iPadOS 14 is Out! - What's New?

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7 个月 前

iPadOS 14 has been released to all supported devices. iPadOS 14 features new widgets, Apple Pencil updates with Scribble and Notes, app design changes, updates to Siri, voice calls, Safari as well as over 200 more changes and features. In this video I go over all the major changes, updates and features of iPadOS 14 including some you might not know. Apple also released watchOS 7, iOS 14, and tvOS 14. macOS Big Sur looks to be releasing in October around when iPhone 12 Pro is releasing. #iPadOS14 #iOS14 #iPadOS14 #iPad #apple
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***Time Codes***
00:00 - Introduction
00:05 - Supported devices
00:23 - Size
01:18 - How to leave the iPad OS 14 Beta and get the final version
01:53 - New features
02:03 - Widgets and App Library
03:38 - App changes
04:16 - Music
04:54 - Search
05:48 - Scribble Pencil Update
07:15 - Notes and Apple Pencil
09:31 - Siri
10:22 - Safari
11:40 - Emoji keyboard
12:49 - Conclusion
13:07 -Wallpaper
13:19 - Outro
13:38 - End
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zollotech 7 个月 前
How are you enjoying iPadOS 14? iPadOS 14 is finally here, but Apple also released iOS 14.2 along with some others a few minutes ago. Thanks for watching!
R H 5 个月 前
I’m having issues with uploading to my procreate now, and can’t seem to save to files or Dropbox Grrrr
4u25out 5 个月 前
I’m still enjoying my iPadOS 13.1...no need to update.
Cute time
Cute time 6 个月 前
I have IPadOS 14 on my iPad mini 5
Kishore Gandhi
Kishore Gandhi 6 个月 前
Tbh, I was hoping for deleting the Home Screen and also I thought I could place the digest anywhere
tina xiong
tina xiong 6 个月 前
I installed iOS 14 to my iPad Air and it drain my battery quickly and I want to know if there is a bug or not.
Givelife_ achance•
Givelife_ achance• 个月 前
LOVE this update. My iPad looks so amazing.
Atul Paliwal
Atul Paliwal 个月 前
what is its price
ChrisTopher 个月 前
I hate that app screen on iOS for iPhone. It’s useless and redundant for people who already organize their icons.
Tisha Alyn
Tisha Alyn 2 个月 前
oh my gosh, hackermaniac sells and repairs on What'sapp is a lifesaver. he helped me update my father's ipad to iOS 14. I am really happy and satisfied to know that my father's ipad is up to date☺️. So Incase anyone here is facing difficulties updating his/her Apple devices, Chat Hackermaniac sells and Repairs on what’sapp with this digits +1 (204) 500-9182 Cause his is the only reliable source I know to solve all apple issues 🥰.
Chloe Desirae Capati
Chloe Desirae Capati 3 个月 前
Use Widgetsmith to add widgets on your IPad
Siddharth Das
Siddharth Das 3 个月 前
How is the effect of iPad OS 14.3 on iPad Pro 2018 especially the battery and performance (speed) ?
Harpreet 4 个月 前
Hey there, where can I find this wallpaper. Thanks.
Союз Экс Ди
Союз Экс Ди 4 个月 前
I bought the iPad Pro (2018 Ver.) in March 2020 and have not updated from its default factory installed iOS. I'm only watching these updates fly by to see what I am missing. But I will be updating my ipad on the next update in Feb. 2021 to start off the year with its latest update. Need it for Pro Create so might as well go for it.
Awesome video mate. I like iPadOS 14 a lot and also just posted my video review on my channel. Have a look 😊
gb997 4 个月 前
i'm surprised they didn't include the 'App Library' in this 🤔
Ankush 4 个月 前
What size ipad pro are you using?
