MOFA: BBC is not trusted even in the UK

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11 天 前

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According to material openly available, BBC World Service is immune from any form of regulation and can produce all the disinformation it likes with legal impunity in the UK. It has caused the spread of the fake news virus not only in the UK but all over the world. BBC should try to do more just and truthful reports to tackle its credibility crisis, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying said on Wednesday.
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Link Knight
Link Knight 48 分钟 前
DAMN RIGHT. The BBC isn't even trusted in the UK. But china isn't trusted ANYWHERE....
vikram kumar
vikram kumar 3 小时 前
Fu** BBC
niahma 3 小时 前
BBC: We don't air fake news HuaChunYing: So you have chosen death
Ricardo Lui
Ricardo Lui 5 小时 前
Very nice video. Support. Thanks for telling the truth
yellow apples
yellow apples 5 小时 前
45 nuclear tests in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
Eliana Matte
Eliana Matte 8 小时 前
It's really sad to hear that BBC is loosing its reliability. I think British people should react against such a decadence. They could start by getting Boris Johnson retired.
Garry Regan
Garry Regan 8 小时 前
I don’t think she answered the question at all, so she hardly “owned” the reporter
Garry Regan
Garry Regan 8 小时 前
@Thai Mai Shua why? She asked about the man in the video and how he has expertise, but I didn’t hear this answered. She just talked about the BBC relationship with A.Zenz
Thai Mai Shua
Thai Mai Shua 8 小时 前
Your listening skills is below par, my friend
Steve Ennever
Steve Ennever 8 小时 前
That was one of the most satisfying 5 minutes I have had in long time.
PongPong 9 小时 前
China : BBC is not trusted in UK Everyone : *Laughs in XinJiang*
Christian Prince
Christian Prince 10 小时 前
BBC = a Hoaxer Influencer
Marion Cadiz
Marion Cadiz 10 小时 前
Can you tell the bbc that you make a new map nine dash line is base on historical claim the truth is it invading the maharlika first on the spratly china wlii pay
dimsum den
dimsum den 10 小时 前
During the roasting by the MOFA spokeswoman, the BBC reporter shook her head in denial.
Ant 12 小时 前
Beautiful! Hearing the other POV makes a difference.
Harold Sukhbir
Harold Sukhbir 13 小时 前
Politicians in the west have long used the "bought" media to support their agenda. Misinformation by these media factories has been used to perpetrate gross atrocities on innocent people the world over. Ordinary people are wise to these deceptions and it's high time this was said openly for something to be done to end it!
Mustafa Zubair
Mustafa Zubair 13 小时 前
I love the notice "CTGN is funded in whole or in part by the Chinese government." So what?!!
lili2788lili 15 小时 前
Jiulin 5 小时 前
Thai Mai Shua
Thai Mai Shua 8 小时 前
And your point is?
NewsMuse 15 小时 前
She completely destroyed the fake news BBC.
ML 15 小时 前
Ofcom has allowed CGTN UK to resume broadcasting in the UK. I think it's fair to say Ms Hua's response here coupled with the CNpost hits generated on this video has played a huge role in CGTN's reinstatement. Well done!
Kevin Noweebs
Kevin Noweebs 15 小时 前
For those of you westerners who might think Chinese ppl are all brainwashed by the govt, do you really believe who came up with this stupid video title that directly attack a world famous media would have the ability to brainwash its people? by the state-owned media like cgtn? fuc me. TBH we chinese ppl all think the propaganda outlets of Chinese govt is stupid af. SO maybe when you see someone support the Chinese govt, please, it's not the result of brainwashing
WA A 16 小时 前
大外宣 nmsl
Irappa Kori
Irappa Kori 16 小时 前
CGTN is not even viewed by chiniese seen by its own editor😂
Paul Barrett
Paul Barrett 18 小时 前
BBC = biased and fake news. CGTN and RT news for me.[ real news ]
john carter
john carter 18 小时 前
China is not trusted even in the world.
