bugs, can’t send pics from the Messages app but can if I select the pic first from the Photos app. Also, dark mode turns off by itself usually first thing in the morning for reasons unknown.
Syed Bilal Shah
Syed Bilal Shah 个月 前
looks like Apple is only focusing on newer devices only, with no updates for iPhone 7 and 8, iPhone 7 has microphone issues after updating to IOS 14.
Prashanth Samson
Prashanth Samson 个月 前
Waiting for iOS 15
MROKJIA [Mike] 个月 前
So basically nothing new
Vladko D
Vladko D 个月 前
The CNpost app is so laggy scrolling. But that’s happening on iOS 14.4 and 14.5 beta 2. I think it was the last app update.
Greg Major
Greg Major 个月 前
In New Zealand, beta 2 fixes the government COVID 19 app which was broken in beta 1
vintage 个月 前
has anyone had a problem where your keyboard clicks or notifications randomly are max volume for a couple of seconds? it’s really annoying
Chinmay Rawat
Chinmay Rawat 个月 前
Has hompoed os come out too ?
Rogobono 个月 前
Looking like a great update. Stoked for when it will drop!
DOT Studio Sablon Demak
DOT Studio Sablon Demak 个月 前
How about pubg mobile experience ? Still laggy 🤧
KingJoker 910
KingJoker 910 个月 前
Hey I noticed 2 issues with the beta 2 on my 12 mini these are the first I’ve had anyway there’s still no MagSafe animation and 5G stand-alone is having some issues along with having issues with connectivity on beta 2
Asuez Sway
Asuez Sway 个月 前
How can u updated it
iiElysium x
iiElysium x 个月 前
is it just me who thinks apple made the pdocast app much worse in 14.5? i cannot see a list of all the new podcasts in the "for me" section and now podcats no longer just play when i press on them and i have to press play a second time now, its a small thing but it is very annoying.
Desssaa 个月 前
Brad 个月 前
I’ve had some connectivity issues that required a reboot. I’ve never had issues like that with a beta before.
Francisco Fuentealba
Francisco Fuentealba 个月 前
Thank you for distracting me from this shitty quarantine life 💕
Isaac Yanez
Isaac Yanez 个月 前
Aye, sorry to bother where did you get that wallpaper? its clean!
Serie26 个月 前
The race to 1 million emojis so that no one can find anything has started.
Bryanna Robinson
Bryanna Robinson 个月 前
Izzat Mcguire
Izzat Mcguire 个月 前
thats why they have the search column for the
Jack Zhang
Jack Zhang 个月 前
where can i get this wallpaper? so nice!
Julio The Gamer
Julio The Gamer 个月 前
How do you downgrade back to 14.4
Christian Ov
Christian Ov 个月 前
I want the option to not receive notification from "shortcuts"
Nightcrawler 个月 前
Christiana Carlos
Christiana Carlos 个月 前
I really appreciate *trecktoolz* 0n Instagram is good at that cause he helped me fixed my device in few minutes
Morris Worelds II
Morris Worelds II 个月 前
Could you share that wallpaper?
Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano 个月 前
When I try updating it says I’m not connected to the internet but I am is anyone having trouble
MsPiASMR 个月 前
I was having issues with the 14.5 beta 1 version and it was causing my screen to flicker on CNpost mostly. I hope this one fixes the issue.
Pri Aleiah
Pri Aleiah 个月 前
Hi Aaron I have contacted you via Instagram regarding some questions regarding installing the beta and doing back up’s whilst having beta installed. Hoping you can help
Jeff Hale
Jeff Hale 个月 前
I look forward to the future new features. Blessings on your day 👍🏻👍🏻
Jreynosoxtrm 个月 前
hey zollo will you ever do tablet reviews as well? I know you do ipads as well but it would be awesome if you ever did android tablets as well.
Jreynosoxtrm 个月 前
@zollotech oh ok thx
zollotech 个月 前
Samsung is the only one that makes anything close to an iPad and android apps in general are not even written for tablets. The surface is a decent tablet/computer, but right now if you want a tablet, I wouldn’t buy anything but an iPad
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