Origamipaper 5013
Origamipaper 5013 4 个月 前
Hey Zollotech, I used my magic mouse 2 on this iPad os and the cursor is choppy and buggy. Same with gesture... it is choppy and not smooth and seemless. On the previous os, everything was perfect. Now it is just incomplete and unsatisfying. My mouse is functioning perfectly. Do you have any solutions? Thanks
Dr.HazeBlaze 4 个月 前
I dunno bout you guys, but clicking one thing to make the whole page translate from say Japanese to English is amazing.... specially for event hunters like me for pokemon that only exist in japan lol, I can actually see whaat Im doing now lol
Elnahir 4 个月 前
"It's super intuitive ONCE YOU LEARN HOW TO DO IT." 😄
Knud's Channel
Knud's Channel 5 个月 前
The thing I hate about this, is that gifts don’t work anymore!! 😡
Hannah Chan
Hannah Chan 5 个月 前
Wow, that's so cool!
Toki Tahmid
Toki Tahmid 5 个月 前
How many apps have you got? Don’t you run out of storage?
zollotech 5 个月 前
Not that many, but no I have plenty of storage left
Ashish Sharma
Ashish Sharma 5 个月 前
I want to know if there will be any updates for iPad 7th Gen. I have been using iPad 7th generation since lockdown to teach online, earlier I was able to share my screen and do multitasking like opening a PDF and notes side by side but after I updated to IPadOS 14 , my screen sharing abruptly stops due to multitasking. Can I go downgrade my IPadOS …?…?…? Or is it possible to request Apple to fix this issue ??
Mac Elnar
Mac Elnar 5 个月 前
Woah that’s so big!
idkusername27 5 个月 前
Does scribble only work in inglish?
Donohvan Delacruz
Donohvan Delacruz 5 个月 前
I have 2 download the ipad is 14.1
Alykah Rasuman
Alykah Rasuman 5 个月 前
bruh i updated my ipad and now it wont turn on pls help edit:nvm it turned on i was just worried that it wouldnt
ClaireBear Games
ClaireBear Games 5 个月 前
I HATE this update :( it automatically came on my iPad and ruined it. When I play a game, and calling my friends and then someone else calls I get glitched out of the game! And it gets so annoying! :( back then, I was able to hit the home button 2 then once I did that I could pick the screen I wanted and I would not get glitched out of game.
Robyn Gillmor
Robyn Gillmor 5 个月 前
Waaa I only have a iPad mini 2
Gello Donuts
Gello Donuts 5 个月 前
1 I thought it's way wow mow
Wayne Cordingley
Wayne Cordingley 5 个月 前
/ Hate The little keyboard any way of getting The bigger keypad back
Neo Picard
Neo Picard 5 个月 前
Thanks. I just can’t get my iPad Pro (3rd gen) using iPadOS 14.0.1 to display the Siri ball in the bottom right corner of my iPad. Any idea how come?
Emre özcan
Emre özcan 5 个月 前
Petjo Bedet
Petjo Bedet 5 个月 前
So what happened to Bedtime?
Joseph Odunayo
Joseph Odunayo 5 个月 前
*these amazing woman deztoolz on Instagram really help me out with my iPad fixed successful in some minute and she is the best of the best*
Jillian 5 个月 前
This was recorded on my birthday
Joseph Odunayo
Joseph Odunayo 5 个月 前
*these amazing woman deztoolz on Instagram really help me out with my iPad fixed successful in some minute and she is the best of the best*
Adrian Dooley
Adrian Dooley 5 个月 前
Very helpful video. I’m seriously thinking of getting an Apple Pencil now for the first time to go with my shiny new iPad Air.
Silvia Miza
Silvia Miza 5 个月 前
I have an ipad it runs ipados 14.1
Joseph Odunayo
Joseph Odunayo 5 个月 前
*these woman deztoolz on Instagram really help me out with my iPad fixed successful in some minute and she is the best of the best*
Glücks Pilz
Glücks Pilz 5 个月 前
which ipad supports these New widgets?
CoolRayquazaGaming 5 个月 前
No one gonna talk about how he looks 25-35 and has discord?
Loganathan 5 个月 前
When you are watching this in windows and Android gadgets... And you realise your gadgets can do all of this..
Brunson III Films
Brunson III Films 5 个月 前
I’m still on iOS 11 iPad Pro first generation 😂😂😂😂😂
jackie 5 个月 前
i updated it's great i'm on ios 14 to ipados 14.