Thai Mai Shua
Thai Mai Shua 8 小时 前
John, and China doesn't give a fuxking damn what the west think. They are happy living in THEIR WORLD... your kind and your world stay OUT of China, thanks
Discover China探索中国
Discover China探索中国 12 小时 前
The world you have stated is probably: 5 eye alliance + some euro countries lol
NewsMuse 13 小时 前
Says the guy with a fake Western name.
gogoyf 16 小时 前
because of BBC etc western media's misinformation, otherwise, you have no way to know about china.
chau lawrence
chau lawrence 18 小时 前
BBC is a joke Lol
Tang Fanny
Tang Fanny 19 小时 前
Tang Fanny
Tang Fanny 19 小时 前
juancho dagayares
juancho dagayares 19 小时 前
BBC/CNN/FOX NEWS/MSNBC/NBC are owned/controlled by CIA/Mi6/MOSSAD of the imperialist/ dictator US/EUROPE/ISRAEL
Art Emis
Art Emis 19 小时 前
I trust China more than the BBC and I'm British. The BBC is full of woke lefty liberals and lost its impartiality about 10 years ago. British people are also required to pay a tax to the BBC simply for the privilege of owning a television. Would much prefer the BBC to be closed down. They think they are so special. Bunch of bearded 20 somethings who work in London living in a flat bought for them by 'mummy and daddy'.
Sam Gunn
Sam Gunn 19 小时 前
I’m a Scot and I endorse this takedown. The BBC is Brit-prop, pure and simple. Voice of the Tory moneyed class. I wouldn’t trust them to tell me the time.
Phyo Thu Htet
Phyo Thu Htet 21 小时 前
BBC is a great media.
严永学严 22 小时 前
笨头椰子 23 小时 前
Roshan Antony
Roshan Antony 天 前
should have ended it with the coffin dancers
Aakarshana 天 前
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Aakarshana 天 前
I Request China Government to make financial help to me -Vijay,Ongole,Andhra Pradesh,India.
朱家鋒 天 前
David Aaa
David Aaa 天 前
LOL, this is better than a movie. I wanted to see the BBC reporter's face. All Chinese officials are experienced, competent professionals. You better put on a cup next time.
BBC no substance.... Time to look at mirror to self reflect and self correct
Elvenkind 天 前
The difference must be that people in the UK are allowed to express distrust, dislike and disagreement to national news sources, while in China, as the comments on this page reflect, nobody can say anything against their own government, not even a honest, intelligent and well mannered criticism against this form of nagging propaganda. Also interesting to see how eagerly Chinese politicians have absorbed stupid ideas and expressions, like "fake news", just like how Trump used to speak about any kind of news that happened to report anything he didn't personally like. That's why he's not the president of the USA anymore, and why the majority in USA and almost everyone in Europe dislike him. China might be thinking it is expressing some form of strength by the aggressive type of "communication", but the fact is that the whole world is turning against China and by this China will unite their enemies, giving them a stronger bond of cooperation, while China will continue to get weaker and more isolated.
Harry T
Harry T 14 小时 前
bla bla bla in the end its all just BS
shynobiex 23 小时 前
@Elvenkind point is, democracy is not necessarily a way to govern a society. I've been to china and I've seen more happy faces than my visit to L.A where there many homeless people sleeping in the streets. Poverty is pretty uncommon in chinese cities but fairly common in every city in US. Says a lot about the people being governed there
shynobiex 23 小时 前
@Elvenkind does it sound like a big thing to you when there are 1/6 out of the world population residing in a dictatorship country? And these 1/6 human population could probably be happy about living in that kind of life and society?
Elvenkind 23 小时 前
@shynobiex Expressing human emotions, both good and bad, is what I mean. The ability to be honest. You are obviously not honest if you think not being slavish obedient to a dictator is at once the same as uncontrolled riots, disorder and anarchy.
shynobiex 天 前
Express distrust through disorder and chaos like we see how trump supporters barrage through the white house with guns like it's nothing? Some unification there buddy
Suk Ching So
Suk Ching So 天 前
I come in peace Rest in piece
I come in peace Rest in piece 天 前
This is like how the predators in TCAP trying to defend themselves while getting caught and Chris Hansen said : "I have the transcript though"
suge nite
suge nite 天 前
China, North Korea with a pretty facade and a mob of filthy rich government officials backing it. Calling the genocide of Uyghurs and many more appalling matters “fake news” is absolutely harrowing. I hope everyone in this comment section educates themselves on the real state of China; it only takes a few days of watching documentaries, reading books, articles or reports, you can do it!
