My Minecraft Storage System Makes All Girls Go Crazy - - Minecraft Hardcore #17

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个月 前

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Talksick 18 小时 前
What is the music on 14:42
bojo Natada
bojo Natada 天 前
Me : I think he is hacking My brain :same My arm : I need to play My foot : I need to stand My body : Finaly I can lay down
Leandro Abib
Leandro Abib 天 前
Which resource pack he uses??
yeet꧂ 天 前
This game play is so good. Especially this episode.
Mehmet Bidak
Mehmet Bidak 天 前
He needs raw fish
ME 2 天 前
So no cow? *breaks keyboard*
Jocke 2 天 前
6:36 "Minecraft is so chill you know?" he says as he's jumping down from a rooftop
Honey Bear
Honey Bear 3 天 前
Those graphics!!😍
Pixie the Bernese mountain Dog
Pixie the Bernese mountain Dog 4 天 前
17:37 as a subnautica veteran, that scared the absolute crap out of me
Breadツ 6 天 前
if can anyone tell me please tell me how to make his cape in minecraft
daiz slayz
daiz slayz 6 天 前
how far advanced in hardcore do you have to be before it basically feels like creative
Loud Mouth
Loud Mouth 6 天 前
I can't believe he did that to a pig after what happened to peepeepoopoo
Blu Scout
Blu Scout 6 天 前
Pewds legit built a factory where everything just gets sorted.
Julianelizz 8 天 前
Guys tell me will i download minecraft to my pc or nah?
Levi Andrea Ciccone
Levi Andrea Ciccone 8 天 前
lets all put likes to ALL PEWDIEPIE VIDEOS so he can be more famous
CaRdI O 9 天 前
Evan Bikovsky
Evan Bikovsky 9 天 前
The leviathan sound actually got me. Don't do that in the future, please. It's fucken 3am Felix.
Dorian Scott Withrow Jr.
Dorian Scott Withrow Jr. 9 天 前
Make a zoo
Lord Grim
Lord Grim 10 天 前
Damn his strorage system 🥵🥵🍑
Chevy Cuizon
Chevy Cuizon 10 天 前
ok,can u stop saying bad words? bec my mom is waching (sorry mom im gonna say them,ok)
Timothy Nicholson
Timothy Nicholson 11 天 前
dude his base changed so much since episode 16, everything looks different
Psyko 11 天 前
What shaders does he use?
The Gaming Lord
The Gaming Lord 12 天 前
Cocomelon will prevail
gttkp 12 天 前
If you close recipe book you can see potion time. Also hoes work better on sponge
Silas Ziemer
Silas Ziemer 12 天 前
Can someone pls make a video about all this works and about how redstone generally works?😂 I mean how the system knows which items it has to put in which chest. Could explain this in a short form?
XxZoomerxX 13 天 前
What CNpost channel did he get the automatic storage system from
Vera 13 天 前
does anyone know if he followed a specific tutorial?
Nellax 13 天 前
....this is the same man that used redstone as flooring.... impressed
Mr LemonMilk
Mr LemonMilk 14 天 前
Subnautica back?
Mr. Proton
Mr. Proton 14 天 前
I got goosebumps in "The big bull" Advertisment
Katarina H
Katarina H 14 天 前
19:25 f
Walther Aurin
Walther Aurin 15 天 前
Boss taran Sanger
Boss taran Sanger 15 天 前
No Legs gang here 👇
شبح الجزيرة 111
شبح الجزيرة 111 16 天 前
Arabia and Yemen 🇾🇪
شبح الجزيرة 111
شبح الجزيرة 111 16 天 前
I love you 💕😘❤️
شبح الجزيرة 111
شبح الجزيرة 111 16 天 前
I love you ❤️😘
شبح الجزيرة 111
شبح الجزيرة 111 16 天 前
I love you 💕😘
Ricardo Arjona Gaming
Ricardo Arjona Gaming 16 天 前
so factorio lets play when?
Braiedon Emmanuel
Braiedon Emmanuel 17 天 前
10:31 Something makes me think that Pewdiepie is the voice actor of Mr. Cheese but with a voice changer lol
Farmboyspence 17 天 前
Why can’t the livestreams be public so we can actually see the huge amounts of progress we make because when you do livestreams between episodes there’s a ton of new additions in the next episode that I have no clue how they got there
WeTalkingMeme s
WeTalkingMeme s 17 天 前
Can you make a vedio when you build the water item thing?
Ajlez 18 天 前
If you open your inventory and then close the crafting book thingy you can see the potion timers.
Ajlez 18 天 前
Cows don't despawn!
Carter Bennett
Carter Bennett 19 天 前
F for Efficiency five
Paul Martin C. Salcedo
Paul Martin C. Salcedo 20 天 前
Sven is one of a kind
Nicola Wills
Nicola Wills 20 天 前
Is this modded?
dragon 808
dragon 808 20 天 前
I got the coolest pubg add at the beginning
Minecraft Patrol
Minecraft Patrol 21 天 前
there is a place that call basion you can find infinite gold there go there on nether
Lukas Reimer
Lukas Reimer 21 天 前
De Silva Kadupity
De Silva Kadupity 22 天 前
Let's be honest. We all started the game with small house with a bed and a door
TheAdvertisement 22 天 前
17:35 Lmao the Subnautica Reaper Leviathan roar!
Dragon Gaming
Dragon Gaming 23 天 前
Btw about your sorting system add extra chests that are for items that you do not include in the sorting system.