Bart Suveges
Bart Suveges 5 个月 前
Ganesan sgs
Ganesan sgs 5 个月 前
They still not adding calculator 🙄
Limo Dude
Limo Dude 5 个月 前
I’m getting the iPad Pro 12.9 screen right now I’m using ipad 6gen I hope I like the iPad Pro 12.9
Joseph Odunayo
Joseph Odunayo 5 个月 前
*these woman deztoolz on Instagram really help me out with my iPad fixed successful in some minute and she is the best of the best*
Jen Puntanar
Jen Puntanar 5 个月 前
hotdognobun 5 个月 前
ipad OS can still run on Air 2 so it’s not as advance as Apple claims
Maricor Male
Maricor Male 6 个月 前
Ruins my ipad battery
jjga2010 6 个月 前
The map no longer works to look up addresses for directions.
CoolRoyalPlays 6 个月 前
YO why don’t I have the new emojis!!!!! This SUCKS I HATE this update it’s USELESS!!!!!
VORTEX 6 个月 前
My yt is now running at 1440p
with 6 个月 前
What will happen if you rename macOS Catalina to MacOSCatalina.iPsw? I’ve figured out that iOS is a modified version of MacOS. Take a ipsw file and rename it to .zip and extract it to a folder and you’ll see .dmg files. Even iBoot is there (iOS boot loader)
Djole Stevanovic
Djole Stevanovic 6 个月 前
Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
Sanskritik vidya सांस्कृतिक विद्या
Sanskritik vidya सांस्कृतिक विद्या 6 个月 前
Who noticed he have a tesla car😉
Dad.0 6 个月 前
Great video, I love my iPad Pro
Gigi Aki
Gigi Aki 6 个月 前
You know what I really miss in this update? I can’t double tap on my apple pencil anymore to switch to eraser for example.. which really really sucks..
zollotech 6 个月 前
The feature is still there. Make sure you have it set in settings
Maya M. Bryant
Maya M. Bryant 6 个月 前
Apple, I just wrote this with my pencil! I love this new feature.
Editor 6 个月 前
It’s so shit on iPad
Matthaus Elijah I. Eroa
Matthaus Elijah I. Eroa 6 个月 前
my screen just freeze cannot swipe or anything if anyone have the same problem, just hold to power and home button at same time and wait for apple logo to come out. Ipad Air 2 user btw
Yellow 6 个月 前
6:15 you are honest about your handwriting lol
Mine is iPad iOS 12.4.8 and the model name is IPad Air can I update mine to iOS 13 and iOS 14 next does iOS 13 and 14 supports iPad Air??? Plzz answer...
dimaatik 6 个月 前
copies from android😂😂😂😂
colm flaherty
colm flaherty 6 个月 前
Samsung is streets ahead as far as customising either phone or pad. But nevertheless I still stick with Apple.
peridot180 6 个月 前
Really disappointed that there are no widgets on the homescreen. That was a bit mistake on Apple's part. The iPad is HUGE, so this makes no sense to me. Also, no app drawer was also a mistake. This makes no sense for a large device like this to lack these features.
superpam ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
superpam ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 6 个月 前
Hi! Will the face recognition be affected if I update my iPad Pro 2020? I’m from the Philippines. Thank you for those who will answer
Demography Now!
Demography Now! 6 个月 前
lame af
The Real
The Real 6 个月 前
But it's still Apple!
JayLand 6 个月 前
Can u help me, after I updated my iPad to iPad OS 14 all, my notes were lost plssss help me
caspaas 6 个月 前
So can you confirm that it supports mouse and keyboard now?
zollotech 6 个月 前
Yes. They all have since last year with iPadOS 13.
Sor Ousar
Sor Ousar 6 个月 前
Is it support for iPad 4 ?
Jag Sidhu
Jag Sidhu 6 个月 前
Thanks a lot for the awesome breakdown
zollotech 6 个月 前
Glad it was helpful!
I’m still on iPadOS 13.7 and I’ve restarted it and everything. I have the iPad Pro 11 inch
82McKinley 6 个月 前
Some of this stuff doesn't work on iPad min.
Crazytech 6 个月 前
Apple tablet is so complex that it can't replace laptop, i would prefer tab s7+, gives tablet benefit and Dex for full Desktop experience without any 100$ connector.
arolianie 6 个月 前
I have an iPad Air 2 and i'm having trouble updating it to iPadOS 14.