Jattey Balliley
Jattey Balliley 天 前
认清幽灵 立刻退党 我是上班族,多是利用零散时间随时讲真相救人。一天傍晚路过街心花园,见一个三十左右的男青年,坐在花园长椅上玩手机。我面带笑容的问他:“小兄弟,在上网吗?”他“嗯”了一声。我说:“该歇会儿了,爱护眼睛哦!”他不好意思的抬头笑笑,歇下来了。 我问他:“你是在看新闻吧!”他说不看新闻,现在的新闻没看头,不可信。我说:“是啊,中共就是专门封锁真相,制造假相。在当今中国了解真相很难。”接着我给他讲中共是一个外国组织,在苏联操纵支持下,颠覆了我国的合法政府,它本身就是一股外国势力。所以它竭力破坏中华民族五千年的文化、以中国人民为敌,它执政以来,在和平年代中害死我八千万同胞。特别是残酷迫害奉行真、善、忍的法轮功善良民众近二十年,导致中华大地道德崩溃,败象丛生。他表示赞同。 我又给他讲三退大潮,劝他退出党、团、队,他却不以为然,说他大学毕业前入的党,想分个好工作。我说:“人要信仰什么,是个很严肃的事情,你加入中共,你对它了解吗?”他说不了解。我说:“你不了解它,就把性命交给它,为它献出一切,这是不是太草率了啊?”他说:“那你了解它是什么呀?”我说:“它其实是一个幽灵,就是民间所说的鬼魂。”他认为我是在骂中共,不太接受。我说:“你不了解,我说的你又不信,那谁最了解它呢?是不是发明它的人最了解呀?”他肯定的说:对!对!我说:你知道共产党是马克思发明的吧,那你用手机查一查马克思的共产党宣言,它第一句话是怎么说的。小伙子马上搜索,查到了:一个幽灵,共产主义的幽灵在欧洲游荡。他十分震惊,回过头来对我说:“真是个幽灵,那就退了吧。” 接着我给他讲大法真相时,他也乐意听了。一个生命得救了。
Josie Lam
Josie Lam 天 前
The BBC reporter is ignorant or simply plays dumb. She denied the known facts that BBC which has a history to spread propaganda with an agenda. Bravo to the Chinese Foreign Affairs spokeswoman!!!
Tima 天 前
Now, why aren't Western Media outlets showing this? Their whole narrative is a joke, fueled by their gullible 'woke' youth population.
Sci-Fi Admirer
Sci-Fi Admirer 天 前
Ok, I admit. This is the one thing I have in common with China. I HATE THE BBC myself! Abolish the stupid TV Licence!
Peter Lyov
Peter Lyov 天 前
I've been listening to BBC radio on and off for over a decade, and the way they helped push this imperialist geopolitical narrative is just disappointing and embarrassing. But it's not new at all, the BBC has a long history of propagating propaganda which i had no clue about :(
David Hynes
David Hynes 天 前
Chinese OBOR is only a way to spread communism and debt trap countries.
Akasha Han
Akasha Han 天 前
But if I want to get job, i like my boss is japanese than chinese, because they paid me more and because of that their product is more expensive than china product.
Harry T
Harry T 13 小时 前
@Akasha Han sorry dude, wrong read. misunderstood
Akasha Han
Akasha Han 13 小时 前
@Harry T it's just diff pov between buyer and seller, I'm okay with china products as a buyer for some product, not as a seller(an employee), my smartphone made in china, and I'm okay with it.
Akasha Han
Akasha Han 天 前
I know some of news from bbc is truth and some of news from cgtn is truth, man all this media like todo falsehood smh.....
Akasha Han
Akasha Han 天 前
news geopolitics like this not shared and we don't hear about this in my country Indonesia. Gatekeeping ? Hmm.....