Dragon Gaming
Dragon Gaming 23 天 前
Rip furnace house
Epic 23 天 前
Oni 23 天 前
10:28 just a timestamp
RichardBlunts 23 天 前
Anyone know what item sorter design on youtube he is using
겜튜브 23 天 前
I enjoyed your video today.Please continue to upload more fun videos!Fighting!
kayla hamilton
kayla hamilton 23 天 前
The screeching railway arthroscopically refuse because platinum consequentially apologise out a acid snake. filthy, infamous thing
Aaron Talbot
Aaron Talbot 23 天 前
You would enjoy Factorio way too much my dude
Ajay 23 天 前
Does someone have a tutorial link for this kind of sorting system?
Chow Man
Chow Man 23 天 前
what shaders do u use?
Hezekiah Rodriguez
Hezekiah Rodriguez 24 天 前
You did a great job with this world of yours.
Hezekiah Rodriguez
Hezekiah Rodriguez 24 天 前
The pig actually turned around before it died. 😂😂
Hezekiah Rodriguez
Hezekiah Rodriguez 24 天 前
17:37 - Is that sound actually from the game...? 😨😬
Hezekiah Rodriguez
Hezekiah Rodriguez 24 天 前
Woah... what a big change! It's impressive, really.
Twitch-San 24 天 前
8:58, no damage. Falls 4 blocks 8:59, takes damage?
Melissa Ann Wood-Searcy
Melissa Ann Wood-Searcy 24 天 前
You are a slave to Marzia/Tiff
Melissa Ann Wood-Searcy
Melissa Ann Wood-Searcy 24 天 前
You can not replace it.
Melissa Ann Wood-Searcy
Melissa Ann Wood-Searcy 24 天 前
Woodland mansion was Heaven!
MuskyGGs 25 天 前
I really want pewdiepie to play with dream
Leonardo Magana
Leonardo Magana 25 天 前
Man is a red stone god
1 M-Teologio, Jacobi Niccolo Q.
1 M-Teologio, Jacobi Niccolo Q. 26 天 前
Pewds: I need to make a way down Also pewds: jumps down Water bucket on his inventory: Am i a joke to you
0:53 what is that?
Brandon 27 天 前
But wouldn't it take longer to find the chest with that item than that item in a chest🤣
Daniel Vandvik
Daniel Vandvik 27 天 前
What texture-pack is he using?
Barstool Shots
Barstool Shots 23 天 前
@Daniel Vandvik idk I play on ps4 and ps4 doesn’t have any shaders
Daniel Vandvik
Daniel Vandvik 23 天 前
@Barstool Shots how do i Get it?
Barstool Shots
Barstool Shots 24 天 前
He’s using a shader
Ja Crispy
Ja Crispy 27 天 前
That is a big storage system
I am Lol XD
I am Lol XD 28 天 前
William C.W.L
William C.W.L 28 天 前
I hate you guys for years no Like
Andreas Kukuh Kristianto
Andreas Kukuh Kristianto 28 天 前
17:36 What is that sound?
DanLuxe 28 天 前
I don’t play Minecraft and I really want to understand how this sorting thing that he builded works.
Kiyomi Gaming
Kiyomi Gaming 28 天 前
he is pretty smart.. anyone should always have bring a cow with them.. hence milk! ..gets rid if effects of "mining fatigue"
xIMxGAYx 29 天 前
Yo pewdie whats your texture pack?i want it
Alma Hedlund
Alma Hedlund 个月 前
I have watched all parts of the original minecraft serie and now i watch all the hardcore ones 😌 gotta love pewds playing minecraft
Stephen Kurniawan
Stephen Kurniawan 个月 前
umm you can select one item, and hold sneak and then double click the other item to mass transfer all of the beet roots to the input chest right?
Saladin Al-Mahi
Saladin Al-Mahi 个月 前
"Babe, tell me all about what you built in Minecraft."
D4YYS 个月 前
[Username Deleted]
[Username Deleted] 个月 前
[Comment Deleted]
Anthony Ballachino
Anthony Ballachino 个月 前
Crazy to think I’ve been watching since I was a kid I’m 19 now and still have never been uninterested or bored watching a video
Kyle Nixon
Kyle Nixon 个月 前
I'm very confused on why you need a cow
kopraxx x
kopraxx x 个月 前
Can you please play skayfactory 🥺🖤
Jakaria Blaine
Jakaria Blaine 个月 前
17:38 he remembers the Sven incident
FieryCrown6 个月 前
Does anyone know what type of iron golem farm he has like if there’s a video showing how to make it?
JingleJoe 个月 前
I need to wait untill my neighbours are out to practice my mongolian throat singing.
rOssanred 个月 前
Felix if you build an iron farm in the spawn chunks it never unloads, so it never stops working
David Yodo
David Yodo 个月 前
Felix have an Automatic Storage System 😲
Friedrich Schroeder
Friedrich Schroeder 个月 前
Is this the same dude who didnt even know how to make a cobblestone generator?
Blox-oily 14 天 前
Zandrith 个月 前
Cheers I’ll drink to that bro
Friedrich Schroeder
Friedrich Schroeder 个月 前
@Zandrith Yoooooo lol vape cats are everywhere!!! We conquered the whole internet!
Zandrith 个月 前
Ye yo we’re the same lol
Tired TF
Tired TF 个月 前
Where’s BFFFTTPP?!
BlackWarrior 22 天 前
He's in the glassball and he is having a life
Matyáš Pernecký
Matyáš Pernecký 个月 前
Man i love the subnautica refference at the ravine
WhiteLionTiger :3
WhiteLionTiger :3 个月 前
Nicholas Colback
Nicholas Colback 个月 前
17:34 subnautica reference?
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