John Doe
John Doe 6 个月 前
needs native external display support
Kick Rocks
Kick Rocks 6 个月 前
Will an amazon pen work on the ipad ?
Stroker Ace
Stroker Ace 6 个月 前
What the heck happened to the Keyboard and mouse support in gaming that I seen in all the post IOS 14 videos? I wish Apple never ditched “Bluetooth touches” feature after 13.3.1 version . I am not able to hold an iPad and use touch controls ,, controllers are hard on me as well . Anyway thanks for the video .
Stroker Ace
Stroker Ace 6 个月 前
This is how i could play the games I love at version 13.3.1 losing this feature has been a real bummer :(
Filip P.
Filip P. 6 个月 前
Not a fan of Siri being in the corner and showing less, but other than that, everything else seems like a nice change 😁
spangyboi 6 个月 前
It would have made SO MUCH sense to have widgets on the iPad Home Screen, in fact it makes more sense than on the smaller iPhones.
Graeme E
Graeme E 6 个月 前
Had a screen freeze the day after, forced to reset using 2 buttons on my iPad Air 3. Very happy though as it makes the whole thing look smarter
Zeljko1977 6 个月 前
Thank you. This was helpful
ツKyle 6 个月 前
I wish apple did add every single feature from iPhone to iPad too, that would be able to allow people to be so creative! Some things I really need/want on an iPad- Emoji Search App Library Widgets on home screen And basically everything else
Maria Guzman
Maria Guzman 6 个月 前
I like it! 😋
John Piper
John Piper 6 个月 前
I'm getting the £329 2020 iPad. It's hard not to pass such a well performing tablet for that price.
Peek A Boo Pikachu
Peek A Boo Pikachu 6 个月 前
ugh I want to add the widgets to my home screen.
buffalo1700 6 个月 前
Still watching this on my 2017 iPad Pro
Karen Anderson
Karen Anderson 6 个月 前
Nice features with the iOS 14.. Rey well presented
AbbeyWasHere 6 个月 前
Please tell me where did u get that pen
J 6 个月 前
on my iPad, the widgets cannot be swept from the left to combine with the Home Screen - haven't seen any other feedback or fixes same as mine however - wonder if there is an enable switch in Settings to allow this
Javier Chacón Víquez
Javier Chacón Víquez 6 个月 前
I have an IPad Pro 10.5, but when I use the Apple Pencil for writting ( and converting the text) it does not work, is the old Apple Pencil, what can I do to make it work?
Sølarflowër 6 个月 前
I can’t do the lyrics thing on my iPad even though I have the same iOS
Mark Mejia
Mark Mejia 6 个月 前
Why doesn’t iPadOS 14 have the emoji search bar.......
SteveGameplay 6 个月 前
I think widgets anyplace on Home Screen and app library need to come to iPad
Nick D
Nick D 6 个月 前
That's about file system, finder?
kn Chang
kn Chang 6 个月 前
I think it’s not worth ipadOS 14, kind of disappointing .
tina xiong
tina xiong 6 个月 前
I install the IOS 14 in my iPad and it kinda drain my Battery so I want to know if it going to continue draining the battery or not.
Jan Cree
Jan Cree 6 个月 前
You forgot to mention that you have to select a particular pen in notes to be able to activate the perfect circle or square etc. This drove me crazy trying to find it out as nobody thought to mention it. Thanks.
Richard Horton
Richard Horton 6 个月 前
My family are missing the Bedtime alarm feature in the update and after researching found Apple had replaced it on the iPhone with Sleep Cycle but completely left it out on the iPad ☹️☹️☹️ bring it back 🍏 to iPad....
Ahsan Javed
Ahsan Javed 6 个月 前
Does scribble only work with Apple Pencil or can it work with other active/fine-tip styluses?
Cynthia Medina
Cynthia Medina 6 个月 前
Is it me or the emoji search is only on life 360
dnfviolet 6 个月 前
I have iPad Pro with Apple Pencil (Not the one with the square camera though!) and this update is awesome! As soon as I downloaded it I was obsessed with it!
The sports talk Hohn
The sports talk Hohn 6 个月 前
Where did you get the Apple Pencil from
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