Akasha Han
Akasha Han 天 前
Oooffffff that's hurt
Victoria Alton
Victoria Alton 天 前
China lied, so many innocent people died. China Paid Trolls will face justice for crime against humanity, support China's Uyghur genocide, misleading the world ... We lived in China for over 20 years and we speak Chinese. We went to Xinjiang many times in 1990s - 2020s. In 1990s, there were no Han-Chinese in many Uyghur towns and Uyghurs were always majority. In the past 10 years, China has turned Xinjiang as world's biggest prison. Since 2017, in East Turkestan, China does not let any foreigner freely speak with any local Uyghur without Strict Surveillance. Without Han-Chinese presence you cannot speak with any Uyghur in anywhere in East Turkestan. If any Uyghur speak to any Foreigner without full surveillance by Chinese state security, then the Uyghur immediately arrested, severely tortured, exterminated . How can Uyghurs speak to any foreigner about China's Uygur Genocide while strict Chinese surveillance again you do not speak Uygur language and Uyghurs cannot speak your language?... Troll How much you get paid from Chinese for making such fake video? . . . Chinese paid troll you do not speak Uyghur language. Again local Uyghurs do not speak your language. AGAIN Chinese do not let you meet up with any UYGHUR in East Turkestan without Han-Chinese supervision. STOP SPREADING FAKE INFORMATION. What are you doing is serious crime against humanity. You will pay price for supporting China's Uyghur Genocide. Chinese paid Troll , Stop spreading fake information about Uyghurs. Stop serving CCP Uyghur genocide. The UN has officially requested China to let the UN officials to come to access Uyghurs in East Turkestan. But China never let the UN HRC access to Uyghurs in East Turkestan. During WWII, Nazi Germany had many foreign supporters like Daniel. After WWII, all those Nazi supporters were hanged by people in France, Italy, Britain, Poland ... Daniel and all other supporters of China's Uyghur Genocide will face justice for crimes against humanity, support genocide .... WHY there is no single UYGHUR-SPEAKING FOREIGNER praise CHI-NAZI UYGHUR GENOCIDE? . . . . Even Chinese government has officially admitted that China has put around 1.5 million Uyghurs PER YEAR since 2014 in China's "Uyghur Re-education Camps" - that is China's Uyghur Mass Murder Camps. In fact, since 2014 China has exterminated at least 1.4 million Uyghurs PER YEAR. Han-Chinese have barbarically exterminated over 50% Uyghurs, Tibetans, Mongols, Manchu, Kazakhs and other ethnic minorioties in the most disastrous periods of China’s Confiscation of Land and all other properties from ethnic minorities (1950 - 1965), Establish Fake Autonomous Regions (1949- 1960), Hundred Flowers Campaign (1956-1957), The Great Leap Forward (1958-1961), Cultural Revolution (1966-1976), the Family Planning (1978 - continue for non-Han-Chinese nations), forced sterilization, forced abortion, forced remove wombs, forced implant IUDs, forced slavery labor, murder, ethnic cleansing, genocide, etc. WAKE UP. STAND UP TO SAVE UYGHUR NATION . There is no such thing China before 1949. . China was born on 1st October 1949 and now China in only 71 years old. .... In fact in the past thousands of years , there were never had Chinese settlement in Uyghur East Turkestan, Tibet, Southern Mongolia.... Since China born on 1st October 1949, China has militarily illegally invaded Ten countries, bombed so many non-Chinese people, exterminated over 100 million non-Chinese people, China unlawfully expanded its territory over 500% and China has unlawfully occupied Ten Countries - Uyghur East Turkestan, Tibet, Southern Mongolia, Manchuria, Ningxia Hui, Kazakh Aksay, Uyghur Kangsu (Gansu), Koknoor (aka Qinghai, 70% belonged to Uyghurs/Yugurs and 30% belonged to Tibetan), Cantonia (Guangxi and Guangzhou are lands of Cantonese/Zhuang people) and Korean Liaoning. All Chinese are 100% illegal immigrants in China unlawfully occupied Uyghur East Turkestan, Tibet, Southern Mongolia ... All terrorists are 100% Chinese illegal immigrants in China unlawfully occupied Uyghur East Turkestan, Tibet, Southern Mongolia ... Who are those bloody terrorists in China illegally invaded and China unlawfully occupied Ten countries? ..... Why Uyghurs, Tibetans, Southern Mongolians have to suffer from state terrorism, genocide, ethnic cleansing and total erase National Identity in own motherland? Again China has totally cut off all telephone connections, internet connections, postal services and travel in between Uyghur East Turkestan and the rest of the world.... China's Uyghur genocide is going on ... In Fact Chinese want to exterminate all non-ethnic Han-Chinese nations in China illegally invaded and China unlawfully occupied Ten countries. China's Uyghur genocide is going on in China illegally invaded and China unlawfully occupied Uyghur East Turkestan... China's Tibetan genocide is going on in China unlawfully occupied Tibet.... China's Southern Mongolian genocide is going on in China unlawfully occupied Southern Mongolia.... China's Uyghur genocide, Tibetan genocide, Southern Mongolian Genocide are not China's internal affairs. China's genocide Uyghurs, Tibetans, Southern Mongolians are very serious crime against humanity. If you do not stand up today to stop China's Uyghur Genocide, Tibetan Genocide, Southern Mongolian Genocide .... Tomorrow Gigantic China with over 1.4 billion booming Chinese will come to you to erase you in horrors... They eat everything moving around, no human behavior, no humanity, no mercy ... STAND UP TO SAVE UYGHUR NATION.... All UYGHUR REVOLUTIONS against the Chinese illegal invasion and Chinese unlawful occupation of Uyghur East Turkestan have nothing to do with any religion. All UYGHUR REVOLUTIONS against the Chinese illegal invasion and Chinese unlawful occupation of Uyghur East Turkestan are dedicated to the FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE AND SELF GOVERNING IN OWN MOTHERLAND UYGHUR EAST TURKESTAN. the UN, EU, US, and all international organizations have officially requested China to let access Uyghurs in China unlawfully occupied Uyghur East Turkestan. But China never ever let any international organization to access Uyghurs. Some money hungry foreigners or China paid Trolls, junk factory CGTN, Xinhua are producing so many fake information about Uyghurs on CNpost, Facebook, Twitter.... Even many Chinese have posted many videos on CNpost, They says that they have visited Xinjiang ... If you do not speak Uyghur and have not meet up with any Uyghur in free world, then stop your disinformation campaign , stop praise China's Uyghur genocide BOYCOTT "Made in China"... BOYCOTT 2022 BEIJING GENOCIDE OLYMPICS... FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE AND SELF GOVERNING FOR UYGHUR, TIBET, SOUTHERN MONGOLIA, TAIWAN , HONG KONG China's Uyghur Genocide is Going on
Dennis 天 前
CGTN is right about the BBC but your social credit system is a disgrace!
Harry T
Harry T 14 小时 前
said by disgraceful ignorant itself
Mario Xhani
Mario Xhani 天 前
The media in wester countrys are as corrupted as the Mafia, perhaps even more
Azuth Hu
Azuth Hu 天 前
This explains why you have to always do your study in depth before your presentation.
Hanz_ Jasper
Hanz_ Jasper 天 前
How does British government against their enemy? 500 Hundreds years ago Issuing “Letter of Marque and Reprisal” to those pirates for legal heists. 500 hundreds years later Issuing “Royal Charter” to BBC for legally marking fake news about their enemy.
James Hanson
James Hanson 天 前
CGTN like most media in china is state ran and completely obedient to the Chinese Communist Party. There is no independent or objective journalism that occurs in China. If anything even questions CCP’s agenda, policies, or legitimacy, you can be sure that the story will be censored and journalists will be disappeared if they continue to investigate and there have been numerous examples of this. CGTN and CCP are true global leaders in producing state-sponsor propaganda! It’s weird right that the CGTN can parrot any CCP propaganda in free and open countries. CGTN takes advantage of the freedom and openness in democratic countries where they can freely investigate, cover stories, and the freedom of speech to talk bad about democratic countries and spread their propaganda. They even take advantage of websites like Twitter, Facebook, and CNpost which are banned in China. While any international media like the BBC are followed and harassed from investigating anything in China by plain clothed officers and outright banned from operating in China. What is the CCP afraid of that journalists will find out? What is the CCP afraid that normal Chinese people will find out if they access CNpost or Google? If BBC is untrustworthy to this official than CGTN is absolute JOKE lol.
Harry T
Harry T 14 小时 前
said by the idiot lol
Akasha Han
Akasha Han 天 前
You're right.
Dick 1
Dick 1 天 前
Shes amazing killed the BBC reporter with so much style and tactics...the art of war!
Simon Jiang
Simon Jiang 天 前
Witch HUA
Mega Thunder
Mega Thunder 天 前
The BBC has undermined it's credibility, the CCP however have non to begin with.
taylors munich
taylors munich 天 前
CGTN is not trusted even in the planet !
Harry T
Harry T 12 小时 前
@James Hanson suuureee i barely understood your crappy low level words too
James Hanson
James Hanson 13 小时 前
Ok for sure bro 😂, barely understand what your saying
Harry T
Harry T 13 小时 前
@James Hanson i m just laughing how BS you are lol. Hahahha i watch your BS comments, i think you the one so bothered with the facts given by MOFA. Soooo bothered make you blabbering many BS tsk tsk tsk
James Hanson
James Hanson 13 小时 前
What are you going on about lol? It seems to really bother you that people know to not trust CGTN given their track record.
Harry T
Harry T 14 小时 前
@James Hanson lol why so butthurt about the facts? oh you feel you a JOKE yourself, lol no wonder
MM Experiment
MM Experiment 天 前
Idk BBC is trusted or not, but I believe one truth that don’t ever trust China government, just look how they treat Jack Ma
Yo Yo
Yo Yo 天 前
She is good 👍
Maxwell Smith
Maxwell Smith 天 前
True 😂😂😂😂😂😂
K Khalifah
K Khalifah 天 前
Float like a butterfly.... hit like a freight train!
gl 天 前
Ujjal Buragohain
Ujjal Buragohain 天 前
Dan1986 TCXW
Dan1986 TCXW 天 前
我和我的亲戚朋友早就不看央视了。这个CGTN也是中共的媒体,难道是因为国内没人看要放到youtube上吗? 但国内上不了youtube啊?难道CGTN要洗外国人的脑?
Discover China探索中国
Discover China探索中国 天 前
CGTN本来就是央视国际频道,发到youtube没问题啊 你不爱看就滚吧
Kiran Deore
Kiran Deore 天 前
Ok so China wants me to believe that they r true hahaha funny
NewsMuse 13 小时 前
Hahaha!!still more real than Western media.
John Smith
John Smith 天 前
LOL agreed
gn Tang
gn Tang 天 前
I was shown a poster that appeared in the UK some time ago which showed a blonde woman lecturing a little girl. The caption reads "If you don't stop telling lies, you will grow up to be a BBC reporter"!
Swee Hui
Swee Hui 天 前
Donna Party
Donna Party 天 前
Fake news producer got bashing of life. Hope she remembers in her next life too.
Tam Tam
Tam Tam 天 前
amy cheong
amy cheong 天 前
lol, but CGTN is not trusted in the entire world
dimsum den
dimsum den 10 小时 前
@James Hanson FreeDUMB my arse!
James Hanson
James Hanson 13 小时 前
Uhh the difference is that freedom of speech, the press, and to assemble is protected in Democratic countries. There so many reliable options to get your news that even you feel that your news source is biased, guess what? You can just find another independent news media in the west. Democratic governments don’t send people to your door to silence or threaten you for any journalism that exposes something or for having a different opinion unlike China. There is only state sponsored news in China and all news is censored and filtered in a way that always portrays the CCP in a good light.
NewsMuse 13 小时 前
And Western media is trusted? 😄
Blackie Mwe
Blackie Mwe 天 前
@James Hanson BBC is a puppet of MI6. Get over yourself
James Hanson
James Hanson 天 前
CGTN is absolute joke and parrot of the CCP.
Alvin 6868
Alvin 6868 天 前
How idiot BBC reporter asking stupid questions... BBC producer look like asking question do you know BBC an idiot... CHINA : YES! YOU ARE ... Silly Billy
daniel X
daniel X 天 前
I get the feeling that many ppl here don't even like China much but just hate BBC more. That tells you how much a failure BBC is.
Cynthia George
Cynthia George 天 前
为 华姐 点赞
hada gutfull
hada gutfull 天 前
What a complete waste of time and energy.......the cp are so fucked up that it begs to differ....what a joke
Merky Beam
Merky Beam 天 前
Xinjiang Uyghur Genicide is real.
Blackie Mwe
Blackie Mwe 天 前
So real no one has ever found the genocide camps, no migrants on the border and the people of Xinjiang having a ball.
Francis Hung
Francis Hung 2 天 前
Comparing with Trump's White House spokes persons, they know nothing about what they are talking but a bunch of pretty faces. Madam Hua can really represent China, nail the BBC lies to the coffin and made the BBC producer speechless. What a show of wisdom, Hua!
NewsMuse 13 小时 前
Madam Hua is pretty. Can't say for the other ones.
H2X2E2532 2 天 前
If I was the journalist I would have said the BBC is trusted in the UK as much as the People's Daily or China Daily is trusted in China and the rest of the world
H2X2E2532 天 前
@hoo woo If course no evidence would be found. Why would these publications need to commission someone to do their bidding? They are publications and they are well capable of doing their own biddings themselves.
Blackie Mwe
Blackie Mwe 天 前
Bollocks. The BBC is run by MI6.
H2X2E2532 2 天 前
@ZM IL How do you know?
ZM IL 2 天 前
No to the extent like making stories about genocide and slavery when it comes to Xinjiang
Yoyi yoyi
Yoyi yoyi 2 天 前
BBC reporter been owned. Even proven to spread lies about BBC being regulated. Half truth is not the truth, especially BBC producer knows of BBC International being not regulated by Ofcom
Football Master
Football Master 2 天 前
Yeti97 2 天 前
Whole world pointing their fingers at China but they suddenly forgot what America did to Iraq, killing thousands of innocent Muslims to rid the middle east of "nuclear weapons" which were not to be found...hypocrisy right there
Chiaki Inaba
Chiaki Inaba 2 天 前
Always lies!
bshjrmx 2 天 前
bbc = fake news factory we already knew this thank you Trump.
Maurice Levie
Maurice Levie 2 天 前
Clever commie propaganda
NewsMuse 13 小时 前
Fake news BBC asked the question first. Bet you don't even know what communism is. Doorknob!
James Hanson
James Hanson 天 前
@Bryan Chong This is literally what the CCP does ALL THE TIME lol. Forced Organ Harvesting? CCP: THATS FOREIGN PROPAGANDA! Forced labor in Xinjiang? CCP: THATS WESTERN PROPAGANDA! Suppression of Democracy in Hong Kong? CCP: THATS JUST POMPEO PROPAGANDA!
Blackie Mwe
Blackie Mwe 天 前
Or smart people giving a bitch slap to Ms BBC producer who is still living in 1900
ZM IL 2 天 前
All state media in the world have some of propaganda, no doubt. But this, son, it is telling the truth
Bryan Chong
Bryan Chong 2 天 前
Yeah. When you have nothing else to fight back, just say it's a propaganda😂😂😂
Tainchai Yang
Tainchai Yang 2 天 前
中国加油 中国很厉害 จีน​เก่ง​อยู่แล้ว ​หาย​หวง​ เอา​เลย​
C 2 天 前
noorur 2 天 前
The BBC is very selective and one sided, particularly regarding Israel's aggression towards Palestinians in Gaza.
noorur 天 前
@James Hanson exactly ☺
James Hanson
James Hanson 天 前
Yep and CGTN is just perfect right? 😉
查金媚 2 天 前
stormsinhiseyes 2 天 前
wow, she's kickass. 😍 i love how cool and composed she is as she demolished the other lady. 😊😁😍
HW Li 2 天 前
Fake news BBC
林磊 2 天 前
Tor Hammer
Tor Hammer 2 天 前
Evidence can only be achived with a country who wants to provide the facts. CCP does not want to provide any real evidence. Only fake and retorics. Good speak though, and good retorical knowledge :-)
Chi-Jen Yang
Chi-Jen Yang 2 天 前
Is CGTN trusted in China?
James Hanson
James Hanson 天 前
CGTN is a state ran media company controlled and owned by the China Central Television and is directly influenced by the Chinese Communist Party. CGTN has never once blamed or criticize the CCP on any issue so you ask yourself if it can be trusted lol
qsnllc 2 天 前
I swear the second that ccp woman starts speaking, I wanted to 🤢 vomit
H L 2 天 前
then stop watching, especially when the BBC producer's face was slapped.😂
MrReynardMULDRAKE 2 天 前
unlike fighter jets chinese reverse engineered copy of zakharova does not even remotely resemble the original🙁.
JF Wong
JF Wong 2 天 前
I wonder how did she(BBC Reporter) react after Hua revert ... Lol
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